On The Sea

Feb. 18th, 2008 09:25 pm
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It keeps eternal whisperings around
Desolate shores, and with its mighty swell
Gluts twice ten thousand caverns, till the spell
of Hecate leaves them in their old shadowy sound.
Often 'tis in such gentle temper found
That scarcely will the very smallest shell
Be moved for days from where it sometime fell,
When last the winds of heaven were unbound.
Oh, ye who have your eye-balls vexed and tired,
Feast them upon the wideness of the Sea;
Oh, ye whose ears are dinned with uproar rude,
Or fed too much with cloying melody,
Sit ye near some old cavern's mouth, and brood
Until ye start, as if the sea-nymphs quired.
- John Keats

I'm looking at the "Wacom and Vista" website. There is a video that loads automatically. A quote from the vista-man:
"Vista is fundamentally about faster, easier, and more efficient computing."
I find this kind of funny. I do like vista so far, but I wouldn't say it's faster than, er, anything.

Right, on to business!
This semester, I want to do something active in between classes, preferably with friends. I was planning on doing the pump workout class at the gym (it's the one with the weights, goes for an hour.) I did it last year and it was pretty fun, in that it was a good workout, not too hard, pretty easy to do, and had pretty good results tone-wise. It's only $8/class, too.
Or I might like to do a sport? Most of the sports I'm interested in are team sports though, like hockey, or maybe basketball (Gavin taught me how to do an Alley-oop (sp?) yesterday, it was fun, and I'm good at it as long as I'm standing in the right position and the ball is thrown at exactly the right spot :P), so I guess the joining of a team of people I/we don't know would be... a thing. But I would like to do it! Though I'm a bit of a wuss so I'd like at least one friend to come along with me. :P
OR if anyone who lives near Midland is interested in joining a gym (sorry guys, this is one of those stupid "you can't join, you don't have the right chromosomes" things), I'm a member at Contours midland and I'd like a gym-buddy. I have no idea how much the joining fee was, but when I joined it was $50.

ALSO I'm feeling pretty poor at the moment, what with wanting to get my car serviced (I need an oil leak fixed, the expensive kind of oil leak. Something to do with replacing all the seals, or something.), paying off my laptop, paying for a parking permit, amenities and services fee, books, saving up for the ONSLAUGHT of studio equipment costs, and wanting to get this tablet, among other things, like getting some decent clothes for work and uni. (All my good clothes are too good (or too v-necked!), all my old clothes are too old.)

SO I was thinking of ways to get extra dollars.

Does anyone know what tutoring high school students is like, or know of any amicable high school students in need of tuition in Geography, History or English/Lit? Or SOSE or whatever it is that schools teach in years 8-10 that is basically History/Geography. English in 8-10 I could do as well. Is it even worth it though? How much do you charge? -\(O_o)/-

Speaking of this Wacom tablet, which I am oh-so slowly saving for, but may or may not end up buying depending on what happens next, does anyone have any words of wisdom on tablets in general, or wacom tablets in particular? I wouldn't really be planning on using it for architecture much, more for drawing. Possibly for this neat 3d program one of my architecture buddehz has found. So... yes.

The weekend was fun. We had a lovely dinner in an Italian restaurant in Bunbury, then walked around on the beach and saw an old man using a metal detector to search for people's lost jewelery. We then found a boob-sandcastle, and a very nice (big) rock. It was black. It might be in Gavin's house now.

Saturday I made pizzas! (Gluten free pizza base packet from Woolworth's choice range, I think) and my timing was just right for Gavin to get home from work and have pizza. Joy!
Then, we went shopping for things. Gavin is thinking about getting a motorcycle license. I think it would be pretty cool. Plus, the things are CHEAP (compared to cars.) You can get a pretty sweet looking Honda (the first class that you're allowed to ride), brand new for $4000. That is pretty cheap, compared to cars. It is pretty hard to find a decent car for under $5000. Ok, so my car was $3000, but my car is Twenty-Four years old. He wants to get all the gear too, which I think would look cooool. :D
He was also considering taking up stone-carving as a hobby, but apparently you basically have to be a stone mason by trade to even begin to have all the stuff you need. I was trying to convince him to do it el'traditionalle, but even that way would need a vice, which requires a workbench. It would have been awesome though. He also got offered a job in a hardware store when the guy asked why Gavin was interested and he replied that he was bored.

