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Hello internets! Uni really does bring out the Livejournal update in me.
So I have a 100% first world problem. I coudn't get to a store on Friday, and because I probably wouldn't have gotten approved with a contract at midnight by myself I didn't queue for hours the night before.
(yes, I am talking about the iPhone 4 now. It's this thing that I want.)

So now I am thinking, since nobody in the universe seems to want to take pre-orders for the next batch of iphone 4s (just like the first round, wtf guys), I figure I should buy one/a contract online.

Has anyone done this? I am very apprehensive about getting a contract online. The main reason for this is, if it takes 3-4 weeks for the iphone to arrive, am I without a phone/sim for that 3/4 weeks? And am I paying for it? Or does the contract start the day I get the phone, or something like that? If I sign or whatever courier tings. I can't see how that would work, but that's what I would hope.

Anyway, because I have some freakish modern strain of the black death, I'm going to bed!
Any opinions or advice would be much arrpreciated. Arr. Like a Pirate. Pirates are very appreciative of things, y'see. Or you could make fun of me for being such a consumer-goods-driven sucker.
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Er, it had to be said?
Just a quick update to say that I am in Dublin and it is Guinness' birthday and it is craaaaaaaazy.
Had a half-pint, not too bad, markedly better than (other kinds of?) beer. Yeah.
So we saw a half-riot in the street, people were smashing bottles and glasses of Guinness in a mad, dancing circle, one guy was crying blood, and then the police broke it up. And all this before 7:30pm!

Way exciting.

We're in Ireland until the 6th of October. Wanted until the 8th but... but I guess you just take whatever customs officers give you, eh? We're going all around the coast. Can't wait!

And I am reading Pyramids by Terry Pratchett and it is so good.
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So I was talking with Trent about Immunisation.

Trent: So if you got it FOR REALZ
you would be very sick
Meghan: I'd be screwed?
Trent: Because your body creates antibodies to fight the weak infection so now you're better
It's how you 'get over' a cold and why you don't just have it forever
because your body builds mutalisks and devourers and medic bunkers and aa-missile turrets to counter that disease and then it rage quits
so basically you just got zerg rushed by a really bad player so you could learn how to defeat zerg rushes
from a pro
rather than just sitting down and going "oh god what"

Trent: I'm basically a doctor
Meghan: you made me laugh and put drink on my keyboard
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- Bernard Black[Poll #1389675]:3 I so happy, I reduced to interwub talks.[Poll #1389675]
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You know how sometimes, you sit yourself down to attack a task that you know will be really challenging... you get started, and then suddenly, inexplicably, it's easy?
And then you feel this slow cold prickle its way up your spine, through your ribcage, to grip your heart in shrinking terror - I've forgotten how to (insert occupation here) - this can't be easy, this isn't easy, I've done something wrong.

Well yeah, I just had that. I'm pretty sure I've forgotten how to Architect. Working out parking arrangements is never easy, but it just was. They just line up - plop plop plop in a neat little row. What am I missing? Something fundamental. Something basic. Something that will make my tutor go "what the hell dicks, you should know this by third year" and then I'll whisper in my tiniest of tiny voices, "technically, fourth year" and then they'll say "what?" and I'll say "Nothing, sir."

Here's the scenario:

I have a site. It's a tiny, piddly thing in Cottesloe. It has no aspect or charm, considering where it is. It's pretty boring.
It's 15000 x 33000 x 10000. (15 metres by 33 metres by 10 metres.)
The 10m side is facing North, which of course means that the 33m face is exposed to the west. But whatever.

So I have to fit 7 2500x5400 (2.5m x 5.4m for those who still haven't figured out to divide by numbers or can't be arsed, and frankly who can?) car parking bays + 1 mystery sized disabled parking bay (yeah I can't find the dimensions so sue me) into this space.
Plus one public space at the front, or in some part of this 419m2 space.

Plus, I guess, some kind of way to get up to the 1st and 2nd floors. Like a stair, fuck lifts, you lazy bastards.
(That might not be what  I'd say to a client, but who knows?)
The great thing about having stairs only is that as long as it has self-closing doors and is unobstructed (as stairwells do tend to be), I can also say "hey, that's my fire escape, guy!" And they'll say "So it is!"

