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I just have to say here and now, for the future when I will look back and read this only to say "how amusement!," that a 2TB harddrive is a hilariously gargantuan thing. It's like a shoe that's so big, that an old lady lived in it because she had so many children she didn't know what to do. TWO TERRABYTES. You could practically fit a whole person in that. If you chopped them up reeeal small.

Yeah I don't know what I'm on either. But I doubt it's any good. In fact it's probably nothing. And we all know that's not worth the effort.
I had a dream last night that I wrote a book, and it was turned into a movie. And Silent Bob style, I was in it as a small anecdotal character. Then I was on the red carpet in this amazing hooped skirt corset dress that Into Camelot used to sell, and I told some hip hop guy that I wouldn't go out with him because contrary to popular opinion, not everybody wants to jump his bones. Then I met Johnny Depp, and told him that I liked his work. Then he said that he would like a part in my next movie. Then I told a reporter that I wasn't interested in helping sick children or housing the homeless, that what I really wanted to do with my countless millions was to build a Flotilla of tall ships and sail the sea, fighting mock sea battles. I said that homeless kids could help build them if they wanted, but that they wouldn't be paid if they screwed up. Or if they didn't. Then I laughed and went to a coffee shop with Johnny Depp and Cate Blanchett and talked about how I didn't want to buy Prada sunglasses and that whaling is stupid and Britney Spears isn't fat. Then I woke up.

It's a funny thing. I feel really morose and  quite  self pitying most of the time at the moment. But it is making me sleep better. Isn't that odd? The worst thing is that I've had no interest in playing games, and I can practically feel my WoW subscription trickling away into nothingness. Is it a good thing? Not really, I wanted to acutally reach a decent level at some point in time, I have been playing this game for two years so I'd like something to come of it. Sure. I'm never going to have a Swift Netherdrake, or a Merciless Netherdrake or whatever they're called. But I'd like to have some kind of flying dragon thing. Bonnie understands me. She looks at me with those wisened Fox Terrier eyes and she says nothing. Which is exactly why I want to spend time with her. She asks no questions, offers no empty comforts. She doesn't say "so you failed, no big deal, you're still young." she doesn't say "maybe you can appeal" "maybe you can do a summer studio" "maybe you can do a supplementary assignment." She doesn't say anything, and that's what I want. She doesn't think about it either. She is an endless well of hugs and quiet contemplation. Her face is amazingly contemplative, for a dog's. Especially in contrast to Gypsie, who wouldn't know "quiet contemplation" if it came right up to her and stole the pig's ear right from between her jaws, with their shiny white fangs. Bonnie doesn't do anything undignified any more - her tail doesn't wag madly in the breeze unless she's not seen me in a while, or I'm carrying something she deems truly delicious. It's a casual "wag. wag." "thud. thud." She is casual in her happiness to see me. And she follows me wherever I go. Somehow she knows when I want lots of hugs and cuddles, and when I would rather just be by myself. And it's not just a matter of I tell her to go away, or I call her over. She just knows. Plus she really likes sleeping on my bed, and I only let her do that if she doesn't move off've her blanket, which I put on top of the doona. She sneaks one paw off've her "mat" and onto the covers. I pretend not to notice. But she's learnt she can't get much more than that over the imaginary line. In fact, I might go get her now. She has a little cave like bed she likes to sleep in too. She watches me type from it, and seems to think it all some kind of ridiculous fancy. I will miss her. But she is not allowed to die. She mothers Gypsie, who watches out from under her careful licking with a baleful eye. She is no lady, the puppy. A cheeky little devil (black face, black heart), perhaps, but certainly not the classy dignified dame that Bonnie has always been.

Stream of conciousness? Maybe. I can't remember what that really is. But I just wrote what I was thinking.


Sep. 9th, 2007 06:12 pm
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Bunbury is pretty cold right now. Yes.

*rolls around on the floor* I wantes me laptop now. Hurr.
I've decided I'm going to uni-werk it up next week, try and get ahead of my work before I go back, so that the last half of this semester can maybe be less stressful than the last half of semester usually is.
So that means I have to :
- Write Essay Abstract
- Start Essay
- 1:50 structural model of Refraction House for Techo
- 1:200 Sketch model for studio (maybe 2)
- 1:100 shadow plan
- " section x 2
- " elevation (can you even do a shadow elevation??)
- I want to try out an interior and exterior perspective in 3ds MAX. I never got around to doing it last sem, and they can look totally awesome.

So that's.. a fair bit. But if I get all of it done, the only stuff I'll have to worry about for the rest of the semester will be:
- Finishing essay
- Drawings of 5 buildings for tech
- Site model for studio
- Folio

But if I don't have anything else to do, it should be easier to get those things done. I want to finish stuff ahead of time this sem. Like have all the drawings in at least final draft form by the week before folio week, and if I can manage it I'd like to have the final model done or half done by then too. Because if all I have to do is add in details/neaten up cad drawings and finish a model that should be easier. Mergh.

So I don't think I'm going to do interesting stuff this break, but I should be more free to hang out afterwards. In theory. Of course, even doing all this I could still be stupidly busy. :(
Hopefully not!

I'm annoyed at the Eagles. They didn't play as well as they should have. And now Judd, Cousins and Kerr are alll injured. And probably won't play much for the rest of the season. HURR.

*spins around* Swivel chair whee
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You know, I really love Australia.
By saying this, I'm not really saying that Australia is better than anywhere else - if I had actually been to any other countries perhaps I would - (Guys, guys, everyone knows Tasmania doesn't count) although Australia is my favourite country, out of that blind kind of childish loyalty. Like when you're six years old and your friend is saying "My Mum/Dad is the greatest mum/dad in the whole world" and even though you've never met your friends parent, you feel compelled to say "No, my mum/dad is the greatest mum/dad in the whole world", because you know you're right. It's the same sort of thing, I think, saying that the country you're from is the best, or your favourite. It's interesting. Of all the countries' histories that I know anything about, I can categorically say that Australia's would be among my least favourite. Collonialism has so been done, you know, and not to sound racist but I really don't find the culture of Indigenous Australia all that compelling - purely because Nomadic culture doesn't captivate me in the way that empirical culture does. But I wouldn't actually say that, because obviously I have to love my country's history the best. That said though, I'm very fond of our recent history - although you could say that ALL of Australia's history (as "Australia", that is) is recent. I mean, 200 years of Federation makes it very recent, and I think the first recorded/confirmed European landing was in something like 1650ish. Which really, is totally not that long ago. That's after 4,000 years of Egypt, One Thousand five hundred ish years of Rome, Two thousand years of Greece, One thousand years of Catholicism, after Feudalism, after the Crusades (ha!) after *scans brain for architectural knowledge* Gothic, after Byzantine, after the Renaissance. It was during Baroque, but that's the latest architectural movement that I have studied/cared about. I suppose you could say that we started off on a good footing - we already had all this culture and european history established. Meh! Civil wars and movements make things interesting. I mean, the closest we came to a civil war is the Eureka Stockade - and that lasted for a day, between about 40 men, with 9 casualties and about 13 injuries. I suppose I should say that this is the best kind of war - minimal death and all that, but interesting history it does not make.
But I was just thinking, as I sat in my room and stared out my window, summer breeze wafting though (because all summer breeze does is waft), seeing the roses underneath my window reaching up, then in the distance our little blackboy (I refuse to call them grass trees, there's already something else called a grass tree anyway and blackboy is a much better name), it's spear all covered in it's flower reaching high up, and the broad reach of the old gum tree on the other side of the road, and in the background a clear blue sky. I mean, its just so damn picturesque, and I live in suburbia!

Does anyone know how blackboys actually grow? Am I right in thinking that in order for them to get taller, they have to actually be burnt? I'm just curious. Because we've had ours for about 6 years, we've never burnt it, and it's still 100% on the ground. Of course, I realise that these plants are around 300years old rather than 6 before they start to get nice and tall, but still... I wonder.

