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Ah! I'm so excited I can't think.
See, I knew this would happen. Well, duh, you think. Listen to my poorly planned out anecdote and gain understanding of the madness.

SO! I asusme you're all familar by now with my technicolour timetables.

Here's a really boring black one with strikes through the ones that are finished! It's not nearly as awesome though.

Ok so I'll do it the boring way NOW and then I'll make an awesome one later, maybe. Hah, but ti's not like anyone actually cares is it? :P

(My IRL one is way technicolour by the way. Just so you know that I'm consistent in my madness. I used my copics. What?)
You will notice that this list is more, shall we say, exhaustive, than previous lists. That's because now I'm showing off how much I have gotten done so far. :P

Site Plan
Ground Floor Plan
First Floor Plan
Second Floor Plan
Roof Plan
Section AA

Section BB
Section CC
Section DD (Developed Section)
Details (8 of 'em)
North Elevation
South Elevation
East Elevation
West Elevation

Wall Section A
Wall Section B
Room layout 1
Room Layou Elevation 1 N
Room Layou Elevation 1 S
Room Layou Elevation 1 E
Room Layou Elevation 1 W
Room Layout 2
Room Layou Elevation 1 N
Room Layou Elevation 1 S
Room Layou Elevation 1 E
Room Layou Elevation 1 W

Cover Page & Abbreviations

I can't remember what the pupose of this was?
Oh yeah, I also have enough information to set up a second Developed Section Page. I think I will, but not straight away. Um

So I went and sent A01, A02, A03, A04, A08, A09 and A10 to the printers, since they're done and this way if something catastrophic happens worst case scenario is that I still have the majority of my pages printed.


I also just realised that Section BB is cut through the stairs the wrong way.
 See, you can cut through a stair longways, which shows you the size and layout of the risers and treads and stuff, or you can do it the other way, which just looks like a bunch of lines. HA! Good thing for me is, if I screwed up and my stairs don't work, nobody will know because it's not obvious in the short way of cutting the stairs, and they only take 10 minutes max to assess a folio. BAHAHAH.
Which is why presentation is so important, obv.


Buy a gun (Like a Boss!)
In my mouth
(Like a Boss!)
Oh fuck man, can't fucking do it, shiiiiit
Pussy out!
(Like a Boss!)


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Caution - tonight's episode of Heroes spoiler (S2 e3, I believe) )

I have Led Zeppelin in my head tonight. Probably because they're doing a TOUR.

Also, I'm annoyed that it seems likely that some other club will snap Cousins up after his rehab. If there is an "after his rehab." I didn't realise it, but he's getting pretty old for a football player. Stupid way to end a career.

Back to drawing.
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Random lyric from some song on Nova (yes, I listen to Nova, I am not exactly what you would call "music cultured" - I don't like adds and I don't like a great deal of the stuff I hear on the Js lately, so it's CDs or that channel, or 96fm, mmkay? And I am cool with this), which I think sums up my subject for studio - or "client" if you will - Leigh Bowery. Look him up if you want. He has a very cultured voice. Upper-class-English-type, I thought. Or rather, my stereotype of an Upper-class English voice.

In other news, the New Prada Building is AWESOME, and made of cool things which I want to make my "building" out of. Look at it.
Yes, I am actually being too lazy to make HTMLs.
It's in Tokyo. Tokyo, it seems, is awesome-things-capital of the world, second to where-ever I am at any one given moment :D

Even though it's been like 4 months, every time I reach into my pencil case and remember that my favourite pencil ever is not there and never will be again, I feel a keen sense of loss. :(

It's absolutely amazing how much I have pushed from my brain since 2004. I used to be average teetering on the edge of good (on a good day only) - but at least I used to be alright, and understand and stuff. Now I am completely shite. no really.
Where the hell is my Graphics calculator. Life would be infinitely easier with it. :( maybe it's in "that box."

Oooh, it's not all bad.

I have like 6 drawings and 2 models to do by thursday. LOL.
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Yes! Cower in terror before the third 'l'!!
Anyway, the exam went pretty well. I managed to babble about the Black Death and about "Medieval History is fundamentally concerned with the Achievements of Great Men in relation to BOTH the Special Topics" for a pleasingly long time, even though I forgot Leonardi Bruni's name in the document studies. I did remember Lady Battista's name, but that's because it amuses me and I think I've heard it before. The other source was on Marco Polo and I made some vaguely sensical stuff up. I think it went pretty well. Um. Nothing else to report about that.

I really like this song. It's awesome-crazy. I think... I think I may have to listen to more KoRn. Despite my apparant hatred of them in year 7... the truth is, I just disliked them because everyone I hated liked them. Yes. This was the rebellious phase, which was the direct consequence of the Omg I must fit in like whoah!phase. Apparantly, seeing that both of those phases results in good things.

The past no longer is, the future is not yet. If the present never became the past, it
would not be time but eternity. We can only say that time exists by affirming that it
is ceasing to exist.
Where are the times past and to come? Memory brings the past to the present,
forethought does so for the future. Past and future are here, but still do not exist

Commodus was pretty awesome. And an accomplished warrior. Sometimes, I hate hollywood.

This has been an entry of many (well, two) days! I go now, to sit and hopefully pwn my Myth, Monument and Memory exam. Remember! Herakles was awesome, but Perseus was better. Zeus became the eldest child. A goddess is not a woman. Long ago is far away.

