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Geeky's not really the right mood but ehh what can you do?

Anyway, I had a kind of productive day today so I thought it would be ok to have the evening off, you know, to better prepare myself for a weekend of hardcore super study.

I still haven't written my Building in Brief Asisgnment - I'm going to give myself until 12pm tomorrow, and then anything after that is going to become an "all nighter on Monday" job. (Yes, it's due on Tuesday.)

I also have to write a little speech on this essay that I have to think up the topic of and then write all by myself for Tuesday. It's not really worth anything, except if you don't do it there is a penalty of 10%. Does that make sense? From what I understand, the thing itself isn't going to get me any marks, but if I don't do it 10% will be deducted from my final score. And I suppose it's in my best interests to do it.
That is half the purpose of this entry - I thought maybe if I wrote a bit about my topic, I could.. have.. ideas.

I'm talking about my essay on Green Roofs and high density living in Australia. Cut for maybe boring )


I am so tempted to buy things since the Australian dollar is doing so well at the moment and since I have money for the first time in ages, but I have to be good. Also, the things I want are more expensive than my disposable income.
Now I'm going to link you to things. I'm going to cut it again because I like LJ cuts. Also because it is probably boring. :p
When I have money I will probably be the Steampunkingest Architect )
Ah well, enough daydreaming. I suppose I should go to bed!

P.S Leather Costume Thing
I don't want this, but it's amazing. Leather wings! They'd probably look/feel pretty neat. Ok, maybe I would just like some big dragon wings to wear. Maybe that would be amazing. I should learn leatherworking.
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I have this theory that the reason I've lost my design Mojo is that I haven't been updating my livejournal. Yeah, flimsy at best, I know, but it's 1:20 am and I'm SO DEEP into procrastinating that I'm procrastinating against going to sleep on a Friday, when I don't have anything overly unpleasant to do tomorrow.

I know, crazy, right?

I'm not really sure what my original intention was in opening livejournal today. But, I came across a metaquote related to Australia and it made me simultaneously re-remember how great our wildlife is here, rekindle my desperate desire to go camping up North again, or down South, or over East, I really don't care where, honestly, AND feel deeeeep nostalgia for this time last year. Experiencing other countries is the bomb on levels, and shit.
(I never said this was going to be a particularly enlightening entry)

Mainly though, I want to go and do the drive up to Exmouth again and then just stay there for a month, snorkelling every day. There is almost nothing else to do up there, but the reef is so amazing that I don't really care. Swimming after reef sharks is a good adrenaline rush. As long as there are no bigger kinds of sharks around - that would be less fun. Actually, last time I was in Coral Bay (close-ish to Exmouth, a fair few hours south, but the same Coral Reef), we were coming back in from a fishing charter and saw a 3m long Tiger shark literally just gliding through the water around some coral bombies that we were looking at the day before. I can't imagine coming across one of those things in the water. It would be... it would be bad.

Hm. Uni. Uni this semester has been about as pleasant as a cheese grater to the face. Now there's just over a month to go and I'll be honest, I am freaking out, now. I still don't have - well, that's not true, I have a design, a form, but I don't have floor plans. Or, I did, but I showed Emiliano and he didn't like them. The trouble is, that I know what his problem with them is - they are plans, but they don't have "it" - that thing that makes what architects produce better than what some other building designer produces. That quality of space, or whatever. They're just places where things are. And I don't care. That is probably the biggest problem. I have 0 passion this semester. I have no design mojo. Things aren't falling into place, I have no vision. And worse, I have no idea how to fix it, and I'm running out of time. I think I can do enough to pass, but just passing would be very disappointing indeed. I was hoping that I could get a 70% average over studio for the next 3 studios so that I can do the dissertation studio unit in 5th year (so that I can have an MArch: Hons), but I really can't see that happening at this point. Which is sad. But I don't know how to change it!

Cut for more whinging about uni that nobody wants to read - I guess writing it is cathartic or whatever )

Hm. Now I feel a little better, actually. Maybe one day, when I actually have anything to show, I will put up some pictures.
Now, I should really look up pictures of hair so that I can tell the hair dresser what I actually want done tomorrow. I may have done a silly thing. I booked some kind of assessment/consult thing at the Maurice Meade in Garden City. I don't know if I care enough to pay their prices, but the consultancy is free. When I was looking at one of their brochures the other day, it looked like they were only about $60 more expensive than my current hair dresser, who I don't like, so I thought it might be worth the extra money to get something nicer. But when I spoke to the lady on the phone today it sounded like it was going to be a lot more.
We'll see.

