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Yes! Cower in terror before the third 'l'!!
Anyway, the exam went pretty well. I managed to babble about the Black Death and about "Medieval History is fundamentally concerned with the Achievements of Great Men in relation to BOTH the Special Topics" for a pleasingly long time, even though I forgot Leonardi Bruni's name in the document studies. I did remember Lady Battista's name, but that's because it amuses me and I think I've heard it before. The other source was on Marco Polo and I made some vaguely sensical stuff up. I think it went pretty well. Um. Nothing else to report about that.

I really like this song. It's awesome-crazy. I think... I think I may have to listen to more KoRn. Despite my apparant hatred of them in year 7... the truth is, I just disliked them because everyone I hated liked them. Yes. This was the rebellious phase, which was the direct consequence of the Omg I must fit in like whoah!phase. Apparantly, seeing that both of those phases results in good things.

The past no longer is, the future is not yet. If the present never became the past, it
would not be time but eternity. We can only say that time exists by affirming that it
is ceasing to exist.
Where are the times past and to come? Memory brings the past to the present,
forethought does so for the future. Past and future are here, but still do not exist

Commodus was pretty awesome. And an accomplished warrior. Sometimes, I hate hollywood.

This has been an entry of many (well, two) days! I go now, to sit and hopefully pwn my Myth, Monument and Memory exam. Remember! Herakles was awesome, but Perseus was better. Zeus became the eldest child. A goddess is not a woman. Long ago is far away.

Cross-posted to my Deviantart account, because I'm crappy like that sometimes. :P

P.S Lookitmy not really new but newly updated JTHM icon!!!! Wooooooooo. O_o I must walk to the train now.
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So, I've decided to answer the question Would you agree that the long-term consequences of the black death were more positive than negative? Why, or why not? for history

I love it, opinion questions! Ah, can you ask any more than an exam that A) you get all the questions for more than 2 weeks before the exam, as they appear in the exam, B) Has about 3 questions that ask you about your opinion?

But, I don't really know how I'm going to argue. On the one hand, directly after the immediate aftermath of the Plague, there was a period of prosperity for the peasantry (and women, who could actually get jobs and own things, but once the nobility got back on their feet that basically returned to normal, although there was more government, as in parliament, I guess. Hmm. So the point is, I don't know how I'm going to argue. However, I will have figured that out by "the end of the day" (when I stop studying and cave in to my recently renewed Age of Empires addiction), via the warm, glowing, warming glow that is WebCT and a lecture timetable with comprehensive titles, but I'd still like some outside opinions, because who doesn't love a discussion about the Black Death?! Honestly, people. Don't think about catching the Black Death though, because then I will get a less positive response to that question. :P

In other news, I can't wait for exams to be over, even though I actually adore both of the remaining subjects. Two weeks with three exams is too long.

Hahah, I am going to fail at NaNoWriMo. So badly. I have no idea where anything is going. A pity.

Gavin's all finished now O_o ooh, exciting ('sept he'll be in Bunbury soon *weeps*)
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Really, I hate it right now.
But I thought I might write my notes in my livejournal, so that not only do I not have to juggle books-screen-pen-writing, etc etc etc, but also you all have access to this interesting stuff on Mysticism! Yay!

Gender and Politics in Early Modern Europe by Claire Walker )
Hm. Everything after this point would seem to be too recent to be useful, damn. Ah well. It's still all really interesting. I need to find a book called Holy Anorexia, it's apparantly a good secondary source about St Catherine of Sienna. Joy!

Doubtless, there will be more of this to come!
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Hokay. So y'all know the esasy [of awesome] I was talking about before? Well, I'm intending tomorrow to go down to the Reid library and primary-source it up [or HSS-reserve it up, whichever you find most amusing], so, does anyone think it would be incredibly foolhardy to leave the essay I write today 200-500 words short of the word count so that I can fit in quotes and stuff about quotes?
Or do you all think it'd be wiser to write the whoole thing, then go back and footnote ideas and cut/paste stuff in? Personally I'm more fond of the first option, but as I am fresher I will humbly ask for guidance.

Perseus is teh bomb.

That is all.

/ \
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Why, huh, why? It would make my life so much easier, Ovid, it really would. But hey, who am I to criticise a classical scholar of antiquity. Clearly, I just need to learn about Roman gods, which were, er, the same as the Greek gods, so what I'm really trying to say here is that I just need to know the Roman names for Greek gods. Just like the Greeks re-named the Egyptian gods, I guess.
Did you know Anubis' real, Egyptian name was actually Anpu? I'm guessing most of you didn't. And Horus wasn't called Horus, either, I think it was more like Hor or Hor-ur or something... well, the sound. I actually have no idea, but I do recall that Horus was a Greek name. Osiris, also, is a Greek name for the original Egyptian "Asar" or "Usar"... But I kinda prefer Osiris, mainly because I'm used to it. However... Bleh! Stupid scholars, changing names and prancing around like they're everybody's favourite birdy. Or something.
But those matters of confusion and frustration asside, this has to be the funnest essay ever. I have to - have to - read about Perseus, who was awesome [Heracles too much of a cop-out], and then write about why - or how, sorry, Heroes contribute to cultural memory! It's brilliant, like year ten all over again, except with primary sources and awesome things, like tertiary education. Which is an awesome thing.

