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Oct. 31st, 2006 10:14 pm
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It's like Halloween or something. I don't understand why the radio mentioned it. I mean, it's all well and good - fantastic, probably - if you're in America where people celebrate Halloween, but why bother in Australia where nobody observes it? I mean seriously, I have never once known of anyone that I know going Trick-or-treating, and I've never had kiddehs at my door. So... why mention it? It's like mentioning Yuletide. I suppose since people know about it you can mention it, because it's not like people will be all "juh buh, nonprende??" but yes. there's not really any point in asking people "if you went trick-or-treating who would you go as" when everyone who called in said "well, I've never/I don't go trick-or-treating myself, but..."
I'm not against Halloween, although All Hallow's Eve is a far superior name, I just don't see why you'd advertise something that only a vast miniority of people in this area celebrate.. *head splodey*


Today, I cleaned my car. For serious, I actually did it totally. As in, washed, dried, vaccumed, cleaned the little seal thingers on the doors, then did the insides of the windows, and then did that armour guard vinyl protecting stuff on all the surfaces. Now my car looks awesome.

I also learnt something - my Dad owned a Charger. He brought it new, a lime green, 1971 Charger. And his army mates who were mechanics made it even more awesome of a performance car than it was before. He brought it for $3000. That is how much my car cost! Okay, okay, so $3000 in 1971 is not the same as $3000 in 2006, but hey. Those cars are worth like $120 000 now, if they're in good condition.
The best picture of one I could find.
You learn something every day!!

I also got sunburnt, joy.

Aaaand I'm going to go do some HTML now, because it's been far too long and I miss it.
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Unfortunately, I have no idea how to actually spell that line, but I don't see how it actually matters. I mean, ultimately, it's just a string of nonsense words from an awesome song I wish I had an MP3 of. Yes. Botany Bay, just like The Wild Colonial Boy and The Horse With No Name (if that's even what it's called), is a fantastically awesome song that I own no copies of. At least I don't think I do.

I got my first bill ever! It's from Optus. I'm not sure that half-celebrating it by mentioning it here is exactly the right thing to do, but I do so love mail. I got a letter from the Leeuwin too, and I'm seriously considering going on this voyage for Leeuwin volunteers in December. It's only $300. But on the other hand, I really should save my money and horde it, dragon-like, for the rainy day we all know will come around when we least expect it. I will have to debate it with myself and others some more before making a final decision. But I so do miss being fit, and on the sea on a tall ship. Especially the tall ship part. In fact, I'm going to go back and underline it right now. Although you can't tell I went back to do that, for all you know I did that from the start. You're just going to have to trust me.

I've decided never to get sick again. I'm not sure how I'm going to do this, but yeah. If I can construe a way that involves cannon, or even better, trebuchets, that will be the way to go. All the sleeping has made my back hurt. It's tragic.

Despite that and the recent loss of an awesome live journal post, I'm still in a pretty good mood.

I have a new Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy [movie] poster up. It's big and colourful and has a rubber ducky. It's also double-sided, although you'd never know that by looking at it. It even has the words "DON'T PANIC" printed on it in big, reassuring letters down the bottom, although from where I'm sitting (and indeed, anywhere) you can only see the words "DON'T P", which runs an amusing parallel with Dinotopia's codex, the last line of which read only "Don't P.." and was jokingly assumed to have once said "Don't pee in the bath." Well, I thought Dinotopia was a fairly awesome book when I was 8, and I still do now, so there.

Driving is pretty awesome. Shouldn't be long now till I have my licence.. I can say this because I'm now confident (and actually skilled) enough to be irritated that I can't drive anywhere by myself. Am toying with the idea of instead of telling Gavin when I get my license, driving to his place instead. I'm not sure which would be funner, it will take more self-debate.

I just downloaded Semagic to make myself feel better about losing that entry before. It seems pretty awesome so far. And pretty, in an ugly, non-blue sort of way. If you know what I mean, which I would find surprising.

I am a member of far too many communities. Sigh.

Sculpture-girl hasn't replied to my latest note on DA, which I suppose is just as well since I've just decided I can't really/don't really want to afford it right now. But for her part, it's rather unprofessional. Not that she is a professional, but she should want to appear that way since she's selling stuff. Oh well.

What else can I talk about, I wonder? I'm sure I have no shortage of things to talk about, I mean, I've been isolated from livejournaling types for nearly 5 days now. Yes, some/most/all of it was a self-imposed exile, but what're you gonna do?

