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I have this theory that the reason I've lost my design Mojo is that I haven't been updating my livejournal. Yeah, flimsy at best, I know, but it's 1:20 am and I'm SO DEEP into procrastinating that I'm procrastinating against going to sleep on a Friday, when I don't have anything overly unpleasant to do tomorrow.

I know, crazy, right?

I'm not really sure what my original intention was in opening livejournal today. But, I came across a metaquote related to Australia and it made me simultaneously re-remember how great our wildlife is here, rekindle my desperate desire to go camping up North again, or down South, or over East, I really don't care where, honestly, AND feel deeeeep nostalgia for this time last year. Experiencing other countries is the bomb on levels, and shit.
(I never said this was going to be a particularly enlightening entry)

Mainly though, I want to go and do the drive up to Exmouth again and then just stay there for a month, snorkelling every day. There is almost nothing else to do up there, but the reef is so amazing that I don't really care. Swimming after reef sharks is a good adrenaline rush. As long as there are no bigger kinds of sharks around - that would be less fun. Actually, last time I was in Coral Bay (close-ish to Exmouth, a fair few hours south, but the same Coral Reef), we were coming back in from a fishing charter and saw a 3m long Tiger shark literally just gliding through the water around some coral bombies that we were looking at the day before. I can't imagine coming across one of those things in the water. It would be... it would be bad.

Hm. Uni. Uni this semester has been about as pleasant as a cheese grater to the face. Now there's just over a month to go and I'll be honest, I am freaking out, now. I still don't have - well, that's not true, I have a design, a form, but I don't have floor plans. Or, I did, but I showed Emiliano and he didn't like them. The trouble is, that I know what his problem with them is - they are plans, but they don't have "it" - that thing that makes what architects produce better than what some other building designer produces. That quality of space, or whatever. They're just places where things are. And I don't care. That is probably the biggest problem. I have 0 passion this semester. I have no design mojo. Things aren't falling into place, I have no vision. And worse, I have no idea how to fix it, and I'm running out of time. I think I can do enough to pass, but just passing would be very disappointing indeed. I was hoping that I could get a 70% average over studio for the next 3 studios so that I can do the dissertation studio unit in 5th year (so that I can have an MArch: Hons), but I really can't see that happening at this point. Which is sad. But I don't know how to change it!

Cut for more whinging about uni that nobody wants to read - I guess writing it is cathartic or whatever )

Hm. Now I feel a little better, actually. Maybe one day, when I actually have anything to show, I will put up some pictures.
Now, I should really look up pictures of hair so that I can tell the hair dresser what I actually want done tomorrow. I may have done a silly thing. I booked some kind of assessment/consult thing at the Maurice Meade in Garden City. I don't know if I care enough to pay their prices, but the consultancy is free. When I was looking at one of their brochures the other day, it looked like they were only about $60 more expensive than my current hair dresser, who I don't like, so I thought it might be worth the extra money to get something nicer. But when I spoke to the lady on the phone today it sounded like it was going to be a lot more.
We'll see.

Ohhh also I am going to order an earring for my helix piercing made from Mammoth Ivory. Seriously! It is only $20. Apparently they have more mammoth carcasses than you can shake a stick at up in Finland, or somewhere, so the ivory isn't that expensive, or something.
IDK. I am somewhat skeptical, but Exotic is a pretty reputable business, to my experience, and surely, you can't say something is certifiedly Mammoth Ivory and issue a certificate and everything if it's not?

Does anyone care about the Grand Final this year? Ever since the Eagles have started... well, you know... I have completely lost interest. I watched Freo's last final game, and obviously jinxed them because that was just embarassing. But I actively dislike Collingwood and couldn't care less about the Saints, so... boooooring! Footy is pretty boring when nobody that you care about is playing.

LESS PROCRASTINATE, more.. .things
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I haven't in a while anyway, so why not, eh?
I actually have something interesting to say for once, as well!

Semester two just started this week, for those of you not in the know. So far, this semester's colour-coded terror rating is Orange. High alert. I have this unit where I have to choose a 'significant' building, and then I have to draw it. By hand. And then I have to draw details. Which I also have to understand, which also have to be by hand. I'm not sure if mere text can actually convey the terror of this kind of assignment. It's not the drawing of things - it's the knowing. 'Course, I'll have to know things eventually anyway, I may as well start now.
But what building do I choose? I was going to do Mees Van der Rohe's Barcelona Pavillion, but now I'm not so sure, because the lecture was full of drawings of that building. Maybe it would be cheating. Maybe I will do Farnsworth House. Now there's an idea.

