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Ha, I was reading my old journal (no, not this journal. This one's not - thank god - on the internets) and I used to be such a hilarious Emo!kid. It really was pretty funny. I wonder if I'd like myself now, that me that wrote those angsty journal entries and shocking goth!poetry. You know, I think I wouldn't, because I wasn't quite as clever and non-conformist as I thought I was, and of course wearing colours makes you dumb in the head, so I would likely have dismissed myself for a fool before realising it was me. Or something. Ha! Yeah. I don't have regrets, however. And I don't know, I think I actually was wearing stuffs because I liked it, and I still do. Goth fashion is pretty awesome looking. But it's frightfully expensive, and I actually like, you know, colour, - yes, pastels - and, well, I don't care where I get the clothes I like from, or how many other people like/own it. Why should I? The only time I'd care if everyone else had my clothes is if it was a ball dress at the same ball as me. That would suck. Or if it was my black top with buckles on the sleeves. <3. Okay, so there are a few clothes that I'd be annoyed if I was suddenly surrounded by imitations/copies/whatever. Actually, no, I'd tollerate it, becasue it would mean I could buy replacement-backup copies. Like my black top -it's getting a bit thin, I'd like to get a replacement but I don't think it's going to happen. :( And my awesome patchy jeans. I've never seen them anywhere. But I do heart Face Off! Clothings. But yeah, um. I don't care where I get stuff from or how many people like it. If I like it, I like it, if I don't, I don't. Same with musics. I don't understand how things are less good if they are more liked. O_o. Oh well.

!! They are playing so many old awesome songs from my childhood on the radio today.

I don't like the family version of The Amazing Race. It's not as amusing as lover-spats. :(

My room is now officially clean (unless you look in the wardrobes/box >_<)

Love me, love me, say that you love me (It's been so long since I heard this song)

Cleaning my room was strangely... good. I don't know. Maybe I'm -gasp- growing up or something. Anyway, I need a much bigger bookshelf. I want a really nice dark wood, tall and slightly narrower bookshelf. One of the planky ones. Yes. My current one is nice I suppose, but I've had it since before I could read, although that said it must be pretty good because only one shelf has bowed. Hmm. I should really put the other shelf back on my student desk now that I'm not using it for my computer - I could use the shelf space. On that note, I know [ profile] penchaft wanted some of my Animoprphs books, but all I can remember that you wanted was The Elimist Chronicles. They are all free to a good home,and I have a cool set of animorphs bookends too, if you want it. I have 1-25-6-7ish, and then I have two or three 30-somethings. Some of them are somewhere safe at the moment, because I was reading them and I don't remember where I put them. They are, however, in a safe place. I would have had a whole lot of other books up for grabs / buys but I'm too weak to let them go just yet.
I discovered that I have a surprising number of novels on King Arthur/Merlin, and this interests me. By far the best of these is The Winter King, by some guy. I can see it right now, it's big and red and courtesy of the Discard Bookshop, but I can't be bothered getting up to grab it... hm. Maybe when I finish my current book (Thatcher's suggestion of Ice Station) I'll re-read it.

In other news, I'm annoyingly sick. :( This makes me all angry and stuff inside, since I hate being sick on the holidays. All the dust probably didn't help, but I was determined to get it done by today. So, bleargh.

[ profile] lone_one, when will you be in suburbia until, and how urgently do you want your Stargate stuff back? Don't worry, it's perfectly safe 'n stuff, I just want to know when to get it back to you. Also, when I gives them back would I be able to get back my Belgariad books? I'm fairly sure you were the one that had them...? I'm missing, er, Pawn of Prophecy and, um. The second one. I don't remember if you had both of them O_o I hope you did. No worries if you don't though, so don't fret or whatever, because it's not your fault :P
On that "messages for the Paladine Danica" note, we should really finish our Arinellen and Ithika exchange, because I was reading it before and recalling how fun it was.

Ithika is level 31 now! I leveled twice in one day, I was pretty proud. Rest XPs are the bomb. I'm going to try try try to get to 60 by Burning Crusade launch, which I think is Jan 16. The day after my Mum's birthday. Ooo.

