Sep. 8th, 2009

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Whoo we've made it to a new (sort of) country.
I say (sort of) because TECHNICALLY England and Scotland and Wales are all <I>Britain</i> or the UK I suppose, and not actually separate countries. Which I never knew! I always thought Scotland was still fiercely independent. It's a pity that they're not any more, really.

We've been driving about for the past week-and-a-few-days in an awesome, awesome van. It's not quite a combie but if you remember the Tarago vans... mini busses ? Anyway. It's one of them converted into a camper van and it is painted wtih PAC MAN all over it. Yes.
It's a Wicked Camper, which is actually an Australian company. Yep.

So far we have seen SO MANY awesome things, but I am having trouble with this retarded keyboard so I'll just make a list for now:

- HMS Victory ( <3 )
- Henry VIII's Mary Rose and Queen Victoria's HMS Warrior, an Ironclad
- Cambridge University!
- Canterbury Cathedral!
- Nottingham! (The town is kind of sucky tbqh)
- SHERWOOD FOREST (so much love)
- the Major Oak, a 700-1000 year old tree of Robin Hood fame
- Many, many awesome castles and a Medieval manor house
- Hadrian's Wall! <3

We have actually done so much more than this list suggests. It's exciting. I've been keeping a paper-journal so at the least you will have the joy of suffering through my rambling in more detail when I get home.

So now I'm off to explore Edinburgh!


Have I mentioned that there is Nandos here in England / Scottland? Yeah. It's EXPENSOR here though. £20 for two people. But the soft drinks are bottomless!

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