Also, my studio looks pretty interesting. I'm designing a 100m tall tower (Skyscraper! Yay!) in Rome, opposite the Colosseum.
It's a pretty exciting assignment, but I can't say that I would actually like to see this happen. (This is actually a competition that I could enter if I wanted.) Rome is one of those awesome European cities with a lot of Ooooold School charm, and I'm not sure that a giant tower right next to the Colosseum would be appropriate. I suppose that's the challenge - to make it not a hideous scar on the face of the Eternal City. I am thinking Roman Spa inspired. I'm not allowed to go crazy with the Romanesque architecture, it has to be modern. So far my plan is to use Roman architectural strategies, like *gasp* proportion and symmetry, and the golden rule, and all that. Strip it back, dun make it square. Mabye.
The other unit is a research essay that's due in November. November! The nerve. So I guess I start my retarded super holiday a week later this year. Aww.

Oh, I'm out of time for writing! There is more, actually. Maybe I shall tell you of it in the future, dear Livejournal.
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Yes, not something you'd expect from someone who is in London in December, but we've been plagued with lovely, sunny (yet freezing) weather, and damn it, the weather lady said it might snow today or tomorrow and I may not know much about snow, but I don't think that bright sunshine is a good sign.
So I want the sun to go away, and I want it to snow.

People should watch this. It's awesome.

I'm looking forward to going home now, as I think I've said, but I'll definately miss London. It's an awesome city. The only downsides to it are the weather and the huuuuuuge distance from home.

We overestimated how much money we'd need for food and such for our 9-day stint in the city, so we're going to splurge today and spend more than £4 between us on dinner - we're going to Nandos! Nandos in England costs the same number-value as it does at home - so it's about £20 for the two of us to eat.
Which is a fair bit... But it's still great. And Nandos here comes with bottomless softdrinks.

But let me tell you about our amazingly cheap dinners!
So there's this supermarket called Iceland, where you can buy a 1kg bag of frozen veggies for £1, and a 1kg bag of frozen chips for £1, and deeeeelicious minted lamb chops for £3.

It sounds boring, but it's actually amazing. Because - and this is the bad bit - we cook the lamb chops in a baking tray in the hostel oven and then we cook the chips in the saaame baking tray after we cook the chops.
SO the result is amazingly delicious chips... But it's probably not very good for us.
I like to think that the veggies cancel out the badness of the other two... but I know that it doesn't.

How lucky is it that our flight is tomorrow and not next week? British Airway Cabin Crews are planning to strike over Christmas.
Striking has to be the most retarded thing ever. Ok, so you're not happy that you're not getting paid enough. But that's not the customer's fault.
Basically, BA is in a fair bit of financial trouble, from what I have heard, and they have offered staff wages cuts or they lose their job. This is what's causing the planned strikes. Yes, this sucks, but the company is in serious trouble. They have to cut jobs, they don't have a choice. If I was in control of BA staff, I know who I would fire first - anyone that strikes.
Er. I just really hate striking. It's the most inconsiderate, stupid thing ever. Strikes almost always hurt the customer/whatever more than it hurts the CEOS or whoever are making the strikers angry.

In another ranty rant, the Australian Internet Filter is retarded. Why the hell would you waste money on something that isn't going to stop everyone? Even if it's only going to slow our internet connections by a negligible ammount, our internet is already beyond woeful for a nation of our standing. In this hostel's average by English standards internet connection, on a computer that is in no way fast, we downloaded a movie in under 8 minutes. A whole movie. To do that at home on a pretty great connection takes hours!


Well, gotta go pack, re-pack and weigh our bags now! It's a delicate balance. Basically if the baggage lady asks to weigh my carry on, we're boned. If she doesn't, we're sweet.