Man, why the hell do I have to buy the BCA to view it? And why isn't it on student resources?
Ah, screw it. They can just tell me I'm wrong tomorrow. I'm already one up because they loved my green wall and louvres and concrete idea from monday, I'm sure they won't be too disappointed.

(Tips for prospective Architecture students : 2 hours on google sketchup plus elevational sketches embellished with Copic Markers will get you far in this world.)

ALSO CAD 2009 is unprecedentedly different from 2007. WHERE ARE MY BUTTONS, my buttons, oh god.

Edit: It's and its. Er, happens to the best of us? Well, maybe not the best of us, but at least some people who are better than mediocre do it sometimes.

EDIT Edit: Fuck I can't remember how to work out how much stair I need. FOUR MONTHS OF HOLIDAY NOT AS GLORIOUS AS WOULD FIRST APPEAR.

EDIT EDIT Edit: I'm thinking rise over run, but what the hell, how do I apply this? Oh wait, I don't have run. And I don't know what Rise/Run actually works out.  Oh lol.

Architecture Students Swear sometimes

GOD DAMN THIS. Mabye I'll just do some mud mapping and then bat my eyelids tomorrow. Or respond with "funny isn't it?"
I need to chill. It's only second week.


Nov. 7th, 2008 02:01 am
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Cut because - images )

This just in - images didn't work properly, internet too slow to add proper screencaps!
Will fix this tomorrow.
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Is the name of my new plot style in CAD. I think it's quite amusing. (Because all it does is tell all the lines to be black - I control the line weights in the layers panel now - not that you care, probably.)

I would like some opinions on this please!
See, we have a review on Thursday (well, this week. Some people had it on Monday... suckers.), and I thought it would be cool if I tried to give some presentation flair to my drawings. Just because. I have been looking at this thread, but figuring out how to do this in Photoshop is taking up too much of my time so I decided to try it out in illustrator instead, and then maybe go over things with texture brushes in PS later on, add shadows and things with transparency and stuff.
But I don't know whether it will look silly, or like srs bsns. It needs to look serious!
So if anyone has any thoughts about it, they would be very much appreciated! I don't want to spend any more time doing it if it looks dumb...

Here it is! )
I don't mind the plan now. I don't think it's completely hideous any more. Hmm,
So yes, thoughts would be very much appreciated.

WotLK Spoiler. I want a link to that video so I can watch it whenever I want. Power to the Forsaken!

Moar links just for meee... you can look too, if you want.
Watercolour In Photoshop
World's Best Graduation Projects

Man, I am tired.
Also lol sculpture is due on Friday lololol.
Though I have an idea. It's just... it's just not a good time.
Shower and then bed time, I think. Going to get up early tomorrow. Yes.

You know what's funny about units that don't have exams? Makes it very, very easy to justify skipping them to give yourself more time to do work. For other units. I mean... there's no exam, the past assignments have been a joke, and the next one is:
Two Hundred Words and A Powerpoint
In a building
In a building you have designed.
In a building that I have designed.

Please don't underestimate my suspicion at the seeming triviality of this unit. I am actually deeply concerned.
Nothing is ever this easy.

Also this is amazing.
Plague Ship Sails into Korvosa by Yanimator

Om nom nom

Apr. 30th, 2008 12:14 pm
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That was Jacksons eating my money by the way.

I've decided to name my NT Cutters.
(They're the LORDS of all stanley knives).

My old faithful black NT cutter S-202 will be called Snagglefang (because I love this name)
My new delicious red, curved, heavy duty NT Cutter L-550 will be called Foehammer (because it cuts through all obstacles!)(It is also really comfy to hold in your hand.)
My new useless but sexy blue NT Cutter K-200... hm. Floozy

The only bad thing about it is that the blade snapper is separate from the actual unit. I am so likely to lose it, it's not even funny.
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- Oscar Wilde
(it's... somewhat appropriate for St Patrick's day? I'm of Irish descent and all, (AND Catholic, lol) so this entry will be in GREEN GLORY)

So anyway, I'm sick. Hooray!

