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I don't know. It's (possibly) a Gorillaz lyric.
So! Due to the shamozzle that has been the Livejournal comments thingy, I haven't felt like posting. There, at least. And then I remembered this place. A place with my proper username, no less. Bloodied_aura is all very well when you're 15 and full of Darke Mystique, of course, but when you're 24 and full of... sullen whimsy, well. Then you are in a right pickle, aren't you?
But I am reluctant to leave there. It has been such a very long time. So in all honesty, Dreamwidth, I like you, but I've had my livejournal for nearly ten years. Ten! I can write that number in an essay as actual digits and not look like a fool.


So, uni is done and dusted. All units passed, all work experience logged, thank you and goodnight. I've continued working with Ashley, my boss of the past year, an architect who works in South Perth (right near the Zoo!). I like it! Well. I like it as much as I expect one can ever really like working. Having to get up in the morning is ass. Yep. As you might have guessed, I am a night time person, and this excludes me from being much of a morning one.

But, in March I get to wear a square hat and doff it at the Vice Chancellor in exchange for a deliciously weighty piece of paper, and then throw it in the air while wearing wizard robes and partaking of the free champagne that the University will so generously provide for the evenings' festivities. And I have already begun the logbook path of True Architectdom. At the moment I'm a Graduate Architect and that title doesn't sit too well with me, so I'm going to try to get registered as soon as is possible (40,000 working hours is the minimum logbook time. D:).

What else? Gavin and I will have been going out for seven years (count 'em) on Monday. That's a thing. He's also flying off to Bali for a Buck's week on Monday morning, he is the Best Man and has all manner of surprisingly tasteful shenannigans planned. I hope they all have fun!

Er. I actually just want to go and play Skyrim so I guess I'm going to bail now, Dreamwidth/Livejournal. NO DOUBT I will get bored at work tomorrow and come back here, now that I feel like journalling again.

And I have that yearly meme to do, but it just wouldn't be right to not post that on my original Livejournal.

And to all of my Livejournal friends - I still read my friends list! Almost every night. :)

On The Sea

Feb. 18th, 2008 09:25 pm
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It keeps eternal whisperings around
Desolate shores, and with its mighty swell
Gluts twice ten thousand caverns, till the spell
of Hecate leaves them in their old shadowy sound.
Often 'tis in such gentle temper found
That scarcely will the very smallest shell
Be moved for days from where it sometime fell,
When last the winds of heaven were unbound.
Oh, ye who have your eye-balls vexed and tired,
Feast them upon the wideness of the Sea;
Oh, ye whose ears are dinned with uproar rude,
Or fed too much with cloying melody,
Sit ye near some old cavern's mouth, and brood
Until ye start, as if the sea-nymphs quired.
- John Keats

I'm looking at the "Wacom and Vista" website. There is a video that loads automatically. A quote from the vista-man:
"Vista is fundamentally about faster, easier, and more efficient computing."
I find this kind of funny. I do like vista so far, but I wouldn't say it's faster than, er, anything.

Right, on to business!
This semester, I want to do something active in between classes, preferably with friends. I was planning on doing the pump workout class at the gym (it's the one with the weights, goes for an hour.) I did it last year and it was pretty fun, in that it was a good workout, not too hard, pretty easy to do, and had pretty good results tone-wise. It's only $8/class, too.
Or I might like to do a sport? Most of the sports I'm interested in are team sports though, like hockey, or maybe basketball (Gavin taught me how to do an Alley-oop (sp?) yesterday, it was fun, and I'm good at it as long as I'm standing in the right position and the ball is thrown at exactly the right spot :P), so I guess the joining of a team of people I/we don't know would be... a thing. But I would like to do it! Though I'm a bit of a wuss so I'd like at least one friend to come along with me. :P
OR if anyone who lives near Midland is interested in joining a gym (sorry guys, this is one of those stupid "you can't join, you don't have the right chromosomes" things), I'm a member at Contours midland and I'd like a gym-buddy. I have no idea how much the joining fee was, but when I joined it was $50.

