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Yeah, the LJ writer's block thingy is somewhat relevant to my interests this time (Er, what would you build if you could build a monument to yourself or something), and some people inexplicably are igniting architectural righteous rage.
Someone linked a picture of a castle and then said "I guess monuments can be functional." What?
O...of course they can? In fact, I would wager that 100% of monuments are functional. They are built for a purpose. Y-yes. Some monuments are stupid, but I can not think of a way in which something constructed as a monument might not have a function.

I was pretty surprised that I could feel this kind of righteous wrath. Interestingly, the 9000 entries saying "I would build a giant penis lol" don't enrage me at all. After all, Sir Norman Foster DID design a giant... item.

I don't think it looks like a penis. It also doesn't look like a gherkin. It looks like this other thing. It really, really does.
And hey, Norman Foster is a genius.

I should probably say that I would design some kind of amazing skyscraper that's an interpretive center championing solar passive design and sustainable materials/architecture. Like some kind of retaredly good green star rated building that shows everyone how great it would be to live in high density housing, with amazing pleasant office blocks, putting plants back into the city with roof gardens and green walls and stuff, and down the bottom there would be a pavilion place where people could learn about these wonderful wonderful things. And probably a fucking gallery as well.

But what I would really do is build a massive massive castle and I would live in it. It would also be a temple, a temple to me. It would combine aaaall of my favourite architectural movements in a hideous postmodernist mish-mash that intimidates and alienates all who look upon it.

In other news, I have gone from having 0 jobs and 0 things to do, to having 2 jobs and >9,000 things to do. It's funny how things happen! I wonder if I will be able to do it right.
I think I can as long as I don't screw around and procrastinate too much. (I am working at the Library, which is awesome, and now I am also working at an Architectural practice which is surprising - apparently they might pay me! I'm shocked - and I have uni. One of my units involves hand drawing a whole bunch of stuff. I would be excited about it if I didn't have A ZILLION OTHER THINGS TO DO.)

Have I said what my studio project this semester is yet?
It's this.1
(Tl;dr: 100m tall tower in Rome, near the Colosseum. It's going to be a thermal bath/day spa tower. A SKYSCRAPER IN ROME NEAR THE COLOSSEUM HO I SPY CHALLENGE.) <-- If anything like this was ever built I am sure that 99% of Romans would hate it.

1It's the rome one. Yep!

Now because parking at UWA is literally stupid now, I'm going to bed so I can be at uni by 9 and get a car park. Even though my lecture isn't till 11. Shit. House.
Anyone want to go to the Gym with me? :P
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