This is a list of things I want to do. I feel like I am somehow wasting time, as if I'm not doing anything of worth and that I'm generally somehow unhappy because of it. Because I have felt a quiet unrest lately, somehow an unhappiness with something that I'm doing. I figured that the best way to deal with this niggly-naggly feeling of self-doubt would be to do something about it rather than watching "it" get worse. Whatever "it" is.

- I think I'm going to do BodyPUMP classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays at  12:00 pm. 

<lj-cut text="I looked at the UWA Sports timetable,">I looked at the UWA Sports timetable, and it's really the only times that I can make it to, other than the 6:15am ones (LOL) or maybe the 6:00pm one on Wednesday, but that would more likely than not cut into Zone 3 time, which I enjoy, lots! [ profile] arinellen I'm very sorry if you're not able to attend these times, because I know we were "sort of" thinking about doing them together. But lamely, I have a 9am class on every day that there's a 9:30am session, and on Mondays I'm going to the Architect's in the afternoon till 5:30 so I wouldn't be able to make it to the 6pm class. (Not that it would be very economically clever for me to drive all the way back, anyway.) :(

Why it's a think : $8/class, at least until my Contours subscription expires in August. Hurr. I had the chance to bail earlier in the year when my mum did (because she thought it was a 6 month membership or something, I didn't and I thought I'd still be going regularly, but without my mum as company + uni + work + not being home weekends, I haven't really gone at all since the start of semester. Or.. the year. Because I was going to go back to it when uni started! I swear!)
But I might find out whether it would cost a million dollars to cancel my contours subscription, and maybe I'll join the UWA gym? (My mum has said she will pay for it, promoting good health and all that, but I feel bad making her pay for gym cancellation. I also feel bad for making her pay for a gym I don't use, though.)

- If I join UWA Gym, I'm going to go to that on Fridays after History Tut, and then I'll have 4 days of exercise a week!

- Get more hooks to hook things on

My room is really messy and I never have enough room for clothes and bags and things. I figure the more hooks I have, the more Peter Pans I won't lay a finger or a hook on things I can get off my floor

- Get wall shelves.

Even though I have ONE MILLION BOOKCASE, bookshelves are really for books. Also, I hae a lot of stuff that ends up on my desk that would take up much less space if it was on a shelf. Just a little, neat shelf. Like stationary! (Oh, such stationary I have.)

- Get little boxy things to fit into the two bookshelves I use most often for not-books

Both could be CD-sized. I use one of the shelves for my modest CD collection, after all. The other one would be like a put-things-in thing. Because I use one shelf for my Keys, work stuff, toothbrush, face cleany things, and armsocks. It would please me for them to be messily arranged in something pretty.

- Throw out more stuff

Somehow, I still have more than nine thousand junk. I figure if I go through it, and throw stuff out, rinse, and repeat, one day, I might have more useful possessions than useless ones. Or at the very least, more interesting possessions than boring ones.

- Get  all of the Sword of Truth books.

I really like this series, shut the fuck up. ♥ (not because there is any real venom in this sentence, but because fuck is such a funny word and it's kind of amusing in this context)

- Get my Dad to make me that gigantic pin up board I want (4ft by 2ft, it's gonna be freaking epic and more than totally awesome)

- Find a way to get rid of my stupid Mac-desire.

I can't afford one, Elbereth is awesome, etc, etc. So why do I think about having one all the time? It's retarded. <3

- Be more fashionable!

Not fashionable in a with-the-times sense, but in a stylish sense. I don't know, I guess I'm just a bit tired of being the girl who wears a t-shirt and jeans all the time, for now. I want to wear a hat and a superfluous jacket for a while, see how that feels. Not that there's anything wrong with wearing a t-shirt and jeans all the time, don't get me wrong, but in my rebellious youth-youth I used to be very proud with my little stamp of style. So I'd like to try to go for something that has that feeling again.

- Start that blog

I've been thinking of writing a blog, not in the sense that this is a blog, but in the sense that several blogs (haha, that's right, I'm too lazy to link) are blogs. It would be called Avocado Lithograph and it would be about Architecture, Fishkeeping, and other things that amuse me. I suppose I would be more likely to glean internet famez from it if I had one theme, but I'm kind of over that. kind of. (Who am I kidding?)