I think I'm becoming more *gasp* responsible with my money, lately. Because I still haven't brought Kingmaker. And trust me, it's not for any lack of wanting. Oh god no. But before I do that, I'm going to buy more RAM. I require some kind of guidance with that, I think. And then the installation, oh the installation. While I put the wireless network card in by me onesies, I was sort of expecting things to look a certain way, but I was kind of winging it, and it was fairly terrifying. So I think I'll get it installed by someone, or, *bats eyelids* ask one of my wonderful friendses what knows things to help mee. Which would probably be better, because then in the future I'd know how to do it meself.
I need some new icons. I think. Maybe.
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Well, it's kind of almost true. I'm not sure why I came here, it's not like I have anything to say. I just had to stop reading Fool's Errand for a bit, because I do. I'm up to chapter twenty-four, by the way, if you were wondering and it means anything to you. Unfortunately I've read the blurb of the next book and so suspect the worse. Oh well.

I feel like drawing, which reminds me to find that damnable layby docket. Hah! I found out the other day that I actually reserved a copy of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince at Colin's way back in January, and actually payed a $10 deposit on it like some fool, and it was probably non-refundable. Damn. OH well. The docket amuses me, and since they have my money, the fact that they'd damn well better have a first-print copy of HBP in reserve for me amuses me to no end.
I might go pick it up in two years, or something. I'm surprised they haven't called me about picking it up though. Degenerate hippies.

But what was I talking about? Oh yes. Dick Smiths Lay-by : HP Printer/scanner ($99). I can't find my lay-by docket for it, which is terribly annoying. Granted, I haven't looked for it yet.

I have moneys now, I'm going to put them in the bank and then they will grow, like a carefully tended plant, into plural moneys. I know, it's brilliant.

I don't know what more to say, but I think I'll go draw pictures now... and that I found the lay-by docket, and have cunningly organised for it to be a Christmas present for me, ahahahahh! Brilliant. Then maybe I'll go back to DevArt. And update some more, because now I never do... because I hate the old computer and it's senile, slow ways far too much.

I want to go swimming now. I also feel like xercise would be good. Isn' that odd? Well, it strikes me as being so.


Aug. 30th, 2005 11:06 pm
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Yes, in my tourment as to making some sort of decision about Klauth ), I've magically rediscovered my old fandom of Digimon. Ya know, an good fandom just doesn't stay down. Or rather, obsessive fandoms just don't stay down.
But anyway, in honour of two things:
1. The Fact that I have 100 icon spacess


2. For my dear friend [ profile] lone_one
I have made the following icons. I'm sure you'll appreciate them, *smile sweetly*

And to the rest of you...
[Poll #561706]
You don't have to know, you just have to Chooooooose.
If you choose the right option, feel free to take one of these glorious icons: [also, Danica should take them as they are gifts, and display them with pride]

And finally! Read the woeful yet hugely popular Death Alone Cannot Part Us, which I wrote when I was 14, and all into the Angst Fics about Matt. Ohh yeah. Hehe. Good times. If you read it and out of some kind of masochism or morbid curiosity, I actually did write all of it, I just never bothered to type it up. If you request, I will dig up the book it's in and complete the "masterpiece." I may well post it anyway... be warned...

I sleep now.
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Meh, I felt like putting something a bit more abstract in the subject line, and that twenty-eight days, six hours, fourty-two minutes, twelve seconds from Donnie Darko was about as abstract as I could think up on such short notice.

I drove from home to La Salle, back home, to the Midland trainstation this morning, and didn't screw up once. *is proud* Now all I have to practise is parking [reverse, parallell and reverse-paralell O_o] and have a go at driving at night, do some more practising, and I think I could even get my Phase Two Learners by the end of the month, or maybe, say, mid-September, which is fine, because my goal for getting my lisence was October, and I figure it shouldn't take me long to fill up my log book, what with Gavin living 29 minutes away [we timed it] and uni being also an impressive distance. Then whoo, freedom and stuff. Well, kind of.

[ profile] patternsofchaos, [ profile] lone_one, [ profile] the_icon_of_sin or [ profile] im_the_end, do any of you know what exactly it is that the Lab Report is, er, on? Because I seem to be missing that one vital piece of information [through no-one's fault but my own stupidity], although I have the Olympic-Medal stuff so I guess it's something to do with that. Ehehe. Any help would be much appreciated. Gah. I was going to start/finish it today and be all cool and stuff, but I realised I had no idea what I was meant to be doing. It was a sad moment.

There is Avocado in the house! It is a glorious day.

Caught public transport things home with [ profile] auntpol. Was nice. I like Aunt Pol ^_^. Of course. Talked about how cool [how very very cool] Mr Miller was, how great Lit was, and on the stupidity of various things [many relating to some kind of education, and in one case, the lack thereof :)]. Then on the train home started talking about Stargate, and then stopped when saw that Steven was on the train also, then talked about Jesus Christ Superstar, a play which both Amber and Steven were connected to through their various schools... And it was good.

