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I don't know if that's the proper lyric but god I hope it is. It's a song about a dude that has a girlfriend but is also, unfortunately, a werewolf.
I think it might be, because the one where I hear it most clearly is a live recording. Anyway, I hope it is.


Fullmoon by Sonata Arctica btw. Yeeeah.

Um. Hi! There are FIVE SLEEPS til Euorpe Adventures Commence. Yessssss.Twill be awesome.

Currently though, it's Foilo Week. I'm trying to be finished by tomorrow... bahahah.


DrawingStatusPanic Level
Site PlanFINISHED!  
Ground PlanFINISHED!  
First Floor PlanFINISHED!  
Second Floor PlanFINISHED!  
Roof PlanFINISHED!  
Section AA85% finished - lol penises 
North ElevationFoob 
South ElevationFoob? 
East ElevationMoose 
West ElevationLol I'm bonedABORT ABORT
Detailed Section 1:50LAWLGOD IS LAUGHING AT ME
Section BBNeeds  TLC 
Section CCSee above :P 
Wall SectionsUnstarted lol 
Room LayoutsI have finished the fuck out of these drawingsSeriously they will own you

Why yes, Purple IS my favourite colour!
Now back to work. Lash lash.

Also! [profile] laura_kathleen I don't have your email, but I do have a Dreamwidth invite. Could you give it to me in a screened comment or something, and I'll send you an invite! :)
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So I've just organised my page layouts how I like 'em, and now I have discovered some things:

Drawing Status Panic Level
Ground Plan95% finished - awaiting feedback 
First Floor Plan95% finished - awaiting feedback 
Second Floor Plan95% finished - awaiting feedback 
Roof Planunstarted 
Section AA85% finished - awaiting feedback 
North ElevationUnstarted... I don't nuuu 
South ElevationUnstarted... it's just a box though 
East ElevationUnstarted 
West ElevationUnstarted 
Detailed Section 1:50Unstarted - unsure of how much detail is needed 
Section BBUnstarted - it's a little section 
Section CCSee above :P 
Wall Sections??? HAU DO I MAEK 
Details30% finished - how many? What scale? How much is too much/little? 

So I suppose what this table shows is that overall, I'm slightly edgy, but feeling pretty confident. The creeping doom (that would be the red) hasn't quite yet gotten a foothold this semester. This is good. So. If I say that I am going to move my due date from the 29th (folio day, 2 days before I leave for Europe) to one week before, on the 22nd... Well. I feel slightly more edgy, but not a great deal. So.The plan. Yes, yes, I know you don't care, but you don't have to read it now, do you?

4 5 6 7 8 9 10
11 12 13 14 15 16 17
18 19 20 21 22 23 24
25 26 27 28 29 30 31


This is where it gets QUITE A LOT more boring, so I cut it. An hour by hour breakdown of the next few weeks of my life! Yay! )

If I managed that, I would really be on to something there. To bed with me! This kind of planning actually does help me, for those of you questioning its worth. And I know you are. :P  

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After that 5:30 am madness (I re-read that entry, lol sleep deprivation is like crack... I imagine), everything turned out really well in the end.
I couldn't figure out how to work the Render Farm (an amazing group of 16 servers which just render stuff through the network, it is pretty pro), because, funnily enough, the instructions on the resource drive were completely different to what needs to be done to start the render farm.
I didn't read them wrong, I read (and followed) the directions correctly. This amuses me to no end (now).
So I went to have a nap at 7 am (in my car.. man my car is awesome) and then at 9am went back and spoke to Jamie (father-god of the Render farm) and he set it all up for me so it would work. After that it was all sweet.

I did 25 Renders in an hour. 25 A3 renders.
For people perhaps not so familiar with the world of 3d rendering, it takes my computer roughly one hour (sometimes one hour 20 minutes) to render an A4, relatively low-complexity model. The Render farm was doing more complex, larger, higher resolution renders. It was awe-inspiring.

In the end I didn't make it into the printer queue on time for those renders (only two pages, the other 13 printed out fine), so I (surprisingly calmly now that I think about it) printed out the pages on A3 in colour, then drove home to snap to print out the two pages on A2 there. I would have paid the $20/page at that stage, but they have a 3 day turnaround for A2 colours, and no urgency fee avaliable. So I printed them in Black and white - $10.
It doesn't really make sense to me, but I feel as though there is some kind of extortion happening there. Anyway.

