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VISA2252 Art, Alchemy and Shamanism

This is an elective for history next year.
Hells yes.

Well probably.

Which reminds me - I'm fairly sure anyone can take our history units, and by "anyone" I mean "anyone in ALVA and probably in Arts", so. There's this awesome lecturer, Charlie Mann, who knows a whoooole lot about Ancient Egypt. He said he would do a unit in 3rd year about Ancient Egypt if I presented to him a petition of at least 25 names saying that they would enrol in the unit.

If you need anything else to convince you aside from the fact that it's going to be about Ancient Egypt, here are some more facts:

- Charlie is a lost rolling stone. He is totally awesome. For those of you who know her, think of Phillipa Maddern but with an English accent, a slightly more-different (hehe) sense of humour, and a dash of Rolling stone. Also a different gender.

- Charlie despises exams and does everything he can to remove them from his units, completely, or in part. In his history unit last year, we had "pub quizzes" instead. Unfortunately they didn't take place in the Tav, but that was the easiest 20% I ever got.

Cons: He's kind of terrifying if he's angry. But that doesn't happen unless you're being a dick. It hasn't happened to me.

Prz vote for names fo' me laptop:

- Strider *
- Elbereth *
- Eorling *
- Shadowfax *
- Nahar *
- Telperion ~
- Edoras/Edora ~
- Tintalle ~
- Nessa ~
- Fanuillos
- Giliath (I believe means "all the host of stars", similar to "Gil-galad")
- Orome

Stars next to the ones I like most.

~ squiggles indicate ones that I like less than asterisked ones, but more than unmarked ones. :P Generally they just have too many syllables or aren't well enough known (even in the "in crowd")

Thanks to [ profile] voyaging_moon and [ profile] caketime who have already voted for Gilthoniel and Strider respectively.

Whait (hehe spells) [ profile] caketime weren't you [ profile] eat_whale?
*boggles* when did that happen?
*rolls around*
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Today was a very productive day. Yay!
The past few days have been... epic. I say past few, because it was really thursday/friday and... I can't really separate the two.

I'm going to talk about today first though, because you heard some of what happened at uni already.

I finally have a desk! It's gigantic (1800 x 900 mm... don't know the height), and totally glorious. Got it from Second Chance Office Furniture in Midland (their new stuff is really cheap, too, in comparison to say Ikea/Fredom/Anywhere I looked beforehand.. As in $250 for a very large corner desk, rather than $500 or $600. This is a big difference! And they put the furniture together for you, too. Glory. Anyway, so I'm now the owner of a gigantic, heavy, beech coloured desk. It is so close to matching my bookcases that it's even more flukey-awesome.

I think it will be an early night tonight. I'm so tired. O_O

So anyway, um... yeah. I'm fairly pleased, but there were really annoying holes in my dragon that appeared in the render (final, static image) but not in the working perspective window. Angry.
And here it is! )
There's an image below the cut. It's been resized so some things aren't that clear. If you want to see a higher-res image... go to my Deviantart [new winder] ---> (clicky)

and that is all!

By the way, the "Sustainability =/= ugly" argument is losing, slightly. BOXES ARE NOT BEAUTIFUL.
That is all.
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Soy Yoghurt smells funny.

It smells like... powdery, sour. Stuff. It isn't either. Although it is stuff.

I have been bad, I have not checked my emails, and now I must. But I'm not going to... Until later. Maybe. !!!!!!!! It's server shutdown time. :(
I want to do arty stuff but I have no PAINTS.

This entry was kind of funny, wannit?

Lemon Lime and Bitters (from a pub) is now my official favourite drink. Yes - more better than Coke. Because I am bored of it. Unfortunately it is more expensive, and harder to get at home. :(
But let this news be heard!

I want to make awesome pictures of things. Yes.

Some guy tried to give us a pizza that we didn't order. He knew our surname. We called to see what had happened, and the pizza peoples said "have you gotten your pizza yet?" It's spooky. Like pizza-mind control monsters from the land of evil pizza. Mars, or something.
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Well! I think I will be bringing to you the first real update in days, from me.
[It's all Gavin's fault, the crazy, I mean]

I have seen two movies this week!
Harken Unto My Magnificent Reviews!!
Spoilers. Duh.
The Brothers Grimm )

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire )
The UCS stuff was really nice too. Good job, peoples.
Also, sorry I left so abruptly. My mum wanted to go home straight avay.

