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I brought a BUNCH of new Fish on Monday:

8 x Bosemani Rainbows (juvies)

4 x Blue Rams (Not German Blue Rams, just fantastic quality Blue Rams - German Blues are a particuarly good Man-Made Colour morph, mine are truer to Wild-Type)

4 x Corydoras julii


Also I'm going under GA and the knife for the first time ever in 19 days, to get all four of my Wisdom teeth surgically extracted. I'm excited!
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I don't know. It's (possibly) a Gorillaz lyric.
So! Due to the shamozzle that has been the Livejournal comments thingy, I haven't felt like posting. There, at least. And then I remembered this place. A place with my proper username, no less. Bloodied_aura is all very well when you're 15 and full of Darke Mystique, of course, but when you're 24 and full of... sullen whimsy, well. Then you are in a right pickle, aren't you?
But I am reluctant to leave there. It has been such a very long time. So in all honesty, Dreamwidth, I like you, but I've had my livejournal for nearly ten years. Ten! I can write that number in an essay as actual digits and not look like a fool.


So, uni is done and dusted. All units passed, all work experience logged, thank you and goodnight. I've continued working with Ashley, my boss of the past year, an architect who works in South Perth (right near the Zoo!). I like it! Well. I like it as much as I expect one can ever really like working. Having to get up in the morning is ass. Yep. As you might have guessed, I am a night time person, and this excludes me from being much of a morning one.

But, in March I get to wear a square hat and doff it at the Vice Chancellor in exchange for a deliciously weighty piece of paper, and then throw it in the air while wearing wizard robes and partaking of the free champagne that the University will so generously provide for the evenings' festivities. And I have already begun the logbook path of True Architectdom. At the moment I'm a Graduate Architect and that title doesn't sit too well with me, so I'm going to try to get registered as soon as is possible (40,000 working hours is the minimum logbook time. D:).

What else? Gavin and I will have been going out for seven years (count 'em) on Monday. That's a thing. He's also flying off to Bali for a Buck's week on Monday morning, he is the Best Man and has all manner of surprisingly tasteful shenannigans planned. I hope they all have fun!

Er. I actually just want to go and play Skyrim so I guess I'm going to bail now, Dreamwidth/Livejournal. NO DOUBT I will get bored at work tomorrow and come back here, now that I feel like journalling again.

And I have that yearly meme to do, but it just wouldn't be right to not post that on my original Livejournal.

And to all of my Livejournal friends - I still read my friends list! Almost every night. :)
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So I'm using Dreamwidth again. I should really journal more often in general, I did so well on our trip last year - a journal entry every single day! And I think I should try to achieve some semblance of that day to day. 

Deep breaths. I'm going to try to make this entry less angry and despairing than my last one. It was some pretty full on anger and despair. Still, I am reasonably concerned about folio. But I have to keep going, there's nothing to be gained from giving up<suP>1</sUp>, and a lot to lose. The first thing would be my self-respect: it's one thing to fail, knowing that you at least tried your best, but to fail because I gave up, just couldn't hack it? No, that's not something that I want to have to live with having done. So, painful as it is, I guess at least I know that it's better than how I would feel if I threw in the towel.

I'm going to go to bed at 1:30, though. I don't know what time to get up. I suppose I should get up at like 7:30 or something. Hurr. Tomorrow, I'm going to try to get my 1:500 model done. I'll  have to go to the workshop at uni to do it. It should be ok - it's just going to be a massing model. Made of wood. 

Anyway, today I put all of my plans into Revit, so now I have a model, sections, elevations and some perspective views ready to go. The only problem with the sections and elevations is that I need to trace them in CAD first, and that is tedious beyond explanation. Also I know alarmingly little about the structure of this building - since we never once discussed it all semester until last thursday when Emiliano told us that we needed to do a 1:50 section showing structure - which is... alarming. I could go to the Architect's Office to beg help for that part, but I am running dangerously low on time. 

<sup>1</suP> Nothing to be gained but literally hours and hours of sleep, that is. But I will have literally four months to catch up on my sleep debt.

Ok, so, got distracted, now I'm crashing. I will check things later and stuff.

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Geeky's not really the right mood but ehh what can you do?

Anyway, I had a kind of productive day today so I thought it would be ok to have the evening off, you know, to better prepare myself for a weekend of hardcore super study.

I still haven't written my Building in Brief Asisgnment - I'm going to give myself until 12pm tomorrow, and then anything after that is going to become an "all nighter on Monday" job. (Yes, it's due on Tuesday.)

