Oct. 2nd, 2008 09:30 pm
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Hah, this show is so dumb.

Also my hours got cut from 3-9 to 3-7! LAAME! :( :( I am going to be so hideously poor, um, forever.

This is a meme that I stole from [ profile] caketime!

The Controversial Survey, hah )
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Yearly something something, meme something )

So Christmas  was good, if hot. I got really nice, thoughtful presents from everyone and everyone liked the presents I gave them. Joy! So successful all round.
The spoils:
- I got a Western Digital MyBook Terrabyte external harddrive! It's awesome. 7200rpm, too.
- 76L Fish tank, stand, filter, heater, light and cover (JOY)
- The Wind in the Williows centenary edition
- Barbecue recipes book
- Se7en & The Last Samurai

Gavin gave me a pretty silver box chain necklace with... a LLAMA PENDANT.

- "Bizarre Buildings" book
- a nice bag for putting things in
- a mini camera tripod
- hand creme!
- bathy... butter... thingies
- cucumber eye thingies... for stress reduction oo

So yeah, one million items. ONE MILLION.

We even got to go swimming on Christmas day, which was good.
Boxing day was ridiculously hot. Some amusing things happened that night, but I think they are for me to know and you to wonder about. I know, I know. Saying that is hideously unfair. :P

Went shopping and found BARGAINS. It filled me with joy. I found things that I actually liked and then I brought them. It was deeply exciting. I got some shoes, a dress, some tops and an EPILATOR. A more elegant and sparkly device of brutal torture has never been concocted. And I paid MONEY for this?

Saw The Golden Compass with [ profile] arinellen, [ profile] almightybean, [ profile] reaps, [ profile] auntpol, [ profile] flyingmopsy and [ profile] frippoi, and Gavin - who didn't want to go and then really liked it. Just sayin'.
I thought it was great. However I've only read the book once a few years ago so I may  have forgotten about parts that were left out, but it made sense to me and to Gavin who hasn't read the book, so I think it was probably a success.
Panzer-Bjorn were just as awesome as they should have been. HESTER AND THAT GUY WERE AWESOME.

Saw Beowulf in 3D with Gavin & some of his mates, I liked it, but it was missing... something. The 3D was totally awesome and made it worth seeing. Would it be worth seeing in the movies without the 3D? Maybe not.

New Years was heaps of fun, thanks to [ profile] marxipan_xlii, [ profile] im_the_end and Karlee (Carly? Carlee? Karly? I don't have her LJ :() for organizing it. I stopped drinking when I thought I was drunk enough. I am proud of this.

♥ Today was Gavin and I's (now that just doesn't sound right. Gavin and me, my, blah. Thanks for nothing, brain) 3rd aniversary. :) Aw. We went swimming on sunday. It was stupidly cold. ♥

(I felt like doing something girly and frivolous. The heart border seemed appropriate.)

The architect I'm doing work experience with gave me a really nice Christmas present - Neufert's Architect's Data. It's a shiney expensive book with freaking EVERYTHING in it. Saunas to hospitals. And more! Awesome.

I have been waiting for my tanks to cycle and the little one finished today. There are pictures behind the cut COMING TOMORROW ). (Or you could look at my Flickr account. They are Yoyo or Pakistani Loaches (Botia Almorphae), and they are fantastic. They grow to about 10cm, my biggest one is about 7cm but they bulk out a lot more than in the photos. (I'm going to move them to the big tank as soon as it has finished cycling.) I haven't got names for them yet. I thought I might use Pakistani names, since they are from Pakistan. (They actually are - they can only be bred in the wild or in humungous farms in their native habitat. I feel a bit bad because of this but the majority of aquarium fish aren't captive bred and at least I know I'll look after them as best I can.) Anyone know some good sources of Pakistani names with meanings?

I know I never got around to Christmas cards, and I feel bad. I do still intend to send people THINGS IN THE MAIL, though. Not dead squirrels, I promise. Not that I could catch a squirrel. Even a dead one.

