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I have this theory that the reason I've lost my design Mojo is that I haven't been updating my livejournal. Yeah, flimsy at best, I know, but it's 1:20 am and I'm SO DEEP into procrastinating that I'm procrastinating against going to sleep on a Friday, when I don't have anything overly unpleasant to do tomorrow.

I know, crazy, right?

I'm not really sure what my original intention was in opening livejournal today. But, I came across a metaquote related to Australia and it made me simultaneously re-remember how great our wildlife is here, rekindle my desperate desire to go camping up North again, or down South, or over East, I really don't care where, honestly, AND feel deeeeep nostalgia for this time last year. Experiencing other countries is the bomb on levels, and shit.
(I never said this was going to be a particularly enlightening entry)

Mainly though, I want to go and do the drive up to Exmouth again and then just stay there for a month, snorkelling every day. There is almost nothing else to do up there, but the reef is so amazing that I don't really care. Swimming after reef sharks is a good adrenaline rush. As long as there are no bigger kinds of sharks around - that would be less fun. Actually, last time I was in Coral Bay (close-ish to Exmouth, a fair few hours south, but the same Coral Reef), we were coming back in from a fishing charter and saw a 3m long Tiger shark literally just gliding through the water around some coral bombies that we were looking at the day before. I can't imagine coming across one of those things in the water. It would be... it would be bad.

Hm. Uni. Uni this semester has been about as pleasant as a cheese grater to the face. Now there's just over a month to go and I'll be honest, I am freaking out, now. I still don't have - well, that's not true, I have a design, a form, but I don't have floor plans. Or, I did, but I showed Emiliano and he didn't like them. The trouble is, that I know what his problem with them is - they are plans, but they don't have "it" - that thing that makes what architects produce better than what some other building designer produces. That quality of space, or whatever. They're just places where things are. And I don't care. That is probably the biggest problem. I have 0 passion this semester. I have no design mojo. Things aren't falling into place, I have no vision. And worse, I have no idea how to fix it, and I'm running out of time. I think I can do enough to pass, but just passing would be very disappointing indeed. I was hoping that I could get a 70% average over studio for the next 3 studios so that I can do the dissertation studio unit in 5th year (so that I can have an MArch: Hons), but I really can't see that happening at this point. Which is sad. But I don't know how to change it!

Cut for more whinging about uni that nobody wants to read - I guess writing it is cathartic or whatever )

Hm. Now I feel a little better, actually. Maybe one day, when I actually have anything to show, I will put up some pictures.
Now, I should really look up pictures of hair so that I can tell the hair dresser what I actually want done tomorrow. I may have done a silly thing. I booked some kind of assessment/consult thing at the Maurice Meade in Garden City. I don't know if I care enough to pay their prices, but the consultancy is free. When I was looking at one of their brochures the other day, it looked like they were only about $60 more expensive than my current hair dresser, who I don't like, so I thought it might be worth the extra money to get something nicer. But when I spoke to the lady on the phone today it sounded like it was going to be a lot more.
We'll see.

Ohhh also I am going to order an earring for my helix piercing made from Mammoth Ivory. Seriously! It is only $20. Apparently they have more mammoth carcasses than you can shake a stick at up in Finland, or somewhere, so the ivory isn't that expensive, or something.
IDK. I am somewhat skeptical, but Exotic is a pretty reputable business, to my experience, and surely, you can't say something is certifiedly Mammoth Ivory and issue a certificate and everything if it's not?

Does anyone care about the Grand Final this year? Ever since the Eagles have started... well, you know... I have completely lost interest. I watched Freo's last final game, and obviously jinxed them because that was just embarassing. But I actively dislike Collingwood and couldn't care less about the Saints, so... boooooring! Footy is pretty boring when nobody that you care about is playing.

LESS PROCRASTINATE, more.. .things
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Hypnotize (Yes, I know, I hate it when people post lyrics too) )But I feel it's at best excusable when I've copied the lyrics out of the booklet myself, and kept all of the proper formatting and capitalisation and stuff. Lyrics are never as good without the music, I don't know why I bother. But I had an urge. I can't promise I won't post more SOAD lyrics, though, but they will always be under a cut. Always, I promise. Unless they're one-liners.
I had a thought just then! Is "Hypnotize" just the American way of spelling 'hypnotise?' The same with "Mezmerize"? Because I just thought they'd been changed to make them into title things. I don't care either way, I like the letter Z. But I can't believe I didn't think of that before. I guess I think of 'z' as a fashion letter, much like 'x'. If you want to make something cool, throw in a 'z' or 'x', and it'll work. Trust me.
A simple example :
a fairly normal, boring word, can be made awesome by adding a z - "z-car" or an x "car x" or "xcar." (then you can pretend it says "scar", which suggests you are tough and violent).
In fact, we see this all the time... "Extreme" is made dorky by the 'e', so we remove it, leaving us with "X-treme," or, even better "X-treem".


Anyone know a good place to get sculpting clay is? I'm going to make something. I need shaping wire to put inside it too (maybe). But I'm not going to fire it, so maybe I'll just make it out of solid clay, muahahahah.

Hey man, look at me rocking out, I'm on the radio
I closed the store all by me onesies tonight. It was kind of terrifying. We were $330 down, but Oh well! I told them I didn't want to do it. I told them they should find someone else to do it. But no. It had to be me. So, fine. It's not my fault anything, this always happens.
Have I mentioned every night so far when I've closed the store I've had nightmares?
Okay, so Tuesday's nightmare turned into an awesome dream where I was a dragon (a big red/bronze (yes, I don't understand how that could happen either)) hunting down customers and eating them... then hunting the big Black Dragon from that movie. And then flying to Melbourne. And then Gavin was a dragon too, and we lived happily ever after.

But seriously. I need to find somewhere else to work(!) They're introducing this new facist system of rules, like "you must arrive 10minutes before your shift starts" - screw that. If you aren't going to pay me for that extra ten minutes, which I know you're not, I'm not going to be there. Plus, I'm always on time. I've never been so much as 5 minutes late, so ner. "You can't just leave once your shift is over" - sure, whatever. If you're not going to pay me for extra time, which you're not, I'm going to leave. Also, it's not like this is a job where we do important things. It's a job to earn money, there is no emotional attachment.
But you know, whatever. Although the guy seriously seems to think we all consider working at his crappy little video store to be some kind of career job that we put first in priorities. HAH!

Enough whinging!

Header might be just text. Or another tall ship. Come on, you all know I can't help it.

Gavin becomes Dr Gavin tomorrow. Oooo.

...I'm totally using this icon way too much today.

Yes, I know the new header sucks. Somehow, it's too small, and bad quality. BOO. I will fix it later. But now, I sleep.
Also, I was sick of not having a finished looking layout. I know people don't care, but I do.

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