Ohhh also I am going to order an earring for my helix piercing made from Mammoth Ivory. Seriously! It is only $20. Apparently they have more mammoth carcasses than you can shake a stick at up in Finland, or somewhere, so the ivory isn't that expensive, or something.
IDK. I am somewhat skeptical, but Exotic is a pretty reputable business, to my experience, and surely, you can't say something is certifiedly Mammoth Ivory and issue a certificate and everything if it's not?

Does anyone care about the Grand Final this year? Ever since the Eagles have started... well, you know... I have completely lost interest. I watched Freo's last final game, and obviously jinxed them because that was just embarassing. But I actively dislike Collingwood and couldn't care less about the Saints, so... boooooring! Footy is pretty boring when nobody that you care about is playing.

LESS PROCRASTINATE, more.. .things
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Yeah, the LJ writer's block thingy is somewhat relevant to my interests this time (Er, what would you build if you could build a monument to yourself or something), and some people inexplicably are igniting architectural righteous rage.
Someone linked a picture of a castle and then said "I guess monuments can be functional." What?
O...of course they can? In fact, I would wager that 100% of monuments are functional. They are built for a purpose. Y-yes. Some monuments are stupid, but I can not think of a way in which something constructed as a monument might not have a function.

I was pretty surprised that I could feel this kind of righteous wrath. Interestingly, the 9000 entries saying "I would build a giant penis lol" don't enrage me at all. After all, Sir Norman Foster DID design a giant... item. It's in London! )
I don't think it looks like a penis. It also doesn't look like a gherkin. It looks like this other thing. It really, really does.
And hey, Norman Foster is a genius.

I should probably say that I would design some kind of amazing skyscraper that's an interpretive center championing solar passive design and sustainable materials/architecture. Like some kind of retaredly good green star rated building that shows everyone how great it would be to live in high density housing, with amazing pleasant office blocks, putting plants back into the city with roof gardens and green walls and stuff, and down the bottom there would be a pavilion place where people could learn about these wonderful wonderful things. And probably a fucking gallery as well.

But what I would really do is build a massive massive castle and I would live in it. It would also be a temple, a temple to me. It would combine aaaall of my favourite architectural movements in a hideous postmodernist mish-mash that intimidates and alienates all who look upon it.

In other news, I have gone from having 0 jobs and 0 things to do, to having 2 jobs and >9,000 things to do. It's funny how things happen! I wonder if I will be able to do it right.
I think I can as long as I don't screw around and procrastinate too much. (I am working at the Library, which is awesome, and now I am also working at an Architectural practice which is surprising - apparently they might pay me! I'm shocked - and I have uni. One of my units involves hand drawing a whole bunch of stuff. I would be excited about it if I didn't have A ZILLION OTHER THINGS TO DO.)

Have I said what my studio project this semester is yet?
It's this.1
(Tl;dr: 100m tall tower in Rome, near the Colosseum. It's going to be a thermal bath/day spa tower. A SKYSCRAPER IN ROME NEAR THE COLOSSEUM HO I SPY CHALLENGE.) <-- If anything like this was ever built I am sure that 99% of Romans would hate it.

1It's the rome one. Yep!

Now because parking at UWA is literally stupid now, I'm going to bed so I can be at uni by 9 and get a car park. Even though my lecture isn't till 11. Shit. House.
Anyone want to go to the Gym with me? :P
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"My God. What have you done. You have entered the code incorrectly. Look what your careless hands have wrought. Without bones, these ten gnarled hooves cannot support its weight. Each moment this unnatural beast lives is like a thousand years of misery. Look in its brown eyes. It longs for death."

Funnily enough, this is pretty close to any time I use CAD ever. Or make a model.
(Quote from a Penny Arcade comic btw)
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Ah, the Pointy End of Semester.
It comes around so quickly every time.
So on Wednesday I have two major things due:

Tech 4
Site Visit Diary (40%)

Professional Practice
Professional Practice Portfolio (20%)
Group Presentation (15%)
Individual Short Report - Hames Sharley Architects (20%)

And then next Friday I have due:

BCA Compliance Drawings + Report (60%)

on the 28th of May

Folio (100%)


So yeah, just saying that I probably won't be attending anything in May, or at least it doesn't look like I will be able to from here. From here, it doesn't look like I have time to sleep.
Maybe this will change after next week! I know I hope so.

