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Well, I've had a pretty good weekend, and I feel that it's time that I made an effort at a proper LJ entry. I actually typed this up earlier today. I don't know why I did that. I think I was just being... weird or something. Yeah. I am that though, so it shouldn't be too much of a big surprise for anyone... right?

So this weekend was good. I can't remember if I said that the exam went well, but it did, as these things go. Yeah. Fairly well. Saturday I ended up meeting up with Gavin and we went to his mate John's 24th (maybe? Maybe 25th? Nobody really knows. It's kind of odd.), and got to be Designated Driver. It's actually kind of fun, and I know this is pretty weird. But I don't mind it. Don't get any ideas though. The deal is still strictly a 50-50 affair, and because I live so damn far away from CIVILIZATION I don't see anyone wanting to ferry me around anyway. That's okay though, I just need to develop some kind of awesome "Oh hai I'm crashing in your house plzkthxbainow zzz" sort of skills. Yes. But anyway, those guys are always amusing. I also bumped into one of my friends from Uni in the Deen (Mo), although I fear that Gavin may have come across as kind of crazy. Not that it really bothers him. Yeah.

FINALLY saw Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. I was pleased. Instead of posting spoilers (you guessed it, I'm already bored with typing :P), if you want to fan over the movies with me, call me or text me or instant message me (if you can catch me :P). I was pleased, except for a few points that could have been done differently. I'm also rather annyoed at someone who will remain nameless who basically told me a pivotal plot point in a not-telling-me kind of way directly after I had said "no spoilers please I haven't seen it." I so love it when that happens. However you will find no such viciousness here.

Also watched Borat. It was funny, but some parts weren't that great. I mean... I expected a lot more. Booo.

Today, because my mum was like "I will buy you a game for hard workings", I got Animal Crossing and The Legend of Zelda (GBA version of the original NES game), and another kind of... Brain Training thing. Yay.
But the shops in Animal Crossing close at 11pm! Lamest thing ever. :(
Now I'll have to like, play in the day or something.
That's all maybe.

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So annoyed, so very, very annoyed, at the management of the Co-Op Bookshop at UWA.
The very least they could have done, the very least, was taken the time to tell me,
, that I would have to look for another job. What they SHOULD have done, however, was let me know about a week ago, because they would have known then - if my timetable is the problem, which it is, they knew it last week.
I shouldn't have had to fucking ask them if I was coming back, they should have told me. So pissed.


Today was a fairly good day. I like that Charlie lecturer dude, he's pretty funny, and, I suspect very strongly, some kind of Old English Rocker.

ALSO, I got FREE SHERBET, and I saw [ profile] uruserce when I was a-driving (wee wee wee) all the way home, so it cannot be said that it was a bad day. *waves at Uru*

However, Architecture is fairly ludicrously disorganised. I mean, the instructions for the tutorial which is tomorrow aren't avaliable. They were meant to be up on Wednesday. Wednesday!!I'm beginning to suspect that this is because in the Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Visual Arts, it is not only the students who are smoke-breathing hippies.

If I can't get the books I ordered with the staff discount, I'm totally going all the way to Fremantle Co-Op to order them in (from UWA co-op) and buy them from there. Because I am feeling that spiteful and petty.

What else?

In spite of all the bad-ance, I am in quite a good mood now.
Damnit, bad-ance is a proper term, used by proper grown-ups, because I am a proper grown-up. *Glares challengingly*
*like a petulant child*
Hehe, Petulant is a grand word.
I must type notes now.

Oh. I have a headache. The behind-the-eyes headache that makes me wonder if I've been at the computer for two long.
I wonder if Architecture will give me eye strain. It may just give me lung cancer, but... I wonder about the eye strain.
Also, I have to read Alice in Wonderland for homework, how awesome.

Just realised that now I will never own 100 Heiroglyphs. Mechalony and woe sets in here.

P plates so close I can smell their sickeningly sweet plasticy musk. And the MUSK of car.
I like the word musk. It's rather... pungent!

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Even when they are in the end kind of boring and, when I think about it, expected.
My rate of pay is $12.46/hr, which is more than my wages were at Video Ezy. This concerns me, since "award rate" is apparantly the minimum wage.
Because, if that is the case, how much money does John owe me when I was being paid $10.45/hr for the past 6 months? How much money does he owe me from before that? The $2 difference adds up, you know.
I wonder if I can do something about that and get myself some free money. Which is mine. Bah!