But anyway, this entry is just my little bout of patriotism. I'm very proud to be Australian. And while I'm angry that we didn't sign the Kiyoto (sp?) agreement, that's about all I'm unhappy about. Because that ridiculous "trench of magik watah from Perth to the Kimberlies" plan was never gone through with. And apparently we're friendly! Apparently everone loves Aussies. But yes. I think everyone should be proud of the country they're from/were raised in.

On that note, what determines whether you say you're an "whereyoulive-ian" or a "whereyourancestorscomefrom-ian"? Because if I were to introduce myself, I would say that I'm Australian, if it were to come up. However, most of my family comes from Ireland. Sometimes I would tell people "I'm Irish", most of the time if I'm making a joke about getting sunburnt, but I would 99% of the time say I'm Australian. Is this because I'm not really in touch with my Irish side culturally? For example, most Italian people I know say that they're Italian, or Italian-Australian. Why is that? Is that because Italian people seem to have very strong Italian cultural ties? Or is it because all the Italian people I know have come from Italy much more recently? (My family have been in Australia for... a long time) I'm just curious, it's something that hasn't occurred to me before.

Also! If dogs could talk, I can't see them without Australian accents. Except for Schnauzers (sp?) and Poodles.

And that is all!!
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In light of something I just discovered for the essay I'm writing, I've just discovered that somewhere, in some story that I will someday write, there will be a Lunar Fox goddess.

People are prone to hyperbole, all the time.
"Absolutely perfect"
Absolutely is superfluous.
Something is perfect, or it is not. Thus, something that is "absolutely perfect", if it truly is perfect, is exactly the same in terms of quality as something which is only "perfect."
Or perhaps we overuse words with strong connotations.

Oh god, why is this typing taking so long?? Clearly I've lost some speed or motivation or something. Bugger.
I've gotten pretty good at Solitaire in my intermittent procrastination periods this year. Relative, that is, to my past skill level (utterly woeful).

I'm going to join a Gym, now that I have a job. I know I said this a while ago, and someone (but right now I can't remember who) said that I would be welcome to join their gym-group-thing, or something, but this is but a quick procrastination-point and delving into my LJ's archives can only result in more time-wastage, less essay-research, so yes :)
But, is anyone else considering joining a/the gym, or would they if I did?

Cannot wait for semester break. Sorry for large abandonment across the board, but at the moment, I am trying to do as well as I can at uni, and because I haven't been able to balance this with being sociable at the moment one of the two had to go.. and at the moment, assignments are more urgent. I'm sure I'll find the balance next semester, but in this one it's been pretty much impossible due not only to uni but also to me having no money. And I generally refuse the much-appreciated offers of people paying for stuff for me because I don't want to be "the one who always bums from others" (yes, I'd rather be the piker than the one who's constantly in debpt and unlikely to pay stuff back), and there are deep-set emotional reasons for that too, which I'm not going to go into.
So, sorry, everyone. But, things will likely get better in terms of me turning up to stuff. Just not right now.

I thought about not saying it(all that), because I thought it was fairly obvious, but then I thought it's better to say something obvious and be thought a bit silly than not say it and have people think I'm avoiding them, or don't like them, or whatever.

Internet radio angers me. It keeps stopping for no reason. Optimised streaming experience my donkey. And, as a point of interest, lately I've been listening to Nova (shock?) because... well, I think that lately, a lot of the stuff on the J's isn't really all that good. Or at least, I don't like it. And Adam and Wil are gone - it's just not the same. Plus, I'm liking some of this mindless catchy stuff. You would probably be a little surprised at some of the songs I like to turn up when in my car. Oh yes. and of course, there's the Wolfmother factor - listening to the same 10-song playlist all day isn't bad when two or so of those songs are from one of your top 6 bands - and next to no ads is a seeeerious plus. I know, Triple J doesn't have ads, but as I said... I just don't enjoy the music they play anymore.
Steady as She Goes makes me happy. I want that album by that guy, but I don't think I will buy it. *Smile sweetly*. and Elephant. Which I think Gavin has. Yays.


clicketh )

Here goes!!


That tag that's too long and so was cut said "Abuse of cool words like hyperbole but not of cool words like irony"
and... I lost a bracelet that Gavin gave me. It makes me very sad. I never even got to show anyone it. :(
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I've lost my knack. Ah well.

Firstly, sorry people, I haven't been able to get to UniSFA in a while. Basically, these feelings of "re-spon-ci-bill-itie" or some word like that that I keep hearing around the place are finally asserting themselves. I'm sure further into semester I'll figure out how to balance work (good work) and UniSFA-time. But at the moment, it's a bit tricky. Especially since my book order (which I am still getting at staff discount, yay) hasn't come in yet, making it difficult to know what I'm doing/do readings, but eeehhhh. And now I think I should buy the other book I don't have (It's History of Art or Story of Art or something), because until the end of (I think it's this week O_O) there's that 15% off thinger. Which I can't entirely afford to miss out on. But then... is it worth buying the book?
See, I fall into this trap every year.
Let me explain it to you.

I like love books.
Booklist time is a wonderous time, filled with a list of things I supposedly need, a great many of which are glorious, glorious books.
Now. Even though I may not need all of the books on said booklist, I will generally buy all books listed, because new books = boundless joy.1
However, as you all know, books, especially textbooks, are very expensive (oh God.), so really, I shouldn't actually buy all of them, when I know I can probably get by with just one. Or two. Or FIVE. You see, if I can justify the buying of an expensive, but wonderful book, I will buy it. And booklists make this very, very easy to do.
In conclusion = oh, what a world, what a world, my ramblings here have been completely pointless and may make no sense.


Was thinking today, about a time when I was overheard to have sworn by parents, but lied and said I'd said "duck" or something equally innocent. (Got away with it. Amazing.) But then, isn't it just as bad? I mean, if you're saying "duck" instead of "fuck", you're really thinking and meaning the "bad" one, so isn't it the same thing? Isn't it just as 'vulgar' when you think about it? A curse by any other name would be as shocking?

Also, there's something very effective about movie scenes in which live people are trapped in a coffin, and scenes in which little children are reunited with things which they loved that they had thought dead (parents, pets, blah blah.). At least, to me. Like for example, My Dog Skip was remarkable in it's ability to make me cry like the mushy girl I apparantly am. hehe. Mush. It's intriguing!

I finished Tandia today. So glad the ending was properly closed, unlike The Power of One, which was abrupt and unexpected. But I suppose The Power of One was always written with the intention of a sequel, so it's excusable.
Anyway, very good books, reccommend both of them highly to anyone and everyone.

Oh my, would you look at the time!

1 With the obvious exception of things like Maths books, which I never felt compelled to buy in great quantities. *wide eyed innocence* I wonder why?

P.S I just thought it was worth mentioning that whenever I don't put down what music I'm listening to, it's because I'm not listening to anything. Seriously, Semagic was one of the greatest things I ever downloaded. At the click of a button I have my current track written neatly down. Not that you ever wondered about that, but I thought I'd put any potential querying minds at ease.
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Yes, it's true. And that's how I planned to write that, yes.
Viggo Mortensen is on ROVE tonight at 9.30 if anyone cares. So I'm updating this then editing it, because I'm just that nice.

Is it just me, or does the combination of Adobe Reader+Firefox gain some kind of cognitive thought and go about wreaking havoc on everyone's computers until you manage to shut down the window with Adobe Reader in it?

In other, life news, the movie I was talking about... actually... I can't tell you. I'm ashamed. Just know that [ profile] lone_one and some other people (I can't remember who exactly was in the room) know which book/movie it was. They can tell you, if you like. On that note, [ profile] patternsofchaos, [ profile] marxipanxlii and [ profile] lone_one (in order of me seeing rooms for first time), you all have a neato setup this year! Kudos!