- Do.. stuff... moneys

- Be better at sending/responding to emails


- Collect more awesome books

- Make sure my uni work is well grounded in history, both architectural-theory-wise and general history interests
(eg. complexes remniscent of Medieval manors/farms/keeps, or Roman villas, much?) Since I have an aptitude for history I may as well use it.
On that note, do more than just bluff through history stuff. While Distinctions for nothing are nice, High Distinctions in exchange for effort are nicer.

- Listen to more interesting music

- Watch movies again


I have this cool idea for Fish Vector art. Seriously. It's fun, easy, quick2 and cool.

- Learn to make KILLER renders for studio
Like "Wtfthisaregraphics" renders. It can be done.

1This is actually very important, god damnit, Ghan!
2 Relative to, say, carving fish portraits from stone with my teeth

Ha, It's okay, I'll totally forgive you if this comes under tl;dr. It's more for my information than anyone else's, anyway.
I am going to make a list of something else

No, you sickos. Not.. a list... like that.
I can't even think of what kind of list THAT would be but I'm SURE people can think of something


Oh, I've also archived my entire inbox from today to like the other FOUR HUNDRED emails I had there. So if you haven't gotten a reply out of me for something important, plz send tells again?


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Well, I've fairly much decided on Elbereth for my laptop when it arrives, however I would still like to have something more appropriate. :/
See, Strider would have been very appropriate, but ALAS. It's just not cool enough sounding. Although it is pretty cool sounding. Hm. Maybe more what I mean is that it's not cool enough sounding whilst subscribing to my computer-and-electronics naming scheme. Yes.


I mistyped "Past" as "ast" just now.


I think I'm going to start putting all the stuff I want to keep from Idril onto DVDs/CDs now. This might take some time. Hmm.

Cleaning my room was a DISMAL failure. I have TOO MUCH stuff. I'm quite serious. WAY too much. GOD.

I have an ickle CRT monitor which is sitting around doing nothing in my house place. I think it's like 15" or something? It's def smaller than 17", although shortly I will have one of those too. I have to double check with my parents, but I'm sure they'll have no objections to me giving them away. Especially considering that I salvaged the 17" from Uni myself not 6 months ago.
So, in the likely event that my parents don't mind if I give them away, would anyone be able to use them, or should I take them to Good Sammy's/Cash Converters?
The 17" is pretty damn nice, the smaller one less so but still has nothing wrong with it at all, it's just about *thinks* 7-8 years old. Can't remember if we got the computer in '99 or 2000. So maybe there'll be some connection problems? Eh. Might be a little dusty too.

OK, I'm not even kidding any more. I REALLY need that laptop now or I'm going to EXPLODE.

What have we learnt from this? Meghan is really bad at patience.




I should tell Gavin that one. He would roll his eyes. In this I am 100% certain.


Oh god I hope the eagles get into the grand final!
Because see, it's like this:
Judd = basically screwed
Cousins = pretty much screwed
Kerr = lol I wonder if he's as hardcore/insane as Chick?

And basically these three guys = 3 star players. STAR star players. And I feel bad for Cousins. He's tried pretty hard to get back into it. And he's getting older... it would be a shame for a player that's been as good as him to go out with everyone remembering his drug problems and then injuries keeping him out for so long that he never gets back to his old level.

I know the majority of my FList doesn't care at all, but It is my lj .:P

Oh! For those of you who don't know but are intrigued, Daniel Chick had problems with a finger which basically kept him out of the game for a while, so he had the finger removed. Kerr now has the same injury.

Although, we still have a lot of good players who are in the picture, and a lot of young'uns who seem pretty good but haven't had much of a chance to show themselves yet. So.. hopefully!


Wow, Judd is the same age as Gavin! He looks much older. It must be the baldness. Hm. I feel kinda guilty now. Because I always knew Judd was younger than Cousins, but Cousins kinda looks younger. Oops! Haha. it's not like Judd will EVER KNOW, EVER
/football rant
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So the courier arrived this morning at 8.45.
I was super excited, but I noticed something straight away. The box was a little small for what I was expecting - a 15.4" notebook.

