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So, I've decided to answer the question Would you agree that the long-term consequences of the black death were more positive than negative? Why, or why not? for history

I love it, opinion questions! Ah, can you ask any more than an exam that A) you get all the questions for more than 2 weeks before the exam, as they appear in the exam, B) Has about 3 questions that ask you about your opinion?

But, I don't really know how I'm going to argue. On the one hand, directly after the immediate aftermath of the Plague, there was a period of prosperity for the peasantry (and women, who could actually get jobs and own things, but once the nobility got back on their feet that basically returned to normal, although there was more government, as in parliament, I guess. Hmm. So the point is, I don't know how I'm going to argue. However, I will have figured that out by "the end of the day" (when I stop studying and cave in to my recently renewed Age of Empires addiction), via the warm, glowing, warming glow that is WebCT and a lecture timetable with comprehensive titles, but I'd still like some outside opinions, because who doesn't love a discussion about the Black Death?! Honestly, people. Don't think about catching the Black Death though, because then I will get a less positive response to that question. :P

In other news, I can't wait for exams to be over, even though I actually adore both of the remaining subjects. Two weeks with three exams is too long.

Hahah, I am going to fail at NaNoWriMo. So badly. I have no idea where anything is going. A pity.

Gavin's all finished now O_o ooh, exciting ('sept he'll be in Bunbury soon *weeps*)
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[I figured it was high time my favourite band made an appearance in the subject line]

You know, I quite like Fathers Day, much like I quite like Mothers Day. We owe a lot to our parents, beyond the very obvious. And no matter how opressed I might feel at times, I really am pleased with mine. My Dad had the most boyish face of glee when I gave him his present [Stargate:SG1 season 2] and it made me happy. Which is good.

I will now talk about music, something I don't do very often, but feel like doing now.
You know, I really like Silverchair. They may not be the most musically brilliant musicians ever, but that is not what matters to me. I still love their music more than I love other band's stuff [though System of A Down, Rage Against the Machine and The Smashing Pumpkins at times come closeish]. I'm not sure why. But I know that I like it. Don't worry, I expected a more in-depth conversation from me too, but I guess it's still morning, so I suppose my brain's not into that kind of thinking just yet [or something].

I have just decided to Post my current playlist )

Ghan, out

P.S The songs clearly by Bob Marley are not in fact by some other random group, with a U in their name and a number. You're as confused as I.
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Ah, Bender.
Oh my god, Tax Return is terrifyingly boring. It's kind of cold in here. The next addition to Ghan's Wonderful Electronic Menagerie should be a heater. No, it's probably going to be a better WebCam, but oh well. I love my new chair. *snuggles in it* It's warm and smells of new, and leather. In fact, it makes my whole room smell of new and leather. Hee. Hee.
Internet in my room! Hell awesome. Now all I need is... well, a few things, and I'm set.

It took soo long to set up all teh stuff for this thing. Like three hours. But it was so worth it. Yesss. Uhm, what else do I have to say... Oh yes. Saw [ profile] tattered_pinion at his place-of-work today. As he wanted Medieval: Total War Back. Which is realy fair enough.
Bonnie got complemented many times. I need to wash my hair. I should probably look into catching up on all those Roman History lectures now. And look up my Myth, Monument and Memory task. Damn, I'll probably need to buy more books. Damnit. Ah well, I
bet they'll be awesome. I need that Medieval Europe document reader too. Uni so expensive. I hope I did that Tax Return stuff right, and don't get chased down for some kind of fraudulent and filthy lying. Oh well. There's nothing for it now. The light in here is funny. I'm so so glad my headache has gone away, it was making me feel quite unhappy. I wonder if Gavin'll be online tonight. Hoom.

*Lord of the Ringscraving*! I want to read that part with *gasp* I've forgotten his name, oh my no... it starts with a G, and he's that elf that the hobbits meet just out of the Shire. Well, I want to read it again. And then skip forward to the Council of Elrond.
Yes. Brilliant!
And then to the Ents. Quickbeam! And Fangorn... If I could hug the Ents, I would.
I am such a fangirl sometimes.

If I had something more interesting to say, I would have put it here.

"Pathetic humans! Prepare to write down the recipe!"
Hehee. Morbo.

Oh my god. Connection problems annoy the hell out of me.

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