ALSO I'm feeling pretty poor at the moment, what with wanting to get my car serviced (I need an oil leak fixed, the expensive kind of oil leak. Something to do with replacing all the seals, or something.), paying off my laptop, paying for a parking permit, amenities and services fee, books, saving up for the ONSLAUGHT of studio equipment costs, and wanting to get this tablet, among other things, like getting some decent clothes for work and uni. (All my good clothes are too good (or too v-necked!), all my old clothes are too old.)

SO I was thinking of ways to get extra dollars.

Does anyone know what tutoring high school students is like, or know of any amicable high school students in need of tuition in Geography, History or English/Lit? Or SOSE or whatever it is that schools teach in years 8-10 that is basically History/Geography. English in 8-10 I could do as well. Is it even worth it though? How much do you charge? -\(O_o)/-

Speaking of this Wacom tablet, which I am oh-so slowly saving for, but may or may not end up buying depending on what happens next, does anyone have any words of wisdom on tablets in general, or wacom tablets in particular? I wouldn't really be planning on using it for architecture much, more for drawing. Possibly for this neat 3d program one of my architecture buddehz has found. So... yes.

The weekend was fun. We had a lovely dinner in an Italian restaurant in Bunbury, then walked around on the beach and saw an old man using a metal detector to search for people's lost jewelery. We then found a boob-sandcastle, and a very nice (big) rock. It was black. It might be in Gavin's house now.

Saturday I made pizzas! (Gluten free pizza base packet from Woolworth's choice range, I think) and my timing was just right for Gavin to get home from work and have pizza. Joy!
Then, we went shopping for things. Gavin is thinking about getting a motorcycle license. I think it would be pretty cool. Plus, the things are CHEAP (compared to cars.) You can get a pretty sweet looking Honda (the first class that you're allowed to ride), brand new for $4000. That is pretty cheap, compared to cars. It is pretty hard to find a decent car for under $5000. Ok, so my car was $3000, but my car is Twenty-Four years old. He wants to get all the gear too, which I think would look cooool. :D
He was also considering taking up stone-carving as a hobby, but apparently you basically have to be a stone mason by trade to even begin to have all the stuff you need. I was trying to convince him to do it el'traditionalle, but even that way would need a vice, which requires a workbench. It would have been awesome though. He also got offered a job in a hardware store when the guy asked why Gavin was interested and he replied that he was bored.

We went to the Sprint Cars that night, which was really fun. There were like 5 crashes, one with FIRE. One of them was a 4-car pile up. (In the last race, which was 20 cars, with 30 laps. The crash happened at lap 16.) So the sport totally delivered to my expectations. The only complaint we had with it was that the way the race is, if you're at the back of the pack at the start of the race, you basically can't win. A really awesome driver only managed to get from rear to third, and no-one else came close. So it makes it a little boring, because it's easy to pick who's most likely to win. And the street sedans were terribly boring.

Then we watched Bro Town!

Gavin's started playing Vampires: The Masquerade. It looks pretty fun, thugh it's also looking pretty old! (Particularly next to NWN2.)
Sunday eeevening we went to a basketball court and played things. I every game, naturally. Gavin plays basketball a lot. Or, he used to. For a long time. But it was still fun. The afore-mentioned alley-oop thing is when you catch the ball mid-air and, still mid-air, put it in the basket. It's cool.

Then we watched Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls. The humour was a lot more childish than I remembered! But I still enjoyed it.

I'm going to go play with symmetry now!



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So annoyed, so very, very annoyed, at the management of the Co-Op Bookshop at UWA.
The very least they could have done, the very least, was taken the time to tell me,
, that I would have to look for another job. What they SHOULD have done, however, was let me know about a week ago, because they would have known then - if my timetable is the problem, which it is, they knew it last week.
I shouldn't have had to fucking ask them if I was coming back, they should have told me. So pissed.


Today was a fairly good day. I like that Charlie lecturer dude, he's pretty funny, and, I suspect very strongly, some kind of Old English Rocker.

ALSO, I got FREE SHERBET, and I saw [ profile] uruserce when I was a-driving (wee wee wee) all the way home, so it cannot be said that it was a bad day. *waves at Uru*

However, Architecture is fairly ludicrously disorganised. I mean, the instructions for the tutorial which is tomorrow aren't avaliable. They were meant to be up on Wednesday. Wednesday!!I'm beginning to suspect that this is because in the Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Visual Arts, it is not only the students who are smoke-breathing hippies.