We went to the Sprint Cars that night, which was really fun. There were like 5 crashes, one with FIRE. One of them was a 4-car pile up. (In the last race, which was 20 cars, with 30 laps. The crash happened at lap 16.) So the sport totally delivered to my expectations. The only complaint we had with it was that the way the race is, if you're at the back of the pack at the start of the race, you basically can't win. A really awesome driver only managed to get from rear to third, and no-one else came close. So it makes it a little boring, because it's easy to pick who's most likely to win. And the street sedans were terribly boring.

Then we watched Bro Town!

Gavin's started playing Vampires: The Masquerade. It looks pretty fun, thugh it's also looking pretty old! (Particularly next to NWN2.)
Sunday eeevening we went to a basketball court and played things. I every game, naturally. Gavin plays basketball a lot. Or, he used to. For a long time. But it was still fun. The afore-mentioned alley-oop thing is when you catch the ball mid-air and, still mid-air, put it in the basket. It's cool.

Then we watched Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls. The humour was a lot more childish than I remembered! But I still enjoyed it.

I'm going to go play with symmetry now!



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No, that's right! I don't speak German. But I'm fairly sure that 'das' might mean something akin to 'the.'

Anyway, the weekend was lots of fun. Saturday was the longest night out either of us have yet experienced! We were out until five thirty am. Yes. So we met up with Tab and Kyle (my oldest friend and her boyfriend) and some other people (including Shane Andrich, a boy who I knew in Pre-Primary-yr 7, but has been friends with Tab for the whole time). It was really good fun, although I learnt never ever to drink Pulse, because it makes you hurt. I also discovered Midori, which is not only green but also tasty. We met up with Gavin's friend Villas at about 2, and eventually ended up at... errr, Rise, because Base is crap and there were no others nearby that were open. So that was cool.. Tab and her buddez left at about 3, but we stayed on until about 4.30, when we migrated to China Town, a wonderful land of nearly 24 hour food. We ordered like 4 giant dishes of food, devoured it, and for the first time ever, were kicked out for being there too late. China Town closes? What?
Then we shared a Taxi home. By the time we went to sleep, it was about 6am.

The next morning, I was woken up by the sound of rain. It was crazy awesome.

Sunday was really a non-event. We were asleep all day.
Although I did watch the Rugrats/Thornberries movie.

Today, I got a job! I'm going to be working at Dick Smiths in Midland. The amazing thing is, I rocked up to the interview fully expecting to be rejected because I'd decided (as mentioned earlier) that it's not worth working saturdays, and I repeatedly made this point very clear. And I still got the job!! This makes me 100% happy. Keep in mind that this position was specifically for saturday casuals and you may see my wonderment. So yay, I'll have more money now. :)

That's about it.
I downloaded a version of Pokemans, however I neglected to notice that that version was in Japanese (which I do not speak.) So now I'm downloading the US version.
Now I feel compelled to buy it, because I will have a job in a store that sells it + staff discounts (maybe?), but I still think that it would be pretty irresponsible. Maybe I'll think about it more first. Agonise over, I mean.
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Hey, I worked in a video store for 2 years. Okay?
Gacked from Katho, by the way )

Shock! It's an update from Teh Ghanzor!
I know, I know, I'm a bad, bad, not-addicted-to-livejournal girl. Haha.
Well, I'm only going to update about this weekend because... I really can't be bothered catching up on everything, and lo! It's nearly 1am!