I'm actually... really enjoying Architecture so far. Am a bit apprehensive about the (zomg) live nude that's going to be in our class on Thursday (*awkward squirm*), which I'm not looking forward to. But oh well, maybe this will let me get over my prudish habit of never drawing naked people, and let me have something interesting and different (for me) to put on my DeviantART account. Speaking of which, I've been looking at lots of things on DA lately, and am all inspired and such by the good artists there. Which is good!
Although, I'm starting to think that perhaps my habit of not "watching" people who are damn awesome ('sept for Ursula Vernon), and instead bookmarking them and watching their sites like a hawk. Hm. I'm not sure. It's certainly more time-consuming. Woo!
On the arty-note, the other thing I'm really excited about is getting serious drawing stuff. ZOMG! I will have lights and watercolours and, yes, blotting paper that won't buckle like a slinky toy under the wheel of a mac truck when wet to paint on, and pens, maybe some coloured markers for colouring with different coolness to paint and pencil, and O_o.
Oh! And I'm going to buy a cheap terracotta pot and engrave a Maian or Aztec styled serpent into it, then paint it. Then maybe make it look all old. My mum has awesome craft stuff that will help me do this. Not sure why I felt compelled to mention it here. Maybe so that if anyone reached into my head and stole the idea from my very brains you would all know it was mine first. The plan came to me on the bus thisarvo when I was reading Tandia, which I'm confident I've pimped to all of you by now, but which actually has nothing to do with swirly, spikey water dragons. It might have been brought on by my plan to somehow integrate Greek, Egyptian, Mayan, Aztec or (damnit I've forgotten the name) art into assignments and stuff, which after the lecture today I think might end up being possible, or by.. I don't know, the burning desire to buy 100 Hieroglyphics, the only thing that stayed my hand being the burning knowledge that I am completely broke. I haven't even gotten my brother a present for his birthday (tomorrow) yet! Sigh.


Ahem. No really. I have two. Just 364 more to go and I don't have to worry about anything if I die, just so long as someone doesn't forget to bury them with me (amateurs). Not that I'll ever die.

Random Point: The best way to find awesome artists is to look at the favourites of awesome artists. To find your first awesome artist of a chain, apply luck. Talking about DeviantART again, of course. It's like finding good webdesigners. Find one then look at Affiliates (or whatever), then.. the rest "follows like lambs."
Not that that made sense. HA!

I have other things to talk about now! Haha! Yes, I have many things to say on this day.

First of all, I want my own digital camera, among other things.

I have a cunning plan. Once the "Rush" period is over and work at the Co-Op cools down, or depending how pissed they are at me, ends, I will dedicate one or two days when I finish uni early a week to going home and cleaning out my room. I'm going to get rid of all the school junk in the corner (or most of it, and yes, I'm writing this partly for your entertainment value, dear reader, but also for my own thought making and information :P), and store the stuff I'm keeping, which will be as minimal as possible, in my green chest. Which will be similarly harshly cleaned out. Next, will be the space between my desk and second wardrobe (it's very small and goes in the corner), in front of my bookshelf (crammed full of books and ornaments), and then the bookshelf itself. Much will be thrown out. I might even sell some of my junk to Cash Converters/School people/things and make money.
Then I'm going to (get my Dad to) buy a big, preferrably pine finished, shelf, preferrably about 1.5m wide and fairly deep... no less than... 35-40cm(?) shelf, which should be about as tall as a door or maybe even higher (!). Later, I will buy a big ol student desk to replace my current one, preferrably something with more desktop space, and probably a filing cabinet (maybe) in the drawer somewhere. Just because I'm dreadful with keeping track of things that are loose and paper, and filing things make life so much easier. I know because I have a cardboard one at the moment. It is filled with order.
Then the transformation would be complete, and the order could take hold.

Oh, and more RAM seems to be a perennial (the second time my Geography knowledge has come in handy today) thing on my list of "to-gets". Yay.

Ah. I'm off to teach myself to make awesome flash movies now. Then watch Viggo Mortensen on ROVE.

P.S GAH! Eagles lost to Dockers, am so ashamed. Icon not quite relevant anymore, but I don't care. It doesn't quite make me feel better, but it does a little. They were just lulling them into a false sense of security. No, I didn't watch the game, but I might have looked at parts of it if I'd remembered it was on. Oh well. Heh.
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Hypnotize (Yes, I know, I hate it when people post lyrics too) )But I feel it's at best excusable when I've copied the lyrics out of the booklet myself, and kept all of the proper formatting and capitalisation and stuff. Lyrics are never as good without the music, I don't know why I bother. But I had an urge. I can't promise I won't post more SOAD lyrics, though, but they will always be under a cut. Always, I promise. Unless they're one-liners.
I had a thought just then! Is "Hypnotize" just the American way of spelling 'hypnotise?' The same with "Mezmerize"? Because I just thought they'd been changed to make them into title things. I don't care either way, I like the letter Z. But I can't believe I didn't think of that before. I guess I think of 'z' as a fashion letter, much like 'x'. If you want to make something cool, throw in a 'z' or 'x', and it'll work. Trust me.
A simple example :
a fairly normal, boring word, can be made awesome by adding a z - "z-car" or an x "car x" or "xcar." (then you can pretend it says "scar", which suggests you are tough and violent).
In fact, we see this all the time... "Extreme" is made dorky by the 'e', so we remove it, leaving us with "X-treme," or, even better "X-treem".


Anyone know a good place to get sculpting clay is? I'm going to make something. I need shaping wire to put inside it too (maybe). But I'm not going to fire it, so maybe I'll just make it out of solid clay, muahahahah.

Hey man, look at me rocking out, I'm on the radio
I closed the store all by me onesies tonight. It was kind of terrifying. We were $330 down, but Oh well! I told them I didn't want to do it. I told them they should find someone else to do it. But no. It had to be me. So, fine. It's not my fault anything, this always happens.
Have I mentioned every night so far when I've closed the store I've had nightmares?
Okay, so Tuesday's nightmare turned into an awesome dream where I was a dragon (a big red/bronze (yes, I don't understand how that could happen either)) hunting down customers and eating them... then hunting the big Black Dragon from that movie. And then flying to Melbourne. And then Gavin was a dragon too, and we lived happily ever after.

But seriously. I need to find somewhere else to work(!) They're introducing this new facist system of rules, like "you must arrive 10minutes before your shift starts" - screw that. If you aren't going to pay me for that extra ten minutes, which I know you're not, I'm not going to be there. Plus, I'm always on time. I've never been so much as 5 minutes late, so ner. "You can't just leave once your shift is over" - sure, whatever. If you're not going to pay me for extra time, which you're not, I'm going to leave. Also, it's not like this is a job where we do important things. It's a job to earn money, there is no emotional attachment.
But you know, whatever. Although the guy seriously seems to think we all consider working at his crappy little video store to be some kind of career job that we put first in priorities. HAH!

Enough whinging!

Header might be just text. Or another tall ship. Come on, you all know I can't help it.

Gavin becomes Dr Gavin tomorrow. Oooo.

...I'm totally using this icon way too much today.

Yes, I know the new header sucks. Somehow, it's too small, and bad quality. BOO. I will fix it later. But now, I sleep.
Also, I was sick of not having a finished looking layout. I know people don't care, but I do.
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I have a few things to "report." I'm in a surprisingly good mood. I'm not entirely sure why. But it's better than brooding on the hundreds of kms that separate Gavin and me (and the three weeks), definitely better.
Well, like I said, I have a few things to say.
I'm thinking of changing my journal to friends-only (again). Mainly because the mystery and intrigue pleases me. Oh yes.

