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Technically there's less than two weeks to go! Looking back it's passed pretty quickly, especially this Egypt portion. Egypt is awesome, although I have to admit that it'll be Ancient Egyptian things that bring me back here (if I ever go back), not modern Egyptian things.
I'm going to keep this short so that I sound more interesting when I come back and tell you all my stories. This is also why I haven't added any Egypt photos yet... to be interesting in the flesh. Ha ha!
Quite looking forward to coming home actually, I feel that the holiday has come to its natural end. It has been amazing. I can't wait to see everyone again! And to get back to Australia where the weather is always great and the people do things that make sense. Not that different is bad, it's just that travelling has made me appreciate Australian culture a little more, I think.

See most of you soon!
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Pretty excited. We're leaving on a plane at 9:15 tomorrow morning, actually. We're at a fantastic hostel in central London at the moment, (The Walrus Social, we stayed before, it's right on Westminster Bridge Road) so we just get on the underground at Lambeth North, which is on the Bakerloo line, change once to an 'Overground' train, then we hop on the express to Heathrow Terminal One.

Terribly exciting, wasn't it?

We handed the van back to Wicked Campers yesterday, it was a bit of an end of an era kind of moment. The only problem with spending so long in the van, where we didn't have to fit things into our suitcases & backpacks because we just kind of put it in the van and throw a duvet over it, is that now we have super amounts of stuff.

Hopefully we're flying British Airways all the way home because they only (seem to) charge you a flat £30 fee for hand luggage over the weight limit up to about 30kg, whereas Quantas charges you $50 per kilo that you're over. Which sucks, by the way. So yeah. *cough*
I have a bear who is dressed up as a red-coated bearskin (hat) wearing Queen's guardsman. His name is Winston and I ♥ him.

Agh, I cannot actually express how excited I am about Egypt. A little apprehensive, too, because I think this will be the biggest change in culture that I've experienced so far, but moreso because remembering not to drink the water, while seeming simple, may be a little hard, and food poisoning is seriously the worst thing I've experienced in a good few years.

AND my camera seems a bit bung lately. I think there's something wrong with the focus, because quite a few of my photos lately have been blurred or slightly out of focus once I get them onto a computer screen. (The most frustrating were my Stonehenge stone circle photos - argh!) But I have been learning new photography techniques, so hopefully I'll be able to get some good photos.

It was looking a really nice day outside, but now it's gone all grey and chilly. However, I still want to go to the park and feed some squirrels. Squirrels are awesome, although the grey squirrels that I've been seeing all the time are actually a horrible pest that are killing all of the native red squirrels, which are smaller and less agressive. We've only seen one red squirrel on the entire trip!

Looking forward to getting home now, although of course I'm still having a blast! It'll be good to catch up with everyone. I'm also looking forward to going back to uni (haha) because Europe and the UK have been so inspiring. I have so many ideas I just want to get stuck into!

Well, hope you're all doing well!
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Ok. So I looked up the tour we're going on in Egypt (because I'm bored and procrastinating, ok?), and now I'm actually excited about it because it finally feels like it's going to happen. I haven't really been that excited yet for some reason. It doesn't seem like a real thing. I guess because for most of it I don't have a clear idea of where we're going in Europe. BUT, EGYPT:

Cut for boring list )

So yeah. Things. One of these days I'll upload my underwater photos from February.

So I was thinking I might buy a secondhand Digital SLR for the trip. But I'm torn. They are a lot of money, and I will need a lot of money to last me for over 6 months of souveneiring, even without accomodation and food. I don't know how cheaply I could get one worth having, but I'm willing to bet I wouldn't get one that works for under $600, and think of all the things I could use that $500 on!
I am going to amazing places. I'd like a camera that can actually do them justice. My camera can take nice photos but I want awesome photos. I guess I could buy prints or postcards but I don't really want to do that, I'd rather have my own pictures of my own memories. I can get photos of the pyramids from a store here, for example. So it's a tricky situation.

What do you guys think?

[] Do it
[] Don't do it
[] Ticky


Oh also I don't currently have a thousand dollars. So I'd need to sell something/get money and therefore have EVEN LESS money for the trip. My concern is that if I buy a swanky camera I will be even more of a terrible leach-girlfriend-who-is-making-boyfriend-pay-for-everything because I'll run out of money even sooner.

BUT on the other hand maybe I won't want to buy as many things because maybe I'll be super happy with all my awesome photos? 


Oh yeah and the other thing is my Dad was going to buy my laptop from me so I can have more money (and then when I get back I can "borrow" it until I can buy a new laptop. My parent's don't have a mortgage any more (yay for them!) and it makes them do somewhat crazy things.
So it's a :
2.4 Ghz Dual Core processor, Intel or Pentium or whatever tf they are calling themselves these days
Vista Home Premium
Nvidia GeForce 8600 gfx caard
It's green
15.4" monitor
It's a Deeeeelll.
er, it's from 2007.

If I ask him to give me $1000 for it, is that ridiculous? I mean I know I'm selling it to my Dad essentially for lols and all, and that Dads always pay too much when buying stuff from their kids, but is it TOO too much? It's suffered no structural damage.

YES, I do worry too much.



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