Turns out it was the extra power cable I ordered - I assume the guy who called me yesterday said "computer" by mistake, because I suppose the vast majority of their orders are computers.

So yeah.. that was a little disappointing, I must say. According to the website, the EDD is the 14th - next friday. Which is much better than the 30th, at only just over a week after I placed the order. Still, it's a pity that it couldn't be earlier into the study break, so I could have a real play with the thing before I have to get all seriouz again. But on the up side, I'll be able to put more energy into the two models and *thinks* ~ 6 drawings I want to get done (plus one lolessayabstract), and then I won't have to feel as guilty about the amount of time I know I will spend playing with it... although admittedly I want to try out some 3D renders with a machine that isn't likely to crash whenever I try to load anything that's even slightly complex. Hmm. Still excited!
So now I have 6 days (hopefully take 1 or 2? :D) to decide on a name.

Presently I'm liking Strider, Elbereth and Nahar. Strider is the most appropriate, but it's not Elvish. Elbereth isn't linked at all really in a "meaningful" sense, although I suppose technically Varda was the greatest of the Valier and technically more beautiful and great than Idril Celebrindal so.. it kind of works. Because it is an upgrade. I just like the way Elbereth sounds to be quite honest. Nahar works because he was the first of the Meera, a very intelligent and very fast horse. And his name doesn't really pertain to his colouring (unlike Shadowfax, my first choice in terms of horse-names). But I don't really like the sound of the word, so it won't stick.

It's too bad Shadowfax doesn't really work. The inside of the laptop is silver though. Maybe I'll read the Silmarillion tonight.

Silmaril works, I suppose.
But that suggests some kind of supreme and unbeatable beauty, and while I do find the notebook to be quite pretty, I'm not sure if I'd go that far.

Ha ha!
Of course the most suitable name, I've just realised, is Legolas. Which means literally "Green leaf" (Laeg, green and golas, leaves.)
It's not only appropriate because of the colour, but also because Legolas was wise, swift and powerful. He certainly seems to be more worldly than Idril Celebrindal would have been, but how do I get past the sheer fangirl of naming my computer after a character who is notorious for his phalanx of fangirls?
(The rest is in the second cut)

List of names (incomplete) )
thinking about names - lots of Tolkien-lore )

I must sleep now.
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First of all, thanks very much to everyone for coming to the Tavvelation yesterday for my birthday, it was a great and excellent fun time! :D
So I'm all old now, but I haven't started falling apart just yet.
I had a great birthday though! And I had a very surprising and nice surprise (a surprising surprise) last night - after I went out for dinner with my family, Gavin appeared in my house! Like some kind of magic! He also brought giant flowers with him, yay. So that was very nice and surprising. I had a ridiculous grin on my face for most of the night, haha. We watched Jarhead (a little less good than I had expected, good, but not enough warness for a war movie and not enough awesome for a DonnieDarkoman movie), and the first few episodes of Witch Hunter Robin. I can't be bothered italicising stuff now, I have to be uick so I can get stuck into studio work, which has been sorely neglected lately.

And in other news I had another surprise today!!

We got a puppy!
My mum was all "come for a drive" and I was like "Nooo I has works" and she was all *is mysterious* so I went, and we got a puppy from the breeders that we brought Bonnie from about 13 years ago now. The puppy is Bonnie's great-great niece or great niece depending on which side of her family you consider, she's 11 weeks old and she's soo cute. I named her Gypsie. Ie because y looks funny.

I has also included a photo of Bonnie's brother, because he looks just like her zomg. I'm glad to say that Bonnie looks much healthier than her brother, but sad to say that he is very sick at the moment. Poor boy.

I was going to PHOTOSPAM but instead I'm going to link you to my Flickr (new window), because there are ONE MUNILION PHOTOS.


lul I am going to puts photos anyways :P
Gypsie )
Bonnie )
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Well, the phoneline has been down since... hmmm, last Thursday, and the internet hasn't been working since Saturday. LAME.



