Oct. 2nd, 2010

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Geeky's not really the right mood but ehh what can you do?

Anyway, I had a kind of productive day today so I thought it would be ok to have the evening off, you know, to better prepare myself for a weekend of hardcore super study.

I still haven't written my Building in Brief Asisgnment - I'm going to give myself until 12pm tomorrow, and then anything after that is going to become an "all nighter on Monday" job. (Yes, it's due on Tuesday.)

I also have to write a little speech on this essay that I have to think up the topic of and then write all by myself for Tuesday. It's not really worth anything, except if you don't do it there is a penalty of 10%. Does that make sense? From what I understand, the thing itself isn't going to get me any marks, but if I don't do it 10% will be deducted from my final score. And I suppose it's in my best interests to do it.
That is half the purpose of this entry - I thought maybe if I wrote a bit about my topic, I could.. have.. ideas.

I'm talking about my essay on Green Roofs and high density living in Australia. Cut for maybe boring )


I am so tempted to buy things since the Australian dollar is doing so well at the moment and since I have money for the first time in ages, but I have to be good. Also, the things I want are more expensive than my disposable income.
Now I'm going to link you to things. I'm going to cut it again because I like LJ cuts. Also because it is probably boring. :p
When I have money I will probably be the Steampunkingest Architect )
Ah well, enough daydreaming. I suppose I should go to bed!

P.S Leather Costume Thing
I don't want this, but it's amazing. Leather wings! They'd probably look/feel pretty neat. Ok, maybe I would just like some big dragon wings to wear. Maybe that would be amazing. I should learn leatherworking.

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