Nov. 7th, 2006 03:38 pm
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Yay, exam-o is over-o. IT took me 20 minutes, and I read every question carefully, checked my answers twice and all that jazz. I think I might have gotten very near 100%. OH JOY. I know it's only a multi-choice quiz worth 10%, but it'd be so nice to say "I got 100% in this exam thing I did" (even though I've been lolling about how lame/insignificant this exam is all year)
The only question I'm slightly worried about is a question that was about why we have seasonal variation in climate. The one I picked said it was to do with the axial orbit or something and blah blah, and the other one said it was the earth's circular orbit around the sun, with distance changing and blah blah. Now, I didn't' pick this one because I thought it might have been a trap question, because in a past exam it said the Earth's Elliptical orbit, which is actually right, and would in fact change the temperature, whereas if the Earth's orbit was circular, there would be no difference in distance from the sun. You see? So I hope that I'm right and it was a trap answer, and not just a typo, because that would mean that I lose markies :(
That is all!
I just realised Bonnie will be 16 when I'm 23, which made me very sad, so I went out to play fetch with her, but she totally snubbed me/the ball. :( funny Bonnie.
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Yes! Cower in terror before the third 'l'!!
Anyway, the exam went pretty well. I managed to babble about the Black Death and about "Medieval History is fundamentally concerned with the Achievements of Great Men in relation to BOTH the Special Topics" for a pleasingly long time, even though I forgot Leonardi Bruni's name in the document studies. I did remember Lady Battista's name, but that's because it amuses me and I think I've heard it before. The other source was on Marco Polo and I made some vaguely sensical stuff up. I think it went pretty well. Um. Nothing else to report about that.

I really like this song. It's awesome-crazy. I think... I think I may have to listen to more KoRn. Despite my apparant hatred of them in year 7... the truth is, I just disliked them because everyone I hated liked them. Yes. This was the rebellious phase, which was the direct consequence of the Omg I must fit in like whoah!phase. Apparantly, seeing that both of those phases results in good things.

The past no longer is, the future is not yet. If the present never became the past, it
would not be time but eternity. We can only say that time exists by affirming that it
is ceasing to exist.
Where are the times past and to come? Memory brings the past to the present,
forethought does so for the future. Past and future are here, but still do not exist

Commodus was pretty awesome. And an accomplished warrior. Sometimes, I hate hollywood.

This has been an entry of many (well, two) days! I go now, to sit and hopefully pwn my Myth, Monument and Memory exam. Remember! Herakles was awesome, but Perseus was better. Zeus became the eldest child. A goddess is not a woman. Long ago is far away.

Cross-posted to my Deviantart account, because I'm crappy like that sometimes. :P

P.S Lookitmy not really new but newly updated JTHM icon!!!! Wooooooooo. O_o I must walk to the train now.
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Some awesome Quotes from Greek Myth for your amusement.

Aeschylus, Prometheus Bound (Hermes)
"I speak to you - the master-mind, with heart more sour
Than sourness ; you who honoured creatures of a day
And sinned against immortals; you, the thief of fire:
The Father bids you tell him what this marriage is
Through which you boast that he shall fall from power. Now speak
No clever riddles, but set forth the detailed truth.
Do not, Prometheus, make me travel all this way
Again; Zeus is not mollified by such replies."

Homer, Iliad 5

"But Herakles' son Tlepolemos the huge and mighty
was driven by his strong destiny against godlike Sarpedon.
Now as these in their advance had come close together,
the own son, and the son's son of Zeus cloud-gathering,
it was Tlepolemos of the two who spoke the first word:
'Man of counsel of the Lykians, Sarpedon, why must you
be skulking here, you who are a man unskilled in the fighting?
They are liars who call you issue of Zeus, the holder
of the aegis, since you fall far short in truth of the others
who were begotten of Zeus in the generations before us:
such men as, they say, was the great strength of Herakles,
my own father, of the daring spirit, the heart of a lion:
he came here on a time for the sake of Laomedon's horses,
with six vessels only and the few men needed to man them,
and widowed the streets of Ilion and sacked the city;
but yours is the heart of a coward and your people are dying."

