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So I'm using Dreamwidth again. I should really journal more often in general, I did so well on our trip last year - a journal entry every single day! And I think I should try to achieve some semblance of that day to day. 

Deep breaths. I'm going to try to make this entry less angry and despairing than my last one. It was some pretty full on anger and despair. Still, I am reasonably concerned about folio. But I have to keep going, there's nothing to be gained from giving up<suP>1</sUp>, and a lot to lose. The first thing would be my self-respect: it's one thing to fail, knowing that you at least tried your best, but to fail because I gave up, just couldn't hack it? No, that's not something that I want to have to live with having done. So, painful as it is, I guess at least I know that it's better than how I would feel if I threw in the towel.

I'm going to go to bed at 1:30, though. I don't know what time to get up. I suppose I should get up at like 7:30 or something. Hurr. Tomorrow, I'm going to try to get my 1:500 model done. I'll  have to go to the workshop at uni to do it. It should be ok - it's just going to be a massing model. Made of wood. 

Anyway, today I put all of my plans into Revit, so now I have a model, sections, elevations and some perspective views ready to go. The only problem with the sections and elevations is that I need to trace them in CAD first, and that is tedious beyond explanation. Also I know alarmingly little about the structure of this building - since we never once discussed it all semester until last thursday when Emiliano told us that we needed to do a 1:50 section showing structure - which is... alarming. I could go to the Architect's Office to beg help for that part, but I am running dangerously low on time. 

<sup>1</suP> Nothing to be gained but literally hours and hours of sleep, that is. But I will have literally four months to catch up on my sleep debt.

Ok, so, got distracted, now I'm crashing. I will check things later and stuff.

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