Aug. 27th, 2009 08:11 pm
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Pomme is apple, or maybe puree in French. Actually I think Puree is probably Puree in French. But I'm referring, in this case, to the English. In fact. Yes.

London is cool. Just today we visited Hampton Court Palace. Henry VIII might have been a bit of a dick but he had taste. Or at least, his architect did. And his tapestry... techt.

Tomorrow we start our super hippie road trip of the UK in a combie van. Yess. I'm excited. I have to be brief because I only have 5 minutes left.
The internet is a bit hard to come by here. The mac store on Regent street is far from where we're staying on Westminster bridge road.

I think I will get a mac when I get back. The architecture community has had nothing but praise for their ability to run cad things and be good at stuff, so the only concern left is gaming - and to be REALLY , brutally honest the only PC game I've played in ages is WoW. Or the odd RTS, or Fable. And I can just steal Gavin's computer for those. Really. And I need more games for my Wiii anyway.

I mentioned this months ago and it hasn't gotten any better.

I also brought Some Pratchett books for 1.50 pounds each (where is the pound button ffs), one of them is Soul Music and I'd forgotten just how good this book is. Yep.
That's all I have time to say!

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