Took Bonnie for a walk to get some air and (attempt) clear my head (of dust). She's so funny. The people who used to work at the Half Price Pottery shop (which is also no longer there) used to call her "Happy Legs." I think it's an apt nickname for little greyface.

Rargh, I want to buy lots of new, summery clothes, but I don't have the dollars. Plus I want to buy chrissie pressies early, so must savea da money. How sad is it that WA Salvage is closing down? I wonder if Luigi just wants to retire, because it shoudn't be a money thing, because they're a part of Bunnings. Did you know he's a really successful opera singer? Surprising, wot.

Oh god phonebill.

The government gave me my free monies ($200, just under 2 week's pay - tax return, by the way), so at least I'm a little ahead for christmas shopping.

O____O there is a dead fly on my windowsill. The nerve.

I think that's all.

The icon is just to compliment the subject.
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I have no idea anymore. I just don't.
Man, I so suck at studying this semester. Well, at least I have these glorious, glorious answers to go through. Muahahh.
Oh dear god I'm hyper right now for no good reason.
Lonely as I am together we cry... do do do... I don't ever waaanaaa feeeel... no, I'm not posting lyrics in my livejournal. I actually hate it when people do that. But I am fond of benign hypocrisy. I think all my spelling skillz have gone through the floor. It's from not doing English for 6 months. Ah well.
It sucks! The possibilities of becoming a museum cureator is about 0, unless I kill someone. And even then, there might be someone more qualified/sane to do the job than me. Yes, I know that right now, my sentence structure is fairly badly retarded.
Retarded is a great adjective. I don't actually mean it in terms of intelligence would you believe, well, not right now. You see, if something is retarded from the norm.. actually I'm not explaining myself, I doubt I need to. Ahaahhaahh. I'm queen of driving. I wish I had more moneys. Ah, shit. Life sucks! I need to go back to the bank and make myself have no moneys all over again. Stupid lessons. FEH!
I'm gonna go study now. I actually started to get even more done, but yeah - retardation, you know how it is.

...castrophony so immense it could be heard from the reaches of space
Oh greed oh yes oh greed oh yes!

Hahah! Damn, I love Rage Against the Machine.
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I just realised that in my nation state, Religions other than the Holy Church of Greater Doom Llama are outlawed, but cults involving human sacrifice are encouraged. Go me!

Didn't do alot today, although I think I may have been incredibly foolish when I chose my essay topic for History 112. Oh well. I have bookses, and more primary sources than you could [easily] poke a stick at.

Went driving, apparantly am doing very well. Only about 5 lessons to go till I should be ready to go for the phase 2 test, joyousness! Gah. Monies.

Gavin goes to the Dubbo Zoo tomorrow. Gack! Jealousy! Ah well. I've been there before. Too bad I was 9. Siiigh. There was a little fawn I had a talk to. It tried to eat my jacket. Aww. And there were hunting dogs! Actually hunting stuff, and eating food from a real carcass like proper hunting dogs, not silly pet ones. Joy!

*weeps* I want to go.

Ah well.

Oh, I finished Fool's Errand. (Spoilers) )

I go now.
Ahahaha, this song is hillarious. I may not agree with it though. Well, I don't. But it's sill funny.
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Hokay. So y'all know the esasy [of awesome] I was talking about before? Well, I'm intending tomorrow to go down to the Reid library and primary-source it up [or HSS-reserve it up, whichever you find most amusing], so, does anyone think it would be incredibly foolhardy to leave the essay I write today 200-500 words short of the word count so that I can fit in quotes and stuff about quotes?
Or do you all think it'd be wiser to write the whoole thing, then go back and footnote ideas and cut/paste stuff in? Personally I'm more fond of the first option, but as I am fresher I will humbly ask for guidance.

Perseus is teh bomb.

That is all.