One day, overconfidence will be the death of me. I half expect that this death will come about on Thursday at around 2pm. Not that I feel concerned about it or anything, but I think my overwhelming sense of comfort will somehow anger the Irony Gods, who will exact great and fiery vengeance upon me. Oh yes, I believe in the Irony Gods. It's not so much a system of worship as a system of cautious observance.

On the other hand, I'm more than confident that I can handle anything that History throws at me... seeing as I know exactly what it is going to throw at me, save for Section C, but I have my suspicions about that. All the sources are from the Document Reader, and we know what they're going to be about, we only have to analyse two. So, I'm just reading all the sources on Marco Polo, and everything by Leonardi Bruni. The funny thing is, if memory serves, is that there is only one source by Leonardi Bruni in the Reader
Hahh. But I'm still gonna go study.

I love this icon.

I was way too amused by [livejournal.com profile] drayke_'s daily WTF #3. I'm not sure why. I think it's definately Ocean Madness.

If I keep adding page breaks, maybe something magical will happen. Like a lynching (of me).

Daniel Johns still has a pretty voice. Pretty may not be the most flattering word I suppose, but it is true.
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So, I've decided to answer the question Would you agree that the long-term consequences of the black death were more positive than negative? Why, or why not? for history

I love it, opinion questions! Ah, can you ask any more than an exam that A) you get all the questions for more than 2 weeks before the exam, as they appear in the exam, B) Has about 3 questions that ask you about your opinion?

But, I don't really know how I'm going to argue. On the one hand, directly after the immediate aftermath of the Plague, there was a period of prosperity for the peasantry (and women, who could actually get jobs and own things, but once the nobility got back on their feet that basically returned to normal, although there was more government, as in parliament, I guess. Hmm. So the point is, I don't know how I'm going to argue. However, I will have figured that out by "the end of the day" (when I stop studying and cave in to my recently renewed Age of Empires addiction), via the warm, glowing, warming glow that is WebCT and a lecture timetable with comprehensive titles, but I'd still like some outside opinions, because who doesn't love a discussion about the Black Death?! Honestly, people. Don't think about catching the Black Death though, because then I will get a less positive response to that question. :P

In other news, I can't wait for exams to be over, even though I actually adore both of the remaining subjects. Two weeks with three exams is too long.

Hahah, I am going to fail at NaNoWriMo. So badly. I have no idea where anything is going. A pity.

Gavin's all finished now O_o ooh, exciting ('sept he'll be in Bunbury soon *weeps*)


Nov. 7th, 2005 10:43 pm
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That was... alright. Actually, I think it went pretty good, I still feel happy about the Psych exam. Basically, I could have asked for better essay questions, but the ones that I did - Piaget's views on the Pre-operational child and Cognitive Dissonance, were some of my top 5 or so questions. The Multi-Choice... eh, was a bit wacky, (heehee, wacky).. I don't know how well I did with some of those questions! Ah well. I know I've at the very least passed, so 's all good.
[livejournal.com profile] patternsofchaos, I hope the pen worked well if you needed it ^_^ Er, though, pleeease make sures that I get it back... not that I think you'd do anything bad to it but, I have a ridiculous affection for that pen. It has to do with the squidgy plastic bit up the top. Ridiculous, I know. hehe.

Then, after exam, talked to [livejournal.com profile] the_icon_of_sin and Robert-from-creative-writing-who-has-redversusblue-shirts. Then [livejournal.com profile] lone_one appeared, then went to play halo 2 and be pwned by [livejournal.com profile] tattered_pinion, [livejournal.com profile] im_the_end and Robert-from-creative-writing. At [livejournal.com profile] lone_one's. Buuut [livejournal.com profile] lone_one and [livejournal.com profile] marxipan_xlii went to have lunch, or some... thing. Yeah.