If I can't get the books I ordered with the staff discount, I'm totally going all the way to Fremantle Co-Op to order them in (from UWA co-op) and buy them from there. Because I am feeling that spiteful and petty.

What else?

In spite of all the bad-ance, I am in quite a good mood now.
Damnit, bad-ance is a proper term, used by proper grown-ups, because I am a proper grown-up. *Glares challengingly*
*like a petulant child*
Hehe, Petulant is a grand word.
I must type notes now.

Oh. I have a headache. The behind-the-eyes headache that makes me wonder if I've been at the computer for two long.
I wonder if Architecture will give me eye strain. It may just give me lung cancer, but... I wonder about the eye strain.
Also, I have to read Alice in Wonderland for homework, how awesome.

Just realised that now I will never own 100 Heiroglyphs. Mechalony and woe sets in here.

P plates so close I can smell their sickeningly sweet plasticy musk. And the MUSK of car.
I like the word musk. It's rather... pungent!

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Aaaanywaaay, I'm now working at the Co-Op Bookshop at UWA, officially, as [ profile] patternsofchaos's James (sorry, I've forgotten your username... >_< and yes, am too lazy to find it on my friends list) found out today! Yay! I'm not unemployed anymore!

I had the interview on Wednesday, and apparantly it went well. I went in for training today, and it was easy and good. Basically exactly the same as working at a video store, 'sept with barcodes and a distinct lack of fleas.
Oh, aye.
And books! Glorious books! You know I walked in and saw no less than 7 highly desirable books? Something along the lines of
Oliver Twist
The Iliad
Something about Thylacines
100 Egyptian Heiroglyphics (very cool looking)
The Complete Works of Edgar Allen Poe
The Complete Works of (the guy who wrote Alice in Wonderland)
A History of Warfare
Awesome History book
Awesome History Book
Awesome History book, ye olde.

Okay, so more than 7. Most of which are worth more than $40 each. Le sigh. But I have an income again! JOYOUS!
And I'm getting paid at something called "Award Rate", which has to be better than "Minimum Wage".

Yeah, I'm pretty happy.

Plus, me driving-man said that the only thing that would make me fail my test on monday would be a silly mistake brought on by panic, plus my test is in the early morn' so I won't have to worry about idiots, plus it's in Midland which is where I have done zomg all the driving in the world, so I'm feeling good about it. Although the car will cost me $120!! (This includes a lesson, but here, do some maths with me....
One lesson = $40 for 45 minutes.
Yes? Yes.

Test = 30 mins plus up to 5 minutes talking, 5 minutes sorting things. = 40 mins. Yes?
So, logically, Test = $40.


Test = $80

Test with Lesson = $120.


Oh well. It's only money...


However! I get to see Gavin this weekend also so things are good.

And I watched Pirates of the Caribbean again tonight.
OH, how I have missed that movie of Piratical one-ness.

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Guess who got home from work at 11.45pm? (And lives less than 5 minutes away) Me!
Guess who's resigning tomorrow? Me!

Want to know the whole story? Well I'll tell you.
Tonight, the store was robbed. They took $150 (the float) from the counter. I'm actually writing this down so I can remember if I have to tell the Police what happened again, but also because it's fairly noteworthy, and I'm feeling far too stressed and angry and sick to sleep.

So anyway, over the past month we've been having a lot of trouble with Theft. A group of about EIGHT Aboriginal men come into the store and steal stuff. On sunday, they came in and threatened Jess, another staff member, who resigned that afternoon.

Today, they actually came into the store about 5 times, but only thrice while I was there. The first time, this bitch-girl (she really, really is) tried to steal a packet of Burger Rings. Feeling brave, I said "Are you going to pay for that?" she said something like "Fuck off" and I said "Put it back, I saw you take it," or something, and then some guy told her to. They left. That was about 6pm - there were other people in the store and it was quite light outside, and there were three staff on - myself, Matt, and Jaimie.