I'm going to have a Lord of the Rings fest at some point soon. Ideally, it'll be on Boxing Day, but it's probably a little difficult to organise that, due to family and stuff. It'd be the whole trilogy, the extended trilogy that is, and if I can really be bothered, I might even make up some games and quizzes and stuff. That's right. With prizes. Not big ones. Like, Lembas. I have a recipie for Elven Waybread, you know. Of course, I probably can't be bothered.

Gavin gave me Hypnotize, some loffley flowers (I get so many flowers from him :D) and a car ) for Christmas. Hypnotize is good. Interesting. I think it still needs some growing-on-me time, as at the moment I'm a bit more fond of Mezmerize. (please click-y the cut link there. It's funny.)
Actually, as you can see, I went a bit happy with the camera. So there's a few photos under the cut. Dial-up users, beware!
Gavin's Nana gave me a present too! What a nice lady. :) It's some hand lotion for moisturising stuff.

I got sorted into Slytherin at [ profile] lumos_sorting. So happy. Am totally ditching [ profile] hogwartsishome for Lumos. (Lumos looks much more intelligent and interesting, plus I was sorted into what I think is the right house. But I would have been happy with Ravenclaw too. Look! Pretty!


I'm making a new layout (again). This time I'm using [ profile] ignited's tutorial, which is much more basic, and I'm customising it a lot more. So it'll be more miiiine
I'm thinking it'll be either really light colours (white background, very light foreground colours) or really dark colours (black background, grey or other dark foreground). I have no idea what the theme will be.

[Poll #631422]

I can't really decide which is classier. White and lights can look really awesome (like [ profile] halffling's current layout, and very classy, plus I've never really done a light layout with a white background.
However, I like the broodiness of dark layouts, like... er... well, heaps of layouts. 'N stuff.

Since I'm trying to save the monies at the moment I'm not going to be getting Christmas presents for people, 'sept for perhaps a very select few, who I'm not going to list, because I don't know if I'll be able to think of something/afford it, and I don't really want anything, so don't feel you have to get me anything... Christmas gets really expensive if you get your friends stuff. So if you want to get me something, that's cool, and thankyou but I can't guarantee that I'll get you something so I'd rather if you didn't, and if you can't help yourself please make it small. But! I think I'll make people stuff for their LJ's as a free-but-heartfelt present. *nods* Like.. I dunno. Stuff. I'm not that good at it, but it's the thought that counts. I'll try for getting cards done but I never seem to manage it so I cant' really guarantee anything. :)

The reason I'm doing this is (I thought I'd tell you all since I normally do like to buy Chrissie pressies when I can) because quite honestly, I really want a car, and soon. I want a car as soon as I get my license, or at least as close as possible. And I want that soon, too. Because Gavin's going to be in Bunbury from the 3rd of January. And I think that is enough of an explanation. Plus car+license = freedom. Yep.

Violent Pornography [System of a Down] is such a great-sounding song. I don't think I could tell you which band I prefer out of silverchair and SOAD anymore. Though I have listened to silverchair more, and I listen to SOAD more now. If that makes sense. I did try. You should have never trusted Hollywood/I was standing on the wall/feeling ten feet tall/all you maggots smoking fags on Santa Monica boulevard/

Bladerunner is a cool movie. Has anyone else noticed that now-a-days, heroes of movies are more accidental, and they don't really know what they're doing, they become the hero and stuff... but (with the exception of perhaps Star Wars) about 20-30 years ago, movies featured heroes who were already very good at what they do, old hands even. It's intriguing.

By the way, what do people think about friends-only journals? (Whee! Another poll!)

[Poll #631423]

I might write more later.

I want more icons.

Edit 4.53pm
Okay, so now I'm really feeling those three weeks
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I think I shall reconsider my response to your "studying generally rather than studying specifically for the win" statement, [ profile] nicholii. See, I think that if I didn't know exactly what I needed to know, and if I didn't know that I already know more than enough to pass, I'd study more thoroughly. It's all about arrogance I suppose.
That said though, it's awesome knowing all the parts of an exam, even if it does make the whole thing an extravagant exercise in futility.

"I have seven Kilos of cheese" unfortunately isn't true. I just remembered that I did, as my post-Black Death wealthy-merchant self. It was vintage, medieval cheese. I bet it'd kill me if I tried to eat it today.
Apparantly I have to make salad now. Damn. Should never have let on that I can do things and look after myself, it gives people ideas. Tsk.

I'll probably update again later, although I don't have anything to say. Livejournal is like that though. It sucks you in and you can't get out. So you just drool thoughts until you fall asleep/your fingers fall off/both. Oh, it can happen.

See what I mean?

I'm installing a "Windows Fun Pack". ooh, exciting.


Nov. 7th, 2005 10:43 pm
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That was... alright. Actually, I think it went pretty good, I still feel happy about the Psych exam. Basically, I could have asked for better essay questions, but the ones that I did - Piaget's views on the Pre-operational child and Cognitive Dissonance, were some of my top 5 or so questions. The Multi-Choice... eh, was a bit wacky, (heehee, wacky).. I don't know how well I did with some of those questions! Ah well. I know I've at the very least passed, so 's all good.
[ profile] patternsofchaos, I hope the pen worked well if you needed it ^_^ Er, though, pleeease make sures that I get it back... not that I think you'd do anything bad to it but, I have a ridiculous affection for that pen. It has to do with the squidgy plastic bit up the top. Ridiculous, I know. hehe.

Then, after exam, talked to [ profile] the_icon_of_sin and Robert-from-creative-writing-who-has-redversusblue-shirts. Then [ profile] lone_one appeared, then went to play halo 2 and be pwned by [ profile] tattered_pinion, [ profile] im_the_end and Robert-from-creative-writing. At [ profile] lone_one's. Buuut [ profile] lone_one and [ profile] marxipan_xlii went to have lunch, or some... thing. Yeah.

Then! Went to see Gavin, who had been in Midland for lab-stuffs for Dentisty-things. Apparantly helped out with the polishing-ness of... crowns... maybe... I don't remember what he said... >_<, but yeah, and had the drill, then overrevved it, causing the bit to bend and hit him on the hand/fingers/thumb. He seemed pretty amused, it apparantly has happened before. Funny stuffs. 'N stuff. Then talked and walked and eventually ended up watching Fraiser. It was funnier than I remembered. Oh, and Deal or No Deal. That guy is still annoying, but this girl, who was greedy and had no sense of logic, lost, and so we were amused and happy. Hehe.
Hope nobodys exams went awry because of the Ford-driver-into-semi-trailer incident on the Freeway thismornin'. Funny thing is, I hate driving near those barriers. It hadn't occurred to me that hitting into them could be better than something.

Watched the news. Think that supplying "schoolies" with condoms is wrong. Totally the wrong message. Totally the wrong message. However, street drinking is pretty funny, potentially. Meh. Starting to think it would be terribly funny to go to one of those places where "everyone goes" for leavers. Maybe will one time, and laugh at all the drunken peoples. Hahahaha. (yes, just like that)

Want to draw something. Drew an awesome cartooney-wolf the other day. Want to draw more coolly.

Do, but don't, want to finish Tawny Man trilogy. Will miss the Farseers :(.

Do, but don't, want to see Harry Potter movie. It has drago...

OH MY GOD! I nearly forgot to update about the biggest event of the day:
I saw a dragon dolphin in the river on the way to uni.
It was black.


Yes, I know you're struck dumb by my awesome... news. Yeah. Wooo!

Uh, I drove home from Rossmoyne in the dark and the rain. I want my licence now, damnit.
My arm is hur
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This Is My Life, Rated
Take the Rate My Life Quiz

Not bad Ghan, not bad. I give my spirit score a suspicious cackle. I'm sure I cheated somehow. *malevolent glee*

Anyway, I had a splendiferous Fridaynight-saturday-sunday morning-early afternoon, thankyou for asking.