I'm kind of freaking out. All I want to do is chill out and relax but... I can't do that for very long, because if I do it for too long, it really isn't relaxing.

Also our internet is shaped. This makes my procrastination take up even more time!
Now I have to go.
Got drawings to do, reports to write. Ahh ahh ahh.
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I just found the most amazing Steampunk Clothing store just now.
Oh man, I can't wait until I have A Real World Job and Have Money so that I can actually buy things like these when I find them on the internet.

I've cut it because I've included pictures.
SRSLY THOUGH, you should check it out if only to make fun of my tourment. :P


In other news, hopefully I haven't lost your attention yet: bold to catch your attention, people who have opinions on bookshops, and what a nice, cosy and small bookshop should have in it, Please comment!

I have to include a 40m2 (Mine is a colossal 42m2 instead) bookstore in my studio building and I want to make it nice.

I want to capture a vibe sort of like what Unisfa clubroom's Quiet Corner (you know the one - next to the GM cupboard)has. The bare materials of the walls will be polished concrete (you probably don't like polished concrete... I think you have to have it beaten into you by architecture school. TADAO ANDO1, that's all I have to say.).
I think the shelves and the floor will be a relatively unfinished natural material like jarrah, if I'm allowed. If I'm not allowed (poetics and all that crap) I'll be using an unfinished wood formwork for some feature panels. (A lot of UWA buildings use wooden formwork. Formwork is what the concrete is set in.) And built-in seats in between some of the shelves.

Any suggestions? I'll post some drawings. Any comments at all are helpful, like what you like in a bookshop, whether you would want to be able to read while in the shop, if that's weird, light quality... Anything!

(Oh my god LJ autosave I L U. I'm using IE because I'm using bootcamp and oh god I hit backspace and nearly died.)
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It's kind of amazing.
I'm listening to the four songs that didn't make it onto Diorama, but did make it as B-sides: Pins in My Needles, Asylum, Hollywood, and Ramble. They're all pretty good. Some of my favourites. Pins in My Needles might be my favourite Silverchair song? Maybe? It's still hard to pick, even After All These Years (capitalised for pun highlighting! Wait, it's not a pun, is it? Er, for that thing which I just did.)

I don't have much to talk about these days. I am pretty boring. Oh wait!
On Saturday I got my ear cartilage pierced again (Helix piercing, two of 'em), AND I brought those shoes from Redstripe that I posted a few days ago, maybe? I can't remember if I posted that. Anyway they're rad.

So now I have to do 10 minute saline bath things twice a day (at least!) for the next four to six weeks. Phew! I think that if it's nice on the weekend I should go swimming in the beach, since I can literally see it right now as I am typing even though the sun is down. Because the moon is shining! Pretty. Wait, no, that's the reflection of the ceiling light on the glass doors. I knew that. I can see lights shining on the horizon though, and their reflections. So I still don't lie. I think I'm at the wrong angle for it to be Garden Island. It must be a big boat.

My fish tank is full of algae. not the good kind, if there is a good kind - it looks kind of like muddy brown cobwebs in my tank. Next week I'm going to buy some Cherry Shrimp to eat the Algae, but I'll have to relocate my Peppermint Bristlenoses while I do this so that they don't commit shrimpocide. Oh, the trial that is hobbyist fishkeeping! I wish I still had that nano tank I lent1 to Jas a million years ago, and never got back :(,2 because it had a filter and it would be perfect for propagating shrimp in. This is apparently very very easy. And cherry shrimp are PRETTY!

Geeez, I really feel like I'm not on top of things this semester. I feel pretty behind in Tech. Studio is kind of ok, and I suppose that's the main one. Prof Prac seems to be going well, but! I always feel uneasy with subjects I think I'm doing well in, unless they're history subjects. Odd. Anyway, I think that getting a Mac was probably a mistake. Oh well, it's done now. I'm downloading, among other things, VM Ware Fusion tonight during Off Peak Tiem, so hopefully it will get a bit less painful to use architecture software. I feel like I've forgotten how to use CAD. I'm trying to learn Revit but the goddamn tutorials aren't working... I'm re-downloading/installing them tonight, too. God.