So yeah, really happy with how folio turned out. I am officially a participating member in the world again (though, I am in Bunbury), and yeah. No longer going insane with stress, joy!

Went to Nandos after Folio with some architecture buddehz. It was really fun, and funny because we were going to go out afterwards, but we unanimously piked because we were all too tired. Well, it amused me.

Soyeah...  :D

Hope everyone's end of semester and exam study and stuff is going well.

Hopefully some of my work and my studio's work might be in the exibition at the end of the month. :) That would be really cool... :D
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bricks are shit and I hate them.

Why won't you scale correctly?

(this shit is bananas, b-a-n-a-n-a-s)

Oh my gods where was I?
A land where my dreams rule
sons of steel and magic, tragic destinies

I can't believe what I have seen there

We're the kings of the Nordic Twilight
We're the Lords of Ice and Snow
for the glory we will fight
 pew-pew pew

It's interesting, Folios definately have songs.
Last semester's song was Wolf and Raven (Sonata Arctica) and I Stand Alone (Godsmack... but only with Arthas vs Illidan video thingie)
this semester's is Kings of the Nordic Twilight (Luca Turilli).
I think the semester before that was Nightwish (in general) and a song by KMFDM.
I can't remember any further back but I'm sure livejournal has the answers.

The real reason I'm updating is because I'm angry. I'm angry because my model looks shithouse.

Aw fuck
My computer has frozed!
While doing um
a render.
A practise render
but nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

I know that makes no sense.

What should I do :( 

I was so happy with my other stuff, and now my model is going to poo up my folio because the materials are being retarded.

Throughout the day I've been drawing an awesome dragon in my journal in all the time that I couldn't do anything becuase computers were loading stuff or rendering things or crashing.
I might share it sometime.

Also the roof fell in in Gavin's house!

How crazy is that?!
And the company that he is renting from is totally unphased by it. He has a rent inspection on Monday, and they're all "I guess we'll check it out then"

what the hell?

Ughhh my model looks so bad :(

I thought you were my friend, 3ds Max.

Ugh, this is depressing.

Hello 5:30!
Soon annoying people will be here

also soon it will be 24 hours since I last slept

Hey I solved my brick problem.
It was because the bump map was a different file. Lol, dumbness.
My model is still pretty dumb looking, but I don't mind too much because a lot of people don't have any model at all.
I need to get this done so I can print before the 7am rush!!

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Why isn't the internet full of high-res, giant, stock photos of building materials taken at angles appropriate and useful for what I need them for?

Note to self: Go and take photos of stuff so this doesn't happen again.

Re: Note To self : You have got to be kidding. You and I both know very well that this is never going to happen. Just like site visits, and essays. They don't happen until the last possible moment.

I can't promise that I won't just spam LJ as the night goes on, by the way.

Should I ask the Italian exhcange student if he knows about Luca Turilli?
By the time anyone has responded to this, I'm not likely to be in the same room as him anymore, so... things. Superfluosity!


Oct. 31st, 2008 03:21 am
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In the words of Skwisgaar Skwigelf;

This is dildos.

Do you see the time, there? 
I am quite tired.
I'm torn between throwing my hands in the air, yelling "Fuck it!" And then promptly curling up under my computer desk and going to sleep on the cold hard polished concrete floor of the ALVA computer lab for the rest of the night, and just toughening the fuck up and keep on trucking till the break of dawn.
I only have two more things I need to do. The conflict is, I know I have enough to pass if I don't do these things. I wantto do more than pass though. Hmm. It's a worry, it's a worry.


I was so organised this semester, I was, really. So why am I still awake at 3:26am on Friday morning?

Oh dicks I need to do my tax return.
..... hurrrrrrrr

P.S I was just procrastinating, and I discovered that <a href= target="blank">The Dethalbum</a> actually exists. If I wasn't completely broke at the moment, I would totally buy this with real dollars, because buying an album with real dollars, a real album released by a pretend band? It's awesome. It might just be my sleep-deprived brain that finds this ridiculously cool, we'll find out in a few days, I guess.

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