[ profile] patternsofchaos, congratumolations on a fantastico party! It were grand. I had a lot of fun.
I also discovered something! Something that many people have claimed to already know, but now I have proven it to my own satisfaction. Right, see, I wasn't hungry at all on saturday, and wierdly, still am not. It is rather odd. That's not important to my magnificent finding, though. Just remember that Saturday+Ghan = very little food. So, I hadn't really eaten anything, and then I discovered that [ profile] patternsofchaos had gloriously supplied Vodka Cruisers. I had one, and then I was tipsy to the level of many more cruisers! It didn't really increase much over the course of the second cruiser, which is interesting, but I think that's because I drank it more slowly. Hm. But yeah. I discovered that no food + alcohol = alcohol potency times more! Fascinating, huh?

I have a plan for the study break, am v. proud. Have I mentioned here that we have the questions for the History exam again? I think I should remind [ profile] tattered_pinion to check WebCT for them, because I would feel bad if he didn't have enough time to study for the exam because he didn't know on time (yes, even though it is not my fault that he didn't go to the lecture :P).
The only exam that will take actual real effort will be psych. Mainly because the other two subjects are history, and history isn't work. Therefore it's more fun rather than effort. I suppose Gavin's re-Bunburyage came at a good time, because now I can't distract myself with thinking "well it wouldn't hurt to go see him for a few hours" because I can't, because... I can't drive to Bunbury by me onesies. But Gavin coming back this weekend = happyness. Yep.

Well, what do you know, it's been a year since Presentation Night (well, near enough). And graduation! You know, it never really hit me in any emotional sense. I guess it never will. I think I've missed my last opportunity for a big soppy cry, because I don't think it'll be like that at the end of uni (if that day ever comes).

"Your costume sucks!"
"And your life expectancy is laughable, meat-stick"

Semagic makes me happy. I don't know why I didn't download it months ago. Or years. I can say that now. I have had Live Journal for "a long time."

I don't know how I got so tired, or when it got so dark-like. Oh. I drove to Armadale and back on friday, yes, just for the hell of it. 100km roads are actually awesomely fun.

Damnit. I had something to say before, to do with people, oh yes. I remember. Jason - he is the person with the hair and the glasses, yes? I hope so, I don't like forgetting peoples names... anyway, does he have LJ? I should add him, if so.

I've been drawing those bizarre creatures that started existing on... thursday? friday? some day. I might scan them and put them up here at some point in time. Who knows?

I don't really have anything else valid to say here. Brother has Xbox and Halo 2. Am not sucky, which is... interesting.
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Unfortunately, I have no idea how to actually spell that line, but I don't see how it actually matters. I mean, ultimately, it's just a string of nonsense words from an awesome song I wish I had an MP3 of. Yes. Botany Bay, just like The Wild Colonial Boy and The Horse With No Name (if that's even what it's called), is a fantastically awesome song that I own no copies of. At least I don't think I do.

I got my first bill ever! It's from Optus. I'm not sure that half-celebrating it by mentioning it here is exactly the right thing to do, but I do so love mail. I got a letter from the Leeuwin too, and I'm seriously considering going on this voyage for Leeuwin volunteers in December. It's only $300. But on the other hand, I really should save my money and horde it, dragon-like, for the rainy day we all know will come around when we least expect it. I will have to debate it with myself and others some more before making a final decision. But I so do miss being fit, and on the sea on a tall ship. Especially the tall ship part. In fact, I'm going to go back and underline it right now. Although you can't tell I went back to do that, for all you know I did that from the start. You're just going to have to trust me.

I've decided never to get sick again. I'm not sure how I'm going to do this, but yeah. If I can construe a way that involves cannon, or even better, trebuchets, that will be the way to go. All the sleeping has made my back hurt. It's tragic.

Despite that and the recent loss of an awesome live journal post, I'm still in a pretty good mood.

I have a new Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy [movie] poster up. It's big and colourful and has a rubber ducky. It's also double-sided, although you'd never know that by looking at it. It even has the words "DON'T PANIC" printed on it in big, reassuring letters down the bottom, although from where I'm sitting (and indeed, anywhere) you can only see the words "DON'T P", which runs an amusing parallel with Dinotopia's codex, the last line of which read only "Don't P.." and was jokingly assumed to have once said "Don't pee in the bath." Well, I thought Dinotopia was a fairly awesome book when I was 8, and I still do now, so there.

Driving is pretty awesome. Shouldn't be long now till I have my licence.. I can say this because I'm now confident (and actually skilled) enough to be irritated that I can't drive anywhere by myself. Am toying with the idea of instead of telling Gavin when I get my license, driving to his place instead. I'm not sure which would be funner, it will take more self-debate.

I just downloaded Semagic to make myself feel better about losing that entry before. It seems pretty awesome so far. And pretty, in an ugly, non-blue sort of way. If you know what I mean, which I would find surprising.

I am a member of far too many communities. Sigh.

Sculpture-girl hasn't replied to my latest note on DA, which I suppose is just as well since I've just decided I can't really/don't really want to afford it right now. But for her part, it's rather unprofessional. Not that she is a professional, but she should want to appear that way since she's selling stuff. Oh well.

What else can I talk about, I wonder? I'm sure I have no shortage of things to talk about, I mean, I've been isolated from livejournaling types for nearly 5 days now. Yes, some/most/all of it was a self-imposed exile, but what're you gonna do?

I think I'm becoming more *gasp* responsible with my money, lately. Because I still haven't brought Kingmaker. And trust me, it's not for any lack of wanting. Oh god no. But before I do that, I'm going to buy more RAM. I require some kind of guidance with that, I think. And then the installation, oh the installation. While I put the wireless network card in by me onesies, I was sort of expecting things to look a certain way, but I was kind of winging it, and it was fairly terrifying. So I think I'll get it installed by someone, or, *bats eyelids* ask one of my wonderful friendses what knows things to help mee. Which would probably be better, because then in the future I'd know how to do it meself.
I need some new icons. I think. Maybe.
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I don't really have anything to say, I just thought it was about time I made a decent entry. It's been a few days. Somehow, though, I don't see anything mind-fizzlingly spectacular magically appearing in this little text-box. Which is unfortunate, I guess.
Anyway, I finished my essay after much toil, and in the end I'm quite pleased with it. I'm tempted to post it here for all to read, but my arrogance has not yet reached that lofty zenith.

I've been driving a lot today.
- To the shops, to the train station.
- Home from Uni, with some random detours
- to the shops, to la salle, home
- To the Caltex station up the hill in the ute, home

I like drivng the ute. It's so chunky and loud and nice. Plus it has power steering, plus the gears change easily, plus, for some reason, the clutch is more sensitive. I have no idea why. It's altogether a more sensitive car, which I suppose is ironic since it's a steel-trayed mazda (?) bravo. *shrugs* It is red, though. That metallicy, sparkly, bruised-plum red. I'm not sure it approves of that colour, though. I think it's like a fine-built chap who's really just a (rather spindly yet deceptively strong) ball of aggression.

Speaking of balls of aggression, my brother, who is one, has been most agreeable of late, which is surprising, pleasing, and unusual.
My mum spends an awful ammount of time at the shopping centre. Or maybe she's come home and I haven't noticed.
I may never know!

I've been ranting alot about stupidity lately. It's not because I'm particuarly angry/angsty at the moment, but simply because there seems to be an abundance of retardation in the Perthie populus this week. Like this morning, there was this retarded truck driver, who I was tempted to swear at and drive slower because of. I didn't swear, because, being a learner as I am, my mum was in the car *hangs head*
Then this afternoon, there was this looser in a 4WD who wouldn't let me change lanes, because he was some kind of tremendous ass-face. Or something. Other stupidities I've encountered no longer bear mentioning, as I feel my righteousness has been stressed quite enough.
And it's not even just me who's had to deal with retarded stuff lately! It's incredible! (Some nurse-chick was trying to tell Gavin that nurses should be paid as much as doctors, despite the fact that doctors have more responsibility, knowledge, training, stress, etc, etc, etc. Apparantly she never did the course for dental nursing, so I guess that explains her view a little - clearly, education means nothing! 1!one!!1!)