*reads FL* *blinks* Gee, it is Big-Day-Out Season isn't it?
Now I know that Wolfmother were there I kind of wish I'd gone. 'Sept I totally couldn't afford it, wanted to see Gavin and had a driving test in the wee hours of the morning. I think it's for the best that I didn't go... and anyway, I saw them last year and have their album and miscellaneous other mp3s... So I won't be sad.

I think my subconcious is trying to protect me from the huge withdrawal from World of Warcraft that's about to occur by telling me that I dont' actually want to play it and distracting me with other things. Yes. My subconcious has control over things outside of my brains. Like Semagic's flickr update, making me sign up and make an account thing. And getting my package of papers from the Co-Op today. And stuff. It's very suspicous, and I wonder how long it'll work for.

You know, I really... really...
want a new LJ layout. And profile.
These goddamn things take so long...

Oooh, flexible squares looks like a fun thing to play with.
But instead, I think I will play WOW for a little while...
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I don't really have anything to say, but yes, I am back.
Work was interesting today. Richard's quit, so now I'm being trained for Senior Staffage, which I don't really want to do, because there's way too much responsibility for no extra pay, which sucks. But on the other hand, I can do morning shifts (by me onesies, yay), and it means that the boss-types trust me, and i will become a boss-type. Meh. I'll probably change jobs next year anyway.

What's the closing date for re-enrolment and changing things like degrees and stuffs? Oh noes, I can't find the email. I know it's December sometime but that's not all that helpful.

Really, really not looking forward to driving lesson tomorrow. But I have to pretend I haven't met Paddy before, and that I don't have burning hatred for the injustice and weird rules which seem to run rampant within that detestable white echo. Oh well. There are things I need to know, but if that ass wastes my $40 for forty-five minutes lesson telling me not to use the fucking accellerator in carparks and let the car bunny hop everywhere using the clutch, I'll be pretty pissed. Yeah, I'll totally call and complain to the management. I can't believe that they didn't let him know that I'd already done heaps of lessons. *rant rant rant*

I'm re-reading Draco Dormiens. I was going to re-read Goblet of Fire before Thursday, but I wanted to fanfic it up a little.

Oh, you know, I have other things to talk about, but now I caaan't be bothered, I'd rather finish this chapter and go to sleepy-byes. :P



Nov. 7th, 2005 10:43 pm
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That was... alright. Actually, I think it went pretty good, I still feel happy about the Psych exam. Basically, I could have asked for better essay questions, but the ones that I did - Piaget's views on the Pre-operational child and Cognitive Dissonance, were some of my top 5 or so questions. The Multi-Choice... eh, was a bit wacky, (heehee, wacky).. I don't know how well I did with some of those questions! Ah well. I know I've at the very least passed, so 's all good.
[ profile] patternsofchaos, I hope the pen worked well if you needed it ^_^ Er, though, pleeease make sures that I get it back... not that I think you'd do anything bad to it but, I have a ridiculous affection for that pen. It has to do with the squidgy plastic bit up the top. Ridiculous, I know. hehe.

Then, after exam, talked to [ profile] the_icon_of_sin and Robert-from-creative-writing-who-has-redversusblue-shirts. Then [ profile] lone_one appeared, then went to play halo 2 and be pwned by [ profile] tattered_pinion, [ profile] im_the_end and Robert-from-creative-writing. At [ profile] lone_one's. Buuut [ profile] lone_one and [ profile] marxipan_xlii went to have lunch, or some... thing. Yeah.

Then! Went to see Gavin, who had been in Midland for lab-stuffs for Dentisty-things. Apparantly helped out with the polishing-ness of... crowns... maybe... I don't remember what he said... >_<, but yeah, and had the drill, then overrevved it, causing the bit to bend and hit him on the hand/fingers/thumb. He seemed pretty amused, it apparantly has happened before. Funny stuffs. 'N stuff. Then talked and walked and eventually ended up watching Fraiser. It was funnier than I remembered. Oh, and Deal or No Deal. That guy is still annoying, but this girl, who was greedy and had no sense of logic, lost, and so we were amused and happy. Hehe.
Hope nobodys exams went awry because of the Ford-driver-into-semi-trailer incident on the Freeway thismornin'. Funny thing is, I hate driving near those barriers. It hadn't occurred to me that hitting into them could be better than something.

