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I think I shall reconsider my response to your "studying generally rather than studying specifically for the win" statement, [ profile] nicholii. See, I think that if I didn't know exactly what I needed to know, and if I didn't know that I already know more than enough to pass, I'd study more thoroughly. It's all about arrogance I suppose.
That said though, it's awesome knowing all the parts of an exam, even if it does make the whole thing an extravagant exercise in futility.

"I have seven Kilos of cheese" unfortunately isn't true. I just remembered that I did, as my post-Black Death wealthy-merchant self. It was vintage, medieval cheese. I bet it'd kill me if I tried to eat it today.
Apparantly I have to make salad now. Damn. Should never have let on that I can do things and look after myself, it gives people ideas. Tsk.

I'll probably update again later, although I don't have anything to say. Livejournal is like that though. It sucks you in and you can't get out. So you just drool thoughts until you fall asleep/your fingers fall off/both. Oh, it can happen.

See what I mean?

I'm installing a "Windows Fun Pack". ooh, exciting.
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I feel so bad. I think I will have silent-rememberance o'clock at 11pm instead. I feel so bad. *mopes*

Today has been incredibly counter-productive. Interestingly, it wasn't wild-tangent counter-productive. Shall we say that the subject provided it's own distraction.
Yes! I spent the whole day reading Ovid's Metamorphoses, which I don't even need to know for the exam. Sigh. It's ridiculous. Bleargh!

I came up with a story behind Faerie finally. I don't remember where the idea came from.
Edit: The picture is now on my DA account!! Please look-ie /Edit
angels and daemons :P )
MOOOOO. I totally lost my poetic voice at the end of that. But that's okay, the voice was a little lame. I don't care. It's writ now. Writ. Heeee. I drew a mad picture of Faerie, with craaazy crosshatching. Will scan later and put on DA.

I payed things! Well, yesterday. Like my Amenities and Services fee ($60) and payed for this ($65.91 including postage and handling).
*contented sigh* I can't think of any other debts I have at the mome... 'sept for that stupid lay-by. Gah! (the top is pretty though. So pretty.)

I have no more thingies to say. Wednesday was 10 months with Gavin. It is a happy thing. I didn't mention it at the time because I didn't want to. I will now though, becuase I do.
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Okay, so while I'm telling myself I'm just doing this so that I'll be remined to study when I check livejournal every 15 minutes, we all know it's just more procrastination.

Things to do:
- memories points behind the 10 tasks
- practie applying points to random passages from the sourcebook
- look at random Greek art and do the same!
- draw pictures of all the pretty god/esses and monsters, or heroes <-- maybe later.

Hahah. Actually, now I put it like that, I'm actually feeling kind of motivated. Woo! Oh, right, that motivation is to draw awesome greek monsters, like Echidna, Cerberus and Medusa... Aww, Perseus! He's my favourite hero, now. Herakles? Pshhhh. Perseus is totally where it's at.
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The hobbits the hobbits the hobbits to Isengard to Isengard!

Oh dear god that's fantastic. Thankyou, [ profile] tattered_pinion.

Well, I'm feeling rather confident about the psych exam now. I did the cd-quizzes, and passed zhem all. Yay! Did very well on most. So I no longer ph30r the Psych monster. I wonder if I'll ever study it again... *muses* You know, I still have no idea what I'm doing next year, although I'm aware that my innermost aspirations are much loftier than teaching. No offence intended to teachers. I'm not sure how Architecture would achieve that, but it's at least more unusual than teaching, as I've never met an Architect before, but I've met truckloads (well, maybe one truckload) of teachers. Hoom-haroom.

I go sleep now - early night to make good for early waking. 6am, eeeeesh. I haven't gotten up that early since school semester one exams!
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*hands fall off*
I discovered another thing today that's really quite evident but was pleasing and intriguing to me at the time today, and that is that... oh, never mind. It has to do with arms and hands and fingers and controlness. It's kind of silly, but I was very tired when I realised it. Actually, that sums me up right now - "very tired." I can't wait for tomorrow, at around 12.30 pm. Yep. That'll be nice. Not straight after the exam, because immediately after is always kind of stressful, and filled with too many anxious thoughts. Oh.

Psych People
Would you say that the maladaptive behaviours of people with anxiety disorders are positively or negatively reinforced? I know they're reinforced, but I can't figure out if positively is correct, because isn't it reinforcing the behaviour by taking away the stressor? Hm. It probably is negative reinforcement.

I'm feeling pretty confident about the psych exam. I pretty much know the answer to all of the essay questions now, and so I'm going to pass the exam regardless of the question. And I figure that all the extra knowledge will be useful in the multi choice. Although, unlike last semester, I can't find my multi choice sheets from the labs so I can't make a little mini-exam for myself. Sigh. Oh well, I'm sure it doesn't really matter. I hope the essay questions are the ones on Milgram and Asche and... hmm, yeah, the Schizophrenia one. Yep. That'd be well sweet. Hey, luck was on my side for the last psych exam - the two questions I could answer best were two of the three in the exam, and the one I didn't pick wasn't one I couldn't answer but just my least favourite - so maybe that'll happen again.