/ \
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Why, huh, why? It would make my life so much easier, Ovid, it really would. But hey, who am I to criticise a classical scholar of antiquity. Clearly, I just need to learn about Roman gods, which were, er, the same as the Greek gods, so what I'm really trying to say here is that I just need to know the Roman names for Greek gods. Just like the Greeks re-named the Egyptian gods, I guess.
Did you know Anubis' real, Egyptian name was actually Anpu? I'm guessing most of you didn't. And Horus wasn't called Horus, either, I think it was more like Hor or Hor-ur or something... well, the sound. I actually have no idea, but I do recall that Horus was a Greek name. Osiris, also, is a Greek name for the original Egyptian "Asar" or "Usar"... But I kinda prefer Osiris, mainly because I'm used to it. However... Bleh! Stupid scholars, changing names and prancing around like they're everybody's favourite birdy. Or something.
But those matters of confusion and frustration asside, this has to be the funnest essay ever. I have to - have to - read about Perseus, who was awesome [Heracles too much of a cop-out], and then write about why - or how, sorry, Heroes contribute to cultural memory! It's brilliant, like year ten all over again, except with primary sources and awesome things, like tertiary education. Which is an awesome thing.

For the sake of interest, Horus' Egyptian name, to any who care, was in fact Hor.
Sekhmet is still teh awesome goddess, but Athena is also someone I would not fight.
Anpu, yay.
Oooh, sekhem is a word for power. Hehe. Cool.

Many thanks to [ profile] armygeek and [ profile] tattered_pinion for their hospitality and Xena-watching. And food. And goodness of company.

Break time over! Back to essay!

Edit : 12.27PM

"Look upon my works, ye mighty, and despair!"

Whomsoever quesses that quote first in a comment on this post with something additional and interesting to say about Greek or Egyptian myths will win an impressive but completely immaterial prize. [Praise, maybe]
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Whoo, a new phone. It's just like my old phone, just with new things. Like a camera. And colour. And for some reason, a level. That's right. I can now tell when my phone is lying perfectly horizontally! Joy!
It's pretty neat. Yes. Although I feel bad for kind of betraying my old phone. Aww... But it was acting up, often. However, I got to keep my phone number, and my old sim card is still in my old phone, so I have all my special things which I liked. Like messages.
With Optus now. Which is why no-new-phone-number is noteworthy. Neat deal, also. Should save money. Joy!
Internet on a phone is silly.
But then, so is having a level. I mean jeez.
I like Optus. It has animals. However, the Optus Zoo site seems to work not at all. This angers me! I want to know if I can scam free stuff.

Today was a good day! I was happy, and such. Psychology was interesting this morning.

That is all.
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[Audioslave, I Am The Highway]

Happy Birthday to [ profile] almightybean and [ profile] ewanz_faerie, whom apparantly share birthdays... dun dun dun! How mysterious.

I actually had a good reason or two for not going to uni today. Firstly, and most goodly, I finally got to put in my application for proof of age. My god, what a stressful experience, especially when the idiot behind the counter decided to tell me - completely falsely - that it could take up to four weeks for me to get my card - in which case, even if I'd applied the day I turned 18, which I couldn't have, because it was a Sunday, I probably wouldn't have gotten the card in time for the ball - which made me stress out so much that I had a massive headache and slight feelings of nausea all day long. Joy! [not.]
I called the State Department for Planning and Infastructure to check, and it generally takes 5-10 working days, just like everyone else had told me. It normally takes about 8 days, apparantly, but can take less than 5. Which is GOOD, because sadness is bad, and that is what I will have in huge bountiful quantities if I don't get the card within 10 working days. Oh yes.

The other reason was that I only have one lecture on Wednesdays, and that I've been feeling kinda ill for days. So that was my excuse. I have no money, suddenly. Or a lot that I can't spend, for various reasons. Interesting.

I watched the Digimon movie today. The middle section is the bomb. The animation is actually pretty retro and cool. I don't care what you think.

[ profile] lone_one - DANICA! We should have a Digithon, to celebrate childishness. And have some sort of tournament to make you realise Matt is awesome, the awesome find out who is better.

I drew some stuff today. It was fun. Want to go to rebel sport tomorrow and buy cheap converse shoes. But don't think I'll be able to manage it.

[ profile] almightybean - I still don't know if I'd be able to go on Friday yet. But I will let you know [however, I don't have your mobile number, which sometimes makes things tricksy]. And Happy Birthday again. :D
[ profile] armygeek - The same - I still don't know if I'll be able to go on Saturday. But I will let you know. By Saturday. Or something. Oh wait. You said just turn up, right? Well. I don't know if I will be doing that. But I plan to find out...

What else? It's been bitterly cold. That is all.

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