The next time, it was after 8pm, when Jaimie leaves, and there was nobody else in the store. The eight guys came in again, this time with a bike chain and a plank of wood, talking to each other about what it'd do to a person and about how tough they all were. They didn't do anything, but they circled the counter where Matt and I were and were very threatening. Just before this, I'd started doing money stuff - made up the float and took out money to do a drop. They must have seen the float money before I put it in the calico bag on the till-counter. This part was really rather frightening. Neither Matt nor I said anything to them, and they eventually left, and we couldn't see them anymore.

So, we started putting away the last of the movies, and had both left the counter for like 10 seconds, and I was heading back when Isaw two of them running out the door. I locked the door after them and then realised they must have taken the float... which is $150. This isn't actually what bothers me, what bothers me is that there's no security cameras, which the Police Lady I spoke to (we called the Police and made a report, naturally) said they really can't do anything much without video footage of them stealing stuff - it's literally our word against theirs, and when they're all liars and theives it's difficult to do anything. She also pointed out how unsafe the store was in general, which didn't surprise me.

Then, I said to David, who'd come down to help after we called John and Colleen about the theft, that I didn't want to do Thursday night, because that's 4-10 and I don't want to have to deal with closing again. He sort of rolled his eyes and said in an annoyed voice that he'd look at doing something about it, which really fucking pissed me off, and made me decide "Right. Fuck it. I'm out." I didn't tell him, I'm going to speak to John tomorrow, but not after informing Video Ezy Head Office of the gross inadequacies of the Midland store.

So I might not have a job anymore - even though it's an inconvenience, the job is not worth getting hurt or worse. As the officer said - one day they will come in with guns, because they know there is no security in the store, and it makes it easy for them to get away with it. It's happened before - an armed hold-up - and fucked if I'm going to be the one that it happens to next.

I'm pretty angry actually, but yeah, still feeling sick and shaky and terrified. Mainly because I live in Midland, across the road from the store, and they live near me. I don't want to be any sort of target. So I'm not working there ever again.

I am video ezy girl no more.
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Hypnotize (Yes, I know, I hate it when people post lyrics too) )But I feel it's at best excusable when I've copied the lyrics out of the booklet myself, and kept all of the proper formatting and capitalisation and stuff. Lyrics are never as good without the music, I don't know why I bother. But I had an urge. I can't promise I won't post more SOAD lyrics, though, but they will always be under a cut. Always, I promise. Unless they're one-liners.
I had a thought just then! Is "Hypnotize" just the American way of spelling 'hypnotise?' The same with "Mezmerize"? Because I just thought they'd been changed to make them into title things. I don't care either way, I like the letter Z. But I can't believe I didn't think of that before. I guess I think of 'z' as a fashion letter, much like 'x'. If you want to make something cool, throw in a 'z' or 'x', and it'll work. Trust me.
A simple example :
a fairly normal, boring word, can be made awesome by adding a z - "z-car" or an x "car x" or "xcar." (then you can pretend it says "scar", which suggests you are tough and violent).
In fact, we see this all the time... "Extreme" is made dorky by the 'e', so we remove it, leaving us with "X-treme," or, even better "X-treem".


Anyone know a good place to get sculpting clay is? I'm going to make something. I need shaping wire to put inside it too (maybe). But I'm not going to fire it, so maybe I'll just make it out of solid clay, muahahahah.

Hey man, look at me rocking out, I'm on the radio
I closed the store all by me onesies tonight. It was kind of terrifying. We were $330 down, but Oh well! I told them I didn't want to do it. I told them they should find someone else to do it. But no. It had to be me. So, fine. It's not my fault anything, this always happens.
Have I mentioned every night so far when I've closed the store I've had nightmares?
Okay, so Tuesday's nightmare turned into an awesome dream where I was a dragon (a big red/bronze (yes, I don't understand how that could happen either)) hunting down customers and eating them... then hunting the big Black Dragon from that movie. And then flying to Melbourne. And then Gavin was a dragon too, and we lived happily ever after.

But seriously. I need to find somewhere else to work(!) They're introducing this new facist system of rules, like "you must arrive 10minutes before your shift starts" - screw that. If you aren't going to pay me for that extra ten minutes, which I know you're not, I'm not going to be there. Plus, I'm always on time. I've never been so much as 5 minutes late, so ner. "You can't just leave once your shift is over" - sure, whatever. If you're not going to pay me for extra time, which you're not, I'm going to leave. Also, it's not like this is a job where we do important things. It's a job to earn money, there is no emotional attachment.
But you know, whatever. Although the guy seriously seems to think we all consider working at his crappy little video store to be some kind of career job that we put first in priorities. HAH!