I also have to write a little speech on this essay that I have to think up the topic of and then write all by myself for Tuesday. It's not really worth anything, except if you don't do it there is a penalty of 10%. Does that make sense? From what I understand, the thing itself isn't going to get me any marks, but if I don't do it 10% will be deducted from my final score. And I suppose it's in my best interests to do it.
That is half the purpose of this entry - I thought maybe if I wrote a bit about my topic, I could.. have.. ideas.

I'm talking about my essay on Green Roofs and high density living in Australia. Cut for maybe boring )


I am so tempted to buy things since the Australian dollar is doing so well at the moment and since I have money for the first time in ages, but I have to be good. Also, the things I want are more expensive than my disposable income.
Now I'm going to link you to things. I'm going to cut it again because I like LJ cuts. Also because it is probably boring. :p
When I have money I will probably be the Steampunkingest Architect )
Ah well, enough daydreaming. I suppose I should go to bed!

P.S Leather Costume Thing
I don't want this, but it's amazing. Leather wings! They'd probably look/feel pretty neat. Ok, maybe I would just like some big dragon wings to wear. Maybe that would be amazing. I should learn leatherworking.
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I have this theory that the reason I've lost my design Mojo is that I haven't been updating my livejournal. Yeah, flimsy at best, I know, but it's 1:20 am and I'm SO DEEP into procrastinating that I'm procrastinating against going to sleep on a Friday, when I don't have anything overly unpleasant to do tomorrow.

I know, crazy, right?

I'm not really sure what my original intention was in opening livejournal today. But, I came across a metaquote related to Australia and it made me simultaneously re-remember how great our wildlife is here, rekindle my desperate desire to go camping up North again, or down South, or over East, I really don't care where, honestly, AND feel deeeeep nostalgia for this time last year. Experiencing other countries is the bomb on levels, and shit.
(I never said this was going to be a particularly enlightening entry)

Mainly though, I want to go and do the drive up to Exmouth again and then just stay there for a month, snorkelling every day. There is almost nothing else to do up there, but the reef is so amazing that I don't really care. Swimming after reef sharks is a good adrenaline rush. As long as there are no bigger kinds of sharks around - that would be less fun. Actually, last time I was in Coral Bay (close-ish to Exmouth, a fair few hours south, but the same Coral Reef), we were coming back in from a fishing charter and saw a 3m long Tiger shark literally just gliding through the water around some coral bombies that we were looking at the day before. I can't imagine coming across one of those things in the water. It would be... it would be bad.

Hm. Uni. Uni this semester has been about as pleasant as a cheese grater to the face. Now there's just over a month to go and I'll be honest, I am freaking out, now. I still don't have - well, that's not true, I have a design, a form, but I don't have floor plans. Or, I did, but I showed Emiliano and he didn't like them. The trouble is, that I know what his problem with them is - they are plans, but they don't have "it" - that thing that makes what architects produce better than what some other building designer produces. That quality of space, or whatever. They're just places where things are. And I don't care. That is probably the biggest problem. I have 0 passion this semester. I have no design mojo. Things aren't falling into place, I have no vision. And worse, I have no idea how to fix it, and I'm running out of time. I think I can do enough to pass, but just passing would be very disappointing indeed. I was hoping that I could get a 70% average over studio for the next 3 studios so that I can do the dissertation studio unit in 5th year (so that I can have an MArch: Hons), but I really can't see that happening at this point. Which is sad. But I don't know how to change it!

Cut for more whinging about uni that nobody wants to read - I guess writing it is cathartic or whatever )

Hm. Now I feel a little better, actually. Maybe one day, when I actually have anything to show, I will put up some pictures.
Now, I should really look up pictures of hair so that I can tell the hair dresser what I actually want done tomorrow. I may have done a silly thing. I booked some kind of assessment/consult thing at the Maurice Meade in Garden City. I don't know if I care enough to pay their prices, but the consultancy is free. When I was looking at one of their brochures the other day, it looked like they were only about $60 more expensive than my current hair dresser, who I don't like, so I thought it might be worth the extra money to get something nicer. But when I spoke to the lady on the phone today it sounded like it was going to be a lot more.
We'll see.

Ohhh also I am going to order an earring for my helix piercing made from Mammoth Ivory. Seriously! It is only $20. Apparently they have more mammoth carcasses than you can shake a stick at up in Finland, or somewhere, so the ivory isn't that expensive, or something.
IDK. I am somewhat skeptical, but Exotic is a pretty reputable business, to my experience, and surely, you can't say something is certifiedly Mammoth Ivory and issue a certificate and everything if it's not?