Hm. Went to Gavin's on Friday night, and was back here by 10am. Best break-from-study ever.

Think I will try out [ profile] halffling's LJ template after exams. No, it's not the uber-awesome one she has on her account currently (Look at it now), but it looks very... customisable. :)

Wow, when all you're doing is updating LJ, 10 minutes seems to go pretty slowly.

Bonnie's almost totally deaf :( I think we should take her to the vet and see if maybe she has doggy ear wax (bleargh) or something, and see if that'll help her hear better. It's not causing her pain or anything, aside from the deafness she is still the image of Fox Terrier Healthiness. At least I hope so, I really really do...

Classical music is so pretty! I've been listening to Beethoven, Mozart, Vivaldi, my LotR's (sorry [ profile] frippoi) and PotC soundtracks all day. They are teh pretties.

Ooh, and that's time.
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I don't know, it sounded dramatic. The sequel to this entry should be entitled "Heuristic of success," but I doubt that I'll remember that, entertaining though it may be.

Well! My livejournal has experienced a hiatus of sorts (on the public side of things anyway - trust me, you don't want to read the private entries, they're filled with pre-exam angries and disgusting levels of angst and self pity), and I'd like to say that study's going along well. I actually think it is, the Algorithm-heuristic thing is just something that amused me.

To anyone going with [ profile] armygeek (herself included) to the casino tonight, I wish you the best of fun! (Hehe, that's a funny thing to say, isn't it?)

Well, I don't have much time left in my half hour study break. Ohhh well. I was going to do so many things in my half hour of freedom, too. Meh. Have I mentioned I have made much progress today? Hm. Well, I have. Am now floating in the warm bubble of security that is retarded ammounts of study.

Exam study periods always bring out in me the most bizarre desires to livejournal random, unfunny thoughts (well, at least, I assume they're unfunny, I often disagree... but you know, pre-exam crazies), and do internet quizzes and those ridiculous, inane surveys. I actually hate them, but somehow, I long to participate in the grey, zombie-pancake mush that is online quizzes and spelling pancake as "pankake".

The onscreen keyboard is hell, by the way. You see, I moved my keyboard so that I'd
a) have someplace to actually sit down and study without losing my spine/developing a prodigious hunchback
2) [oh, hilarity] not be able to go online and look at things while "studying," due to the pure tedium of onscreen keyboard.

It's kind of amusing though. Pressing caps lock, num lock or scroll lock on the onscreen keyboard makes the lights go on or off on the actual real keyboard. Tick tock. It made me happy.

I have to go now. The good times are over!

Edit: I've just discovered thar I can't actually spell. All knowledge of mine is actually residual stuff which, zombie-like, I have consumed over the years.

That is all.
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Hehe. I found my little book of quotes from 12 History classes when trying to find paper to write study stuff on. That one amused me. So did:

"I know what I have to write..."
"The truth?"
"...I put good over lawful."

I don't remember what our little discussion there was about, [ profile] lone_one, but I suspect it might have been... Grad books?

I've found... or, well, the uni has found this delightful little studying website, which I am using at the moment for Psych. I'm actually making an absurd amount of progress considering it's The First Day. Er, I don't know whether it'll hold up.

Oh noes! Nanowrimo!Afternoon of The First Day. Mayhap I will study by day, and work on that by night. It seems a good plan. Bwahahahah.

Oh! I called the Places, and got a call back today. Since there are like 9 positions for Museum Curating (??) in WA, and all of them are presently filled, I don't know what to dooo... I can do volunteer work though. Joy... ! Er, I called Mr. Miller too, and talked about Teaching. GASP! I know. I think I might do that. Architect lady is obviously too good to call me back. Which I guess is ok, because our phone is fucked. If you need to call me! Call my mobile!

Ghan, out.

It's all fun and games until someone looses an eye.
Then it's fun and games
with the eye.

[Edit: What is everyone else doing Nanowrimo calling themselves on the website? I want to add firendses. Hehe. I am Ghan there... shock! heh. I go now...]
[Edit: bwahahah. I have added some people who I found by my terrifying mind-skillz. But perhaps there are more of you...?]
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Really, I hate it right now.
But I thought I might write my notes in my livejournal, so that not only do I not have to juggle books-screen-pen-writing, etc etc etc, but also you all have access to this interesting stuff on Mysticism! Yay!

Gender and Politics in Early Modern Europe by Claire Walker )
Hm. Everything after this point would seem to be too recent to be useful, damn. Ah well. It's still all really interesting. I need to find a book called Holy Anorexia, it's apparantly a good secondary source about St Catherine of Sienna. Joy!

Doubtless, there will be more of this to come!

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