Enough whinging!

Header might be just text. Or another tall ship. Come on, you all know I can't help it.

Gavin becomes Dr Gavin tomorrow. Oooo.

...I'm totally using this icon way too much today.

Yes, I know the new header sucks. Somehow, it's too small, and bad quality. BOO. I will fix it later. But now, I sleep.
Also, I was sick of not having a finished looking layout. I know people don't care, but I do.
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Boooooo to today. I feel siick and i have to woork. *weeps* I have a sore throat and a headache, and am all hot. (and the temperature is quite high)
[ profile] almightybean commented that I normally always update about everything and yesterday I didn't. So yes. The everything I left out from yesterday was in fact results for units in second semester, and that's partially because I'm really disapointed with them. I got a HD (80) in Myth, Monument and Memory, which I am pleased with, but it was such an easy unit that really, anything less than a D would have totally been a fail. But I only got a CR (67) in Medieval Europe, which sucks, and I'm sure is the fault of that god damned essay. Oh, and I only got a CR(65) in Psych, but that's because I didn't care, I think. I should have put much more effort into it.
So basically, I'm disapointed with those results, not because I think it's unfair, but because I know I could have at least gotten Distinctions in those two subjects if I'd tried harder.
But on the flip side, I have a happy credit average like the lady said I'd need to get into Architecture. So now all my agonising over what to enrol in next year weighs soundly on my own shoulders.
See, there are pros and cons to both. And while they may seem silly to you, they seem very good to me. They are... Architecture results in a better career, which I am almost 100% sure I will enjoy more than teaching, which would eventually become stale and repetitive, but is a longer degree, which means more time at home, and at uni, not doing other important life-things that I want to do.

But anyway, today sucked because I felt sick, but is also bad because I had to go to my Grandparent's house and make pleasant conversation, which isn't all bad, because I like my grandparents, but was annoying because I didn't feel well and wanted to sleep. And now I have to go to work at 4pm to 10pm, so I can't talk to Gavin today. Boooo.

And dear god I hate people. They're all so stupid. Especially customers at Video Ezy. Especially phone calls. "Do you have any new movies?" "Are you open?" "Do you know this movie - I can't remember the title, the plot, the director, or any of the actor's names, but the main guy has blue eyes and drives a car."
I swear we need to get rid of that thing.
I also think all staff should be allowed to carry cattle prods. I think I've brought this up before.
Then a big neon sign that says "Do not ask stupid questions."
I also want a "release the hounds" button. The hounds would of course be some kind of fire breathing Hell Hound. Oh yes.
What's the subtitle of the movie Clerks? I think it's
Just because they serve you doesn't mean they like you

And it's so right.
But on the up side, Richard is back, and Sherry and Charly are good. So now we'll have more good staff members than ever before! Yay!

However, I've been calling the Driving-place every day, and the soonest I've yet been able to bump my driving test forward to is the 6th of February. Which is better than the 3rd of March, but still not good enough.

the 31st century, the word "Jesus" has become a standard exclamation of
amazement, usually used by old people. Examples include, "Holy Zombie
Jesus!" and "Sweet Zombie Jesus!" Due to the Zombie content, it is fair
to assume that Jesus was not at his physical prime during his second

Taken from

Expect many Futurama icons from me soon. Oh yes.

Am drinking far too much coke. God save us all.
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An interesting Note: two futurama DVDs can make a 5 hour shift pass quite quickly, if used wisely.

My feet/legs ache so.
Appologies for falling asleep in UniSFA and not going to psych, though I'm not entirely sure who I'm appologising to. Meh.
I don't really have anything to say today. However! I did find a nice car for $4000, although it's 15 years old so perhaps $4000 is a little steep despite the fact that it's auto and has power steering and A/c... although I wouldn't really know. It's dissapointing that even though it's in my new, re-assessed price range, I still can't afford it because I want to pay at the very least $2000 off myself in cash first, if not all of it. Debt is icky.

My shoulders hurt too. Aww, there's only one thing for it - solitaire! I'm not sure how it'll help, but, you know.