Does anyone care about the Grand Final this year? Ever since the Eagles have started... well, you know... I have completely lost interest. I watched Freo's last final game, and obviously jinxed them because that was just embarassing. But I actively dislike Collingwood and couldn't care less about the Saints, so... boooooring! Footy is pretty boring when nobody that you care about is playing.

LESS PROCRASTINATE, more.. .things
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Yeah, the LJ writer's block thingy is somewhat relevant to my interests this time (Er, what would you build if you could build a monument to yourself or something), and some people inexplicably are igniting architectural righteous rage.
Someone linked a picture of a castle and then said "I guess monuments can be functional." What?
O...of course they can? In fact, I would wager that 100% of monuments are functional. They are built for a purpose. Y-yes. Some monuments are stupid, but I can not think of a way in which something constructed as a monument might not have a function.

I was pretty surprised that I could feel this kind of righteous wrath. Interestingly, the 9000 entries saying "I would build a giant penis lol" don't enrage me at all. After all, Sir Norman Foster DID design a giant... item. It's in London! )
I don't think it looks like a penis. It also doesn't look like a gherkin. It looks like this other thing. It really, really does.
And hey, Norman Foster is a genius.

I should probably say that I would design some kind of amazing skyscraper that's an interpretive center championing solar passive design and sustainable materials/architecture. Like some kind of retaredly good green star rated building that shows everyone how great it would be to live in high density housing, with amazing pleasant office blocks, putting plants back into the city with roof gardens and green walls and stuff, and down the bottom there would be a pavilion place where people could learn about these wonderful wonderful things. And probably a fucking gallery as well.

But what I would really do is build a massive massive castle and I would live in it. It would also be a temple, a temple to me. It would combine aaaall of my favourite architectural movements in a hideous postmodernist mish-mash that intimidates and alienates all who look upon it.

In other news, I have gone from having 0 jobs and 0 things to do, to having 2 jobs and >9,000 things to do. It's funny how things happen! I wonder if I will be able to do it right.
I think I can as long as I don't screw around and procrastinate too much. (I am working at the Library, which is awesome, and now I am also working at an Architectural practice which is surprising - apparently they might pay me! I'm shocked - and I have uni. One of my units involves hand drawing a whole bunch of stuff. I would be excited about it if I didn't have A ZILLION OTHER THINGS TO DO.)

Have I said what my studio project this semester is yet?
It's this.1
(Tl;dr: 100m tall tower in Rome, near the Colosseum. It's going to be a thermal bath/day spa tower. A SKYSCRAPER IN ROME NEAR THE COLOSSEUM HO I SPY CHALLENGE.) <-- If anything like this was ever built I am sure that 99% of Romans would hate it.

1It's the rome one. Yep!

Now because parking at UWA is literally stupid now, I'm going to bed so I can be at uni by 9 and get a car park. Even though my lecture isn't till 11. Shit. House.
Anyone want to go to the Gym with me? :P
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Hello internets! Uni really does bring out the Livejournal update in me.
So I have a 100% first world problem. I coudn't get to a store on Friday, and because I probably wouldn't have gotten approved with a contract at midnight by myself I didn't queue for hours the night before.
(yes, I am talking about the iPhone 4 now. It's this thing that I want.)

So now I am thinking, since nobody in the universe seems to want to take pre-orders for the next batch of iphone 4s (just like the first round, wtf guys), I figure I should buy one/a contract online.

Has anyone done this? I am very apprehensive about getting a contract online. The main reason for this is, if it takes 3-4 weeks for the iphone to arrive, am I without a phone/sim for that 3/4 weeks? And am I paying for it? Or does the contract start the day I get the phone, or something like that? If I sign or whatever courier tings. I can't see how that would work, but that's what I would hope.

Anyway, because I have some freakish modern strain of the black death, I'm going to bed!
Any opinions or advice would be much arrpreciated. Arr. Like a Pirate. Pirates are very appreciative of things, y'see. Or you could make fun of me for being such a consumer-goods-driven sucker.
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I haven't in a while anyway, so why not, eh?
I actually have something interesting to say for once, as well!

Semester two just started this week, for those of you not in the know. So far, this semester's colour-coded terror rating is Orange. High alert. I have this unit where I have to choose a 'significant' building, and then I have to draw it. By hand. And then I have to draw details. Which I also have to understand, which also have to be by hand. I'm not sure if mere text can actually convey the terror of this kind of assignment. It's not the drawing of things - it's the knowing. 'Course, I'll have to know things eventually anyway, I may as well start now.
But what building do I choose? I was going to do Mees Van der Rohe's Barcelona Pavillion, but now I'm not so sure, because the lecture was full of drawings of that building. Maybe it would be cheating. Maybe I will do Farnsworth House. Now there's an idea.