Cross-posted to my Deviantart account, because I'm crappy like that sometimes. :P

P.S Lookitmy not really new but newly updated JTHM icon!!!! Wooooooooo. O_o I must walk to the train now.
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*hands fall off*
I discovered another thing today that's really quite evident but was pleasing and intriguing to me at the time today, and that is that... oh, never mind. It has to do with arms and hands and fingers and controlness. It's kind of silly, but I was very tired when I realised it. Actually, that sums me up right now - "very tired." I can't wait for tomorrow, at around 12.30 pm. Yep. That'll be nice. Not straight after the exam, because immediately after is always kind of stressful, and filled with too many anxious thoughts. Oh.

Psych People
Would you say that the maladaptive behaviours of people with anxiety disorders are positively or negatively reinforced? I know they're reinforced, but I can't figure out if positively is correct, because isn't it reinforcing the behaviour by taking away the stressor? Hm. It probably is negative reinforcement.

I'm feeling pretty confident about the psych exam. I pretty much know the answer to all of the essay questions now, and so I'm going to pass the exam regardless of the question. And I figure that all the extra knowledge will be useful in the multi choice. Although, unlike last semester, I can't find my multi choice sheets from the labs so I can't make a little mini-exam for myself. Sigh. Oh well, I'm sure it doesn't really matter. I hope the essay questions are the ones on Milgram and Asche and... hmm, yeah, the Schizophrenia one. Yep. That'd be well sweet. Hey, luck was on my side for the last psych exam - the two questions I could answer best were two of the three in the exam, and the one I didn't pick wasn't one I couldn't answer but just my least favourite - so maybe that'll happen again.

Hm. Went to Gavin's on Friday night, and was back here by 10am. Best break-from-study ever.

Think I will try out [ profile] halffling's LJ template after exams. No, it's not the uber-awesome one she has on her account currently (Look at it now), but it looks very... customisable. :)

Wow, when all you're doing is updating LJ, 10 minutes seems to go pretty slowly.

Bonnie's almost totally deaf :( I think we should take her to the vet and see if maybe she has doggy ear wax (bleargh) or something, and see if that'll help her hear better. It's not causing her pain or anything, aside from the deafness she is still the image of Fox Terrier Healthiness. At least I hope so, I really really do...

Classical music is so pretty! I've been listening to Beethoven, Mozart, Vivaldi, my LotR's (sorry [ profile] frippoi) and PotC soundtracks all day. They are teh pretties.

Ooh, and that's time.
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I hate this essay! Grr! I'm going to do something else, I'm going to return all the bookses and... oh! Go down on Sunday! Brilliant, muahaahah. Then I'll write the easy one on Tuesday or something. Damn, but I suck. Dissapointment! I guess this is what happens when I try to get an essay done more than a week before it's due. Still, though, it's annoying.

Ooh, I joined the Wolfmother forum. Hehe. I like them. I will pur-chase their album, methinks.

Time to switch computers and make use of the scanner, perhaps.

I will likely update again later with something better to say than this.

Still, any insight into what to say about Mysticism would be most appreciated. On the other hand, I'm sure I could do it if I could be bothered actually trying. Stupid motivation [or lack thereof, rather.]
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That song makes me cackle! It is my new favourite silly thing. It has good bass too. Nice for loudage.
And the begining amuses me! Ehehehe.

No, I don't have anything useful to say today. It was a good day at work, 11-8 working with the staff members I like (Kat and Richard), watching Stargate:SG1 and talking about mythology, drawing crazy pictures and changing our names.
I was first changed to "Silent Assassin", then "*insert name of Japanese Warlord of the Past Here*", then "Sekhmet" then "Freya". My favourite was still the first one.
Richard was "Doom Llama" (I had no influence here) then "*insert name of Japanese Warlord of the Past Here*", then "Thoth", "Ra", and finally "Loki".
Kat was "The Claw of Tyranny" (my personal favourite and own creation), then "Kato (something)" then "Bast" then... er... a Norse goddess who's name I've forgotten. Sigh.
It were a fun day.
Some chump tried to steal stuff. Clearly thought he was a big man.
Also, the ugliest man in the world came in today. I feel sorry for him.

Watched Home Room. It was good. Debated on Nation States Forum. Will go now.

This icon amuses me! Even if it is American rather than Petrol and Metric System.
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[I figured it was high time my favourite band made an appearance in the subject line]

You know, I quite like Fathers Day, much like I quite like Mothers Day. We owe a lot to our parents, beyond the very obvious. And no matter how opressed I might feel at times, I really am pleased with mine. My Dad had the most boyish face of glee when I gave him his present [Stargate:SG1 season 2] and it made me happy. Which is good.

I will now talk about music, something I don't do very often, but feel like doing now.
You know, I really like Silverchair. They may not be the most musically brilliant musicians ever, but that is not what matters to me. I still love their music more than I love other band's stuff [though System of A Down, Rage Against the Machine and The Smashing Pumpkins at times come closeish]. I'm not sure why. But I know that I like it. Don't worry, I expected a more in-depth conversation from me too, but I guess it's still morning, so I suppose my brain's not into that kind of thinking just yet [or something].

I have just decided to Post my current playlist )

Ghan, out

P.S The songs clearly by Bob Marley are not in fact by some other random group, with a U in their name and a number. You're as confused as I.

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