Well, this weekend I drove down to Bunbury, with me computer. I left on Friday at like 7.30, so when I got there at 9.30 I was totally flummoxed. (It takes about 2.5 hours to get to Bunbury normally), anyway, Gav and I were going to go out with Chloe (who is Gavin's ex-nurse, and general awesome person), but she'd gone off to some "Undercoverwear" Party (why not just call it lingerie? That's obviously what it is... Confuse!) and Gavin, evidently, was not invited. That's okay though. I don't like lace on guys. And I have this feeling he wasn't actually at all interested.
So we started watching The Sopranos season 2, and then we got a call from Chloe asking us to come out to the Three Monkies (it's a club in Bunbury. There are only 3, it's not hard to find :D), so we hailed a taxi (on account of already drinking and planning to) (TaxI!) who was very nice, but rather old and apparently only paid $8/hr! Injustice, I says. So we made him keep the change. We got to Three Monkies, but it was deadosaurus. So we got a drink each and talked and waited for people to show up, and laughed at this lame dancing guy with Emo!hair, and hid Gavin from his patients. (Because he doesn't like them to see him in "the outside world" at the best of times, moreso when he's been drinking and is clubbing), then Chloe said something along the lines of "oh lol come to the house we're at", so, once !again! we crashed the party of one of Chloe's random Bunbury friends. Gavin was the only man-thing there, he felt rather surrounded. But most of the people were nice, one we even knew from the last party (Liz)! One wasn't nice - she was old, and had evil beady eyes - and one thought Gavin was 28, and that I was 24. WHAT. She was also 19, but I thought she was older too. Humph. Like... 30. Yeah. That's right. So we went (back) to three monkies, after some shennanigans ensued, such as, taunting Chloe for being on the phone to Ollie*, wondering why there was a callendar of scantily clad wimmins in a house inhabited by only wimmins, wondering why said scantily clad wimmins were so covered in filth, wondering why I've never seen a good looking cleo pinup. Ever.

Then the taxi arrived, and this one wasn't nearly as interesting as the first. I don't remember the second one at all, so he must have been a big non-event. Danced at Three Monkeys, was fun as always. More drinks, more talking about things. Talked to some nurse from Gavin's work (but not Gavin's nurse). She remembered me, but I didn't remember her... oops. She's nice, though.
Then we lost the other girls (in hindsight, we think it was the old(er, I suppose) one's fault, because she had been giving Gavin serious evils for some reason. Like he was GASP the Dev0l. Chloe was a bit incapable of stopping them from leaving us behind at that point, but it was okay. So we went to Fitzy's (one of the other 3 clubs) to find them, BUT ALAS, they weren't there. More drinks, more dancing, more talking. The music there is more interesting, not necessarily better, just more different. Less "club music" and more "dance" if you know what I mean... I'd be surprised if you do, because I don't... anyway...
We got a msg from Chloe saying "we're at eXit" (which is the third club, and you have to pay to enter - but they do give you a free drink, so it pretty much balances itself out), but we didn't want to go there, and shortly after we got one saying "goin home", so we left too. Our last taxi driver was totally lame.
He told Gavin the fare, and Gav was like "just a sec, got to check I have it" (because he'd brought all the drinks of the night O_o) and the taxi-lame was like "haha, if you don't have it, I will call the police, haha", in a totally unfriendly and un-joking way. Pshhh. What he could have said, is "if you don't have it I can take you to an atm", or, since we didn't go into Gavin's house because it's a unit complex and we wanted to be quiet, he could have said he would drive in there so we could get money out of the house. Psshh. Lame.
Set up my computer and went to sleepies.

Saturday was full of barbecuing and making LANs, which is always surprisingly painful. TALK TO EACH OTHER, DAMNIT. That's to the LAN-makey, naturally. BBQing is fun, although Smokey. We also spent much of the afternoon sleeping while "watching" a Poirot movie (we didn't mean to, but we were up till 4.30am and then got up at only 10 or something), and then it was Dawn of War time. I'm starting to think that the Eldar just plain suck.
So I've been playing Chaos, and I still can't beat Gavin, but I can at least last against him. We beat some orks at Insane level, although we were on the same team, both playing Chaos and it was a strategically chosen map (with hard to assault bases)

Today was mainly LANness, pizza-making (haha! I win at dough making), download-fixing, and early morning ness.

Driving home from Bunbury at night isn't actually at all hard, just more boring than when you have things to look at. Only marginally so, however.


*Long story.
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Some people make me say "lol" in my head, over and over and over, a mental string of "lolollolololololoool" and so on and so forth. What am I updating about? I'm not sure, but

there is a bug (of some description) (somewhere) in my room. I know this because I can hear things moving. Yes. The unfortunate thing about this situation is that flyspray fumes make me feel sick, so I will not spray the room to purge said terrible tiny beasties.