Also, my studio looks pretty interesting. I'm designing a 100m tall tower (Skyscraper! Yay!) in Rome, opposite the Colosseum.
It's a pretty exciting assignment, but I can't say that I would actually like to see this happen. (This is actually a competition that I could enter if I wanted.) Rome is one of those awesome European cities with a lot of Ooooold School charm, and I'm not sure that a giant tower right next to the Colosseum would be appropriate. I suppose that's the challenge - to make it not a hideous scar on the face of the Eternal City. I am thinking Roman Spa inspired. I'm not allowed to go crazy with the Romanesque architecture, it has to be modern. So far my plan is to use Roman architectural strategies, like *gasp* proportion and symmetry, and the golden rule, and all that. Strip it back, dun make it square. Mabye.
The other unit is a research essay that's due in November. November! The nerve. So I guess I start my retarded super holiday a week later this year. Aww.

Oh, I'm out of time for writing! There is more, actually. Maybe I shall tell you of it in the future, dear Livejournal.
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Why am I still awake? I'm not doing anything. I don't want to be awake. I'm even tired. Why am I staying up? It's not that I can't sleep.
Ok, so maybe I was playing Pac Man and Tetris. But that's done now. Re-reading my old Livejournal entries isn't that interesting.

I am so weird.
(I guess I'll go to bed now... If you were wondering)
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I think that’s a song in a Futurama episode.
Anyway, I handed in my folio on Friday... )

And it’s done! I’m free till second semester starts. Awesome. Weirdly, I’ve done an entire semester and haven’t gotten a single mark back for any of the assignments that I’ve submitted. I’ve no idea how this semester has gone! Strange. I’m sure it’s fine?

Man, I am bad at updating my journal these days. I started writing this on Saturday! Now it’s Thursday!

So anyway, now folio is over and I get to be An Interesting Person again. I’m happy with that. Although I feel like just chilling all the time since this semester has been so intense. Directly in line with that, on Saturday I brought some new PJs. I was in desperate need. Seriously. I am not going to put in a picture of my old pjs, but they were pink, white, green and orange striped. I don’t think I need to say any more. So I lashed out and while Gavin & I were chilling at Garden City, I brought some pants from Peter Alexander. Funny thing is, they aren’t even PJ pants. They are day pants. Apparently. Although they are velour so since I am not Zapp Brannigan I wouldn’t really wear them out. Except maybe to the gym? Anyway they are luxurious luxurious pj pants. Really soft. They are probably the most boring of the things that PA sells, but I am tired of flannelette pyjamas. (I got the dark grey ones. As much as I like purple, the purple velour was waay too much.)
And then I brought a singlet from target to match because I refuse to pay $25 for a black singlet, even if it is pretty and has a cute little rose on it... (The target singlet cost $15 and is grey & stripey. Pretty nice and $10 cheaper.. Win! When you have paid $50 for pants it is good to save on singlets. I know, I am as scandalised as you are. Except I have amazingly soft non-pj pj pants.)

Cut to make this post less long and boring )

Oh yeah. It was Gavin’s birthday last wednesday, I brought him Ugg boots and managed to keep it as a real surprise. Yay! He also is amazing, because he spent all of his day off (he doesn’t work wednesdays) helping me make my model awesome. He is pretty good at model making. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, since doing intricate, tiny work really accurately is basically his job. I would expect that cutting and gluing together an architectural model is easier than sculpting fillings.

Went to an engagement party on Saturday night, for one of Gavin’s oldest friends. It was lovely! Hannah (one of the couple) is an amazing cook and her mum is a coeliac, so she baked all of these amazing mini-mini cupcakes (they looked so professional and delicious!) and Gavin could eat them all! Seriously, they were the most adorable cupcakes I have ever seen.

I’m working in earnest on my online portfolio now. I think I’m going to make base it around wordpress, although I haven’t decided for sure yet. I may just code it all. I don’t really like the idea of presenting my work in a blog style. It just doesn’t seem that professional. Since I’ll be using it to get a job, this is pretty important. So it will have to be an exercise in minimalist sophistication. Muted, pastel colours, probably. Hopefully I can also make it not boring. I’m only going to post pictures when I’m happy with it. So that it’s more impressive? I don’t know.