Then! Went to see Gavin, who had been in Midland for lab-stuffs for Dentisty-things. Apparantly helped out with the polishing-ness of... crowns... maybe... I don't remember what he said... >_<, but yeah, and had the drill, then overrevved it, causing the bit to bend and hit him on the hand/fingers/thumb. He seemed pretty amused, it apparantly has happened before. Funny stuffs. 'N stuff. Then talked and walked and eventually ended up watching Fraiser. It was funnier than I remembered. Oh, and Deal or No Deal. That guy is still annoying, but this girl, who was greedy and had no sense of logic, lost, and so we were amused and happy. Hehe.
Hope nobodys exams went awry because of the Ford-driver-into-semi-trailer incident on the Freeway thismornin'. Funny thing is, I hate driving near those barriers. It hadn't occurred to me that hitting into them could be better than something.

Watched the news. Think that supplying "schoolies" with condoms is wrong. Totally the wrong message. Totally the wrong message. However, street drinking is pretty funny, potentially. Meh. Starting to think it would be terribly funny to go to one of those places where "everyone goes" for leavers. Maybe will one time, and laugh at all the drunken peoples. Hahahaha. (yes, just like that)

Want to draw something. Drew an awesome cartooney-wolf the other day. Want to draw more coolly.

Do, but don't, want to finish Tawny Man trilogy. Will miss the Farseers :(.

Do, but don't, want to see Harry Potter movie. It has drago...

OH MY GOD! I nearly forgot to update about the biggest event of the day:
I saw a dragon dolphin in the river on the way to uni.
It was black.


Yes, I know you're struck dumb by my awesome... news. Yeah. Wooo!

Uh, I drove home from Rossmoyne in the dark and the rain. I want my licence now, damnit.
My arm is hur
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The hobbits the hobbits the hobbits to Isengard to Isengard!

Oh dear god that's fantastic. Thankyou, [livejournal.com profile] tattered_pinion.

Well, I'm feeling rather confident about the psych exam now. I did the cd-quizzes, and passed zhem all. Yay! Did very well on most. So I no longer ph30r the Psych monster. I wonder if I'll ever study it again... *muses* You know, I still have no idea what I'm doing next year, although I'm aware that my innermost aspirations are much loftier than teaching. No offence intended to teachers. I'm not sure how Architecture would achieve that, but it's at least more unusual than teaching, as I've never met an Architect before, but I've met truckloads (well, maybe one truckload) of teachers. Hoom-haroom.

I go sleep now - early night to make good for early waking. 6am, eeeeesh. I haven't gotten up that early since school semester one exams!
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I don't know, it sounded dramatic. The sequel to this entry should be entitled "Heuristic of success," but I doubt that I'll remember that, entertaining though it may be.

Well! My livejournal has experienced a hiatus of sorts (on the public side of things anyway - trust me, you don't want to read the private entries, they're filled with pre-exam angries and disgusting levels of angst and self pity), and I'd like to say that study's going along well. I actually think it is, the Algorithm-heuristic thing is just something that amused me.

To anyone going with [livejournal.com profile] armygeek (herself included) to the casino tonight, I wish you the best of fun! (Hehe, that's a funny thing to say, isn't it?)

Well, I don't have much time left in my half hour study break. Ohhh well. I was going to do so many things in my half hour of freedom, too. Meh. Have I mentioned I have made much progress today? Hm. Well, I have. Am now floating in the warm bubble of security that is retarded ammounts of study.

Exam study periods always bring out in me the most bizarre desires to livejournal random, unfunny thoughts (well, at least, I assume they're unfunny, I often disagree... but you know, pre-exam crazies), and do internet quizzes and those ridiculous, inane surveys. I actually hate them, but somehow, I long to participate in the grey, zombie-pancake mush that is online quizzes and spelling pancake as "pankake".

The onscreen keyboard is hell, by the way. You see, I moved my keyboard so that I'd
a) have someplace to actually sit down and study without losing my spine/developing a prodigious hunchback
2) [oh, hilarity] not be able to go online and look at things while "studying," due to the pure tedium of onscreen keyboard.

It's kind of amusing though. Pressing caps lock, num lock or scroll lock on the onscreen keyboard makes the lights go on or off on the actual real keyboard. Tick tock. It made me happy.

I have to go now. The good times are over!