I think "The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings" may be my favourite episode of Futurama. I'm not sure, but it might be. Interesting! What are your opinions, those of you who have them?
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That song makes me cackle! It is my new favourite silly thing. It has good bass too. Nice for loudage.
And the begining amuses me! Ehehehe.

No, I don't have anything useful to say today. It was a good day at work, 11-8 working with the staff members I like (Kat and Richard), watching Stargate:SG1 and talking about mythology, drawing crazy pictures and changing our names.
I was first changed to "Silent Assassin", then "*insert name of Japanese Warlord of the Past Here*", then "Sekhmet" then "Freya". My favourite was still the first one.
Richard was "Doom Llama" (I had no influence here) then "*insert name of Japanese Warlord of the Past Here*", then "Thoth", "Ra", and finally "Loki".
Kat was "The Claw of Tyranny" (my personal favourite and own creation), then "Kato (something)" then "Bast" then... er... a Norse goddess who's name I've forgotten. Sigh.
It were a fun day.
Some chump tried to steal stuff. Clearly thought he was a big man.
Also, the ugliest man in the world came in today. I feel sorry for him.

Watched Home Room. It was good. Debated on Nation States Forum. Will go now.

This icon amuses me! Even if it is American rather than Petrol and Metric System.
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I just watched Super Size Me, and it was terrifying. TERRIFYING!
I've decided that although I already never eat Mc Donalds or Hungry Jacks, because they make me feel like throwing up, no really, it's true, I'm going to try to limit all of my fast-food intake to Nandos. Because I can't give up Nandos *weeps*
I had delicious food today though. Corn! On a cob. Oh, it was gold. [Ahahaha]

Today was... interesting. Work isn't so bad, just long and boring, and, you know, not the ultimate way to spend time that could otherwise be spent doing other things. But you know, whatever. And money, and stuff. Don't really like the new guy. Is boring, and after tentative investigation would appear to be completely useless in regard to conversation. But it's okay, because Kat and I spent two hours speaking about the glory of the RPG, and Dungeons & Dragons. To think! She's been working here for nearly 6 months and I only found out she liked that stuff today.

Found out that, while I like Elvis, there is only so much Elvis that one can take in one day. Tash proposed an Elvis Movie Marathon, and after the 5th movie I just couldn't take it anymore, so I put on Futurama. :D

Customers anger me, especially particularly retarded ones.

Was thinking that it'd be really cool to somehow make a fanfic with SG:1 in, say, Faerun. But I'm not going to write it. I'll just imagine how I might write it on the public transport devices that I use to get to and from uni. I might get tempted to write it, but I won't. Because we all know that I'll end up being some kind of unstoppable awesome dragon, and then SG:1 would be all "Dude, you can so totally pwn the Goa'uld in a single round of combat!" and I'd be all "Yeah I know." And then they'd be all "I bet you couldn't do half a round of combat though, which is too bad" and then I'd be all "Bring it, bitch"
So you can see why I wouldn't write it. But it'd be mad, or something.

LJ-cuts anger me today. I like having random useless stuff. But I will anyway because I am courteous. Or something. Although, since it seems that the length of the entry seems to have a negative, linear effect on the amount of comments [and so I assume, greedily, reading], I might not have to bother, if it's true that people scroll past mind fizzlingly long entries. Or maybe I'm boring. I can totally and seriously deal with that. I read my livejournal.
Like I have a choice.

Ooh, random.

You might have noticed a recent lack-of-Ghan on msn and google-talk lately. That's basically because I don't want to talk to people online at the moment. It's nothing personal, it applies right across the board. Admittedly, there is one exception to the rule - the singular reason that I'm ever on msn or google-talk at all!
So yeah. It's just an aversion to IMessaging programs that I have at the moment. Don't worry, I'll probably get over it, or something. I don't know. I'm enjoying the private entry feature of Livejournal too, although it's not like I'd ever put anything I seriously wasn't comfortable with people reading on something like Livejournal. Because as much as I love it, I'm not entirely confident in it's private-powers, or whatever.
But again! Nothing personal to anyone. I just like updating things for myself. Public and friends-locked entries are basically just comment-whoring I think. Because I like comments! They make me happy.