Anyway this post is getting really long so I think I’ll wrap it up there.
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"My God. What have you done. You have entered the code incorrectly. Look what your careless hands have wrought. Without bones, these ten gnarled hooves cannot support its weight. Each moment this unnatural beast lives is like a thousand years of misery. Look in its brown eyes. It longs for death."

Funnily enough, this is pretty close to any time I use CAD ever. Or make a model.
(Quote from a Penny Arcade comic btw)
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[Error: unknown template qotd]

Why are animal rights activists always picking the stupid fight when I hear about them on the internet? This is nearly as dumb as Sea Kittens. They are fucking fish.

Legally, you own your dog/cat/whatever. You aren't their guardian, you're their owner.
As far as I know, 'Guardian' is a term you'd use for a child, or an elderly or disabled person that you care for. There are probably other terms that I'm not aware of. To me, it implies all sorts of things about the relationship which I suppose you could say exist in your relationship with your dog - you provide food and shelter for them, protect them from harm, you might bathe them, but I think that 'guardian' suggests a human level of interaction.

Wouldn't it be offensive for someone who is under guardianship to be put into the same category as a dog? I'm trying to think of another example here, but I'm sure it's pretty offensive.

If this is because people used to own slaves and people have gone 'well, it's not ok to own people so it's not ok to own an animal,' they need to think seriously about where they're taking their fight. Regardless as to whether people actually are better than animals or if we just have a bias towards our own kind, owning a dog is not the same as owning a man.

If you're concerned about how your pet feels about the owner/pet relationship, maybe you shouldn't own a pet, because changing the term you use from 'owner' to 'guardian' isn't going to change a damn thing. At the end of the day, you choose the food your pet is going to eat, when it gets to go outside, when it comes inside, where it lives, where it goes, what toys it has to play with, what friends it has. It's entirely dependent on your care for the things it needs to live. Unless you are going to change the term to 'guardian' and with that make the dog go and do things a human under guardianship might do? Like go to school?

Please. There are so many more important issues than what you say you are to your pet. I have loved all of my pets, and I am quite confident that me being their owner rather than their guardian has made one speck of difference in their lives.
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Ah, the Pointy End of Semester.
It comes around so quickly every time.
So on Wednesday I have two major things due:

Tech 4
Site Visit Diary (40%)

Professional Practice
Professional Practice Portfolio (20%)
Group Presentation (15%)
Individual Short Report - Hames Sharley Architects (20%)

And then next Friday I have due:

BCA Compliance Drawings + Report (60%)

on the 28th of May

Folio (100%)


So yeah, just saying that I probably won't be attending anything in May, or at least it doesn't look like I will be able to from here. From here, it doesn't look like I have time to sleep.
Maybe this will change after next week! I know I hope so.

I'm kind of freaking out. All I want to do is chill out and relax but... I can't do that for very long, because if I do it for too long, it really isn't relaxing.

Also our internet is shaped. This makes my procrastination take up even more time!
Now I have to go.
Got drawings to do, reports to write. Ahh ahh ahh.
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I just found the most amazing Steampunk Clothing store just now.
Oh man, I can't wait until I have A Real World Job and Have Money so that I can actually buy things like these when I find them on the internet.

I've cut it because I've included pictures.
SRSLY THOUGH, you should check it out if only to make fun of my tourment. :P


In other news, hopefully I haven't lost your attention yet: bold to catch your attention, people who have opinions on bookshops, and what a nice, cosy and small bookshop should have in it, Please comment!

I have to include a 40m2 (Mine is a colossal 42m2 instead) bookstore in my studio building and I want to make it nice.

I want to capture a vibe sort of like what Unisfa clubroom's Quiet Corner (you know the one - next to the GM cupboard)has. The bare materials of the walls will be polished concrete (you probably don't like polished concrete... I think you have to have it beaten into you by architecture school. TADAO ANDO1, that's all I have to say.).
I think the shelves and the floor will be a relatively unfinished natural material like jarrah, if I'm allowed. If I'm not allowed (poetics and all that crap) I'll be using an unfinished wood formwork for some feature panels. (A lot of UWA buildings use wooden formwork. Formwork is what the concrete is set in.) And built-in seats in between some of the shelves.

Any suggestions? I'll post some drawings. Any comments at all are helpful, like what you like in a bookshop, whether you would want to be able to read while in the shop, if that's weird, light quality... Anything!