I cooked Chicken & Almonds today. It was pretty good. A recipe I used to cook a lot in Bunbury. It's pretty simple but it makes sooo many dishes. Worst thing. Ever. Almonds are expensive too. Bah!
On the other hand, fresh Celery! I need something to eat it with, I always used to have it with cheese when I was a kid, and now I can't. Or peanut butter, but I don't have any peanut butter and frankly it still hasn't been long enough since Europe for me to want to go there. (Peanut butter is great and all, BUT, every lunch almost for nearly 7 months, and sometimes breakfast, and sometimes dinner, and you wouldn't be super-keen either.3)
Or is it Peanut Paste, and Peanut Butter is American? Butter is probably American. Damn! Curse you, Sesame Street childhood! You make me say "Z" and "Zebra... oh wait, no. I say "Z" "Zee", but I say "Zebra" "Zeh-bra", not "Zee-bra." What a weirdo. But either way, I'm sure Sesame Street taught me lots of crazy things. For example, I remember calling rectangles OBLONGS in Pre-Primary and the teacher putting a stop to that malarky. If malarky is even a word - if it's not, I think it's onomatopoeic enough to be self-explanatory.
I mean, OBLONG: what the hell kind of word is that? It certainly wouldn't go down too well in an architectural dialogue: "Well, in an attempt to be more like Ando, who uses primarially OBLONGULAR forms and crisp, uniform shapes, I have eliminated all non-OBLOTILINEAR shapes."
Ok, that sentence wouldn't be great even if I was using sensible, rectilinear words, rather than oblongular ones. But god, actually oblongular and oblotilinear are pretty fucking fantastic sounding words.
Still, it's smacks dangerously of the Imperial System.

Whe-he-heeeelll, I think I've bored you all for long enough!

1Is that really how you spell it? It's not a word I use much and to me it looks like what you do leading up to Chocolate HolidayEaster.

2It's my fault too, because I never asked for it back. I guess! :( I could just buy another, better (?) one with my Fish Credz. But I don't want to own ANOTHER tank. Yet.
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First of all, I would like to say that I am sad that I am using Xjournal, which is a free livejournal client, when I now am possessed of Macjournal, which is not free and I got in the Macheist bundle. I'm probably just retarded, but the other day when I wrote a whole huge big entry in that thing and then posted it to LJ, it boned all of my HTML so much that I couldn't be arsed to fix it. Now that entry (which was about fish tanks) is just a jumbled mess, a scummy film floating at the top of my private entries. You won't see it unless I can be bothered to fix the code. There's a lot of code. I don't think you'll see it.
So if anyone could shed some light on how to use the damn thing, that would be cool.
Otherwise I'll like google it or whatever *mumble mumble*.

So I'm writing a report on this thing called On the Couch that we did for Professional Practice. It's a giant group assignment (the group is like 30 people or more), which I'm sure you can imagine is a nightmare before you even do anything.
I was part of the group that set up the questions (we have guests come in to our lecture theatre and we ask them questions relating to a theme we were given), which went rather smoothly and was stupidly easy for 15% of the unit's mark. The next group actually asked the questions of our guests and ran the event. The final group wrote a transcript of the event, took photos, filmed it.
Cut for ranting about incompetence:  )pretty simple job done pretty badly. Makes me angry.

But other than that it's actually turned out to be a pretty interesting analysis of the architectural profession. Or the design profession I suppose, because there was also a Landscape Architect and an Urban/Interior designer. All qualified designers, anyway.
I might post it once I've finished my final draft. (I know! I must have learned something from completing a Bachelor's degree, because now I'm finally organised enough to do a first draft! Not that organised though : I have a lot of other shit to do before Monday... it would have been good if I hadn't been sick last week. Or if I had known that I was going to be. Then I probably wouldn't have done all that fish tank stuff on Wednesday. Oh, who am I kidding? Of course I would...)

Oh yeah. I want one of those Merch/Flesh Reaper hats from the PA store. But I think I will wait.
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Ah! I'm so excited I can't think.
See, I knew this would happen. Well, duh, you think. Listen to my poorly planned out anecdote and gain understanding of the madness.