In other news...

Adventure World for the first time evar tomorrow! YAYs!! Am excited.

Um. I do believe I have nothing else to say.
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So, I've decided to answer the question Would you agree that the long-term consequences of the black death were more positive than negative? Why, or why not? for history

I love it, opinion questions! Ah, can you ask any more than an exam that A) you get all the questions for more than 2 weeks before the exam, as they appear in the exam, B) Has about 3 questions that ask you about your opinion?

But, I don't really know how I'm going to argue. On the one hand, directly after the immediate aftermath of the Plague, there was a period of prosperity for the peasantry (and women, who could actually get jobs and own things, but once the nobility got back on their feet that basically returned to normal, although there was more government, as in parliament, I guess. Hmm. So the point is, I don't know how I'm going to argue. However, I will have figured that out by "the end of the day" (when I stop studying and cave in to my recently renewed Age of Empires addiction), via the warm, glowing, warming glow that is WebCT and a lecture timetable with comprehensive titles, but I'd still like some outside opinions, because who doesn't love a discussion about the Black Death?! Honestly, people. Don't think about catching the Black Death though, because then I will get a less positive response to that question. :P

In other news, I can't wait for exams to be over, even though I actually adore both of the remaining subjects. Two weeks with three exams is too long.

Hahah, I am going to fail at NaNoWriMo. So badly. I have no idea where anything is going. A pity.

Gavin's all finished now O_o ooh, exciting ('sept he'll be in Bunbury soon *weeps*)
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This Is My Life, Rated
Take the Rate My Life Quiz

Not bad Ghan, not bad. I give my spirit score a suspicious cackle. I'm sure I cheated somehow. *malevolent glee*

Anyway, I had a splendiferous Fridaynight-saturday-sunday morning-early afternoon, thankyou for asking.

[ profile] patternsofchaos, congratumolations on a fantastico party! It were grand. I had a lot of fun.
I also discovered something! Something that many people have claimed to already know, but now I have proven it to my own satisfaction. Right, see, I wasn't hungry at all on saturday, and wierdly, still am not. It is rather odd. That's not important to my magnificent finding, though. Just remember that Saturday+Ghan = very little food. So, I hadn't really eaten anything, and then I discovered that [ profile] patternsofchaos had gloriously supplied Vodka Cruisers. I had one, and then I was tipsy to the level of many more cruisers! It didn't really increase much over the course of the second cruiser, which is interesting, but I think that's because I drank it more slowly. Hm. But yeah. I discovered that no food + alcohol = alcohol potency times more! Fascinating, huh?

I have a plan for the study break, am v. proud. Have I mentioned here that we have the questions for the History exam again? I think I should remind [ profile] tattered_pinion to check WebCT for them, because I would feel bad if he didn't have enough time to study for the exam because he didn't know on time (yes, even though it is not my fault that he didn't go to the lecture :P).
The only exam that will take actual real effort will be psych. Mainly because the other two subjects are history, and history isn't work. Therefore it's more fun rather than effort. I suppose Gavin's re-Bunburyage came at a good time, because now I can't distract myself with thinking "well it wouldn't hurt to go see him for a few hours" because I can't, because... I can't drive to Bunbury by me onesies. But Gavin coming back this weekend = happyness. Yep.

Well, what do you know, it's been a year since Presentation Night (well, near enough). And graduation! You know, it never really hit me in any emotional sense. I guess it never will. I think I've missed my last opportunity for a big soppy cry, because I don't think it'll be like that at the end of uni (if that day ever comes).

"Your costume sucks!"
"And your life expectancy is laughable, meat-stick"

Semagic makes me happy. I don't know why I didn't download it months ago. Or years. I can say that now. I have had Live Journal for "a long time."

I don't know how I got so tired, or when it got so dark-like. Oh. I drove to Armadale and back on friday, yes, just for the hell of it. 100km roads are actually awesomely fun.

Damnit. I had something to say before, to do with people, oh yes. I remember. Jason - he is the person with the hair and the glasses, yes? I hope so, I don't like forgetting peoples names... anyway, does he have LJ? I should add him, if so.

I've been drawing those bizarre creatures that started existing on... thursday? friday? some day. I might scan them and put them up here at some point in time. Who knows?

I don't really have anything else valid to say here. Brother has Xbox and Halo 2. Am not sucky, which is... interesting.

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