I have turned into somewhat of a recluse these past (number) weeks. I'm not trying to slight anyone, or whatever, this is just a thing that happens to me in the summer (yes, it's seasonal, and yes, this is somewhat of an insurance precaution). As a result, I've been introspective-angry Meghan today, and yes, I no longer care for grammar on this day, because a) I'm slowly losing my ability to revert back to normal (the alternative is of course, pirate) and b) it's 3-freaking-am.

I have the 3am giggles. Gigglies. Things just make me want to laugh out loud and or scream with rage. It'd be fun to be a berserker.
There was something interesting that I had to say here, I'll try to wade my way through the morass of ridiculous to prise it from the gluggy, sticky mire that is my braiiiins.

[livejournal.com profile] lone_one, now I am addicted to Pirates! and I have failed my WoW self-goal of being at 40 or near to it by the end of the week. That it is not yet the end of the week matters not - I am completely aware that I am more likely to play pirates at the moment than I am WoW. Although I've only been at sea for 24 months and my crew is already unhappy, so I may get a little bored soon. My pirate will be 30 soon! Ha, he has wrinkles. I'd like to point out that my Flagship, Thor's Hammer, is a Ship Of The Line, which is the best ship in the game. I would also like to point out that I nabbed it with a sloop, and have been using it since the beginning of the game. *victory stance* And I/my Pirate Duke Bilgie have married the Smokin' Hot Sexy Minx Daughter of some French place, which I thought was quite impressive for some guy named after the bilges of a ship (not the most attractive part of a tall ship, shall we say). On account of my glorious adventure to Bunbury (more on that later), Gavin is similarly transfixed by "living the life." Our/his pirate's name is Scurvy. I think it is a fantastic name for a pirate. Except he's Spanish, which is making it difficult for him to gain rank. :(

In other news - oh god Warcraft III is so much fun. I am impatient to get back to the Horde/more run-ins with Lady Sylvanas Windrunner too. Arthas is interesting, but kind of boring at the moment. Thrall is too cool for school (or something). Seeing Lordaeron was fun.

Yes, I drove myself to Bunbury, after much heated debate. I was the absolute victor of that, and so off I drove in my mettalic blue chariot of... combustion?
Anyway, I actually liked the drive, which wasn't so much a surprise as it was just a thing which occurred to me. That 30 minute section of not-being-duel-carriageway was a little concerning, but I was ready for it. And the reward at the end was of course glorious. We went out to dinner! In this really nice old hotel, the... Rose? maybe. Anyway it had cool, simple-elegant chandeliers, a suit of armour and a mounted stag's head, and some paintings of guys looking like nobility and their silly dogs, and the food we had was so nice! The biggest t-bone I ever had, and tasty. The hot plate they were served on was a little worrying at times, although it kept the chips delicious and fresh seeming for the whole steak marathon experience. Lemon lime and bitters from bar type places is so delicious. And of course the company was pretty much unparalleled.

Family guy is pretty funny.
Managed to not sleep for the whole time Gav was at work on saturday (this happens often - he only works from 9-12 (or 1 or 2) ish on Saturdays normally, and this is easily within my natural awakening period :P. Instead played Warcraft III O_o Thraaallll. I already don't remember what we did on Saturday afternoon. Did we go shopping? I don't know. Ohh, I think we.. no that was Sunday. Hmm. Saturday...I don't think we played Pirates! Till the evening. Hoom. Did we go shopping? Something happened, of this I am certain.
Sunday we played Puzzle Kombat (hahahaha I lose), Worms Forts and.... no, it's not called Deer Hunter, it's some other Hunting game. I don't even feel bad about liking this game anymore. We should have gotten Dangerous Hunts though, then we could fight some bears rawr. We had a bit of a run-in with a lynx, and then some incidents with rolling the 4wd motorbike (head injuries), but other than that we had a merry old time searching for that beastie, deers and goats. And raccoons. I would never ever hunt in real life though. Well. If I needed food, or if I was going to use the animal pretty exhaustively, or if it was a pest (although not foxes), then maybe. I'm sure I could do it if I needed it (the whole hatchett scenario, you know), but if it was just because it was a camping group challenge thing, or if it was a pest that needed culling (rabbits?) I'm not sure whether I would be able to make myself do it. Although I do so dislike Rabbits. I'm sorry Bugs.

