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I think that’s a song in a Futurama episode.
Anyway, I handed in my folio on Friday... )

And it’s done! I’m free till second semester starts. Awesome. Weirdly, I’ve done an entire semester and haven’t gotten a single mark back for any of the assignments that I’ve submitted. I’ve no idea how this semester has gone! Strange. I’m sure it’s fine?

Man, I am bad at updating my journal these days. I started writing this on Saturday! Now it’s Thursday!

So anyway, now folio is over and I get to be An Interesting Person again. I’m happy with that. Although I feel like just chilling all the time since this semester has been so intense. Directly in line with that, on Saturday I brought some new PJs. I was in desperate need. Seriously. I am not going to put in a picture of my old pjs, but they were pink, white, green and orange striped. I don’t think I need to say any more. So I lashed out and while Gavin & I were chilling at Garden City, I brought some pants from Peter Alexander. Funny thing is, they aren’t even PJ pants. They are day pants. Apparently. Although they are velour so since I am not Zapp Brannigan I wouldn’t really wear them out. Except maybe to the gym? Anyway they are luxurious luxurious pj pants. Really soft. They are probably the most boring of the things that PA sells, but I am tired of flannelette pyjamas. (I got the dark grey ones. As much as I like purple, the purple velour was waay too much.)
And then I brought a singlet from target to match because I refuse to pay $25 for a black singlet, even if it is pretty and has a cute little rose on it... (The target singlet cost $15 and is grey & stripey. Pretty nice and $10 cheaper.. Win! When you have paid $50 for pants it is good to save on singlets. I know, I am as scandalised as you are. Except I have amazingly soft non-pj pj pants.)

Cut to make this post less long and boring )

Oh yeah. It was Gavin’s birthday last wednesday, I brought him Ugg boots and managed to keep it as a real surprise. Yay! He also is amazing, because he spent all of his day off (he doesn’t work wednesdays) helping me make my model awesome. He is pretty good at model making. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, since doing intricate, tiny work really accurately is basically his job. I would expect that cutting and gluing together an architectural model is easier than sculpting fillings.

Went to an engagement party on Saturday night, for one of Gavin’s oldest friends. It was lovely! Hannah (one of the couple) is an amazing cook and her mum is a coeliac, so she baked all of these amazing mini-mini cupcakes (they looked so professional and delicious!) and Gavin could eat them all! Seriously, they were the most adorable cupcakes I have ever seen.

I’m working in earnest on my online portfolio now. I think I’m going to make base it around wordpress, although I haven’t decided for sure yet. I may just code it all. I don’t really like the idea of presenting my work in a blog style. It just doesn’t seem that professional. Since I’ll be using it to get a job, this is pretty important. So it will have to be an exercise in minimalist sophistication. Muted, pastel colours, probably. Hopefully I can also make it not boring. I’m only going to post pictures when I’m happy with it. So that it’s more impressive? I don’t know.

Anyway this post is getting really long so I think I’ll wrap it up there.


Jul. 25th, 2007 11:15 pm
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I think that should be transmorgified (I don't know) into some kind of adjective. I suppose it already is, but I feel that it is severely under-used.

Purpose of this journal entry? I'm starting early on the procrastination this year. But only because the weather has been so terrible. It actually makes sense and isn't an (entirely) cop-out reason, if you actually know what I'm procrastinating (against? might be the right term?).
See, I have to take a series of photos, nothing arty (deliberately so) of a commercial strip in my suburb. I did that, in a car (as per studio co-ordinator's instruction), but alas! The road is actually too curvy for that to work, because we were going too fast and I couldn't stop to make sure things line up. So, hurr. And since I now discovered that I had to walk up and down the damn thing to take the photos, I haven't had another chance all week because on Monday/Tuesday I was sick, and there was a torrential downpour whenever I was free, and today there was just general torrential downpours.
So in short, I've done it, but I can't be bothered doing it well because I know for a fact that I'm going to do it again. What I have works, but it reeks of Hockney-inspired abstract arty-farty-modern-expressionism, which perhaps isn't a bad thing, but was specifically what was not asked for. He might like it, but it's not what I wanted so I'm going to do it again.

It is also partially because of reading your journal entry, [ profile] louisthefly, that this entry is a bit more long-winded than I had intended originally. Because your journals are always so interesting and thought-evoking, though I don't think I have ever told you I thought so. And I also very rarely comment because I generally don't feel like I have anything to say that would compliment your interestingness. I regret that we haven't caught up as much as I would have liked over these past few years. I didn't mean for it (or rather, nothing) to happen. I hope you have a good time in Japan.