(Oh my god LJ autosave I L U. I'm using IE because I'm using bootcamp and oh god I hit backspace and nearly died.)
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It's kind of amazing.
I'm listening to the four songs that didn't make it onto Diorama, but did make it as B-sides: Pins in My Needles, Asylum, Hollywood, and Ramble. They're all pretty good. Some of my favourites. Pins in My Needles might be my favourite Silverchair song? Maybe? It's still hard to pick, even After All These Years (capitalised for pun highlighting! Wait, it's not a pun, is it? Er, for that thing which I just did.)

I don't have much to talk about these days. I am pretty boring. Oh wait!
On Saturday I got my ear cartilage pierced again (Helix piercing, two of 'em), AND I brought those shoes from Redstripe that I posted a few days ago, maybe? I can't remember if I posted that. Anyway they're rad.

So now I have to do 10 minute saline bath things twice a day (at least!) for the next four to six weeks. Phew! I think that if it's nice on the weekend I should go swimming in the beach, since I can literally see it right now as I am typing even though the sun is down. Because the moon is shining! Pretty. Wait, no, that's the reflection of the ceiling light on the glass doors. I knew that. I can see lights shining on the horizon though, and their reflections. So I still don't lie. I think I'm at the wrong angle for it to be Garden Island. It must be a big boat.

My fish tank is full of algae. not the good kind, if there is a good kind - it looks kind of like muddy brown cobwebs in my tank. Next week I'm going to buy some Cherry Shrimp to eat the Algae, but I'll have to relocate my Peppermint Bristlenoses while I do this so that they don't commit shrimpocide. Oh, the trial that is hobbyist fishkeeping! I wish I still had that nano tank I lent1 to Jas a million years ago, and never got back :(,2 because it had a filter and it would be perfect for propagating shrimp in. This is apparently very very easy. And cherry shrimp are PRETTY!

Geeez, I really feel like I'm not on top of things this semester. I feel pretty behind in Tech. Studio is kind of ok, and I suppose that's the main one. Prof Prac seems to be going well, but! I always feel uneasy with subjects I think I'm doing well in, unless they're history subjects. Odd. Anyway, I think that getting a Mac was probably a mistake. Oh well, it's done now. I'm downloading, among other things, VM Ware Fusion tonight during Off Peak Tiem, so hopefully it will get a bit less painful to use architecture software. I feel like I've forgotten how to use CAD. I'm trying to learn Revit but the goddamn tutorials aren't working... I'm re-downloading/installing them tonight, too. God.

I cooked Chicken & Almonds today. It was pretty good. A recipe I used to cook a lot in Bunbury. It's pretty simple but it makes sooo many dishes. Worst thing. Ever. Almonds are expensive too. Bah!
On the other hand, fresh Celery! I need something to eat it with, I always used to have it with cheese when I was a kid, and now I can't. Or peanut butter, but I don't have any peanut butter and frankly it still hasn't been long enough since Europe for me to want to go there. (Peanut butter is great and all, BUT, every lunch almost for nearly 7 months, and sometimes breakfast, and sometimes dinner, and you wouldn't be super-keen either.3)
Or is it Peanut Paste, and Peanut Butter is American? Butter is probably American. Damn! Curse you, Sesame Street childhood! You make me say "Z" and "Zebra... oh wait, no. I say "Z" "Zee", but I say "Zebra" "Zeh-bra", not "Zee-bra." What a weirdo. But either way, I'm sure Sesame Street taught me lots of crazy things. For example, I remember calling rectangles OBLONGS in Pre-Primary and the teacher putting a stop to that malarky. If malarky is even a word - if it's not, I think it's onomatopoeic enough to be self-explanatory.
I mean, OBLONG: what the hell kind of word is that? It certainly wouldn't go down too well in an architectural dialogue: "Well, in an attempt to be more like Ando, who uses primarially OBLONGULAR forms and crisp, uniform shapes, I have eliminated all non-OBLOTILINEAR shapes."
Ok, that sentence wouldn't be great even if I was using sensible, rectilinear words, rather than oblongular ones. But god, actually oblongular and oblotilinear are pretty fucking fantastic sounding words.
Still, it's smacks dangerously of the Imperial System.

Whe-he-heeeelll, I think I've bored you all for long enough!

1Is that really how you spell it? It's not a word I use much and to me it looks like what you do leading up to Chocolate HolidayEaster.

2It's my fault too, because I never asked for it back. I guess! :( I could just buy another, better (?) one with my Fish Credz. But I don't want to own ANOTHER tank. Yet.