But on to nicer things!
Kind of.
I deleted some things from my Friends-list. Because they needed to be deleted for various reasons.
It was a nice day today, wasn't it? Very very nice. Since I forgot to turn the hot water on an hour ago, I guess I'm having a cold shower in 20 minutes.


Hopefully it was hot enough today for the solar-hot-water to have done something, but, degenerate, shoeless hippy that it is, I somehow doubt it.

Bonnie has been seeming awfully young and content lately, despite her ever-fading hearing. Which saddens me, but she still acts like a pup of 10 months or so, and she clearly isn't developing more serious problems like arthritis, which makes me very relieved indeed.
I'm commissioning a statue of Bonnie from this artist --> who is here and does awesome statues of dogs. And one more link for fun.

Ah! My mum is home, I'm not crazy! It is interestingly challenging to jump energetically when carrying 12 or so extra kilos of baggage.

My finger hurts. I go now.
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"...,pat is, with his doctryn of brennynge charite."

BEHOLD! [Or rather, BIHOLDE!] Old English, in all it's glory. I have not one but two books filled with nothing but this kind of writing. One of those books is no less than four hundred and twenty-one pages long. That's right.

I'm actually liking this essay now, now that I know what the hell a Mystic is. Well, not liking it so much as finding it interesting and intriguing.

By the way, [ profile] tattered_pinion, the essay isn't due till monday. No, I didn't lie, it was only announced on Tuesday. Or something, apparantly.

Oooh, there's some kind of Honda Civic with power steering [and windows ^_^] and auto for 4-5000 $. Which is interesting. However, I really don't think I will/should actually get it, which is a little dissapointing.

Randomly saw Gavin last night, was good. Am happy.

Farewell all.
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Well, it's kind of almost true. I'm not sure why I came here, it's not like I have anything to say. I just had to stop reading Fool's Errand for a bit, because I do. I'm up to chapter twenty-four, by the way, if you were wondering and it means anything to you. Unfortunately I've read the blurb of the next book and so suspect the worse. Oh well.

I feel like drawing, which reminds me to find that damnable layby docket. Hah! I found out the other day that I actually reserved a copy of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince at Colin's way back in January, and actually payed a $10 deposit on it like some fool, and it was probably non-refundable. Damn. OH well. The docket amuses me, and since they have my money, the fact that they'd damn well better have a first-print copy of HBP in reserve for me amuses me to no end.
I might go pick it up in two years, or something. I'm surprised they haven't called me about picking it up though. Degenerate hippies.

But what was I talking about? Oh yes. Dick Smiths Lay-by : HP Printer/scanner ($99). I can't find my lay-by docket for it, which is terribly annoying. Granted, I haven't looked for it yet.

I have moneys now, I'm going to put them in the bank and then they will grow, like a carefully tended plant, into plural moneys. I know, it's brilliant.

I don't know what more to say, but I think I'll go draw pictures now... and that I found the lay-by docket, and have cunningly organised for it to be a Christmas present for me, ahahahahh! Brilliant. Then maybe I'll go back to DevArt. And update some more, because now I never do... because I hate the old computer and it's senile, slow ways far too much.

I want to go swimming now. I also feel like xercise would be good. Isn' that odd? Well, it strikes me as being so.
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I just watched Super Size Me, and it was terrifying. TERRIFYING!
I've decided that although I already never eat Mc Donalds or Hungry Jacks, because they make me feel like throwing up, no really, it's true, I'm going to try to limit all of my fast-food intake to Nandos. Because I can't give up Nandos *weeps*
I had delicious food today though. Corn! On a cob. Oh, it was gold. [Ahahaha]

Today was... interesting. Work isn't so bad, just long and boring, and, you know, not the ultimate way to spend time that could otherwise be spent doing other things. But you know, whatever. And money, and stuff. Don't really like the new guy. Is boring, and after tentative investigation would appear to be completely useless in regard to conversation. But it's okay, because Kat and I spent two hours speaking about the glory of the RPG, and Dungeons & Dragons. To think! She's been working here for nearly 6 months and I only found out she liked that stuff today.

Found out that, while I like Elvis, there is only so much Elvis that one can take in one day. Tash proposed an Elvis Movie Marathon, and after the 5th movie I just couldn't take it anymore, so I put on Futurama. :D

Customers anger me, especially particularly retarded ones.

Was thinking that it'd be really cool to somehow make a fanfic with SG:1 in, say, Faerun. But I'm not going to write it. I'll just imagine how I might write it on the public transport devices that I use to get to and from uni. I might get tempted to write it, but I won't. Because we all know that I'll end up being some kind of unstoppable awesome dragon, and then SG:1 would be all "Dude, you can so totally pwn the Goa'uld in a single round of combat!" and I'd be all "Yeah I know." And then they'd be all "I bet you couldn't do half a round of combat though, which is too bad" and then I'd be all "Bring it, bitch"
So you can see why I wouldn't write it. But it'd be mad, or something.

LJ-cuts anger me today. I like having random useless stuff. But I will anyway because I am courteous. Or something. Although, since it seems that the length of the entry seems to have a negative, linear effect on the amount of comments [and so I assume, greedily, reading], I might not have to bother, if it's true that people scroll past mind fizzlingly long entries. Or maybe I'm boring. I can totally and seriously deal with that. I read my livejournal.
Like I have a choice.

Ooh, random.

You might have noticed a recent lack-of-Ghan on msn and google-talk lately. That's basically because I don't want to talk to people online at the moment. It's nothing personal, it applies right across the board. Admittedly, there is one exception to the rule - the singular reason that I'm ever on msn or google-talk at all!
So yeah. It's just an aversion to IMessaging programs that I have at the moment. Don't worry, I'll probably get over it, or something. I don't know. I'm enjoying the private entry feature of Livejournal too, although it's not like I'd ever put anything I seriously wasn't comfortable with people reading on something like Livejournal. Because as much as I love it, I'm not entirely confident in it's private-powers, or whatever.
But again! Nothing personal to anyone. I just like updating things for myself. Public and friends-locked entries are basically just comment-whoring I think. Because I like comments! They make me happy.

But then, people make me happy too! I'm not against people at all, don't fear that I'm regressing into my "Woe angst oh god I hate the world" mode [yes, I had one. Oh, how I had one]. Although I do at times become angry with humanity. But ultimately it's more amusing than enraging.
But where was I? Oh yes. People. Unisfa, the people I consider my Unisfa-friends, are all awesome. As are all my other friends. I am quite happy socially at the moment. For the whole year. You might use a much, much better word than happy, but I like the word happy.
It's very emotionally onomatopoeic.

Damn, I can't spell anymore. I think. I'm not sure. But really, spelling something right is still pretty bad if you thought you were wrong. I think. Maybe not as bad as spelling it wrong and believing that you are irrefutably right, but still fairly poor.

