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Geeky's not really the right mood but ehh what can you do?

Anyway, I had a kind of productive day today so I thought it would be ok to have the evening off, you know, to better prepare myself for a weekend of hardcore super study.

I still haven't written my Building in Brief Asisgnment - I'm going to give myself until 12pm tomorrow, and then anything after that is going to become an "all nighter on Monday" job. (Yes, it's due on Tuesday.)

I also have to write a little speech on this essay that I have to think up the topic of and then write all by myself for Tuesday. It's not really worth anything, except if you don't do it there is a penalty of 10%. Does that make sense? From what I understand, the thing itself isn't going to get me any marks, but if I don't do it 10% will be deducted from my final score. And I suppose it's in my best interests to do it.
That is half the purpose of this entry - I thought maybe if I wrote a bit about my topic, I could.. have.. ideas.

Anyway, my topic question was :
Why aren't Green Roofs more Widely Used In Australia?
I'm starting to think that this is too broad. I might re-write it so that it is a statement instead?
Perhaps ....
Maybe errr... Though the Green Roof is an Effective Sustainable.. thing... no, that won't work.
What about The Green Roof and its Effectiveness as a Usable and Visual Element in Sustainable Architecture?
Maybe that is getting closer.

My original plan was to explain what a green roof is, its various forms, etc. Then, talk about case study buildings where it has been implemented successfully, as well as communities with green roof initiatives.

Then to discuss the lack of green roofs in australia, despite their function as a private garden in high density living and the possible appeal of this to the "Australian Dream" of a house and backyard.

Maybe, then, a more appropriate topic sentence would be The Green Roof and High Density Living in Australia? It's a bit vague sounding to me. The Australian Dream, High Density Living, and the Green Roof?
Neither of those sound very academic.

My tutor counselled me to avoid asking rhetorical questions that my essay wouldn't have the required scope to be able to answer, you see. It's 2500 words or so, which isn't that much, really.

Does the Green Roof improve high density living and working?
That is starting to sound a bit more answerable with actual stuff that I can look up, I suppose. Especially since after today I have this amazing book that literally would answer that question for me (Thanks, Thatcher!). Well, not exactly but it has case studies and tables and diagrams and drawings and it's the best thing. I might even buy it because Green Roofs are a thing that I'm nuts for.
Seriously, my skyscraper has TREES in it. When I design myself a house, there is a good chance that it will have at least grass on it. If I ever design you a house, there is a good chance that I will try to convince you to let me put trees on it. Consider this fair warning!


I am so tempted to buy things since the Australian dollar is doing so well at the moment and since I have money for the first time in ages, but I have to be good. Also, the things I want are more expensive than my disposable income.
Now I'm going to link you to things. I'm going to cut it again because I like LJ cuts. Also because it is probably boring. :p

Leather Corset Belt
I like this because it is awesome, and steampunky, but it is sedate enough to wear to... things. It could pass for one of those in-vogue wide waist belt things, except it would be more awesome for reasons I don't think I have to mention.

Clock Hand Piece Earrings
I swear to God when semester is over I'm going to try to make some of these for myself. If I fail, I'll probably just buy these.

Black Lace Gloves
I love these. So. Much.

Clockwork Bra Thingy
Pretty sure I could never justify buying this, but my god is it awesome. The corset I would be more likely to buy but it is a million expensive. So it's not going to happen. Pretty though!

Steampunk Arm?
Yes. That's all I really have to say.

Corset with Pocketwatch Pocket!

Affordable Vest? What?

Ah well, enough daydreaming. I suppose I should go to bed!

P.S Leather Costume Thing
I don't want this, but it's amazing. Leather wings! They'd probably look/feel pretty neat. Ok, maybe I would just like some big dragon wings to wear. Maybe that would be amazing. I should learn leatherworking.
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