SO! I asusme you're all familar by now with my technicolour timetables.

Here's a really boring black one with strikes through the ones that are finished! It's not nearly as awesome though.

Ok so I'll do it the boring way NOW and then I'll make an awesome one later, maybe. Hah, but ti's not like anyone actually cares is it? :P

(My IRL one is way technicolour by the way. Just so you know that I'm consistent in my madness. I used my copics. What?)
You will notice that this list is more, shall we say, exhaustive, than previous lists. That's because now I'm showing off how much I have gotten done so far. :P

Site Plan
Ground Floor Plan
First Floor Plan
Second Floor Plan
Roof Plan
Section AA

Section BB
Section CC
Section DD (Developed Section)
Details (8 of 'em)
North Elevation
South Elevation
East Elevation
West Elevation

Wall Section A
Wall Section B
Room layout 1
Room Layou Elevation 1 N
Room Layou Elevation 1 S
Room Layou Elevation 1 E
Room Layou Elevation 1 W
Room Layout 2
Room Layou Elevation 1 N
Room Layou Elevation 1 S
Room Layou Elevation 1 E
Room Layou Elevation 1 W

Cover Page & Abbreviations

I can't remember what the pupose of this was?
Oh yeah, I also have enough information to set up a second Developed Section Page. I think I will, but not straight away. Um

So I went and sent A01, A02, A03, A04, A08, A09 and A10 to the printers, since they're done and this way if something catastrophic happens worst case scenario is that I still have the majority of my pages printed.


I also just realised that Section BB is cut through the stairs the wrong way.
 See, you can cut through a stair longways, which shows you the size and layout of the risers and treads and stuff, or you can do it the other way, which just looks like a bunch of lines. HA! Good thing for me is, if I screwed up and my stairs don't work, nobody will know because it's not obvious in the short way of cutting the stairs, and they only take 10 minutes max to assess a folio. BAHAHAH.
Which is why presentation is so important, obv.


Buy a gun (Like a Boss!)
In my mouth
(Like a Boss!)
Oh fuck man, can't fucking do it, shiiiiit
Pussy out!
(Like a Boss!)


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I don't know if that's the proper lyric but god I hope it is. It's a song about a dude that has a girlfriend but is also, unfortunately, a werewolf.
I think it might be, because the one where I hear it most clearly is a live recording. Anyway, I hope it is.


Fullmoon by Sonata Arctica btw. Yeeeah.

Um. Hi! There are FIVE SLEEPS til Euorpe Adventures Commence. Yessssss.Twill be awesome.

Currently though, it's Foilo Week. I'm trying to be finished by tomorrow... bahahah.


DrawingStatusPanic Level
Site PlanFINISHED!  
Ground PlanFINISHED!  
First Floor PlanFINISHED!  
Second Floor PlanFINISHED!  
Roof PlanFINISHED!  
Section AA85% finished - lol penises 
North ElevationFoob 
South ElevationFoob? 
East ElevationMoose 
West ElevationLol I'm bonedABORT ABORT
Detailed Section 1:50LAWLGOD IS LAUGHING AT ME
Section BBNeeds  TLC 
Section CCSee above :P 
Wall SectionsUnstarted lol 
Room LayoutsI have finished the fuck out of these drawingsSeriously they will own you

Why yes, Purple IS my favourite colour!
Now back to work. Lash lash.

Also! [profile] laura_kathleen I don't have your email, but I do have a Dreamwidth invite. Could you give it to me in a screened comment or something, and I'll send you an invite! :)
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My most persistant problem this semester is terribly mundane. It's probably really easy to fix, too - I can't get dashed lines to print as dashed. Absolutely no idea why.

Anyway, cool animals:

Why yes, I am too lazy to make them into links. My eyes hurt from looking at the screen for too long, ok?

In other news, my plan is going quite well - one hour a day of WoW, to complete Netherwing and Skyguard dailies, and a half hour for auction/profiteering. Yess.

