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Ah, the Pointy End of Semester.
It comes around so quickly every time.
So on Wednesday I have two major things due:

Tech 4
Site Visit Diary (40%)

Professional Practice
Professional Practice Portfolio (20%)
Group Presentation (15%)
Individual Short Report - Hames Sharley Architects (20%)

And then next Friday I have due:

BCA Compliance Drawings + Report (60%)

on the 28th of May

Folio (100%)


So yeah, just saying that I probably won't be attending anything in May, or at least it doesn't look like I will be able to from here. From here, it doesn't look like I have time to sleep.
Maybe this will change after next week! I know I hope so.

I'm kind of freaking out. All I want to do is chill out and relax but... I can't do that for very long, because if I do it for too long, it really isn't relaxing.

Also our internet is shaped. This makes my procrastination take up even more time!
Now I have to go.
Got drawings to do, reports to write. Ahh ahh ahh.
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The thing is though, I'm completely calm about the exams. That is not the source of my stress.
I think, essentially, the problem is just that I'm a very angry person.
Oh, you wouldn't think it. But it's true. The anger is there!!

However, I think the exams will go splendidly, and it's summer! Hooray! Beach time. And the time of smelling strongly of sunblock, but I don't mind. And perhaps the slightest of healthy glows to my skin. Although I don't think I'm capable of throwing off my pallid complexion entirely, not that I'd want to, I suspect that Irish genes will impede any attempts for non-burning in the sun. So! Sunblock for me. Actually, I won't darken. I just remembered that I've successfully spent two solid weeks in the sun with no tan in sight. Or sunburn. I was so proud. Perhaps I will learn to win at swimming in the ocean! That'd be nice. Mmm. Summer, so many possibilities, and only two days to go until they're all splendidly accessible. Not to mention that Gavin is on holidays for the first time in about 9 months. And I'm on holidays at the same time. JOYOUS!

Other good things about Summer
- daylight until late-o-clock
- summer is adventure-movies time
- summer music tends to be of a better quality
- summer-fruits
- ocean!!

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