MY INTERNET IS SO BROKEN. If you're talking to me and suddenly I'm not there, it's more likely that it's because my internet has decided to kick the bucket again than it is that I've just blocked you/logged because I hate you. Of course that depends on the topic under discussion, but I don't often block people (no really, it's true. The reason I'm generally set to "Appear Offline" on msn and then end up not talking to anyone is because of two or three people who I desperately do not want to talk to, but I don't want to block because of some kind of weird guilt. It is really incredibly odd, I know. I mean, I don't like these people and I have little to no intention of ever speaking to them again, but I feel guilty blocking them. And also paranoid that they may somehow, detect my blocking of them and then feel angry/saddened. Which is stranger still, because not only have I never been given any indication that anyone other than leet haxorz can tell when they've been blocked, but the people are pretty clear on how I feel about them. It's probably completely mutual. And why don't I just remove them from the list? I don't know.
It's some kind of bizarre instant-messaging superstition and paranoia, I think. I'm probably crazy.
But I've also been using msn for so long that my contact list is full of about 250 people who I actually talk to, and who talk to me, and when I start talking to them I do genuinely enjoy the conversations but so often I just feel like I don't have time, anymore. And while in the golden years of highschool I was capable of maintaining about 10 msn conversations at once, I don't seem to have the same knack for it anymore. I'm probably just a more boring person these days - I really odn't seem to have anything to talk about except procrastinating from uni and how crazy I supposedly am when it comes to things like msn.

That said, it does feel good to finally type a lot, particularly in my lj. I love the sound of typing (I can't see myself buying a silent keyboard unless there is nothing else available, or all the alternatives are ridiculously annoying), and I like thinking, and internal dialogue type things. I also like to pretend that I'm interesting, and that I can still write things. Writing weird stuff in my journal does make me feel better about not really writing much any more. It's pretty saddening actually. I have all these ideas, but I either have no time, or when I sit down to actually write things down, anything beyond a character description, or a description of the landscape is complete crap. My dialogue sucks. Yes. Yes, I know that not writing is probably the problem (in fact I'm quite sure it is), but it's not easy to force yourself to do something that used to be effortless and satisfying that's now difficult and frustrating.

What else do I have to talk about? I still have to write about Melbourne, and post photos and all that jazz. It is, by the way, a really great city, especially if you're an architecture student who's all dissapointed because not only is Australia far too young to have any intersting or even valid "historic" pieces of architecture, but it also seems to be lacking in modern masterpieces - somehow, Melbourne seemed full of them to me. I'm sure it's just the corruption of the loonies in ALVA that made me think Federation Square is absolutely fantastic, but I do think that none the less, and Eureka tower is completely awesome whether you think so or not. :P I fangirl that tower. NO really. I brought post cards (plural, no they're not for anyone), and a statue, and pamphlets. It was just deeply interesting. And of course the company was great, which always helps when forming an impression of any area.

So I owe Livejournal an account of my Melbourne holiday.

I also have a new phone, which should definitively complete my yuppisation, a Nokia Navigator. I've mentioned it before, but it's pretty cool. It's a slidey phone, and it's Piano-Black, like my iPod and DS. (You see what I'm talking about with the Yuppyness right?)

Aaand I went to a Pokemon tournament with [ profile] _drayke and (Peter?) and Heath, and that was pretty damn awesome. I'm not sure whether it was a good or bad thing that I wasn't ready to battle and also didn't make it to registration, because I would have gotten my ass handed to me, for serious. EVs are very interesting though, and I'm not talking about my old favourite Pokemon from when I was 12. (It's still way up there though, but I think I'm more of an Arcanine fangirl now.)
Also went Ice Skating! Again with [ profile] _drayke and Peter (I'm fairly sure his name was Peter), and also [ profile] vixen_ixy, and [ profile] v01d3d and lots of people. It was awesome.

And of course Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, which I missed the launch for because I was sick. But at least that didn't change the contents of the book (I think.) I'll write my thoughts on it later, I think.

Aaand of course of course [ profile] humansoul4rent's 21st, which was also tremendous fun (once I stopped being lost in Fremantle :P)

Errr. I might go now.
That was a surprisingly long entry.
If LJ eats it, I will kill everyone.



I would like to buy a copy of Pokemon: FireRed.
(Not any of the other GBA games, just this one.)
It's proven difficult to find, and I thought before I turned to the interweb I would see if anyone has one they no longer want, or if anyone knows of somewhere to get it for a decent price (and by decent price I mean not paying $70 for an old game on a to for the purpose of this conversation dead console. Outraged at the exploitation of the knowledge that people will buy Pokemon stuff? Maybe.)

So yes. If anyone has one that they don't want anymore, or knows of anyone in this predicament, or knows of a store that has a pre-owned one (it comes down to that avoiding spending $70 thing), preferrably with a box/instructions though, please let me know. I promise that it would be given a good home, and I am not insufferably cheap so I would actually be willing to give dollars for it. Real dollars too. Just not seventy of them. Yes.

Or does anyone have experience with buying games from Ebay? There's this person who has the game apparently new, in box with everyhting for $3.99 AUD + $10 for postage and handling. Does this suggest bogus copy, or just crazy market exploitation of some kind?

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