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So I've just organised my page layouts how I like 'em, and now I have discovered some things:

Drawing Status Panic Level
Ground Plan95% finished - awaiting feedback 
First Floor Plan95% finished - awaiting feedback 
Second Floor Plan95% finished - awaiting feedback 
Roof Planunstarted 
Section AA85% finished - awaiting feedback 
North ElevationUnstarted... I don't nuuu 
South ElevationUnstarted... it's just a box though 
East ElevationUnstarted 
West ElevationUnstarted 
Detailed Section 1:50Unstarted - unsure of how much detail is needed 
Section BBUnstarted - it's a little section 
Section CCSee above :P 
Wall Sections??? HAU DO I MAEK 
Details30% finished - how many? What scale? How much is too much/little? 

So I suppose what this table shows is that overall, I'm slightly edgy, but feeling pretty confident. The creeping doom (that would be the red) hasn't quite yet gotten a foothold this semester. This is good. So. If I say that I am going to move my due date from the 29th (folio day, 2 days before I leave for Europe) to one week before, on the 22nd... Well. I feel slightly more edgy, but not a great deal. So.The plan. Yes, yes, I know you don't care, but you don't have to read it now, do you?

4 5 6 7 8 9 10
11 12 13 14 15 16 17
18 19 20 21 22 23 24
25 26 27 28 29 30 31


This is where it gets QUITE A LOT more boring, so I cut it. An hour by hour breakdown of the next few weeks of my life! Yay! )

If I managed that, I would really be on to something there. To bed with me! This kind of planning actually does help me, for those of you questioning its worth. And I know you are. :P  

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So I've just organised my page layouts how I like 'em, and now I have discovered some things:

DrawingStatusPanic Level
Ground Plan95% finished - awaiting feedback 
First Floor Plan95% finished - awaiting feedback 
Second Floor Plan95% finished - awaiting feedback 
Roof Planunstarted 
Section AA85% finished - awaiting feedback 
North ElevationUnstarted... I don't nuuu 
South ElevationUnstarted... it's just a box though 
East ElevationUnstarted 
West ElevationUnstarted 
Detailed Section 1:50Unstarted - unsure of how much detail is needed 
Section BBUnstarted - it's a little section 
Section CCSee above :P 
Wall Sections??? HAU DO I MAEK 
Details30% finished - how many? What scale? How much is too much/little? 

So I suppose what this table shows is that overall, I'm slightly edgy, but feeling pretty confident. The creeping doom (that would be the red) hasn't quite yet gotten a foothold this semester. This is good. So. If I say that I am going to move my due date from the 29th (folio day, 2 days before I leave for Europe) to one week before, on the 22nd... Well. I feel slightly more edgy, but not a great deal. So.The plan. Yes, yes, I know you don't care, but you don't have to read it now, do you?

4 5 6 7 8 9 10
11 12 13 14 15 16 17
18 19 20 21 22 23 24
25 26 27 28 29 30 31


This is where it gets QUITE A LOT more boring, so I cut it. An hour by hour breakdown of the next few weeks of my life! Yay! )

If I managed that, I would really be on to something there.
To bed with me!

This kind of planning actually does help me, for those of you questioning its worth. And I know you are. :P

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- Bernard Black[Poll #1389675]:3 I so happy, I reduced to interwub talks.[Poll #1389675]
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I return in glory after a hideously boring day of writing my hideously boring report to bring you my second floor plan for my building. I coloured it all nice.

bam sucka )
Please don't mention how the shadows aren't accurate, if you know how to know that
sort of thing. I made them up. Yes. THAT'S RIGHT.

I've gone a bit mental.

It's cool though. All I have to do now is add pictures and shit to my report then it's done.


Then all I have to do is:

  • Site plan
  • Colour Ground Plan
  • Colour First floor Plan
  • Colour Section AA
  • Colour Section BB
  • Draw North Elevation
  • Draw South Elevation
  • Draw West Elevation
  • Draw East Elevation
  • Colour North Elevation / Add streetscape
  • Colour West Elevation (nightitme)
  • Make a model or some shit

It's my fault though. I don't need to colour everything in. I don't need a night shot. But... but I REALLY want a HD, because then my average for the degree will be a D. Which would be neat.

I'm confused about this assignment. It's all due on Thursday, but only the report is worth marks (30%). However, the A1 panel (drawings) and model ARE going to be assessed for marks as part of folio, and will be assessed for feedback now. But apparently, if we're not happy with them, we aren't allowed to re-do them if we have time. To me, this makes no sense. The point historically of letting students submit things for marking before the official due date was so that if it wasn't good enough they could do it again if they have time. Balls to that.
I say if I have time, I'll just submit it twice. Hah! Complain about that, mother fuckers.

