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It's kind of amazing.
I'm listening to the four songs that didn't make it onto Diorama, but did make it as B-sides: Pins in My Needles, Asylum, Hollywood, and Ramble. They're all pretty good. Some of my favourites. Pins in My Needles might be my favourite Silverchair song? Maybe? It's still hard to pick, even After All These Years (capitalised for pun highlighting! Wait, it's not a pun, is it? Er, for that thing which I just did.)

I don't have much to talk about these days. I am pretty boring. Oh wait!
On Saturday I got my ear cartilage pierced again (Helix piercing, two of 'em), AND I brought those shoes from Redstripe that I posted a few days ago, maybe? I can't remember if I posted that. Anyway they're rad.

So now I have to do 10 minute saline bath things twice a day (at least!) for the next four to six weeks. Phew! I think that if it's nice on the weekend I should go swimming in the beach, since I can literally see it right now as I am typing even though the sun is down. Because the moon is shining! Pretty. Wait, no, that's the reflection of the ceiling light on the glass doors. I knew that. I can see lights shining on the horizon though, and their reflections. So I still don't lie. I think I'm at the wrong angle for it to be Garden Island. It must be a big boat.

My fish tank is full of algae. not the good kind, if there is a good kind - it looks kind of like muddy brown cobwebs in my tank. Next week I'm going to buy some Cherry Shrimp to eat the Algae, but I'll have to relocate my Peppermint Bristlenoses while I do this so that they don't commit shrimpocide. Oh, the trial that is hobbyist fishkeeping! I wish I still had that nano tank I lent1 to Jas a million years ago, and never got back :(,2 because it had a filter and it would be perfect for propagating shrimp in. This is apparently very very easy. And cherry shrimp are PRETTY!

Geeez, I really feel like I'm not on top of things this semester. I feel pretty behind in Tech. Studio is kind of ok, and I suppose that's the main one. Prof Prac seems to be going well, but! I always feel uneasy with subjects I think I'm doing well in, unless they're history subjects. Odd. Anyway, I think that getting a Mac was probably a mistake. Oh well, it's done now. I'm downloading, among other things, VM Ware Fusion tonight during Off Peak Tiem, so hopefully it will get a bit less painful to use architecture software. I feel like I've forgotten how to use CAD. I'm trying to learn Revit but the goddamn tutorials aren't working... I'm re-downloading/installing them tonight, too. God.

I cooked Chicken & Almonds today. It was pretty good. A recipe I used to cook a lot in Bunbury. It's pretty simple but it makes sooo many dishes. Worst thing. Ever. Almonds are expensive too. Bah!
On the other hand, fresh Celery! I need something to eat it with, I always used to have it with cheese when I was a kid, and now I can't. Or peanut butter, but I don't have any peanut butter and frankly it still hasn't been long enough since Europe for me to want to go there. (Peanut butter is great and all, BUT, every lunch almost for nearly 7 months, and sometimes breakfast, and sometimes dinner, and you wouldn't be super-keen either.3)
Or is it Peanut Paste, and Peanut Butter is American? Butter is probably American. Damn! Curse you, Sesame Street childhood! You make me say "Z" and "Zebra... oh wait, no. I say "Z" "Zee", but I say "Zebra" "Zeh-bra", not "Zee-bra." What a weirdo. But either way, I'm sure Sesame Street taught me lots of crazy things. For example, I remember calling rectangles OBLONGS in Pre-Primary and the teacher putting a stop to that malarky. If malarky is even a word - if it's not, I think it's onomatopoeic enough to be self-explanatory.
I mean, OBLONG: what the hell kind of word is that? It certainly wouldn't go down too well in an architectural dialogue: "Well, in an attempt to be more like Ando, who uses primarially OBLONGULAR forms and crisp, uniform shapes, I have eliminated all non-OBLOTILINEAR shapes."
Ok, that sentence wouldn't be great even if I was using sensible, rectilinear words, rather than oblongular ones. But god, actually oblongular and oblotilinear are pretty fucking fantastic sounding words.
Still, it's smacks dangerously of the Imperial System.

Whe-he-heeeelll, I think I've bored you all for long enough!

1Is that really how you spell it? It's not a word I use much and to me it looks like what you do leading up to Chocolate HolidayEaster.

2It's my fault too, because I never asked for it back. I guess! :( I could just buy another, better (?) one with my Fish Credz. But I don't want to own ANOTHER tank. Yet.
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