For the sake of interest, Horus' Egyptian name, to any who care, was in fact Hor.
Sekhmet is still teh awesome goddess, but Athena is also someone I would not fight.
Anpu, yay.
Oooh, sekhem is a word for power. Hehe. Cool.

Many thanks to [ profile] armygeek and [ profile] tattered_pinion for their hospitality and Xena-watching. And food. And goodness of company.

Break time over! Back to essay!

Edit : 12.27PM

"Look upon my works, ye mighty, and despair!"

Whomsoever quesses that quote first in a comment on this post with something additional and interesting to say about Greek or Egyptian myths will win an impressive but completely immaterial prize. [Praise, maybe]
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Okay. So I went down to the Licensing centre to apply for proof of age, right? I have everything I need [for once] - Birth Certificate, Bank Card, something with my address, other random stuff for good measure. Oh, and the passport photos I need, also. But guess what! Oh no, it's not just good enough to be in fact wearing the same clothes even, as you are in the photo taken not 8 days ago, but they have to be signed as authentic by someone who has known me for a year, is not related to me, and happens to fit one of several retarded criteria, the only sensible ones of which happen to be people who I have very limited access to, or! People that have not known me for a year! GOD DAMNIT! Why can't they make these things easier... We hates them.

However, in other news, I'm changing my nation's motto to "Our government is nobody's bitch", a statement which amuses me and is loosely related to my annoyance about some things which I don't really want to list because they make me sound kinda racist and arrogant, which is unfortunate, because I try very very hard not to be, and I think, am not. So, with that in mind, you can ask me, but I'm not posting it here [publicly]. Yeah. It amuses me.

In other happy things, Gavin gave me a cd of mp3s. Yay! For new music, and stuff.

What else do I have to say? Oh yes. I redesigned the Greater Doom Llama to incorporate the awesome wings it has as seen in Greater Doom Llama's flag. The new Greater Doom Llama's ears are in fact awesome horns, it features four awesome fangies - the more aft one in a sabre-like size and shape, the fore being more false-sabre in size and shape. It's also got a gripping-toe higher up on the leg, mounted with a claw-like hoof [sort of like the dew claw on dogs, but slightly more functional]. It's got wing-a-lings, and a crest of pretty scales along the back of it's neck, starting just behind the eyes and before the "ear horns". When the Greater Doom Llama reaches the "Great Wyrm" stage [um... Ner.] it also gets decorative quills growing from this crest, the sabre-tooth becomes more pronounced and the horns on the chin and back of the jaw grow to be... more... big. The false-sabres stay the same size, although they will replace themselves if broken, where the sabre-teeth will not.!

...Okay, so here's my explanation of "sabre" and "false-sabre" in relation to fangies because I can't help myself: "Sabre-toothed Cats" actually only include the Smilodon and other awesome feline predators with huge fangies of that era. They are up to a foot long, and awesome. There are some pictures of Smilodons that I find not too repulsive pretty damn awesome. Earlier predators with [less] awesome fangies are actually false-sabre-toothed cats - Their upper canines [so-called "sabres"] were longer than those of modern cats, but shorter than those of true sabre-tooths. My personal favourite of the false-sabre-tooths was Eusmilus... although there aren't many awesome pictures on google. the skull of Eusmilus is useful for explaining the massive chin that my Greater Doom Llama has developed.
And a European Cave Lion, because they were stupidly huge and awesome [although only a boring biting cat] (they were about 3.5m long, and as tal as a man AT THE SHOULDER) It's bigger than that moose thing, that's right.

..I kind of went off on a palaeontology tangent, didn't I? Oh well.
And if you're wondering how I've memorised all of these stupidly redundant facts and scientific names - well. That's for me to know, and you to speculate about. Just trust that I do know. Oh, how I know. I fangirl over stuff like this.
And yet I can still appear to be a normal human teenage-child-girl-thingie! [At times, particularly when I am not speaking/am asleep.]

Oh, the urge to go on, and on! *fangirls about palaeontology*

Um. I go write lab report now.

* Pronunciation Key: Wrath Wrath2 Wrath
1 Pronounce "a" as in "wrath" [Aus]
2 pronounce "a" as in "apple"
! This phenomenon has no basis in fact!
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Meh, I felt like putting something a bit more abstract in the subject line, and that twenty-eight days, six hours, fourty-two minutes, twelve seconds from Donnie Darko was about as abstract as I could think up on such short notice.