I'm a bit worried about my brain. Something's changed. I still hunger from and delight in new knowledge, but I don't really have very many interesting thoughts anymore. I can't think up interesting topics for debate, although I do think a noteably larger percentage of situations and circumstances are amusing. Which is interesting. Maybe capacity for interesting, deep and meaningful topics of debate and angst are directly linked. Oh well. I can still get involved in interesting debates, so would rather be without all that juicy, juicy angst. I'm surprised I found Philosophy so boring, for example. But I did. Oh, how I did.
But bigger than my considerable hunger for knowledge, is, oh, you know, the burning, boiling pit of determination that is ambition. Yes. I know. You don't have to mutter "Macbeth" at me and roll your eyes. I want to be successful. And to me, being entirely honest, success is measured on a scale where happiness does outweigh wealth, but not by a great deal.
Y'see, I want stuff. That is all. Which interests me. Oh, and fame. I want fame. Not heaps of fame, not the mental-disorder-inducing fanaticism that happens to some people, but a comfortable level of fame, like discounted fuel [when I have a license], and tiny children [or angst-swathed teens] coming up to me in my gloriousness and timidly asking me for my autograph, or, "do I know you?"

Enough on that.
I think I might go play Neverwinter Nights now though. So close, so close to achieving my goal.

One last thing. I think Uni has made me so much more pretentious and arrogant. Oh, so much more. Which is kind of saying something. But oh well. I kind of like being arrogant. And proud.

My Nation-State is the Bomb )
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Meh, I felt like putting something a bit more abstract in the subject line, and that twenty-eight days, six hours, fourty-two minutes, twelve seconds from Donnie Darko was about as abstract as I could think up on such short notice.

I drove from home to La Salle, back home, to the Midland trainstation this morning, and didn't screw up once. *is proud* Now all I have to practise is parking [reverse, parallell and reverse-paralell O_o] and have a go at driving at night, do some more practising, and I think I could even get my Phase Two Learners by the end of the month, or maybe, say, mid-September, which is fine, because my goal for getting my lisence was October, and I figure it shouldn't take me long to fill up my log book, what with Gavin living 29 minutes away [we timed it] and uni being also an impressive distance. Then whoo, freedom and stuff. Well, kind of.

[ profile] patternsofchaos, [ profile] lone_one, [ profile] the_icon_of_sin or [ profile] im_the_end, do any of you know what exactly it is that the Lab Report is, er, on? Because I seem to be missing that one vital piece of information [through no-one's fault but my own stupidity], although I have the Olympic-Medal stuff so I guess it's something to do with that. Ehehe. Any help would be much appreciated. Gah. I was going to start/finish it today and be all cool and stuff, but I realised I had no idea what I was meant to be doing. It was a sad moment.

There is Avocado in the house! It is a glorious day.

Caught public transport things home with [ profile] auntpol. Was nice. I like Aunt Pol ^_^. Of course. Talked about how cool [how very very cool] Mr Miller was, how great Lit was, and on the stupidity of various things [many relating to some kind of education, and in one case, the lack thereof :)]. Then on the train home started talking about Stargate, and then stopped when saw that Steven was on the train also, then talked about Jesus Christ Superstar, a play which both Amber and Steven were connected to through their various schools... And it was good.

I'm toying with the idea of making my journal friends-only, for no real reason other than it would please me to do so. But on the other hand, Friendslocked journals are so boring to the casual observer. On the third hand, the casual observer may well be a balding overweight 60 year old degenerate prostitute porn king and child molester of some kind of description, so maybe it'd be an alright idea. Of course, I'm not saying that all casual readers and randoms are like that, but it's fun to make up such terrifying pictures.
I'm also not saying that being a balding overweight 60 year old degenerate prostitute automatically makes you a bad person. Or you could cross off the degenerate prostitute, for more ease of stuff. Or I could shut up.
I doubt I'll do it though, because I am too lazy.

I'm annoyed at the world for making me do work.
I want to go driving, but my parentals are too tired. :( Oh well. Maybe in the morning again.

I had this awesome plan, in which I would buy and install a CD player in the car I'll be sharing with my mum for a period of time until I can afford my own car, but I've just realised that it is fundamentally flawed - I don't think my mum would like the idea of me listening to music and driving at the same time, so she wouldn't let me do it straight away, thus defying the whole purpose of the cunning plan.

Oh well.

I still need more icons. I still need to spend my giftvoucher money. I think I will save and save my wage monies until I have plural dollars. That is what I want to do.
[ profile] armygeek, and [ profile] tattered_pinion, know that I haven't forgotten that I owe you money. I plan to pay it back next week, sometime after Monday. I think it was $12 (or $13?) for Netto and $7 for Trent. Eh. If you know otherwise tell me.

Um, I have nothing/very little else to say. The hip flask I now have on my desk-bookshelf-shelf makes me happy as I gaze up at it's shiney shinenesss. :)

My other favourite inanimate object to look at is my green oozy bubble water thingy. I'm sure it has another name, aside from paperweight, and I'm also sure that some chemistry types could tell me just why the green oozy bubble thingy doesn't mix with the water thingy [which I'm assuming isn't actually water], but I like watching the bubbles, so it matters not/little to me.

The history tutorial today was surprisingly good, oh, and [ profile] tattered_pinion, you missed an awesome lecture today by Phillipa Maddern [yes, that's the good one] about the Black Death. I died, as did three quaters of the class. It was great.
The tutorial was on the Franciscans, and why they were so popular at their outset, if you're interested. And while I still find the majority of the tutorial group seriously lacking, expecially Jade, who makes me very angry, with his pompous arrogance and holier-than-thou attitude [hehe. I love that term/phrase/whatever it is], the discussion was more than two or three people. For once, ever. I miss semester one tut group [as I was talking about with Victoria before].

I'm going to go play Neverwinter Nights now. Maybe.
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[I thought of something interesting to talk about. Okay, so it's from the psych lab today, so it's not really my idea, but it *was* intriguing...]

Right, so there was this experiment in the 50's, right, where they selected two supposedly random people off the street [or rather selected some volunteers] and asked them to participate in a supposed "Learning Experiment", where one person was the "teacher" and the other the "learner". The experiment was rigged so that the "learner" would always be an accomplice to the experimenter. The "teacher's" job was to read out a series of words and wait for the "learner" to indicate their answer. If their answer was wrong, the "teacher" was to administer an electric shock, the shock becoming stronger with each wrong answer.
The real experiment was observing how long it would take a person to disobey the experimenter and refuse to continue with the experiment.

I, personally, and this is true, not me lying to make myself look good, think I would stop if not as soon as the supposed "learner" asked for the experiment to be stopped, then the next time after. Although, not necissarially for the right reasons. I think I'd be more likely to stop if the experimenter told me not to, because I can tend to be arrogant and insistant when I think I'm right. Sort of more of an antiauthoritarian reaction than one of compassion/guilt/pity, though it would be that too. That is my completely honest answer! What is yours? How far would you go?

In other news, my msn has randomly decided not to make any noises when I recieve messages. If anyone knows how to make it better again, I will be happy. I've already tried changing the message tone, which works, but to no avail! *weeps*
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[Nyawwww, ♥]

...Yay! Now I really have caught up with Psych. Thankyou [ profile] patternsofchaos for your kindness in my hour of foolery.
Did Linux used to be called Unix? Hmm? I wonder things sometimes.
However! Despite my otherwise sunny disposition, I am angered greatly, once again, by the breathtaking incompetence of the lump of arbitrary and defective cells that is my "boss" [or store owner, if you will]. Somehow, he's neglected to put my wages in an envelope for me. David [the manager] is going to look into it for me, but god damnit, I want my god damned money now. It angers me. Seriously! The incompetence of this "man" is unparralelled!

But! On to happy news! I am the Queen of Driving - I drove home from Uni today, in busy traffic on busy roads, and I was not terrified or stressed. I managed to relax and only screwed up twice [or so], and that wasn't even on any busy roads, that was in Guildford and Midland. And I can park, go me.

Aaaand I was looking at things in Dick Smiths today, and I think I will buy Idril a scanner-printer. There's a really neat HP one for only $125, and I [will] have Birthday money. OR I will save towards a car. But saving money depresses me greatly. Because I do far too much of it... All too often I feel like I have no money, even though I'm working.. so what I need to do, clearly, is work more, because whenever I manage to save money, suddenly something retarded crops up, like having to pay for my text books, and I have to delve into my savings :(. But I don't know how I can fit more stuff in.. Maybe Wednesday. Yes.