Watched the news. Think that supplying "schoolies" with condoms is wrong. Totally the wrong message. Totally the wrong message. However, street drinking is pretty funny, potentially. Meh. Starting to think it would be terribly funny to go to one of those places where "everyone goes" for leavers. Maybe will one time, and laugh at all the drunken peoples. Hahahaha. (yes, just like that)

Want to draw something. Drew an awesome cartooney-wolf the other day. Want to draw more coolly.

Do, but don't, want to finish Tawny Man trilogy. Will miss the Farseers :(.

Do, but don't, want to see Harry Potter movie. It has drago...

OH MY GOD! I nearly forgot to update about the biggest event of the day:
I saw a dragon dolphin in the river on the way to uni.
It was black.


Yes, I know you're struck dumb by my awesome... news. Yeah. Wooo!

Uh, I drove home from Rossmoyne in the dark and the rain. I want my licence now, damnit.
My arm is hur
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An interesting Note: two futurama DVDs can make a 5 hour shift pass quite quickly, if used wisely.

My feet/legs ache so.
Appologies for falling asleep in UniSFA and not going to psych, though I'm not entirely sure who I'm appologising to. Meh.
I don't really have anything to say today. However! I did find a nice car for $4000, although it's 15 years old so perhaps $4000 is a little steep despite the fact that it's auto and has power steering and A/c... although I wouldn't really know. It's dissapointing that even though it's in my new, re-assessed price range, I still can't afford it because I want to pay at the very least $2000 off myself in cash first, if not all of it. Debt is icky.

My shoulders hurt too. Aww, there's only one thing for it - solitaire! I'm not sure how it'll help, but, you know.

I think "The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings" may be my favourite episode of Futurama. I'm not sure, but it might be. Interesting! What are your opinions, those of you who have them?
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Some Piratical Quizzes I do every year on this day, or thereabouts )
[I love that Quiz so damn much]

Anyway, the first thing I did when I woke up this morning was don my Piratey Attire. Which basically is my piratey tunic, tricorn hat, piratey pants and pirateish boots. Then! Hair unbrushed in true pirate fashion, I went to Midland Gate to spread the good word of Pirateage. Many people were filled with terror at my awesome piratey visage.
I've been talking like a pirate all day, which is why I'm typing normally now. Am going to have a drink with the folks for Pirate Day [yes, over the past 3 years I've successfully made Pirate Day a Family Event] so maybe I will update Piratey then. We'll see.

Shock! I actually got the $13 I was owed in my pay today! I'm quite pleased. Respect and liking for owner of store has increased a notch.
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Okay. So I went down to the Licensing centre to apply for proof of age, right? I have everything I need [for once] - Birth Certificate, Bank Card, something with my address, other random stuff for good measure. Oh, and the passport photos I need, also. But guess what! Oh no, it's not just good enough to be in fact wearing the same clothes even, as you are in the photo taken not 8 days ago, but they have to be signed as authentic by someone who has known me for a year, is not related to me, and happens to fit one of several retarded criteria, the only sensible ones of which happen to be people who I have very limited access to, or! People that have not known me for a year! GOD DAMNIT! Why can't they make these things easier... We hates them.

However, in other news, I'm changing my nation's motto to "Our government is nobody's bitch", a statement which amuses me and is loosely related to my annoyance about some things which I don't really want to list because they make me sound kinda racist and arrogant, which is unfortunate, because I try very very hard not to be, and I think, am not. So, with that in mind, you can ask me, but I'm not posting it here [publicly]. Yeah. It amuses me.

In other happy things, Gavin gave me a cd of mp3s. Yay! For new music, and stuff.

