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Today was a pretty good day. I have a headache now though. This makes me unhappy.
I signed up for a VOX journal thinger. I sent some of you invites, because Vox is like some kind of infectious disease. Although, why would I invite people before I've even used the thing? So yeah, feel free to ignore it, although I think my beautiful serenade entreating you all to join vox is worth reading. If you didn't get one, it's simply because I only had 6 entry forms and your email was too vague for me to remember. In fact, I can only think of one or two emails off the top of my head, so maybe it's too much trouble all together. The email you would have recieved from me is:
  • o: email addresses
  • From: THE GHAN <>
  • Subject: Check out my new blog

Hey there,

I just created a new Vox blog. When you have a minute, check it out:

Vox is like livejournal, just not as awesome. UM. SOMETHING. BUY ME PRODUCT IT ARE GUD.

Hope you enjoy,

Ghan Llama

There you are.


It's called Flyin-fish by the way, because I was thinking "what's an amusing screen name?" and then I remembered some funny thing Gav said on the Leeuwin voyage, which was "I just saw a fish! And it fucking flew!"
Anyway, I find it pretty funny. Nobody believed him. Heehee. Although I did hear a splash. Splashes are not uncommon on tall ships though, but I choose to believe him, because Flying Fish are awesome. And I know they exist. Hahahah.

Wow, Vox has the same new layouts as Livejournal. They are THE SAME. Except they are prettier. (Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere, and if I was, it would probably be to somewhere retro-cool like WordPress, not Vox, which I hold responsible for Livejournal's recent failings... Not that the update page effects me in any way whatsoever, because I am now as I type using Semagic, which I always use. Ha.)

Went shopping with [ profile] marxipan_xlii, was great fun. Thanks for inviting me, Marie! :D

Christmas is nearly here! The excitement. I love Christmas. The decorations! The merriment! Joy.

(Actually Vox is kinda cool)(What, I have a Flickr account? Lol.)

UUUUUUUUUM. That is... all.
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Well! I think I will be bringing to you the first real update in days, from me.
[It's all Gavin's fault, the crazy, I mean]

I have seen two movies this week!
Harken Unto My Magnificent Reviews!!
Spoilers. Duh.
The Brothers Grimm )

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire )
The UCS stuff was really nice too. Good job, peoples.
Also, sorry I left so abruptly. My mum wanted to go home straight avay.

In other news...

Adventure World for the first time evar tomorrow! YAYs!! Am excited.

Um. I do believe I have nothing else to say.
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I don't really have anything to say, I just thought it was about time I made a decent entry. It's been a few days. Somehow, though, I don't see anything mind-fizzlingly spectacular magically appearing in this little text-box. Which is unfortunate, I guess.
Anyway, I finished my essay after much toil, and in the end I'm quite pleased with it. I'm tempted to post it here for all to read, but my arrogance has not yet reached that lofty zenith.

I've been driving a lot today.
- To the shops, to the train station.
- Home from Uni, with some random detours
- to the shops, to la salle, home
- To the Caltex station up the hill in the ute, home

I like drivng the ute. It's so chunky and loud and nice. Plus it has power steering, plus the gears change easily, plus, for some reason, the clutch is more sensitive. I have no idea why. It's altogether a more sensitive car, which I suppose is ironic since it's a steel-trayed mazda (?) bravo. *shrugs* It is red, though. That metallicy, sparkly, bruised-plum red. I'm not sure it approves of that colour, though. I think it's like a fine-built chap who's really just a (rather spindly yet deceptively strong) ball of aggression.

Speaking of balls of aggression, my brother, who is one, has been most agreeable of late, which is surprising, pleasing, and unusual.
My mum spends an awful ammount of time at the shopping centre. Or maybe she's come home and I haven't noticed.
I may never know!

I've been ranting alot about stupidity lately. It's not because I'm particuarly angry/angsty at the moment, but simply because there seems to be an abundance of retardation in the Perthie populus this week. Like this morning, there was this retarded truck driver, who I was tempted to swear at and drive slower because of. I didn't swear, because, being a learner as I am, my mum was in the car *hangs head*
Then this afternoon, there was this looser in a 4WD who wouldn't let me change lanes, because he was some kind of tremendous ass-face. Or something. Other stupidities I've encountered no longer bear mentioning, as I feel my righteousness has been stressed quite enough.
And it's not even just me who's had to deal with retarded stuff lately! It's incredible! (Some nurse-chick was trying to tell Gavin that nurses should be paid as much as doctors, despite the fact that doctors have more responsibility, knowledge, training, stress, etc, etc, etc. Apparantly she never did the course for dental nursing, so I guess that explains her view a little - clearly, education means nothing! 1!one!!1!)


But on to nicer things!
Kind of.
I deleted some things from my Friends-list. Because they needed to be deleted for various reasons.
It was a nice day today, wasn't it? Very very nice. Since I forgot to turn the hot water on an hour ago, I guess I'm having a cold shower in 20 minutes.


Hopefully it was hot enough today for the solar-hot-water to have done something, but, degenerate, shoeless hippy that it is, I somehow doubt it.

Bonnie has been seeming awfully young and content lately, despite her ever-fading hearing. Which saddens me, but she still acts like a pup of 10 months or so, and she clearly isn't developing more serious problems like arthritis, which makes me very relieved indeed.
I'm commissioning a statue of Bonnie from this artist --> who is here and does awesome statues of dogs. And one more link for fun.

Ah! My mum is home, I'm not crazy! It is interestingly challenging to jump energetically when carrying 12 or so extra kilos of baggage.

My finger hurts. I go now.
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Yes, so awesome as to transcend spelling! I haven't actually met the Red Dragon yet... but I will.
I should really finish my Lab Report, but Google Talk is too much fun. Actually, I can probably start it anyway. Well, I could have. I had time, but NWN calls to me too much. Gah!
Today was a fairly good day, I think. It was fun and stuff. Um, what else... oh, I went driving again, yay! It is good to get so much practise, suddenly.

Well, I go now. I did have something else to say, but I've forgotten it now. Ah well. Night!
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Bwahahah. Splitting those gems not as demonic as I thought. Woo! Balor, however, always demonic.
My new scarf and beanie make me sneeze, as they are one with the dust.
[ profile] marxipan_xlii, Do you think we could go get ID today? Because I reeeally reeally need to soon... at soon o'clock. I will probably message you, but, yeah.

I go drive to trainstation now ^____^

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