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I haven't in a while anyway, so why not, eh?
I actually have something interesting to say for once, as well!

Semester two just started this week, for those of you not in the know. So far, this semester's colour-coded terror rating is Orange. High alert. I have this unit where I have to choose a 'significant' building, and then I have to draw it. By hand. And then I have to draw details. Which I also have to understand, which also have to be by hand. I'm not sure if mere text can actually convey the terror of this kind of assignment. It's not the drawing of things - it's the knowing. 'Course, I'll have to know things eventually anyway, I may as well start now.
But what building do I choose? I was going to do Mees Van der Rohe's Barcelona Pavillion, but now I'm not so sure, because the lecture was full of drawings of that building. Maybe it would be cheating. Maybe I will do Farnsworth House. Now there's an idea.

Also, my studio looks pretty interesting. I'm designing a 100m tall tower (Skyscraper! Yay!) in Rome, opposite the Colosseum.
It's a pretty exciting assignment, but I can't say that I would actually like to see this happen. (This is actually a competition that I could enter if I wanted.) Rome is one of those awesome European cities with a lot of Ooooold School charm, and I'm not sure that a giant tower right next to the Colosseum would be appropriate. I suppose that's the challenge - to make it not a hideous scar on the face of the Eternal City. I am thinking Roman Spa inspired. I'm not allowed to go crazy with the Romanesque architecture, it has to be modern. So far my plan is to use Roman architectural strategies, like *gasp* proportion and symmetry, and the golden rule, and all that. Strip it back, dun make it square. Mabye.
The other unit is a research essay that's due in November. November! The nerve. So I guess I start my retarded super holiday a week later this year. Aww.

Oh, I'm out of time for writing! There is more, actually. Maybe I shall tell you of it in the future, dear Livejournal.

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