Nov. 5th, 2009 11:11 am
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So I have recently seen no less than three (3) kid's movies (or at least, pg-like movies), UP, 9 and The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus.
None of them were as happy as I think that kids movies should be! Why?
They were all a bit sad, 9 was pretty dark (and in the end I thought they could have done something else really obvious that would have been heaps better and less predictable... obvious and less predictable ? ..Yeah!), UP was just sad in places although definately the most joyous of the lot, and Imaginarium was dark-ish too. And sad! Why?!

I can't say much without spoilers. Yep.

Also I'm in Brighton, it seems a pretty cool place but everything only opens at 10am, so getting up at 7 and driving from Chertsey (West London) seems kind of pointless because it didn't take us 4 hours to get there like we thought it would. Oh well! It's a lovely sunny day.

Went to Charles Darwin's house yesterday. Pretty cool stuff!
Brought The Origin of the Species, should be an interesting read!
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So I saw Wolverine.

Oh man it was awesome! I expected a lot, and  I got a lot. So I'm happy. Hugh Jackman is Wolverine. (I've only said this twice before, incidentally - Viggo Mortensen is Aragorn and Ian McKellan is Gandalf.)

Wolverine is such a great character. Ah. I've read some reviews though, and surprisingly they've been less than great. What is it with Americans hating on Hugh Jackman, anyway? So it wasn't perfect, and maybe there were some plot holes (I didn't notice that many, and hey, it's an action movie.) and I guess there were some loose ends but they've already confirmed that they're going to do more, if not about Wolverine (I'd be surprised if they didn't do more about him) then definately about the other charactersss.

I'm confused though, so I require comics! And maybe the old cartoon tv show? Because I used to love that. Wolverine has always been my favourite, yay.

So the guy who was Wolverine's brother, Victor, also called... Creed? Now, was he a random guy just called Victor Creed, or was he Sabretooth? If he was Sabretooth.... did I miss something? I didn't think that Wolverine and Sabretooth were brothers. I'm so confused. :S
(Also Sabretooth was in the first movie and wasn't that actor/didn't look like that. Which is a pity. This guy was hell cool.)

So um yeah, it was great, Wolverine is great, Hugh Jackman is a dude and yay for Australian movies!
Represent.... or whatever.

Also I found some awesome fanart that makes me lament my lack of free time at the moment. Because I want to draw an Awesome Wolverine Picture but I don't have the skills to just do these things in a short period of time. People are hard, so I need to do lots of... things.
Wolverine by Patrick Brown
I think it's pretty awesome how that picture looks like Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, but is a pretty basic, cartoony style. Very awesome actually. Because there are a lot of good Wolverine drawings that just draw him as a dude in a kind of similar style, but this is just an awesome caricature. LOOKS AT IT I SAY.

Other news!

Studio is going really well.

I had an awesome Lucid dream the other morning. I've been re-reading The Belgariad, for some background information.
So I dreamt that I was Belgarion (except I was myself, still female and all), and I had to go to kill Torak. I went to this big white marble building type thing which was set into a cliff face in the middle of a vast, red, desert. Torak was still asleep atop a kind of really large dais on a balcony overlooking the desert. It was kind of Grecian. Hundreds and hundreds of people had come to watch, and were hanging out in a trench that ran around the white building. Nobody knew what was going on, I don't think that they realised that Torak was real. I saw some people I knew, and I was very frightened, but they just smiled and waved.
There was a cavelike place beneath the balcony that Torak was lying on, and I ran under there and hid, because I was afraid. Then Aldur came and, to show everyone that the Gods were real, he lit up the area where Torak was resting so that they could see his sleeping form and know what he was, and stuff. I hid in the shadows under all this, feeling that special kind of terror that only dreams can bring on.
Then Torak awoke, and he cried out in an awesome voice that was everywhere at once and that I'm sure no movie could replicate, to Aldur that his chosen champion was a coward, and who would save the world if no-one could bear to face him? And I still hid in the cave.
And then Torak kind of climbed down so that his face was hanging over the arch of the entry to the cave, upside-down. He had flaming red-blonde hair in a kind of curly halo around his head, and his face was beautiful, though I can't entirely remember it now. Straight-nosed and high cheekboned, you know, that sort of thing. One of his eyes was on fire, and I think his hair was too. Anyway, he just looked in and said something jeering and laughed at me and returned to the dais. This is where I made a concious decision - I thought that I wasn't going to wake up now and just take that, I had to face him because nobody else would.
I don't remember the fight part, but anyway I kill Torak, and then he dies, but he comes back as a Sorcerer-human because the Universe didn't want him to die. He is pretty bummed about being human now and drinks a lot. I feel really bad about killing him and he becomes my kind of sidekick as I return to my city in glory and have rosepetals thrown on me from the rooftops.
I had a really awesome black stallion with a white mane and tail, too. I thought I should put that in. He had long fetlocks, like I used to draw on unicorns. You know, impractical long.

I thought it was an awesome dream, so there, nah nah boogers.