I like pie

Jun. 6th, 2007 11:04 pm
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I also like mooses. Everyone should like at least one of these two things. And pie extends to all the myriad kinds of pie. In fact I feel like baking pie because apparently it's easy. I am incredibly skeptical about this. Some kind of apple pie I think. Because apples are glorious. They'd have to be green apples.

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Hey, I worked in a video store for 2 years. Okay?
Gacked from Katho, by the way )

Shock! It's an update from Teh Ghanzor!
I know, I know, I'm a bad, bad, not-addicted-to-livejournal girl. Haha.
Well, I'm only going to update about this weekend because... I really can't be bothered catching up on everything, and lo! It's nearly 1am!

Well, this weekend I drove down to Bunbury, with me computer. I left on Friday at like 7.30, so when I got there at 9.30 I was totally flummoxed. (It takes about 2.5 hours to get to Bunbury normally), anyway, Gav and I were going to go out with Chloe (who is Gavin's ex-nurse, and general awesome person), but she'd gone off to some "Undercoverwear" Party (why not just call it lingerie? That's obviously what it is... Confuse!) and Gavin, evidently, was not invited. That's okay though. I don't like lace on guys. And I have this feeling he wasn't actually at all interested.
So we started watching The Sopranos season 2, and then we got a call from Chloe asking us to come out to the Three Monkies (it's a club in Bunbury. There are only 3, it's not hard to find :D), so we hailed a taxi (on account of already drinking and planning to) (TaxI!) who was very nice, but rather old and apparently only paid $8/hr! Injustice, I says. So we made him keep the change. We got to Three Monkies, but it was deadosaurus. So we got a drink each and talked and waited for people to show up, and laughed at this lame dancing guy with Emo!hair, and hid Gavin from his patients. (Because he doesn't like them to see him in "the outside world" at the best of times, moreso when he's been drinking and is clubbing), then Chloe said something along the lines of "oh lol come to the house we're at", so, once !again! we crashed the party of one of Chloe's random Bunbury friends. Gavin was the only man-thing there, he felt rather surrounded. But most of the people were nice, one we even knew from the last party (Liz)! One wasn't nice - she was old, and had evil beady eyes - and one thought Gavin was 28, and that I was 24. WHAT. She was also 19, but I thought she was older too. Humph. Like... 30. Yeah. That's right. So we went (back) to three monkies, after some shennanigans ensued, such as, taunting Chloe for being on the phone to Ollie*, wondering why there was a callendar of scantily clad wimmins in a house inhabited by only wimmins, wondering why said scantily clad wimmins were so covered in filth, wondering why I've never seen a good looking cleo pinup. Ever.

Then the taxi arrived, and this one wasn't nearly as interesting as the first. I don't remember the second one at all, so he must have been a big non-event. Danced at Three Monkeys, was fun as always. More drinks, more talking about things. Talked to some nurse from Gavin's work (but not Gavin's nurse). She remembered me, but I didn't remember her... oops. She's nice, though.
Then we lost the other girls (in hindsight, we think it was the old(er, I suppose) one's fault, because she had been giving Gavin serious evils for some reason. Like he was GASP the Dev0l. Chloe was a bit incapable of stopping them from leaving us behind at that point, but it was okay. So we went to Fitzy's (one of the other 3 clubs) to find them, BUT ALAS, they weren't there. More drinks, more dancing, more talking. The music there is more interesting, not necessarily better, just more different. Less "club music" and more "dance" if you know what I mean... I'd be surprised if you do, because I don't... anyway...
We got a msg from Chloe saying "we're at eXit" (which is the third club, and you have to pay to enter - but they do give you a free drink, so it pretty much balances itself out), but we didn't want to go there, and shortly after we got one saying "goin home", so we left too. Our last taxi driver was totally lame.
He told Gavin the fare, and Gav was like "just a sec, got to check I have it" (because he'd brought all the drinks of the night O_o) and the taxi-lame was like "haha, if you don't have it, I will call the police, haha", in a totally unfriendly and un-joking way. Pshhh. What he could have said, is "if you don't have it I can take you to an atm", or, since we didn't go into Gavin's house because it's a unit complex and we wanted to be quiet, he could have said he would drive in there so we could get money out of the house. Psshh. Lame.
Set up my computer and went to sleepies.

