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First of all, thanks very much to everyone for coming to the Tavvelation yesterday for my birthday, it was a great and excellent fun time! :D
So I'm all old now, but I haven't started falling apart just yet.
I had a great birthday though! And I had a very surprising and nice surprise (a surprising surprise) last night - after I went out for dinner with my family, Gavin appeared in my house! Like some kind of magic! He also brought giant flowers with him, yay. So that was very nice and surprising. I had a ridiculous grin on my face for most of the night, haha. We watched Jarhead (a little less good than I had expected, good, but not enough warness for a war movie and not enough awesome for a DonnieDarkoman movie), and the first few episodes of Witch Hunter Robin. I can't be bothered italicising stuff now, I have to be uick so I can get stuck into studio work, which has been sorely neglected lately.

And in other news I had another surprise today!!

We got a puppy!
My mum was all "come for a drive" and I was like "Nooo I has works" and she was all *is mysterious* so I went, and we got a puppy from the breeders that we brought Bonnie from about 13 years ago now. The puppy is Bonnie's great-great niece or great niece depending on which side of her family you consider, she's 11 weeks old and she's soo cute. I named her Gypsie. Ie because y looks funny.

I has also included a photo of Bonnie's brother, because he looks just like her zomg. I'm glad to say that Bonnie looks much healthier than her brother, but sad to say that he is very sick at the moment. Poor boy.

I was going to PHOTOSPAM but instead I'm going to link you to my Flickr (new window), because there are ONE MUNILION PHOTOS.


lul I am going to puts photos anyways :P
Gypsie )
Bonnie )
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Well! I think I will be bringing to you the first real update in days, from me.
[It's all Gavin's fault, the crazy, I mean]

I have seen two movies this week!
Harken Unto My Magnificent Reviews!!
Spoilers. Duh.
The Brothers Grimm )

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire )
The UCS stuff was really nice too. Good job, peoples.
Also, sorry I left so abruptly. My mum wanted to go home straight avay.

In other news...

Adventure World for the first time evar tomorrow! YAYs!! Am excited.

Um. I do believe I have nothing else to say.
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I don't know, it sounded dramatic. The sequel to this entry should be entitled "Heuristic of success," but I doubt that I'll remember that, entertaining though it may be.

Well! My livejournal has experienced a hiatus of sorts (on the public side of things anyway - trust me, you don't want to read the private entries, they're filled with pre-exam angries and disgusting levels of angst and self pity), and I'd like to say that study's going along well. I actually think it is, the Algorithm-heuristic thing is just something that amused me.

To anyone going with [ profile] armygeek (herself included) to the casino tonight, I wish you the best of fun! (Hehe, that's a funny thing to say, isn't it?)

Well, I don't have much time left in my half hour study break. Ohhh well. I was going to do so many things in my half hour of freedom, too. Meh. Have I mentioned I have made much progress today? Hm. Well, I have. Am now floating in the warm bubble of security that is retarded ammounts of study.

Exam study periods always bring out in me the most bizarre desires to livejournal random, unfunny thoughts (well, at least, I assume they're unfunny, I often disagree... but you know, pre-exam crazies), and do internet quizzes and those ridiculous, inane surveys. I actually hate them, but somehow, I long to participate in the grey, zombie-pancake mush that is online quizzes and spelling pancake as "pankake".

The onscreen keyboard is hell, by the way. You see, I moved my keyboard so that I'd
a) have someplace to actually sit down and study without losing my spine/developing a prodigious hunchback
2) [oh, hilarity] not be able to go online and look at things while "studying," due to the pure tedium of onscreen keyboard.

It's kind of amusing though. Pressing caps lock, num lock or scroll lock on the onscreen keyboard makes the lights go on or off on the actual real keyboard. Tick tock. It made me happy.

I have to go now. The good times are over!

Edit: I've just discovered thar I can't actually spell. All knowledge of mine is actually residual stuff which, zombie-like, I have consumed over the years.

That is all.
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Some Piratical Quizzes I do every year on this day, or thereabouts )
[I love that Quiz so damn much]

Anyway, the first thing I did when I woke up this morning was don my Piratey Attire. Which basically is my piratey tunic, tricorn hat, piratey pants and pirateish boots. Then! Hair unbrushed in true pirate fashion, I went to Midland Gate to spread the good word of Pirateage. Many people were filled with terror at my awesome piratey visage.
I've been talking like a pirate all day, which is why I'm typing normally now. Am going to have a drink with the folks for Pirate Day [yes, over the past 3 years I've successfully made Pirate Day a Family Event] so maybe I will update Piratey then. We'll see.

Shock! I actually got the $13 I was owed in my pay today! I'm quite pleased. Respect and liking for owner of store has increased a notch.
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Whoo, a new phone. It's just like my old phone, just with new things. Like a camera. And colour. And for some reason, a level. That's right. I can now tell when my phone is lying perfectly horizontally! Joy!
It's pretty neat. Yes. Although I feel bad for kind of betraying my old phone. Aww... But it was acting up, often. However, I got to keep my phone number, and my old sim card is still in my old phone, so I have all my special things which I liked. Like messages.
With Optus now. Which is why no-new-phone-number is noteworthy. Neat deal, also. Should save money. Joy!
Internet on a phone is silly.
But then, so is having a level. I mean jeez.
I like Optus. It has animals. However, the Optus Zoo site seems to work not at all. This angers me! I want to know if I can scam free stuff.

Today was a good day! I was happy, and such. Psychology was interesting this morning.

That is all.

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