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But I can't remember what it was. Errr.
I miss LJ, and we brought 24 hours of internet time at this hostel (1 hour was 3 Euro, 24 hours is 6 Euro), so since I don't need to do anything than stare at a tv screen on a bus all day tomorrow (Literally all day) I figure I may as well do some internetting.
It's been good! I caught up on Penny Arcade (I LOVE Penny Arcade) and read some friends-list and er, well that's about it I guess. I have no ideawhat time it i... oh an it's quarter to one.
I guess I should go to bed.

If you check my facebook profile you'll notice that I have uploaded a single photo (two if you check Gavin's profile too). I have over 2,000 so don't worry, ONE DAY there shall be a catalogue of my excellent adventures, but not this day. This day, we fight!

That's right!
Ok so Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince comes out next month. I figure, being a HP movie and all it will be in cinemas for AT LEAST a month so I want to see it in London. (I won't be in an English speaking country on launch day, and there is no way I can trick/bribe Gavin into going to the movie on launch day.) So yeah, basically that is the core of the thing - I would like some amusing ideas to help me trick Gavin into going to see HBP with me. The more amusing, the better. I actually have nothing, but that's probably because I should sleep. Uuuuuugh.

Today I saw more neat arts at the Musee de' Orsay. It was neat. (I'm really tired can you tell?)

STRANGELY, right now I crave Pokemon. Man I wish I had brought my DS / Laptop.

I think, I go now.

Oh yeah funny story - tonight my meal cost 6 Euros (~$12). It was chicken and chips and it was pretty good. We asked how much a coke was? 3 Euros! ($6!)

Um yes.
To sleep!

I still wish I had Gabe(Penny Arcade)'s talent, even when in Europe, it is interesting to note.

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I feel all weird. It's not necessarially a bad thing. But it is a weird thing. I should sleep now.
It's odd. I feel pretty much constantly guilty. BUT ABOUT WHAT.

Also Gavin and I will be going somewhere from about the 9th of July to probably the 15th or 16th. So I won't be doing stuff then. Because it's helpful to know stuff in advance?
Hopefully.. ugh. The whole thing, with the thing. I like it, it's fun. But it's terribly inconvenient. I hope it will work out. Gavin got it organised the earliest that he could, so... I suppose if worst came to worse I could always... >_>
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Random lyric from some song on Nova (yes, I listen to Nova, I am not exactly what you would call "music cultured" - I don't like adds and I don't like a great deal of the stuff I hear on the Js lately, so it's CDs or that channel, or 96fm, mmkay? And I am cool with this), which I think sums up my subject for studio - or "client" if you will - Leigh Bowery. Look him up if you want. He has a very cultured voice. Upper-class-English-type, I thought. Or rather, my stereotype of an Upper-class English voice.

In other news, the New Prada Building is AWESOME, and made of cool things which I want to make my "building" out of. Look at it.
Yes, I am actually being too lazy to make HTMLs.
It's in Tokyo. Tokyo, it seems, is awesome-things-capital of the world, second to where-ever I am at any one given moment :D

Even though it's been like 4 months, every time I reach into my pencil case and remember that my favourite pencil ever is not there and never will be again, I feel a keen sense of loss. :(

It's absolutely amazing how much I have pushed from my brain since 2004. I used to be average teetering on the edge of good (on a good day only) - but at least I used to be alright, and understand and stuff. Now I am completely shite. no really.
Where the hell is my Graphics calculator. Life would be infinitely easier with it. :( maybe it's in "that box."

Oooh, it's not all bad.

I have like 6 drawings and 2 models to do by thursday. LOL.
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An interesting Note: two futurama DVDs can make a 5 hour shift pass quite quickly, if used wisely.

My feet/legs ache so.
Appologies for falling asleep in UniSFA and not going to psych, though I'm not entirely sure who I'm appologising to. Meh.
I don't really have anything to say today. However! I did find a nice car for $4000, although it's 15 years old so perhaps $4000 is a little steep despite the fact that it's auto and has power steering and A/c... although I wouldn't really know. It's dissapointing that even though it's in my new, re-assessed price range, I still can't afford it because I want to pay at the very least $2000 off myself in cash first, if not all of it. Debt is icky.

My shoulders hurt too. Aww, there's only one thing for it - solitaire! I'm not sure how it'll help, but, you know.

I think "The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings" may be my favourite episode of Futurama. I'm not sure, but it might be. Interesting! What are your opinions, those of you who have them?


Aug. 30th, 2005 11:06 pm
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Yes, in my tourment as to making some sort of decision about Klauth ), I've magically rediscovered my old fandom of Digimon. Ya know, an good fandom just doesn't stay down. Or rather, obsessive fandoms just don't stay down.
But anyway, in honour of two things:
1. The Fact that I have 100 icon spacess


2. For my dear friend [ profile] lone_one
I have made the following icons. I'm sure you'll appreciate them, *smile sweetly*

And to the rest of you...
[Poll #561706]
You don't have to know, you just have to Chooooooose.
If you choose the right option, feel free to take one of these glorious icons: [also, Danica should take them as they are gifts, and display them with pride]

And finally! Read the woeful yet hugely popular Death Alone Cannot Part Us, which I wrote when I was 14, and all into the Angst Fics about Matt. Ohh yeah. Hehe. Good times. If you read it and out of some kind of masochism or morbid curiosity, I actually did write all of it, I just never bothered to type it up. If you request, I will dig up the book it's in and complete the "masterpiece." I may well post it anyway... be warned...

I sleep now.

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