I'm going to catch up on aaaall my friends page stuff when I get home. And then I'll be a good LJ-user again.
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So yeah, I've been working on uni stuff, nothing toooo taxing (or at least it didn't used to be, and nothing's changed, soo...)  for the computer, just CAD, some images and iTunes, and it's freezing. Freezing! This comptuer has never frozen before. Ever since the harddrive was replaced earlier this year, it just hasn't been the same beast. It's gone from awesome yay to an irritating lump of metal and plastic. *Sulks*

Also trying to learn new software + not fall behind is kinda hard. I don't know if it's worth using Revit now - which, as long as I can learn it to the level that I need to be able to use it at within a reasonable timeframe, will make everything else a looot easier, or leaving Revit for later and using CAD, which is slow and tedious but that I understand how to use pretty well.
The problem I guess is that if I put off learning to use Revit, it's unlikely that I'm going to give it a go next year, which'll be a lot harder than this year (though being harder than this year wouldn't be hard, oneunitlol)


And my PHONE is retarded. God damn it. It's deleted all of my contacts, and it also seems to be deleting the new ones that I have tried to put back in there. Sooo.... yeeeeah. Not too happy about that, tbqh. I guess I will go and complain at 3 tomorrow or something.


Thanks to everyone who replied to zhe emaaail. Sorry to anyone who I didn't email. It's probably because I don't have your email rather than I hate you. Yeah. And yes, my number is still the same. I am waay too lazy to bother changing my number, and if it's possible, I never will. Sif remember new numbers, geez. :)

Yay Unisfa tshirts! *dances* I'm glad that all the detail turned out ok, I was a bit worried that whatever the t-shirt people use to print on the t-shirts wouldn't be able to do it crisply. But alll is well.

I drew a bison the other day. Bisons are pretty awesome. It's obsurd that such a massive thing can exist. I wouldn't fight a bison.

I wonder what I will have for lunch. Maybe... maybe a pie. Yesss.

BOOK TYPES (most of you amirite)

I just read
The Floodgate. It's part of the "Counselors & Kings" trilogy by Elaine Cunningham. It's a Forgotten Realms book. I liked it a faaaiir bit. Does anyone have book one or three? (This one is book two... yeah)
It's out of print apparently.
The Kindle doesn't work in Australia. :(
Not that I could afford one right now anyway though. Merrrrr.

My mum's getting a new Kia Rio. She's so excited. It's cute.

And I'm done. :P
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Ok. So I looked up the tour we're going on in Egypt (because I'm bored and procrastinating, ok?), and now I'm actually excited about it because it finally feels like it's going to happen. I haven't really been that excited yet for some reason. It doesn't seem like a real thing. I guess because for most of it I don't have a clear idea of where we're going in Europe. BUT, EGYPT:

Cut for boring list )

So yeah. Things. One of these days I'll upload my underwater photos from February.

So I was thinking I might buy a secondhand Digital SLR for the trip. But I'm torn. They are a lot of money, and I will need a lot of money to last me for over 6 months of souveneiring, even without accomodation and food. I don't know how cheaply I could get one worth having, but I'm willing to bet I wouldn't get one that works for under $600, and think of all the things I could use that $500 on!
I am going to amazing places. I'd like a camera that can actually do them justice. My camera can take nice photos but I want awesome photos. I guess I could buy prints or postcards but I don't really want to do that, I'd rather have my own pictures of my own memories. I can get photos of the pyramids from a store here, for example. So it's a tricky situation.

What do you guys think?

[] Do it
[] Don't do it
[] Ticky


Oh also I don't currently have a thousand dollars. So I'd need to sell something/get money and therefore have EVEN LESS money for the trip. My concern is that if I buy a swanky camera I will be even more of a terrible leach-girlfriend-who-is-making-boyfriend-pay-for-everything because I'll run out of money even sooner.

BUT on the other hand maybe I won't want to buy as many things because maybe I'll be super happy with all my awesome photos? 


Oh yeah and the other thing is my Dad was going to buy my laptop from me so I can have more money (and then when I get back I can "borrow" it until I can buy a new laptop. My parent's don't have a mortgage any more (yay for them!) and it makes them do somewhat crazy things.
So it's a :
2.4 Ghz Dual Core processor, Intel or Pentium or whatever tf they are calling themselves these days
Vista Home Premium
Nvidia GeForce 8600 gfx caard
It's green
15.4" monitor
It's a Deeeeelll.
er, it's from 2007.

If I ask him to give me $1000 for it, is that ridiculous? I mean I know I'm selling it to my Dad essentially for lols and all, and that Dads always pay too much when buying stuff from their kids, but is it TOO too much? It's suffered no structural damage.

YES, I do worry too much.



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Two things which I guess are kind of related. Kind of related in that, you don't want to break the egg yolk when you put it on the frying pan (otherwise what is the damn point?) and you don't want to break your head when you're on a motorcycle.
Closely related, right?

