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I have a question for you. Can you think of any movement more pretentious than Post Modernism? Seriously.

In other news: ZOMG UNI IS SO FULL OF AWESOME. I'm finally doing my comunity centre design and I'm really really excited about it. and having fun. And I'm having equal ammounts of fun with my Digital Design Media assignment - NURBS! Neeeeeeeeerbs. They're cool. Delicious and nutritious, and will cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. :)

I might upload some of my sketches for my community centre later. But it will be friends locked. Becuase you know. I'm paranoid like that. Oooogly boogly.

Mainly because one of the guys in my studio last year who is in my studio again this year blatantly stole one of my ideas that I mentioned to him in class - as in word for word stole - and so I'm not saying anything about it in public forums this time, because if he does it again I'll probably flip out and break some faces.

But yes.. I'm totally having some kind of geeky hyperdrive over enthusiasm thing happening. It's an interesting sensation. Because I'm also quite ill atm. Oh noes.

Um um um.

I can seriously see Illidan Stormrage or Lady Sylvanas Windrunner ending up in my render story thing for DDM. Totally. Because my tutor would totally find this cool. I'm not even kidding. He had Darth Vader's personal pew-pew ship in the demo one he made for us. That's right.
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I am making some progress with juggling. Shocking, I know.

My layout is almost finished! Oh yes. It's going to have a Futurama header, I think.
Bleargh! ILLNESS! I don't want to go to work... but money ish good.
Both Michael J Fox and Brendan Fraser were on Scrubs this morning. Whee.

I just wanted to show off my Sweet Zombie Jesus icon. It's not that good, but it makes me laugh.
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Boooooo to today. I feel siick and i have to woork. *weeps* I have a sore throat and a headache, and am all hot. (and the temperature is quite high)
[ profile] almightybean commented that I normally always update about everything and yesterday I didn't. So yes. The everything I left out from yesterday was in fact results for units in second semester, and that's partially because I'm really disapointed with them. I got a HD (80) in Myth, Monument and Memory, which I am pleased with, but it was such an easy unit that really, anything less than a D would have totally been a fail. But I only got a CR (67) in Medieval Europe, which sucks, and I'm sure is the fault of that god damned essay. Oh, and I only got a CR(65) in Psych, but that's because I didn't care, I think. I should have put much more effort into it.
So basically, I'm disapointed with those results, not because I think it's unfair, but because I know I could have at least gotten Distinctions in those two subjects if I'd tried harder.
But on the flip side, I have a happy credit average like the lady said I'd need to get into Architecture. So now all my agonising over what to enrol in next year weighs soundly on my own shoulders.
See, there are pros and cons to both. And while they may seem silly to you, they seem very good to me. They are... Architecture results in a better career, which I am almost 100% sure I will enjoy more than teaching, which would eventually become stale and repetitive, but is a longer degree, which means more time at home, and at uni, not doing other important life-things that I want to do.

But anyway, today sucked because I felt sick, but is also bad because I had to go to my Grandparent's house and make pleasant conversation, which isn't all bad, because I like my grandparents, but was annoying because I didn't feel well and wanted to sleep. And now I have to go to work at 4pm to 10pm, so I can't talk to Gavin today. Boooo.

And dear god I hate people. They're all so stupid. Especially customers at Video Ezy. Especially phone calls. "Do you have any new movies?" "Are you open?" "Do you know this movie - I can't remember the title, the plot, the director, or any of the actor's names, but the main guy has blue eyes and drives a car."
I swear we need to get rid of that thing.
I also think all staff should be allowed to carry cattle prods. I think I've brought this up before.
Then a big neon sign that says "Do not ask stupid questions."
I also want a "release the hounds" button. The hounds would of course be some kind of fire breathing Hell Hound. Oh yes.
What's the subtitle of the movie Clerks? I think it's
Just because they serve you doesn't mean they like you

And it's so right.
But on the up side, Richard is back, and Sherry and Charly are good. So now we'll have more good staff members than ever before! Yay!

