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It basically just snowed at uni.
A blizzard of hail!
It was meant to be 34 degrees today!
What the heeeeeellllllll

Pics later!
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Everyone said that London was a bad place to go if you want to see snow (rhymes!), but today it snowed! So happy. It snowed pretty well, too. The snowflakes started out really tiny, like just frozen raindrops, and as it got going a bit they became clumps of frozen raindrops. It was fantastic fun! :)

Turns out that our flight leaves at 9:15 pm instead of 5:15pm so we have the afternoon to watch the snow through the window (it's changed to rain now I think) and tv.

The weekend - I am going to see how my parents feel about me having a bbq at my place. More details to come, probably? Party party.

Non-holiday related stuff - I'm reasonably sure that I want to get a Macbook Pro at some point in the not-too distant future (before I go back to uni next year definately), but I have some questions and I think people in the Livejournal universe may be able to answer them. :)

In which I ask boring questions about the 15 inch MBP )

Can anyone suggest a good mac community website where I could learn things/ask questions? All I've managed to find so far are dumb fannish websites with really biased reviews.

Pew-pew lasers.

I hope they feed us on the plane. I am going to be sooo hungry by 9pm tonight.
BA has quite good plane food actually.
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Yes, not something you'd expect from someone who is in London in December, but we've been plagued with lovely, sunny (yet freezing) weather, and damn it, the weather lady said it might snow today or tomorrow and I may not know much about snow, but I don't think that bright sunshine is a good sign.
So I want the sun to go away, and I want it to snow.

People should watch this. It's awesome.

I'm looking forward to going home now, as I think I've said, but I'll definately miss London. It's an awesome city. The only downsides to it are the weather and the huuuuuuge distance from home.

We overestimated how much money we'd need for food and such for our 9-day stint in the city, so we're going to splurge today and spend more than £4 between us on dinner - we're going to Nandos! Nandos in England costs the same number-value as it does at home - so it's about £20 for the two of us to eat.
Which is a fair bit... But it's still great. And Nandos here comes with bottomless softdrinks.

But let me tell you about our amazingly cheap dinners!
So there's this supermarket called Iceland, where you can buy a 1kg bag of frozen veggies for £1, and a 1kg bag of frozen chips for £1, and deeeeelicious minted lamb chops for £3.

It sounds boring, but it's actually amazing. Because - and this is the bad bit - we cook the lamb chops in a baking tray in the hostel oven and then we cook the chips in the saaame baking tray after we cook the chops.
SO the result is amazingly delicious chips... But it's probably not very good for us.
I like to think that the veggies cancel out the badness of the other two... but I know that it doesn't.

How lucky is it that our flight is tomorrow and not next week? British Airway Cabin Crews are planning to strike over Christmas.
Striking has to be the most retarded thing ever. Ok, so you're not happy that you're not getting paid enough. But that's not the customer's fault.
Basically, BA is in a fair bit of financial trouble, from what I have heard, and they have offered staff wages cuts or they lose their job. This is what's causing the planned strikes. Yes, this sucks, but the company is in serious trouble. They have to cut jobs, they don't have a choice. If I was in control of BA staff, I know who I would fire first - anyone that strikes.
Er. I just really hate striking. It's the most inconsiderate, stupid thing ever. Strikes almost always hurt the customer/whatever more than it hurts the CEOS or whoever are making the strikers angry.

In another ranty rant, the Australian Internet Filter is retarded. Why the hell would you waste money on something that isn't going to stop everyone? Even if it's only going to slow our internet connections by a negligible ammount, our internet is already beyond woeful for a nation of our standing. In this hostel's average by English standards internet connection, on a computer that is in no way fast, we downloaded a movie in under 8 minutes. A whole movie. To do that at home on a pretty great connection takes hours!


Well, gotta go pack, re-pack and weigh our bags now! It's a delicate balance. Basically if the baggage lady asks to weigh my carry on, we're boned. If she doesn't, we're sweet.

I'm going to catch up on aaaall my friends page stuff when I get home. And then I'll be a good LJ-user again.
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Switzerland is my favourite country so far!
We met up with [ profile] caketime in Bern (Berne?) which was awesome! Bern is a nice place too, but hanging out with Mia for a day was the coolest :P We checked out the Parliament and the Tiergarten (sp?) Which is basically a small animal park. The deermouse is a very strange little creature. Then we did MOAR STUFF and finally we had dinner and we tried Swiss food, I had Rosti (grated potato...pie) with sausages... wurst? which was deeeelicious. And then it was time to say goodbye. :( Aw. But it was lots of fun, thanks [ profile] caketime!

After Bern we went on to Lauterbrunnen, where we stayed at Camping Jungfrau holiday Park (or something) which is in "The Valley of 72 Waterfalls" (though I think we could only see about 10, but I guess it is summer or something.), which is absolutely amazing! In a million years when I can upload photos I'll post some, because you really can't describe how great this place was with words. And there were snow-capped Mountains!
We went hiking all around the place, both sides of the valley, and we went up to "The Top of Europe," Jungfraujoch, which is 3,454m above sea level (feet sounds more impressive - 11,333 ft.)
There was lots of snow on the mountain, icy snow. I ate some, and I didn't die or anything. It was delicious. I also made my first snowman. He was heeell badass. Well, he became it when Gavin put his sunglasses on him. Pictures to come! You just have to wait, oh, I don't know, a million years. Man I regret not taking a laptop! Oh well.

The lion monument is the most moving war memorial I have ever seen, it's really nice. Lucerne is a great town too, it has Medieval Watchtowers and the ramparts and stuff are still intact and it was awesome.
HIGHLAND COWS I FED HIGHLAND COWS, I almost fed a Highland calf but Gavin discovered that my Swiss army knife does indeed conduct electricity, and I kind of yelped and the calf ran away. It was a sad moment.
Lucerne (Luzern?) Also has some really cool Medieval bridges which run over the super fast flowing river.

Does anyone know what date unit results are being released? I really want mine. :(

How are things with everyone anyway?

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