WHAT. I'm sleep deprived and hyperactive on um, water.
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It's actually much easier to solve problems when you're working by hand. Plus using Rotring pens is (when they don't crap ink all over your work) nice.

After that brief period of "lol my knowledgesss," I'm back in the groove, and I think I'm getting faster. Which obviously is a good thing. I actually have more space than I thought, which is good. Have just finished the gallery/carpark ground floor and the commercial office building first floor. Getting started on my super-elite penthouse appartments will be fun.

Plus, doing things by hand means that I can colour in my drawings with copics without having to first pay for printing. And that is something that I greatly appreciate.

Interestingly, I don't get hungry when I'm designing a building, but I do crave herbal teas.

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You know how sometimes, you sit yourself down to attack a task that you know will be really challenging... you get started, and then suddenly, inexplicably, it's easy?
And then you feel this slow cold prickle its way up your spine, through your ribcage, to grip your heart in shrinking terror - I've forgotten how to (insert occupation here) - this can't be easy, this isn't easy, I've done something wrong.

Well yeah, I just had that. I'm pretty sure I've forgotten how to Architect. Working out parking arrangements is never easy, but it just was. They just line up - plop plop plop in a neat little row. What am I missing? Something fundamental. Something basic. Something that will make my tutor go "what the hell dicks, you should know this by third year" and then I'll whisper in my tiniest of tiny voices, "technically, fourth year" and then they'll say "what?" and I'll say "Nothing, sir."

Here's the scenario:

I have a site. It's a tiny, piddly thing in Cottesloe. It has no aspect or charm, considering where it is. It's pretty boring.
It's 15000 x 33000 x 10000. (15 metres by 33 metres by 10 metres.)
The 10m side is facing North, which of course means that the 33m face is exposed to the west. But whatever.

So I have to fit 7 2500x5400 (2.5m x 5.4m for those who still haven't figured out to divide by numbers or can't be arsed, and frankly who can?) car parking bays + 1 mystery sized disabled parking bay (yeah I can't find the dimensions so sue me) into this space.
Plus one public space at the front, or in some part of this 419m2 space.

Plus, I guess, some kind of way to get up to the 1st and 2nd floors. Like a stair, fuck lifts, you lazy bastards.
(That might not be what  I'd say to a client, but who knows?)
The great thing about having stairs only is that as long as it has self-closing doors and is unobstructed (as stairwells do tend to be), I can also say "hey, that's my fire escape, guy!" And they'll say "So it is!"

Man, why the hell do I have to buy the BCA to view it? And why isn't it on student resources?
Ah, screw it. They can just tell me I'm wrong tomorrow. I'm already one up because they loved my green wall and louvres and concrete idea from monday, I'm sure they won't be too disappointed.

(Tips for prospective Architecture students : 2 hours on google sketchup plus elevational sketches embellished with Copic Markers will get you far in this world.)

ALSO CAD 2009 is unprecedentedly different from 2007. WHERE ARE MY BUTTONS, my buttons, oh god.

Edit: It's and its. Er, happens to the best of us? Well, maybe not the best of us, but at least some people who are better than mediocre do it sometimes.

EDIT Edit: Fuck I can't remember how to work out how much stair I need. FOUR MONTHS OF HOLIDAY NOT AS GLORIOUS AS WOULD FIRST APPEAR.

EDIT EDIT Edit: I'm thinking rise over run, but what the hell, how do I apply this? Oh wait, I don't have run. And I don't know what Rise/Run actually works out.  Oh lol.

Architecture Students Swear sometimes

GOD DAMN THIS. Mabye I'll just do some mud mapping and then bat my eyelids tomorrow. Or respond with "funny isn't it?"
I need to chill. It's only second week.
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After that 5:30 am madness (I re-read that entry, lol sleep deprivation is like crack... I imagine), everything turned out really well in the end.
I couldn't figure out how to work the Render Farm (an amazing group of 16 servers which just render stuff through the network, it is pretty pro), because, funnily enough, the instructions on the resource drive were completely different to what needs to be done to start the render farm.
I didn't read them wrong, I read (and followed) the directions correctly. This amuses me to no end (now).
So I went to have a nap at 7 am (in my car.. man my car is awesome) and then at 9am went back and spoke to Jamie (father-god of the Render farm) and he set it all up for me so it would work. After that it was all sweet.