The deeper meaning has been lost. I did have a topic, but instead this has been a fairly standard [livejournal.com profile] bloodied_aura production. Oh vell. Goodnight/morning interwebs.
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Happy Birthday Aunt Polllllllllll!!!

(I had to make the 'l's go on forever instead of the 'o's, because otherwise it looks like your nickname is "Aunt Pool", which makes no sense...)

Yes, that's pretty much the point of this entry.

Had good weekend. Gavin > joy!

However work = a great big thumbs down, am looking for new place. Very seriously now. More? )


*drums fingers* That's all.
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Said some lady at the door of the Casino when she asked me for ID when we were trying to get back in. The funny thing is, she said it to Gavin, who she didn't ask for ID. Odd lady.
Anyway, I don't think I've updated publicly in a very long time, so I'll do that now.
The 29th huh. Well, not that long ago. Excellente.

Gavin got back on the 30th, which was Friday, and that was good. Three weeks is far too long. Fish and chips is always the best dinner food. *nods* Watched The Siege. Not the best movie ever, but interesting none the less. Gavin also got heaps of DVD's from his sister, so we watched quite a few things... Family Guy (a lot of Family Guy), the beginning of this anime called Berserk that we might come back to later, and all of Helsing.

Saturday was good, a good end to an awesome year. For the actual "new years" stuff we ended up going to the casino early (I don't remember the time.. errr... 6ish?), and brought drinks beforehand. *nods* It was a good idea... saving money on the stupidly expensive drinks inside. Hehe. We hid in the car with our drinks, trying not to look like alcoholics. And of course, two cruisers is to me a completely different thing than it is to Gavin, so I think I was kind of amusing to him. Heh.

I didn't find the Casino to be the glittery well of class and neon that I expected. It was fun looking, although the carpet was awful, and I was glad people didn't smoke inside. But I can't see myself developing a gambling habit, yay! It's just not fun enough to get sucked in. We both bet $4 on a 1c pokey (sp?) game called Pyramids, where a certain number of balls (determined by you) are dropped down a pyramid with holes and... tabs? things? lumps? spots? on it. If a ball falls in a hole, you lose it. But if the ball makes it down to the bottom, you win some credit-points, which varies in value depending on the position and colour of the ball. And you could win free games, with no holes, and free balls. Gavin won something like $8, and I lost the entirity of my $4 (woe!). With his winnings, Gavin brought us a plate of chips from the food place across the way, which were very tasty.
Oh! I almost forgot the best thing about our little adventure into the Casino, and that was... our free Keno hats! Yesssss. Glittery and plasticy and fun, and free, which makes them all the tastier. Mine was red, Gavin's was gold, and people kept asking us where we got them from all the time *shakes fist*.
We didn't go into the Ruby Room because neither of us thought any nightclub was worth an entry fee.
So at about... 8pmish we went back to Gavin's place and had dinner :D. I cooked (go me), and it was a chicken stirfry thing. Man, I hate cutting/touching raw chicken. I have no idea why, but raw chicken just makes my flesh crawl. *shudders* But! Raw chicken aside, the meal was a success, yay! Then we watched Family Guy for a while, until new years o clock, where we did all that count down stuff.

Sorry [livejournal.com profile] tattered_pinion for not going to the par-tay. I would have liked to have gone, but it is a long way and yeah and stuff. But, I'm sure the party was excellent even without my being there.