However, I've been calling the Driving-place every day, and the soonest I've yet been able to bump my driving test forward to is the 6th of February. Which is better than the 3rd of March, but still not good enough.

the 31st century, the word "Jesus" has become a standard exclamation of
amazement, usually used by old people. Examples include, "Holy Zombie
Jesus!" and "Sweet Zombie Jesus!" Due to the Zombie content, it is fair
to assume that Jesus was not at his physical prime during his second

Taken from

Expect many Futurama icons from me soon. Oh yes.

Am drinking far too much coke. God save us all.
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Unfortunately, I have no idea how to actually spell that line, but I don't see how it actually matters. I mean, ultimately, it's just a string of nonsense words from an awesome song I wish I had an MP3 of. Yes. Botany Bay, just like The Wild Colonial Boy and The Horse With No Name (if that's even what it's called), is a fantastically awesome song that I own no copies of. At least I don't think I do.

I got my first bill ever! It's from Optus. I'm not sure that half-celebrating it by mentioning it here is exactly the right thing to do, but I do so love mail. I got a letter from the Leeuwin too, and I'm seriously considering going on this voyage for Leeuwin volunteers in December. It's only $300. But on the other hand, I really should save my money and horde it, dragon-like, for the rainy day we all know will come around when we least expect it. I will have to debate it with myself and others some more before making a final decision. But I so do miss being fit, and on the sea on a tall ship. Especially the tall ship part. In fact, I'm going to go back and underline it right now. Although you can't tell I went back to do that, for all you know I did that from the start. You're just going to have to trust me.

I've decided never to get sick again. I'm not sure how I'm going to do this, but yeah. If I can construe a way that involves cannon, or even better, trebuchets, that will be the way to go. All the sleeping has made my back hurt. It's tragic.

Despite that and the recent loss of an awesome live journal post, I'm still in a pretty good mood.

I have a new Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy [movie] poster up. It's big and colourful and has a rubber ducky. It's also double-sided, although you'd never know that by looking at it. It even has the words "DON'T PANIC" printed on it in big, reassuring letters down the bottom, although from where I'm sitting (and indeed, anywhere) you can only see the words "DON'T P", which runs an amusing parallel with Dinotopia's codex, the last line of which read only "Don't P.." and was jokingly assumed to have once said "Don't pee in the bath." Well, I thought Dinotopia was a fairly awesome book when I was 8, and I still do now, so there.

Driving is pretty awesome. Shouldn't be long now till I have my licence.. I can say this because I'm now confident (and actually skilled) enough to be irritated that I can't drive anywhere by myself. Am toying with the idea of instead of telling Gavin when I get my license, driving to his place instead. I'm not sure which would be funner, it will take more self-debate.

I just downloaded Semagic to make myself feel better about losing that entry before. It seems pretty awesome so far. And pretty, in an ugly, non-blue sort of way. If you know what I mean, which I would find surprising.

I am a member of far too many communities. Sigh.

Sculpture-girl hasn't replied to my latest note on DA, which I suppose is just as well since I've just decided I can't really/don't really want to afford it right now. But for her part, it's rather unprofessional. Not that she is a professional, but she should want to appear that way since she's selling stuff. Oh well.

What else can I talk about, I wonder? I'm sure I have no shortage of things to talk about, I mean, I've been isolated from livejournaling types for nearly 5 days now. Yes, some/most/all of it was a self-imposed exile, but what're you gonna do?

I think I'm becoming more *gasp* responsible with my money, lately. Because I still haven't brought Kingmaker. And trust me, it's not for any lack of wanting. Oh god no. But before I do that, I'm going to buy more RAM. I require some kind of guidance with that, I think. And then the installation, oh the installation. While I put the wireless network card in by me onesies, I was sort of expecting things to look a certain way, but I was kind of winging it, and it was fairly terrifying. So I think I'll get it installed by someone, or, *bats eyelids* ask one of my wonderful friendses what knows things to help mee. Which would probably be better, because then in the future I'd know how to do it meself.
I need some new icons. I think. Maybe.

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