Oh! [ profile] velithya, I thought I should let you know that next thursday [the 18th] I won't be able to stay at uni, because I have a Dentisty Appointment thing. In regards to that Charity... Vigil... Thingie, which you asked about the other day - because I wouldn't want to have lied. O_o.

So, yes. Angry with boss, so very, very angry, but am planning to buy things, have a birthday soon AND will probably see Gavin tomorrow, so am more happy than angry, yay!

Once again, however, I haven't put anything intelectually stimulating in my livejournal. Aww.. sorry. If you're after that though [ profile] lone_one is very good at making her updates intelectually interesting. And intresting in general. :D


Aug. 1st, 2005 07:22 pm
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I'm not, actually, the Paint-Queen.
I spent some time in the craft-shed this afternoon painting a Giraffe, and it's damn well harder than I remembered.
How did I have such blind talent and skill in year 10? Because now I am just unskilled. I guess I could blame my cheap canvas,[with it's annoying coarse surface] but I know I probably have no grounds to do so.

Today was way too slack. I am such a bad person. *hangs head* I want some other unit to have. And to make all my timetable problems go away. The best way for this to happen is for the university to give me an automatic Distinction for Psychology [hey, I'm not greedy, I'm reasonable, I understand that they can't just give people HD's, even me] or Ancient History, and then I'll just attend the other class. See, Ancient History is more interesting to me than Psychology, but Psychology is very fun. Ancient History is also fun. Booo.

Sometimes, I feel that I'm not very interesting. To talk to/read the livejournal of, I mean. Yes, that's right. I can't wait to be 18, it'll be fun. Although for all of my life I've maintained that I don't want to grow up... I think, after 18 years, I am finally ready. Interesting coincidence that I'm ready to grow up just as I stop having a choice in the matter, isn't it... Or maybe it's not a coincidence, maybe it's some kind of thing sent to test us by the Aliens. [I am aware that being legally adult does not make someone an adult, technically].

I think I'm developing an extreme distaste for public transport. Every time, every time I catch a transperth bus/train [which is slightly more than 5 days a week], someone who is in some way higly offensive to my senses decides, of all the seats on the vehicle, to sit TOO CLOSE TO ME. Like today.. there was this guy, who was incredibly bad smelling. And there were so many seats, and I had been so comfortable in my sunny space-chair, drawing dragons. :(
I will so suffer greatly for my arrogance and incharitability some day. But right now I am happy in my aloof bubble.

I had other stuff to talk about too, but maybe I'll update again later. The cut below is long [and funny], making me feel like I've written much more than I actually have.
Did anyone watch the MythBusters special? I should be watching MythBusters now. Ah well. I'm off to join yet another [well, my second] Hogwarts sorting community. Maybe this one will be kinder to me.

[ profile] laura_kathleen

"This Shit Is Bananas"
A probing analysis of Gwen Stefani’s "Hollaback Girl"

Gwen Stefani’s “Hollaback Girl” is one of the most baffling pieces of music of the modern age. It’s got something to do with cheerleaders - that much is clear, judging from the chanting and the marching band that’s honking and tooting in the background. Beyond that, good luck deciphering the song’s ambiguities. We were so vexed by the mystery that is “Hollaback Girl” that we have devoted countless hours to its study. Our conclusions are below. The first thing you should know, though, is that Gwen is not singing “I ain’t no Harlem fat girl” - at least, we don’t think she is.

Uh huh, this my shit
Gwen is introducing us to her shit.

All the girls stomp your feet like this
This talk of shit and stomping has nothing to do with actually stepping on feces. But what does it mean? From a reading of the later text, we can conclude that the song takes place in the world of high school athletics, and that Gwen is apparently leading the girls in a calisthenics exercise. The “shit,” we surmise, is what she calls the exercises she’s teaching the other girls.

A few times I’ve been around that track
So it’s not just gonna happen like that

Here, Gwen exhorts the girls to try harder as they jog around the track, reminding them that physical fitness is “not just gonna happen,” but must be worked at.

Cause I ain’t no hollaback girl
I ain’t no hollaback girl

These lines are the most confusing, but their meaning will become clearer later.

Oooh, this my shit, this my shit
Gwen repeats this four more times. She wants to make sure that we are well acquainted with her shit.

I heard that you were talking shit
And you didn’t think that I would hear it

Gwen has been the victim of some slanderous high school gossip, and she doesn’t appreciate it. Gwen is 35 years old sliding into MILF status at this point, but we’ll grant her some poetic license.

People hear you talking like that,
getting everybody fired up
So I’m ready to attack,
gonna lead the pack

Gwen is going to round up a “posse” of her girlfriends and retaliate against the person who’s been talking “smack” about her.

Gonna get a touchdown, gonna take you out
Gwen is going to beat up the person who wronged her, after she completes the cheerleading routine that will inspire the football team to score a touchdown. Gwen has interesting priorities.

That’s right, put your pom-poms down,
getting everybody fired up

It seems the entire cheerleading squad is going to beat up the person who spoke ill of Gwen; they have put down their pom-poms, and they are now “fired up” to exact swift and terrible vengeance on Gwen’s behalf.

A few times I’ve been around that track
So it’s not just gonna happen like that
Cause I ain’t no hollaback girl
I ain’t no hollaback girl

Gwen is apparently the captain of the cheerleader squad; she is the girl who “hollas” the chants, not one of the girls who simply “hollas” them back. Given that the squad is preparing to beat somebody up on Gwen’s behalf, she’s picked a strange time to remind them that she is their leader and they are her sheep-like followers. Gwen obviously rules her squad with an iron fist.

Oooh, this my shit, this my shit [repeated four times]
Again with the shit.

So that’s right dude, meet me at the bleachers
No principals, no student-teachers
Both of us want to be the winner, but there can only be one
So I’m gonna fight, gonna give it my all

We learn that it was a “dude” who gossiped about Gwen. She challenges him to a fight at the bleachers. If he imagines it will be a fair, one-on-one fight, he is sadly mistaken. Gwen and her aforementioned “pack” will pounce on him like rabid wolves.

Gonna make you fall, gonna sock it to you
That’s right, I’m the last one standing,
another one bites the dust

Gwen’s pack of furious cheerleaders leaves the boy a quivering, bloody heap behind the bleachers for the groundskeeper to discover the next day.

A few times I’ve been around that track
So it’s not just gonna happen like that
Cause I ain’t no hollaback girl
I ain’t no hollaback girl

Having completed their ghastly work, Gwen’s squad members return to the field and resume their cheerleading activities, as Gwen reminds them once more that she is the boss and they are all her bitches.

Oooh, this my shit, this my shit [repeated four times]
By calling her exercise routines “shit,” Gwen is showing us that for all her bravado, the character in this song secretly suffers from profound self-esteem issues. She is a complex antiheroine for an age of changing gender attitudes and expectations.

Let me hear you say, this shit is bananas

Here, Gwen steps away from this bloody spectacle for a moment to comment on the madness and ugliness of what we’ve just witnessed, and, by extension, the petty rivalries of high school in general. This shit is bananas, Gwen tells us, and we can only agree. And lest we miss the point, she spells it out. And repeats it another three times.

A few times I’ve been around that track
So it’s not just gonna happen like that
Cause I ain’t no hollaback girl
I ain’t no hollaback girl

Back on the field, Gwen is still bullying the squad to carry out her routines. But now we see her in a new light, as the sad, lost creature she truly is.

Oooh, this my shit, this my shit [repeated four times]
As the song fades out, Gwen is left only with her “shit,” the mindless exercises that bring her no comfort from the raging emptiness within. As much as she “hollas,” no one hears her cries for help.

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