But then, people make me happy too! I'm not against people at all, don't fear that I'm regressing into my "Woe angst oh god I hate the world" mode [yes, I had one. Oh, how I had one]. Although I do at times become angry with humanity. But ultimately it's more amusing than enraging.
But where was I? Oh yes. People. Unisfa, the people I consider my Unisfa-friends, are all awesome. As are all my other friends. I am quite happy socially at the moment. For the whole year. You might use a much, much better word than happy, but I like the word happy.
It's very emotionally onomatopoeic.

Damn, I can't spell anymore. I think. I'm not sure. But really, spelling something right is still pretty bad if you thought you were wrong. I think. Maybe not as bad as spelling it wrong and believing that you are irrefutably right, but still fairly poor.

I'm a bit worried about my brain. Something's changed. I still hunger from and delight in new knowledge, but I don't really have very many interesting thoughts anymore. I can't think up interesting topics for debate, although I do think a noteably larger percentage of situations and circumstances are amusing. Which is interesting. Maybe capacity for interesting, deep and meaningful topics of debate and angst are directly linked. Oh well. I can still get involved in interesting debates, so would rather be without all that juicy, juicy angst. I'm surprised I found Philosophy so boring, for example. But I did. Oh, how I did.
But bigger than my considerable hunger for knowledge, is, oh, you know, the burning, boiling pit of determination that is ambition. Yes. I know. You don't have to mutter "Macbeth" at me and roll your eyes. I want to be successful. And to me, being entirely honest, success is measured on a scale where happiness does outweigh wealth, but not by a great deal.
Y'see, I want stuff. That is all. Which interests me. Oh, and fame. I want fame. Not heaps of fame, not the mental-disorder-inducing fanaticism that happens to some people, but a comfortable level of fame, like discounted fuel [when I have a license], and tiny children [or angst-swathed teens] coming up to me in my gloriousness and timidly asking me for my autograph, or, "do I know you?"

Enough on that.
I think I might go play Neverwinter Nights now though. So close, so close to achieving my goal.

One last thing. I think Uni has made me so much more pretentious and arrogant. Oh, so much more. Which is kind of saying something. But oh well. I kind of like being arrogant. And proud.

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[Nyawwww, ♥]

...Yay! Now I really have caught up with Psych. Thankyou [ profile] patternsofchaos for your kindness in my hour of foolery.
Did Linux used to be called Unix? Hmm? I wonder things sometimes.
However! Despite my otherwise sunny disposition, I am angered greatly, once again, by the breathtaking incompetence of the lump of arbitrary and defective cells that is my "boss" [or store owner, if you will]. Somehow, he's neglected to put my wages in an envelope for me. David [the manager] is going to look into it for me, but god damnit, I want my god damned money now. It angers me. Seriously! The incompetence of this "man" is unparralelled!

But! On to happy news! I am the Queen of Driving - I drove home from Uni today, in busy traffic on busy roads, and I was not terrified or stressed. I managed to relax and only screwed up twice [or so], and that wasn't even on any busy roads, that was in Guildford and Midland. And I can park, go me.

Aaaand I was looking at things in Dick Smiths today, and I think I will buy Idril a scanner-printer. There's a really neat HP one for only $125, and I [will] have Birthday money. OR I will save towards a car. But saving money depresses me greatly. Because I do far too much of it... All too often I feel like I have no money, even though I'm working.. so what I need to do, clearly, is work more, because whenever I manage to save money, suddenly something retarded crops up, like having to pay for my text books, and I have to delve into my savings :(. But I don't know how I can fit more stuff in.. Maybe Wednesday. Yes.

Oh! [ profile] velithya, I thought I should let you know that next thursday [the 18th] I won't be able to stay at uni, because I have a Dentisty Appointment thing. In regards to that Charity... Vigil... Thingie, which you asked about the other day - because I wouldn't want to have lied. O_o.

So, yes. Angry with boss, so very, very angry, but am planning to buy things, have a birthday soon AND will probably see Gavin tomorrow, so am more happy than angry, yay!

Once again, however, I haven't put anything intelectually stimulating in my livejournal. Aww.. sorry. If you're after that though [ profile] lone_one is very good at making her updates intelectually interesting. And intresting in general. :D

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