I did 25 Renders in an hour. 25 A3 renders.
For people perhaps not so familiar with the world of 3d rendering, it takes my computer roughly one hour (sometimes one hour 20 minutes) to render an A4, relatively low-complexity model. The Render farm was doing more complex, larger, higher resolution renders. It was awe-inspiring.

In the end I didn't make it into the printer queue on time for those renders (only two pages, the other 13 printed out fine), so I (surprisingly calmly now that I think about it) printed out the pages on A3 in colour, then drove home to snap to print out the two pages on A2 there. I would have paid the $20/page at that stage, but they have a 3 day turnaround for A2 colours, and no urgency fee avaliable. So I printed them in Black and white - $10.
It doesn't really make sense to me, but I feel as though there is some kind of extortion happening there. Anyway.

So yeah, really happy with how folio turned out. I am officially a participating member in the world again (though, I am in Bunbury), and yeah. No longer going insane with stress, joy!

Went to Nandos after Folio with some architecture buddehz. It was really fun, and funny because we were going to go out afterwards, but we unanimously piked because we were all too tired. Well, it amused me.

Soyeah...  :D

Hope everyone's end of semester and exam study and stuff is going well.

Hopefully some of my work and my studio's work might be in the exibition at the end of the month. :) That would be really cool... :D


Oct. 31st, 2008 03:21 am
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In the words of Skwisgaar Skwigelf;

This is dildos.

Do you see the time, there? 
I am quite tired.
I'm torn between throwing my hands in the air, yelling "Fuck it!" And then promptly curling up under my computer desk and going to sleep on the cold hard polished concrete floor of the ALVA computer lab for the rest of the night, and just toughening the fuck up and keep on trucking till the break of dawn.
I only have two more things I need to do. The conflict is, I know I have enough to pass if I don't do these things. I wantto do more than pass though. Hmm. It's a worry, it's a worry.


I was so organised this semester, I was, really. So why am I still awake at 3:26am on Friday morning?

Oh dicks I need to do my tax return.
..... hurrrrrrrr

P.S I was just procrastinating, and I discovered that <a href= target="blank">The Dethalbum</a> actually exists. If I wasn't completely broke at the moment, I would totally buy this with real dollars, because buying an album with real dollars, a real album released by a pretend band? It's awesome. It might just be my sleep-deprived brain that finds this ridiculously cool, we'll find out in a few days, I guess.

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Is the name of my new plot style in CAD. I think it's quite amusing. (Because all it does is tell all the lines to be black - I control the line weights in the layers panel now - not that you care, probably.)

I would like some opinions on this please!
See, we have a review on Thursday (well, this week. Some people had it on Monday... suckers.), and I thought it would be cool if I tried to give some presentation flair to my drawings. Just because. I have been looking at this thread, but figuring out how to do this in Photoshop is taking up too much of my time so I decided to try it out in illustrator instead, and then maybe go over things with texture brushes in PS later on, add shadows and things with transparency and stuff.
But I don't know whether it will look silly, or like srs bsns. It needs to look serious!
So if anyone has any thoughts about it, they would be very much appreciated! I don't want to spend any more time doing it if it looks dumb...

Here it is! )
I don't mind the plan now. I don't think it's completely hideous any more. Hmm,
So yes, thoughts would be very much appreciated.

WotLK Spoiler. I want a link to that video so I can watch it whenever I want. Power to the Forsaken!

Moar links just for meee... you can look too, if you want.
Watercolour In Photoshop
World's Best Graduation Projects

Man, I am tired.
Also lol sculpture is due on Friday lololol.
Though I have an idea. It's just... it's just not a good time.
Shower and then bed time, I think. Going to get up early tomorrow. Yes.

You know what's funny about units that don't have exams? Makes it very, very easy to justify skipping them to give yourself more time to do work. For other units. I mean... there's no exam, the past assignments have been a joke, and the next one is:
Two Hundred Words and A Powerpoint
In a building
In a building you have designed.
In a building that I have designed.

Please don't underestimate my suspicion at the seeming triviality of this unit. I am actually deeply concerned.
Nothing is ever this easy.

Also this is amazing.
Plague Ship Sails into Korvosa by Yanimator

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