I thought I should put some effort into an LJ post because I haven't in a while. I'm all out of amusing anecdotes though, the rest will be my usual boring rambling.

So I've been thinking about things.

Firstly I think I'll make a portfolio website, and then showcase my stuff. Architecture things, and also some normal art maybe, and.. other.. things? I don't know. I don't really feel a great deal of confidence about any of my architecture things yet, but other arts aren't really relevant.  But I like them, so I guess I'll put them up.
I was thinking in the car today about what to call said portfolio website. I thought of the route that [ profile] marxipan_xlii took, which is using your own name, but Marie has an awesome and unusual name, which is memorable and distinctive. While I like my name, it probably isn't too memorable. I was thinking about my very first blog name (and it's now my gmail login) Luin Nixe. It means Blue Glacier (well, Ice) in Quendi. I really like the sound of the word "glacier," so I think I might go with glacial or something like that as a URL. Glaciertecture was a silly, silly idea that I entertained for about 30 seconds. It's just too... silly. I mean, Glacial might not be perfect, but it will do for at least the next 3 years until I have to start doing something more srs. Or maybe I don't. Maybe I could have glacial.architecture in 3 years. Actually I like that.

Ok, so I was about to explain why I was thinking I could justify 'glacial' as a url tl;dr )
Also it might encourage me to do more art. I'm really... sad, I guess, that I haven't really been drawing much at all lately. My dragons should not only be in the margins of my lecture notes!

I'm drawing some pictures.
Actually I thought I might kind of borrow [ profile] penchaft's idea and draw little pictures for people for Christmas. If you would like a picture of a thing, asks me! :) Some people will be getting things anyway.
(It's an excuse to practise with my copics)

Is it strange that I really want to draw a four legged raven thing? Some kind of raven... horsey beast. I don't really know. I've been reading this art book by John Howe and my Manga Matrix thing. So I blame them. I think it would be an elf-horse thing.

ALSO, also, how do you get itunes to attach album art to your albums?

Oh yeah, and I'm kind of sick. It's really lame.


Oct. 2nd, 2008 09:30 pm
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Hah, this show is so dumb.

Also my hours got cut from 3-9 to 3-7! LAAME! :( :( I am going to be so hideously poor, um, forever.

This is a meme that I stole from [ profile] caketime!

The Controversial Survey, hah )
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So annoyed, so very, very annoyed, at the management of the Co-Op Bookshop at UWA.
The very least they could have done, the very least, was taken the time to tell me,
, that I would have to look for another job. What they SHOULD have done, however, was let me know about a week ago, because they would have known then - if my timetable is the problem, which it is, they knew it last week.
I shouldn't have had to fucking ask them if I was coming back, they should have told me. So pissed.


Today was a fairly good day. I like that Charlie lecturer dude, he's pretty funny, and, I suspect very strongly, some kind of Old English Rocker.

ALSO, I got FREE SHERBET, and I saw [ profile] uruserce when I was a-driving (wee wee wee) all the way home, so it cannot be said that it was a bad day. *waves at Uru*

However, Architecture is fairly ludicrously disorganised. I mean, the instructions for the tutorial which is tomorrow aren't avaliable. They were meant to be up on Wednesday. Wednesday!!I'm beginning to suspect that this is because in the Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Visual Arts, it is not only the students who are smoke-breathing hippies.

If I can't get the books I ordered with the staff discount, I'm totally going all the way to Fremantle Co-Op to order them in (from UWA co-op) and buy them from there. Because I am feeling that spiteful and petty.

What else?

In spite of all the bad-ance, I am in quite a good mood now.
Damnit, bad-ance is a proper term, used by proper grown-ups, because I am a proper grown-up. *Glares challengingly*
*like a petulant child*
Hehe, Petulant is a grand word.
I must type notes now.

Oh. I have a headache. The behind-the-eyes headache that makes me wonder if I've been at the computer for two long.
I wonder if Architecture will give me eye strain. It may just give me lung cancer, but... I wonder about the eye strain.
Also, I have to read Alice in Wonderland for homework, how awesome.

Just realised that now I will never own 100 Heiroglyphs. Mechalony and woe sets in here.

P plates so close I can smell their sickeningly sweet plasticy musk. And the MUSK of car.
I like the word musk. It's rather... pungent!


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