I'm toying with the idea of making my journal friends-only, for no real reason other than it would please me to do so. But on the other hand, Friendslocked journals are so boring to the casual observer. On the third hand, the casual observer may well be a balding overweight 60 year old degenerate prostitute porn king and child molester of some kind of description, so maybe it'd be an alright idea. Of course, I'm not saying that all casual readers and randoms are like that, but it's fun to make up such terrifying pictures.
I'm also not saying that being a balding overweight 60 year old degenerate prostitute automatically makes you a bad person. Or you could cross off the degenerate prostitute, for more ease of stuff. Or I could shut up.
I doubt I'll do it though, because I am too lazy.

I'm annoyed at the world for making me do work.
I want to go driving, but my parentals are too tired. :( Oh well. Maybe in the morning again.

I had this awesome plan, in which I would buy and install a CD player in the car I'll be sharing with my mum for a period of time until I can afford my own car, but I've just realised that it is fundamentally flawed - I don't think my mum would like the idea of me listening to music and driving at the same time, so she wouldn't let me do it straight away, thus defying the whole purpose of the cunning plan.

Oh well.

I still need more icons. I still need to spend my giftvoucher money. I think I will save and save my wage monies until I have plural dollars. That is what I want to do.
[ profile] armygeek, and [ profile] tattered_pinion, know that I haven't forgotten that I owe you money. I plan to pay it back next week, sometime after Monday. I think it was $12 (or $13?) for Netto and $7 for Trent. Eh. If you know otherwise tell me.

Um, I have nothing/very little else to say. The hip flask I now have on my desk-bookshelf-shelf makes me happy as I gaze up at it's shiney shinenesss. :)

My other favourite inanimate object to look at is my green oozy bubble water thingy. I'm sure it has another name, aside from paperweight, and I'm also sure that some chemistry types could tell me just why the green oozy bubble thingy doesn't mix with the water thingy [which I'm assuming isn't actually water], but I like watching the bubbles, so it matters not/little to me.

The history tutorial today was surprisingly good, oh, and [ profile] tattered_pinion, you missed an awesome lecture today by Phillipa Maddern [yes, that's the good one] about the Black Death. I died, as did three quaters of the class. It was great.
The tutorial was on the Franciscans, and why they were so popular at their outset, if you're interested. And while I still find the majority of the tutorial group seriously lacking, expecially Jade, who makes me very angry, with his pompous arrogance and holier-than-thou attitude [hehe. I love that term/phrase/whatever it is], the discussion was more than two or three people. For once, ever. I miss semester one tut group [as I was talking about with Victoria before].

I'm going to go play Neverwinter Nights now. Maybe.
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Ahhaah, Channel 7 defends Frenzal Rohmb in that interview [ profile] maelkann played in UniSFA a few weeks ago. And I'm completely on their side, those Kyle and Jackie-O people are stuupeed.
Also, the review that said some song "Could have been written by a retarded monkey" made me laugh.

Anyway, that quote amused me greatly too, though I can't remember who said it today. I believe it was [ profile] tattered_pinion but I could so easily be wrong.

I went to Kmart today, and bought things, with my mum's money. *grins* It was fun. So now I have new stuff, yay!

Did I mention that I'm not very good at painting? I think I did yesterday, but it's still true today.

I'm feeling very bored today. Wait, not all of today, but now. Sorry [ profile] lone_one, if you remembered that I mentioned once that I'd stay at your place tonight. I did, but I had to go home because I hadn't told my parents.

I want infinate funds. Then I could buy all the neat stuff I want. No wait, I want to always have in my pocket, however much money I need at that time. That'd be sooo great. OMG. The best thing ever, although it'd probably cause hyperinflation or something, all that tax-free boundless cash.
But then I could walk into a caryard, any caryard, it doesn't matter where, and buy an auto Hyundi Getz or a Toyota Echo brand new and drive away. Whoo! And I could get custom plates. I wouldn't buy a better car because I don't want to push my luck. Then I'd buy more RAM for my PC, and another hard drive, and some networking stuff.
OMG! I could give the best presents ever if I had that, I could just pretend to be rich so people wouldn't ask me to get stuff all the time [too much of a good thing/abusing the magic thingy, you know]
It'd be so great.
I want to make icons now. Mmm, icons.
I think I will go now. I have nothing more of merit to say.

P.S I used to be able to play Pure Massacre. Now I have NO SKILL. It is sad.

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