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I mean, I know that the book was pretty much about the Alethiometer (no, I didn't remember the name, I cheated, but I thought the title was appropriate and good. Is this another case of things being dumbed down?
Because to me, the title "The Golden Compass" sounds less sophisticated a title than "Northern Lights." Oh well. I suppose at least this way it'll be easy to distinguish between the book and movie.

Which reminds me! This is really a series I should buy, because I was filled with "omg! Love!" for it when I first read it. And I can see it being easy to read over and over again if I only had it. *adds to list of things to buy*

Mah deamewaemeon )

Anyway, I have lots of dramadramalol to talk about from uni, but I should probably do uni work instead. I don't have that much to do though, maybe I'll let y'all know what's goin' down after I'm finished.

P.S New Line Cinema? = Yes.
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Happy Belated Easter to everyone!

I like the Tau. They're pretty cool. Pew pew ships. Pew pew. Gavin and I have been LANing it up all Easter Weekend. It's pretty cool. We seem to be fairly evenly matched now that I've tried races other than the Eldar. I'm sorry, but I just can't find their win buttan. So far I've found Necrons, Space Marines and Tau to be most excellent. Also Chaos, however I can't beat Gavin with them. Hehe.

Watched 300 yesterday! Wait. No. On Easter. Ooo. Time is going all crazy and suchlike. I really liked it, a lot. We both did. I'm not going to say anything about the plot, however there's not really that much plot to spoil. For once this isn't a bad thing. I liked the way they mixed legend, myth and traces of truth all together. Yes. I liked the epicness. Um. That's all I will say. For now!

Pirate's Cove is also an excellent game. Board game. We've been playing it for a while now. Most excellent I say, most excellent.

Did I mention that someone backed into my car (presumably) and broke the back-right light? They didn't leave a note or anything. This angers me greatly. GREATLY I SAY. Pout.

I go now, onward to essay writing. Ooh.
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I didn't know he was in 300! Wow. I heard an interview with him thisarvo on the Merrick and Rosso show. He seems like a really funny, nice guy. This pleases me. It also bumps him up on the Ghan's list of Favourite Actors, because being awesome is better than being a dick, obviously.

Also! I went to meet my French Friend, Emilie, this arvo at Murdoch - [livejournal.com profile] marmot_pie I was going to call you to see if you were about but I seriously seriously have no spare time for the next two days and I'd feel bad calling you just to say "Oh hi! Bye bye now!", you know how it is. However I will say to you this:
I'm in ur uni, stealin' ur internatinal styoods.

So yeah. She's going back to France at the end of the year... :( This makes me sad. And I found out something completely crazy that perhaps only [livejournal.com profile] marxipan_xlii will appreciate:
Emilie's Aunty used to live in a house by Le Corbusier.
Seriously guys, this is freaking awesome/crazy. He's like an uber Architect Celebrity. If I end up half as successful as him I'll be a millionaire. Apparently she moved out because her husband has troubles with his legs and couldn't manage the stairs.
But yeah. Crazy!

I'm really excited about the Easter break hey. Seriously. If weeks had names, this one would be called "Sleep Deprivation."

Oh, and I'm totally loving the new Silverchair album. It's totally confirmed and re-confirmed.

Also! I can make stuff look totally awesome in three-dee programs now. Totally awesome. Clearly it's not nearly as hard as it looks.

And I can make stuff with lasers. Coolest freaking thing ever. I can't remember if I mentioned this yesterday, but it totally bears repeating.

I brought a Cleo Magazine because I actually like the fashion that's around at the moment (clearly I'm some kind of godless heathen), and I wanted to get me some mad tipz. But that magazine makes me angry sometimes. I mean, sometimes they're actually (!) interesting, but seriously, no wonder guys think girls are crazy if most of us believe things that are in this magazine.
There's an article about "How to tell if your relationship is going... going... gone" or something, and it basically lists these things as problems:
1. Going out with his mates, without you
2. Working out
3. Being tired

I mean come on. Okay, so some of them are kind of reasonable, but they're so freaking obvious (eg. "He doesn't go out with you ever" "he's cheating on you") that they don't need to be listed. I mean the only thing that will come from this article is some girls will turn into super suspicious crazy people, and that will end the relationship. Consider this hypothetical situation for me:
*girl walks into room*
*guy is working out*
Guy : "uh... wait... what?"
Girl: "You're working out. Clearly you're triyng to pull in the chicks or impress some girl."
Guy : "actually yeah. I was thinking of impressing, uh, you"
Guy : "...../cry"

Dramatic representation may not have happened
But seriously, I'm sure there are girls who would react like that.

I suppose that's what I get for buying Cleo though. Yeah. That's probably where I went wrong hey.
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I've lost my knack. Ah well.