What else do I have to say? Oh yes. I redesigned the Greater Doom Llama to incorporate the awesome wings it has as seen in Greater Doom Llama's flag. The new Greater Doom Llama's ears are in fact awesome horns, it features four awesome fangies - the more aft one in a sabre-like size and shape, the fore being more false-sabre in size and shape. It's also got a gripping-toe higher up on the leg, mounted with a claw-like hoof [sort of like the dew claw on dogs, but slightly more functional]. It's got wing-a-lings, and a crest of pretty scales along the back of it's neck, starting just behind the eyes and before the "ear horns". When the Greater Doom Llama reaches the "Great Wyrm" stage [um... Ner.] it also gets decorative quills growing from this crest, the sabre-tooth becomes more pronounced and the horns on the chin and back of the jaw grow to be... more... big. The false-sabres stay the same size, although they will replace themselves if broken, where the sabre-teeth will not.!

...Okay, so here's my explanation of "sabre" and "false-sabre" in relation to fangies because I can't help myself: "Sabre-toothed Cats" actually only include the Smilodon and other awesome feline predators with huge fangies of that era. They are up to a foot long, and awesome. There are some pictures of Smilodons that I find not too repulsive pretty damn awesome. Earlier predators with [less] awesome fangies are actually false-sabre-toothed cats - Their upper canines [so-called "sabres"] were longer than those of modern cats, but shorter than those of true sabre-tooths. My personal favourite of the false-sabre-tooths was Eusmilus... although there aren't many awesome pictures on google. the skull of Eusmilus is useful for explaining the massive chin that my Greater Doom Llama has developed.
And a European Cave Lion, because they were stupidly huge and awesome [although only a boring biting cat] (they were about 3.5m long, and as tal as a man AT THE SHOULDER) It's bigger than that moose thing, that's right.

..I kind of went off on a palaeontology tangent, didn't I? Oh well.
And if you're wondering how I've memorised all of these stupidly redundant facts and scientific names - well. That's for me to know, and you to speculate about. Just trust that I do know. Oh, how I know. I fangirl over stuff like this.
And yet I can still appear to be a normal human teenage-child-girl-thingie! [At times, particularly when I am not speaking/am asleep.]

Oh, the urge to go on, and on! *fangirls about palaeontology*

Um. I go write lab report now.

* Pronunciation Key: Wrath Wrath2 Wrath
1 Pronounce "a" as in "wrath" [Aus]
2 pronounce "a" as in "apple"
! This phenomenon has no basis in fact!
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I think I will drop out of Roman History. It sucks, and I can't find my tutorial room. That said, I spent fifteen minutes looking for it, so no, I didn't give up easily. I'm just too far behind. Oh well. This is a very depressing and dissapointing prospect, though.

In other news, my driving has improved vastly - VASTLY! I only made one major screw up, and okay, it was going from second to first at 40km/hr, but hell, I wasn't on a major road. Yes, I drove all the way to Rossmoyne from Midland, and it took me an hour because I went the indirect way. Rossmoyne is such a nicer suburb than Midland, but I suppose I could say that of any suburb. I mean, I fucking hate Midland. There, I said it. And I do, I really, really do. Well, not so much the suburb as it's inhabitants [not me/my family, but pretty much everyone else, with maybe one exception.]. Oh, I do. But enough about that.

I brought things. I brought passport photos of me - $9.95 from a Post Office, [ profile] marxipan_xlii, so-as you know. They look funny, very funny. But I don't care. I also brought suction plate reversible L/P plates, but they only came with two suction caps [stingy bastards]. So maybe tomorrow some time we could find ourselves:
a. A Post Office
b. A licensing centre
And order us some ID. ^_^

I am angry with all the Coles/Myer places I have visited today. They did not have the product that I wanted. [ profile] the_icon_of_sin, do you know where I would find something like this, within one of Coles/Myer's fine establishments...

[Yes, I want the fancy Logitech one, not the el cheapo DSE one I saw for <$20. Because my webcam is el cheapo DSE, and I want a funky looking Logitech thingy for a change... Shh, yes, I am materialistic.

I did, however, buy Donnie Darko the Director's Cut with the gift voucher that [ profile] grey_assassin gave me. Yay!

Going to [ profile] lone_one's and watching Futurama/[ profile] almightybean, [ profile] marxipan_xlii, [ profile] im_the_end and Fripp play Halo [in left-right order from where I was sitting], with James-fighting on the part of Marie and [ profile] patterns_of_chaos was quite amusing.

I will go read Psych book now. Then sleep.

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