Ummm. Both [ profile] drayke_ and Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess are awesome.
I haven't had this much fun since the first time I played OOT. I'm not sure if it's better than OOT (that would be difficult, but I haven't finished TP yet..), but it is probably better than anything else.

Oh. I have a theory that the TP isn't actually Zelda, but Midna. However LOZ doesn't really do tricksy things like that, so it's probably Zelda. Eh. Don't tell me! I might find out before tomorrow.

Tomorrow! I'm going to Melbourne. Short notice, I know. I have known for some time, but since my interweb and my phone haven't been working for A WHOLE WEEK I haven't been able to tell anyone. Heh. We'll be back on the 15th. (Going with Gavin, obviously :P)

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows!
I am organising something, all are invited! I was going to give a choice of Borders in the city and Dymocks/Colins Midland Gate but I've just realised I have to work from 9am that day, and also Harmony ([ profile] voyaging_moon) works at Colins so she wouldn't be able to go to Borders, because she is selling the book!!

If you want to have some kind of communal book-buying experience, meet outside Midland Gate (Cinema side, I think, because that's the most distinctive - there's a Fast Eddys and stuff) at 6am, and then we can squee and stuff before the book is buyable at 7. If you're interested leave a comment here!Also do so if you wish to show disdain for my poor choice of venue :P

I has to go pack now, and then play more Zelda before works. Wheeee
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You know (Well. You probably don't actually.) how I watch a chosen DVD collection of mine over and over again during folio week? Well, my chosen play/repeat DVD set for this Semester's folio week was Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl and Dead Man's Chest.
"Mr Gibbs, I feel sullied and unusual..."
is possibly my favourite line from Dead Man's Chest, although I'm not sure. It was however definitely the most appropriate one to sum up the whole folio week experience.
And how did it go? Well, well enough I suppose. My model was... well. I daresay that it may cause blindness, it is just that ugly. Which is a cause for concern for me. Oh, and watching Pirates of the Caribbean over and over didn't help ease the ache in my mushy fangirl heart that comes from STILL having not seen At World's End. As a result, I won't be reading my friends page (properly) or er, using THE INTERWEB until I have seen it, because damn it I've been diligently spoiler free for over a year now, damned if I'm going to let Folio Week open the gate to spoilers.
I didn't see it this weekend because I have a grand total of three dollars in my bank account at the moment. Tragedy of tragedies, I know. This is because folio cost me like 250 fucking dollars. That word being used for stressing the point here rather than implying anything else. >:( That is my look of disapproval.
So er, I won't be around much. OH RIGHT

I had a question for everyone.
Can anyone download past exams from the library at the moment? Because I can't download the past exams for my history unit (ARCT 2210 if you're intrigued, which I doubt), and this makes me a sad panda. Should I just call the uni and have a cry at them, or something? I don't know. I would really like it if things would just work, or if teachers would just do their job. Yeah. I really hope those SURF sheets are anonymous, you know?

I just downloaded a pile of awesome addons for Firefox. I love Firefox.
That's all.
Oh I caught Dialga. Sweet. I called it Tempest, because Maelstrom was too long. I'm not sure it's the right name for it yet though. And it doesn't fit with my trend of naming them all after appropriately linked gods/mythological creatures. Or stuff that's just linked to their name. Yes. Like my Empoleon is called Admiral and my Staraptor (Starmie) is called Celeste. Celeste as in Celestial. Yes. My Rapidash is called Epona, not only named after Epona from Legend of Zelda, but there was also a Celtic goddess called Epona. She was also a horse, so yay. Golem is called Tecton as in Tectonic, Luxray is called Sphinx, which was kind of a play on Shinx and it's catlike appearance. It's not really linked but it'll do. I did have an Alakazam which I called Mavia, named after a Greek goddess of dreams (minor deity), but she's been ditched now in favour of Dialga. I never liked the Abra-Kadabra-Alakazam chain anyway, it was just there because I needed a psychic to balance out my team. Now I have slightly too much Steel, but that's okay. Dialga is pretty badass so it'll make up for it.

Right I'm going to study now. Shhhhhhhh.

Sullied isn't that kind of dirty by the way.

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