Firstly, sorry people, I haven't been able to get to UniSFA in a while. Basically, these feelings of "re-spon-ci-bill-itie" or some word like that that I keep hearing around the place are finally asserting themselves. I'm sure further into semester I'll figure out how to balance work (good work) and UniSFA-time. But at the moment, it's a bit tricky. Especially since my book order (which I am still getting at staff discount, yay) hasn't come in yet, making it difficult to know what I'm doing/do readings, but eeehhhh. And now I think I should buy the other book I don't have (It's History of Art or Story of Art or something), because until the end of (I think it's this week O_O) there's that 15% off thinger. Which I can't entirely afford to miss out on. But then... is it worth buying the book?
See, I fall into this trap every year.
Let me explain it to you.

I like love books.
Booklist time is a wonderous time, filled with a list of things I supposedly need, a great many of which are glorious, glorious books.
Now. Even though I may not need all of the books on said booklist, I will generally buy all books listed, because new books = boundless joy.1
However, as you all know, books, especially textbooks, are very expensive (oh God.), so really, I shouldn't actually buy all of them, when I know I can probably get by with just one. Or two. Or FIVE. You see, if I can justify the buying of an expensive, but wonderful book, I will buy it. And booklists make this very, very easy to do.
In conclusion = oh, what a world, what a world, my ramblings here have been completely pointless and may make no sense.


Was thinking today, about a time when I was overheard to have sworn by parents, but lied and said I'd said "duck" or something equally innocent. (Got away with it. Amazing.) But then, isn't it just as bad? I mean, if you're saying "duck" instead of "fuck", you're really thinking and meaning the "bad" one, so isn't it the same thing? Isn't it just as 'vulgar' when you think about it? A curse by any other name would be as shocking?

Also, there's something very effective about movie scenes in which live people are trapped in a coffin, and scenes in which little children are reunited with things which they loved that they had thought dead (parents, pets, blah blah.). At least, to me. Like for example, My Dog Skip was remarkable in it's ability to make me cry like the mushy girl I apparantly am. hehe. Mush. It's intriguing!

I finished Tandia today. So glad the ending was properly closed, unlike The Power of One, which was abrupt and unexpected. But I suppose The Power of One was always written with the intention of a sequel, so it's excusable.
Anyway, very good books, reccommend both of them highly to anyone and everyone.

Oh my, would you look at the time!

1 With the obvious exception of things like Maths books, which I never felt compelled to buy in great quantities. *wide eyed innocence* I wonder why?

P.S I just thought it was worth mentioning that whenever I don't put down what music I'm listening to, it's because I'm not listening to anything. Seriously, Semagic was one of the greatest things I ever downloaded. At the click of a button I have my current track written neatly down. Not that you ever wondered about that, but I thought I'd put any potential querying minds at ease.
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Aaaanywaaay, I'm now working at the Co-Op Bookshop at UWA, officially, as [livejournal.com profile] patternsofchaos's James (sorry, I've forgotten your username... >_< and yes, am too lazy to find it on my friends list) found out today! Yay! I'm not unemployed anymore!

I had the interview on Wednesday, and apparantly it went well. I went in for training today, and it was easy and good. Basically exactly the same as working at a video store, 'sept with barcodes and a distinct lack of fleas.
Oh, aye.
And books! Glorious books! You know I walked in and saw no less than 7 highly desirable books? Something along the lines of
Oliver Twist
The Iliad
Something about Thylacines
100 Egyptian Heiroglyphics (very cool looking)
The Complete Works of Edgar Allen Poe
The Complete Works of (the guy who wrote Alice in Wonderland)
A History of Warfare
Awesome History book
Awesome History Book
Awesome History book, ye olde.

Okay, so more than 7. Most of which are worth more than $40 each. Le sigh. But I have an income again! JOYOUS!
And I'm getting paid at something called "Award Rate", which has to be better than "Minimum Wage".

Yeah, I'm pretty happy.

Plus, me driving-man said that the only thing that would make me fail my test on monday would be a silly mistake brought on by panic, plus my test is in the early morn' so I won't have to worry about idiots, plus it's in Midland which is where I have done zomg all the driving in the world, so I'm feeling good about it. Although the car will cost me $120!! (This includes a lesson, but here, do some maths with me....
One lesson = $40 for 45 minutes.
Yes? Yes.

Test = 30 mins plus up to 5 minutes talking, 5 minutes sorting things. = 40 mins. Yes?
So, logically, Test = $40.


Test = $80

Test with Lesson = $120.


Oh well. It's only money...


However! I get to see Gavin this weekend also so things are good.

And I watched Pirates of the Caribbean again tonight.
OH, how I have missed that movie of Piratical one-ness.

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Well! I think I will be bringing to you the first real update in days, from me.
[It's all Gavin's fault, the crazy, I mean]

I have seen two movies this week!
Harken Unto My Magnificent Reviews!!
Spoilers. Duh.
The Brothers Grimm )

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire )
The UCS stuff was really nice too. Good job, peoples.
Also, sorry I left so abruptly. My mum wanted to go home straight avay.

In other news...

Adventure World for the first time evar tomorrow! YAYs!! Am excited.

Um. I do believe I have nothing else to say.

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