Apr. 20th, 2010 12:13 am
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I don't know what is wrong with me lately!
Everything is just getting to me. It's dumb. I can't just blame it on my granddad's illness, I think? I have been more stressed than probably is appropriate lately. Uni just seems harder to deal with this semester. Although, last semester that I attended I only did studio, and then I spent more than half a year living entirely without educational commitments. Probably doesn't help? It doesn't hurt either, though. I'm just a whiner.
I think I'm getting more and more socially awkward every day, too. I fail pretty bad at people. Hm. Not much I can do about that at the moment! Since I'm already not coping with uni work I can't really re-arrange things to be more social. Rockingham is great though. BUT it is so far. From everything. :(

cry cry cry. Ok. I'm finished sooking now. Or at least, finished subjecting my livejournal readership to it.

Today I looked for Lugia while I was watching Bear Grylls do terrible, terrible things to himself (Eating a skunk, getting stung in the face by bees in the desert, drinking his own pee out of a rattlesnake skin). Then I realised that I had to get the silver wing first. Lugia probably wants that back. A whole wing?
Also, I want Houndour to show up, already. I want me a Houndoom.

Great Danes are pretty amazing when they're black and white.
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My Pokemans, let me show you them.

Does anyone have a Growlithe? If you have a Growlithe, I will capture a Vulpix and trade you for it!

This is a nerdy post about my team. I THINK I CAN ALMOST CATCH ME A LUGIA I AM EXCITED.

QUILAVA (Selket) lvl.29 (male, sigh) <--- :( in Silver my Typhlosion was female!
FLAAFY (Holly) lvl.27 (female! whoo!) <-- In Silver I had an Ampharos called Holly
MURKROW (Harpy) lvl.25 (female)
TOGETIC (Eastra) lvl.23 (female!) <--- actually half decent
POLIWAG (Tlaloc) lvl.21 (male)

I had an Onix but it was shit so I ditched it. Now I have Shuckie in my team but I have never used it ever and I never will.

Selket is not a god of fire, nor is she a boy. But I like the name. So there. Selket is a Scorpion goddessof poison and stings and such. She was a protective goddess.
I called my Cyndaquill Selket to make myself feel better about not being able to get a girl one.

Tlaloc is an Aztec god of rain, fertility and water.

Eastra is a version of the name of a germanic goddess of fertility and eggs and hares and shit. Togepi is an egg. Also it's amusing. I might change the spelling of the name to Eastre or Ostara, but probably not.

I want a Totodile so I can call it Sobek. But Typhlosion is WAYHEAPS cooler than Feraligatr.

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I’m not sure whether this is motivation or procrastination, to be perfectly honest. I know for sure that Yahoo Answers is procrastination, but answering people’s fish questions is so fun.

Helvetica is a glorious font.

Anyway, I’ve been studying (and by studying, in this case I mean looking at photos) plant cells. They’re awesome! There are some amazing microscopic photos on flickr. Anyway, I’m going to use a tessellating plant cell pattern for the screening devices in my building. Or whatever. I was going to do coool patterns from grass shadows, but apparently that’s too literal or some bullshit. I think it’s just as abstract as using plant cell patterns, but just slightly less pretentious. But whatever. I obviously have to learn to be more pretentious to be a fancy architect. WHATEVS.

It’s pretty cool though. Plant cells are awesome!

In other news I want these shoes:

They’re on special at Red Stripe. I think I will go and buy them on Saturday. And maybe get my ear re-pierced up in the top bit. It’s officially cold enough that I’m not interested in swimming! And Redstripe is so rarely a reasonably priced place with things that are relevant to my interests. Maybe I’ll never buy those buckle up boots that I so badly wanted when I was 16, but I sure will buy these. According to the website they may only have my size. Joy!

I’ll post pictures of my wanky art screens once I’ve got a tessellating pattern that doesn’t suck ass I’m happy with. And maybe pictures of my wanky building. Actually I like the concept behind this one, it is totally mysterious. Have I mentioned that the more I study architecture, the more I start to feel that architecture isn’t meant to be for people who haven’t studied architecture? This isn’t something I agree with, it just seems to be what all my tutors (or more than half of them) think. Architectural concepts have to be so obscure and so vaguely referenced that somebody who hasn’t studied architecture for years would never, ever understand the meaning behind them. I think it’s sad, and silly. Architecture is for people. If someone who hasn’t studied a day in their life wants to understand their building, they should be able to without having to go and get a degree. There are plenty of awesome buildings that have obvious, blatant symbology, and awesome tactile, interactive parts. Like Casa de Musica in Porto, Portugal. But no! My building isn’t allowed to be so blatant. It has to be poetic. Phooie!