Saturday was full of barbecuing and making LANs, which is always surprisingly painful. TALK TO EACH OTHER, DAMNIT. That's to the LAN-makey, naturally. BBQing is fun, although Smokey. We also spent much of the afternoon sleeping while "watching" a Poirot movie (we didn't mean to, but we were up till 4.30am and then got up at only 10 or something), and then it was Dawn of War time. I'm starting to think that the Eldar just plain suck.
So I've been playing Chaos, and I still can't beat Gavin, but I can at least last against him. We beat some orks at Insane level, although we were on the same team, both playing Chaos and it was a strategically chosen map (with hard to assault bases)

Today was mainly LANness, pizza-making (haha! I win at dough making), download-fixing, and early morning ness.

Driving home from Bunbury at night isn't actually at all hard, just more boring than when you have things to look at. Only marginally so, however.


*Long story.
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oh god memes )
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Yes! A meme! Shocking I know! But it looked pretty fun.
It's cut, though )
That is all.
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"... I assure you right here and now, no subject will ever be taboo. Except of course the subject which was just under discussion. The price you pay for bringing up either my Chinese or American heritage as a negative is, I collect your fucking head."

- O'ren Ishii, Kill Bill Volume 1

Somehow, doing a bit of HTML formatting really lightens my mood. How weird am I...

Report is actually going quite well, turns out I've been reading way too much into the difficulty of this assessment. If I keep going at this rate [666 quality words per hour] I should be finished by 1am, which is really a completely acceptable time, considering when I started this assignment in earnest [that'd be 10pm by the way].

If I'm not going out on Saturday night, damned if I'm not going to create icons from the following movies:
- Pulp Fiction
- Kill Bill Vol. 1
- Desperado
- Mythbusters [okay. So it's not a movie...]
- Empire Records
and maybe even
- Fight Club
- X-men 2
- Once Upon A Time In Mexico

I would do The Lord of the Rings, but why make icons when for every one above-average LOTR icons I produce, I can get 100 absolutely flawless icons? Why, I ask you?

I am a kind of Evil )

"..The bull is tired, the bull is wounded, before the Matador
ever steps into the ring. Is that winning?
... Of course it is. Creative sportsmanship. One has to rig the game..."

- Agent Sands, Once Upon A Time In Mexico

Some kind of music hax from [ profile] marmot_pie AND [ profile] auntpol
Six songs that you are currently digging... no matter the genre, whether they have words or even if they're any good but they must be songs you're really enjoying right now. Post these instructions, the artist and the song in your LiveJournal along with your six songs. Then tag six other people to see what they're listening to.

ChopSuey - System Of A Down
Battle Without Honor or Humanity- Tomoyasu Hotei
Slow Hands - Interpol
Agenda Suicide - The Faint
City Of Angels - The Distillers
Imperial March - Rage Against The Machine

I tag [ profile] almightybean, [ profile] patternsofchaos, [ profile] armygeek, um, um, um, [ profile] penchaft, [ profile] uruserce and... [ profile] tattered_pinion.... But you don't have to do it if you don't want to. It's not that thrilling.

Now! I am off to churn out 11 words a minute for two hours, thankyou.
Have yourselves a great time.

"...Okay, but I think I'm still too petrified to laugh."

"No, you won't laugh, because it's not funny."

And the first person who can correctly tell me where that [possibly horribly mangled] quote is from will get some kind of fantastic prize, and by fantastic prize, I mean a moderately boring prize.

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