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First of all, I would like to say that I am sad that I am using Xjournal, which is a free livejournal client, when I now am possessed of Macjournal, which is not free and I got in the Macheist bundle. I'm probably just retarded, but the other day when I wrote a whole huge big entry in that thing and then posted it to LJ, it boned all of my HTML so much that I couldn't be arsed to fix it. Now that entry (which was about fish tanks) is just a jumbled mess, a scummy film floating at the top of my private entries. You won't see it unless I can be bothered to fix the code. There's a lot of code. I don't think you'll see it.
So if anyone could shed some light on how to use the damn thing, that would be cool.
Otherwise I'll like google it or whatever *mumble mumble*.

So I'm writing a report on this thing called On the Couch that we did for Professional Practice. It's a giant group assignment (the group is like 30 people or more), which I'm sure you can imagine is a nightmare before you even do anything.
I was part of the group that set up the questions (we have guests come in to our lecture theatre and we ask them questions relating to a theme we were given), which went rather smoothly and was stupidly easy for 15% of the unit's mark. The next group actually asked the questions of our guests and ran the event. The final group wrote a transcript of the event, took photos, filmed it.
Cut for ranting about incompetence:  )pretty simple job done pretty badly. Makes me angry.

But other than that it's actually turned out to be a pretty interesting analysis of the architectural profession. Or the design profession I suppose, because there was also a Landscape Architect and an Urban/Interior designer. All qualified designers, anyway.
I might post it once I've finished my final draft. (I know! I must have learned something from completing a Bachelor's degree, because now I'm finally organised enough to do a first draft! Not that organised though : I have a lot of other shit to do before Monday... it would have been good if I hadn't been sick last week. Or if I had known that I was going to be. Then I probably wouldn't have done all that fish tank stuff on Wednesday. Oh, who am I kidding? Of course I would...)

Oh yeah. I want one of those Merch/Flesh Reaper hats from the PA store. But I think I will wait.
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So now I can't finish my drawings, the ones I've been working on solidly both today and yesterday, because I like a nice, finished hand-drawn drawing as a presentation image rather than some crappy CAD thing - even though CAD takes me forever liek whoa.

So anyway, I read [ profile] uno_marsch's gargantuan entry and felt all inspired like to make one of my own. (Gargantuan entries, that is, not Bruce-Cats.) However I've been seized by paranoia and Have decided not to do that till I have achieved a few things:

1. A decent section of my building in CAD since ZOMG I can't actually draw it by hand... lame

2. Clean up my CAD plan with line weights 'n shit so it looks like I didn't screw up and lose my clutch pencil (I miss-typed pencil as penis. What. I mean, I know they're fairly phallic as these things go, but so is everything if you really want to read into it that much.) pencil peni.. .yeah those letters aren't even close to each other. Clearly there is something wrong with me.

I love Google Earth. So, so much. It's just so much fun. It's like flying, except totally not.

I watched about 10 minutes of the new Big Brother. Did I see anything new and interesting? No. I did see a bit of "let's pick people who have a high likelihood of not getting on," however, and a smattering of "picking people with religious beliefs stereotyped as radical," (The installation of a Morman!) Seriously guys, it's ridiculous. Your religion shouldn't actually be a deciding factor in your show-pickage, and it definitely shouldn't be something you're introduced as. You know, I bet there is at least one Catholic or Anglican or something in that house as well as that Morman girl, and I bet nobody mentioned their religion once. Hurr.

Anyway, I doubt I'll be watching it again, so I don't really care. I Do care that I'll have to hear about it for the next 6 months, though.

A far more interesting show was on SBS! The world in 2057, or something. It was cool, although horribly, horribly acted. Horribly. It was interesting though. I'll be so old in 2057. :(
Surely that is an impossible distance away.


Development of intelligent surveillance in cities is a good thing IMO. As long as it doesn't go inside houses and isn't on people's backyards I'm totally cool with it. Seriously.

That is all!

EDIT : Wtf, livejournal has changed the very sensible and sophisticated-sounding "backdate" feature to the clunky and infantile "post out of order" feature. LAME.
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Really, I hate it right now.
But I thought I might write my notes in my livejournal, so that not only do I not have to juggle books-screen-pen-writing, etc etc etc, but also you all have access to this interesting stuff on Mysticism! Yay!

Gender and Politics in Early Modern Europe by Claire Walker )
Hm. Everything after this point would seem to be too recent to be useful, damn. Ah well. It's still all really interesting. I need to find a book called Holy Anorexia, it's apparantly a good secondary source about St Catherine of Sienna. Joy!

Doubtless, there will be more of this to come!

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