I suppose my name isn’t Rem Koolhaus, so I’ll never be that awesome.

(Seriously, this guy is a celebrity architect and his last name is Koolhaus. Pronounced Cool House. His name is REM COOL HOUSE FOR FUCK’S SAKE. HI I AM AN ARCHITECT MY NAME IS REM COOL HOUSE. Most awesome thing.)

Procrastination complete!

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(This entry is from a few days ago. I wrote it in Mac Journal and it didn't work - I still haven't mastered the program.)

So on Easter Sunday (Happy Easter everyone! I didn’t send SMSes this year because my phone is literally the shittest piece of technology that I have ever had the displeasure of owning. Turns out though, Apple is announcing iPhone v.4 tomorrow, so hopefully I won’t have to languish on the outskirts of the cool kids crowd for too much longer), I took some of my fish that were no longer working for me to Midland Pet and Aquarium centre. (best fish shop evar, though their website isn’t really that great) The only fish that I had in my 2ft tank which I kept were my beloved Yoyos (Botia almorhae).

For two Black Pearl Calvus ( Altolamprologus calvus), one female Kribensis (Pelvicachromis pulcher), two Pictus catfish (Pimelodus pictus) and 4 or five of my grown up bristlenose babies (Ancistrus sp.), I got $90.00 of fish credit. Woo!

(If you want some money for the pictus, [ profile] tattered_pinion , just let me know!)

So with that we (‘we’ being Gavin and I) picked up 6 Glowlight Chilli Barbs for his 6’ tank (I don’t know their scientific name so here’s a picture... pretty)... expensive little things at $10 each... Well. Expensive for shoaling fish.
Later on I’m going to use the rest of my fish monies to buy a school of Neon Tetras (Paracheirodon innesi)(6-10 I guess, my tank isn’t that big), and this fancy food that Midland was using to bring out the colours in their fish. Exciting!
I don’t know when I will next be bothered to drive all the way to Midland though. Eesh!

Then we went to Aquotix, my second most favourite fish shop in Perth, where Gavin found himself one of the elusive Dragon’s Blood Cichlids (Aulonocara Dragon Blood - it’s a line-bred colour morph, not a distinct species) that he’d been looking for for ages.

Aaand I brought a fantastic Half Moon Siamese Fighting fish. Just today I’ve decided to name him Anasterian Sunstrider. My last fighter was Kael’thas Sunstrider, you see. Kael’thas is a better name, but Anasterian will do for now. I was toying with calling him Kael’thas Sunstrider II, but that just seemed a bit lazy to me. So!
“Pictures )

“Pictures )
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First of all, I would like to say that I am sad that I am using Xjournal, which is a free livejournal client, when I now am possessed of Macjournal, which is not free and I got in the Macheist bundle. I'm probably just retarded, but the other day when I wrote a whole huge big entry in that thing and then posted it to LJ, it boned all of my HTML so much that I couldn't be arsed to fix it. Now that entry (which was about fish tanks) is just a jumbled mess, a scummy film floating at the top of my private entries. You won't see it unless I can be bothered to fix the code. There's a lot of code. I don't think you'll see it.
So if anyone could shed some light on how to use the damn thing, that would be cool.
Otherwise I'll like google it or whatever *mumble mumble*.

So I'm writing a report on this thing called On the Couch that we did for Professional Practice. It's a giant group assignment (the group is like 30 people or more), which I'm sure you can imagine is a nightmare before you even do anything.
I was part of the group that set up the questions (we have guests come in to our lecture theatre and we ask them questions relating to a theme we were given), which went rather smoothly and was stupidly easy for 15% of the unit's mark. The next group actually asked the questions of our guests and ran the event. The final group wrote a transcript of the event, took photos, filmed it.
Cut for ranting about incompetence:  )pretty simple job done pretty badly. Makes me angry.

But other than that it's actually turned out to be a pretty interesting analysis of the architectural profession. Or the design profession I suppose, because there was also a Landscape Architect and an Urban/Interior designer. All qualified designers, anyway.
I might post it once I've finished my final draft. (I know! I must have learned something from completing a Bachelor's degree, because now I'm finally organised enough to do a first draft! Not that organised though : I have a lot of other shit to do before Monday... it would have been good if I hadn't been sick last week. Or if I had known that I was going to be. Then I probably wouldn't have done all that fish tank stuff on Wednesday. Oh, who am I kidding? Of course I would...)

Oh yeah. I want one of those Merch/Flesh Reaper hats from the PA store. But I think I will wait.

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