And as for today, well, it was an interesting to good day. Last night I was all by me onesies in my house since my mum and brother were at my Grandparent's house, and my Dad left for work at 2am, so instead of trying to sleep hearing noises and fearing things unseen and all that jazz, I just WOWed it up till I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore. It worked pretty well, and now my Druid's level 12. Yay! 2 levels to go till cat-form, joyousness. I feel like I should have had a gold by now though. *hangs head*
One of the guards in Brill is called Gavin. He is not handsome at all, no resemblance to my Gavin whatsoever, but nevertheless I shall screencap 'im once WOW is back. Sigh.
I've been drawing lots. I am yet to get my uber-shelf though, so I have no printer/scanner for Idril yet. Le sigh.
But while I'm on the topic of that awesome and useful present, it's this ---> HP PSC 1315 )
It is as yet unnamed, but it'll get a Silmarillion themed name... in keeping with Idril. Possibly someone of her family. Ooh, fun. Not Turgon though. Oh no. He's far too important to be a printer/scanner, even if it is cute.
GASP, perhaps his name will be Elrohir. I'm saving Elladan in case I get a laptop someday. Yes. Well, that's that then.

What was I saying? Oh yes. I've been drawing a lot lately. I've drawn myself as Dread Pirate Ghan, Ithika the Undead Rogue munchin' on some delicious human-flesh, and Loslaith the Druid standing there looking pretty, as Night Elves are wont to do.
Today, I got myself a jacket. It ended up only costing me about $20, which is just grand, considering it was originally $60. YAY. It's awfully cool. You'll all see it eventually.

Dear god I love crosshatching!! It just makes shading so easy and good. I go now.

Quotes for thought!
Yes, you think that, with your soft, human brain

Oh, I have something funny to share with all of you:
the funniest death I have yet experienced on WOW )

Now I go.
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This Is My Life, Rated
Take the Rate My Life Quiz

Not bad Ghan, not bad. I give my spirit score a suspicious cackle. I'm sure I cheated somehow. *malevolent glee*

Anyway, I had a splendiferous Fridaynight-saturday-sunday morning-early afternoon, thankyou for asking.

[livejournal.com profile] patternsofchaos, congratumolations on a fantastico party! It were grand. I had a lot of fun.
I also discovered something! Something that many people have claimed to already know, but now I have proven it to my own satisfaction. Right, see, I wasn't hungry at all on saturday, and wierdly, still am not. It is rather odd. That's not important to my magnificent finding, though. Just remember that Saturday+Ghan = very little food. So, I hadn't really eaten anything, and then I discovered that [livejournal.com profile] patternsofchaos had gloriously supplied Vodka Cruisers. I had one, and then I was tipsy to the level of many more cruisers! It didn't really increase much over the course of the second cruiser, which is interesting, but I think that's because I drank it more slowly. Hm. But yeah. I discovered that no food + alcohol = alcohol potency times more! Fascinating, huh?

I have a plan for the study break, am v. proud. Have I mentioned here that we have the questions for the History exam again? I think I should remind [livejournal.com profile] tattered_pinion to check WebCT for them, because I would feel bad if he didn't have enough time to study for the exam because he didn't know on time (yes, even though it is not my fault that he didn't go to the lecture :P).
The only exam that will take actual real effort will be psych. Mainly because the other two subjects are history, and history isn't work. Therefore it's more fun rather than effort. I suppose Gavin's re-Bunburyage came at a good time, because now I can't distract myself with thinking "well it wouldn't hurt to go see him for a few hours" because I can't, because... I can't drive to Bunbury by me onesies. But Gavin coming back this weekend = happyness. Yep.

Well, what do you know, it's been a year since Presentation Night (well, near enough). And graduation! You know, it never really hit me in any emotional sense. I guess it never will. I think I've missed my last opportunity for a big soppy cry, because I don't think it'll be like that at the end of uni (if that day ever comes).

"Your costume sucks!"
"And your life expectancy is laughable, meat-stick"

Semagic makes me happy. I don't know why I didn't download it months ago. Or years. I can say that now. I have had Live Journal for "a long time."

I don't know how I got so tired, or when it got so dark-like. Oh. I drove to Armadale and back on friday, yes, just for the hell of it. 100km roads are actually awesomely fun.

Damnit. I had something to say before, to do with people, oh yes. I remember. Jason - he is the person with the hair and the glasses, yes? I hope so, I don't like forgetting peoples names... anyway, does he have LJ? I should add him, if so.

I've been drawing those bizarre creatures that started existing on... thursday? friday? some day. I might scan them and put them up here at some point in time. Who knows?

I don't really have anything else valid to say here. Brother has Xbox and Halo 2. Am not sucky, which is... interesting.

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