I drove from home to La Salle, back home, to the Midland trainstation this morning, and didn't screw up once. *is proud* Now all I have to practise is parking [reverse, parallell and reverse-paralell O_o] and have a go at driving at night, do some more practising, and I think I could even get my Phase Two Learners by the end of the month, or maybe, say, mid-September, which is fine, because my goal for getting my lisence was October, and I figure it shouldn't take me long to fill up my log book, what with Gavin living 29 minutes away [we timed it] and uni being also an impressive distance. Then whoo, freedom and stuff. Well, kind of.

[ profile] patternsofchaos, [ profile] lone_one, [ profile] the_icon_of_sin or [ profile] im_the_end, do any of you know what exactly it is that the Lab Report is, er, on? Because I seem to be missing that one vital piece of information [through no-one's fault but my own stupidity], although I have the Olympic-Medal stuff so I guess it's something to do with that. Ehehe. Any help would be much appreciated. Gah. I was going to start/finish it today and be all cool and stuff, but I realised I had no idea what I was meant to be doing. It was a sad moment.

There is Avocado in the house! It is a glorious day.

Caught public transport things home with [ profile] auntpol. Was nice. I like Aunt Pol ^_^. Of course. Talked about how cool [how very very cool] Mr Miller was, how great Lit was, and on the stupidity of various things [many relating to some kind of education, and in one case, the lack thereof :)]. Then on the train home started talking about Stargate, and then stopped when saw that Steven was on the train also, then talked about Jesus Christ Superstar, a play which both Amber and Steven were connected to through their various schools... And it was good.

I'm toying with the idea of making my journal friends-only, for no real reason other than it would please me to do so. But on the other hand, Friendslocked journals are so boring to the casual observer. On the third hand, the casual observer may well be a balding overweight 60 year old degenerate prostitute porn king and child molester of some kind of description, so maybe it'd be an alright idea. Of course, I'm not saying that all casual readers and randoms are like that, but it's fun to make up such terrifying pictures.
I'm also not saying that being a balding overweight 60 year old degenerate prostitute automatically makes you a bad person. Or you could cross off the degenerate prostitute, for more ease of stuff. Or I could shut up.
I doubt I'll do it though, because I am too lazy.

I'm annoyed at the world for making me do work.
I want to go driving, but my parentals are too tired. :( Oh well. Maybe in the morning again.

I had this awesome plan, in which I would buy and install a CD player in the car I'll be sharing with my mum for a period of time until I can afford my own car, but I've just realised that it is fundamentally flawed - I don't think my mum would like the idea of me listening to music and driving at the same time, so she wouldn't let me do it straight away, thus defying the whole purpose of the cunning plan.

Oh well.

I still need more icons. I still need to spend my giftvoucher money. I think I will save and save my wage monies until I have plural dollars. That is what I want to do.
[ profile] armygeek, and [ profile] tattered_pinion, know that I haven't forgotten that I owe you money. I plan to pay it back next week, sometime after Monday. I think it was $12 (or $13?) for Netto and $7 for Trent. Eh. If you know otherwise tell me.

Um, I have nothing/very little else to say. The hip flask I now have on my desk-bookshelf-shelf makes me happy as I gaze up at it's shiney shinenesss. :)

My other favourite inanimate object to look at is my green oozy bubble water thingy. I'm sure it has another name, aside from paperweight, and I'm also sure that some chemistry types could tell me just why the green oozy bubble thingy doesn't mix with the water thingy [which I'm assuming isn't actually water], but I like watching the bubbles, so it matters not/little to me.

The history tutorial today was surprisingly good, oh, and [ profile] tattered_pinion, you missed an awesome lecture today by Phillipa Maddern [yes, that's the good one] about the Black Death. I died, as did three quaters of the class. It was great.
The tutorial was on the Franciscans, and why they were so popular at their outset, if you're interested. And while I still find the majority of the tutorial group seriously lacking, expecially Jade, who makes me very angry, with his pompous arrogance and holier-than-thou attitude [hehe. I love that term/phrase/whatever it is], the discussion was more than two or three people. For once, ever. I miss semester one tut group [as I was talking about with Victoria before].

I'm going to go play Neverwinter Nights now. Maybe.
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I will have to read up on this and see if any sources that are more credible than a single website of no immediately determinate academic calibre have voiced this theory but
Oh My God the mere thought is fascinating and exciting beyond all reasonable levels.
that would make the Great Sphinx, you realise, like fifteen fricken thousand fricken years old.
I know I shouldn't let myself get all enthused over a single ickle website but... do you have any idea how awesome that is. It's mad.
[I am not supporting the Aliens theory here. I'm supporting the "OMG Humans so much cooler than I ever gave them credit for" theory], if you could call it a theory.

Sorry for spamming,
but hey, it's late. So late that it's early, and I've been working on assignments since I got home at four pm. Okay, so it's my own fault but that doesn't mean that I am not very very tired. If that double negative has just messed me up there then screw it, you know what I mean, don't read so much into my early morning rantings about the awesomeage of the Great Sphinx.

P.S Sekhmet owns your soul.

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