Edit: I've just discovered thar I can't actually spell. All knowledge of mine is actually residual stuff which, zombie-like, I have consumed over the years.

That is all.
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I have no idea anymore. I just don't.
Man, I so suck at studying this semester. Well, at least I have these glorious, glorious answers to go through. Muahahh.
Oh dear god I'm hyper right now for no good reason.
Lonely as I am together we cry... do do do... I don't ever waaanaaa feeeel... no, I'm not posting lyrics in my livejournal. I actually hate it when people do that. But I am fond of benign hypocrisy. I think all my spelling skillz have gone through the floor. It's from not doing English for 6 months. Ah well.
It sucks! The possibilities of becoming a museum cureator is about 0, unless I kill someone. And even then, there might be someone more qualified/sane to do the job than me. Yes, I know that right now, my sentence structure is fairly badly retarded.
Retarded is a great adjective. I don't actually mean it in terms of intelligence would you believe, well, not right now. You see, if something is retarded from the norm.. actually I'm not explaining myself, I doubt I need to. Ahaahhaahh. I'm queen of driving. I wish I had more moneys. Ah, shit. Life sucks! I need to go back to the bank and make myself have no moneys all over again. Stupid lessons. FEH!
I'm gonna go study now. I actually started to get even more done, but yeah - retardation, you know how it is.

...castrophony so immense it could be heard from the reaches of space
Oh greed oh yes oh greed oh yes!

Hahah! Damn, I love Rage Against the Machine.
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I'm fairly pleased with my exam timetable [which I only knew was availiable because of livejournal :D]
Psychology 102 November 7th, Winthrop, 9am
Medeival Europe 112 November 16th, Winthrop, 9am
Myth, Monument and Memory November 17th, Winthrop, 2pm

If you ask me, that's a fairly awesome lineup. Means that once again, I can spend a whole week or so cramming for Psych and then glide sweetly through the joy that is History for another week, then freedom!

Speaking of which, I must away. I've decided that by 5pm tomorrow, at the very least, I will have my essay 3/4 done. That's right. Fucking hippy mystics. Oh, they were hippies. Well, maybe not Catherine of Siena - she was anorexic.
It's true! She lived off've the host and water for 6 years, with binge-feasting to prove to people she wasn't possessed intermittently! Of course she died, but that's to be expected. She got stigmata, apparantly.

But yeah, mystics were such hippies, trippin' out on tha' holy presence....

By the way, I've just thought of a nice little metaphor.
Graffiti-ising the wall near the tree is simmilar to desecrating a toumb, so that whenever people visit the toumb, they say "Man, but that guy had some idiot friends" instead of "Man, that guy was so great, we had some good times with him, aye?"
Actually, it's the same thing. You shiner.

No, I'm done with maturity and reservation. I'm in the mood for sensationalist comments and flame-war kindling, even though I'll win in so many ways. *Sigh*

P.S Rage Against The Machine are so damn awesome.
Rage Against The Machine - Renegades of Funk )
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I have finished my first semester of Uni! I am content, and randomly happy. The exams went well, thankyou for asking.
Today looks like it'll be good too. Whee!

By the way, never pronounce "Brisbane" as "Bris baane", it's "Brisbun". Sort of. Ask your nearest Australian to say it.
"Melbourne" is pronounced "Mel born" not "Mel bourne"... Ok
so... It makes little sense, but it's the way things are. The way things are, god damnit. And Sydney is not a town.

That was in response to some car show I watched on monday, where the host kept mispronouncing place names.. well, Australian place names, I wouldn't know ab out the American ones, but that wouldn't surprise me either.

Exams are over!!!! JOY!!!
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And then she turned to go
The prince of peace embraced the gloom
And walked the night alone

Eh. Not sure what I'm saying here. Oh, but it was cold today. [livejournal.com profile] armygeek, I got your Neutrimetics stuff today. I would have sent you a message [more direct communication and all that] but I have no credit. Eh. So I'll bring your stuff with me... on some day when you'll be at uni? Or something? Yeah. I have exams on tuesday afternoon and wednesday morning, if that's helpful at all.

Oh, by the way, that last entry was needlessly angsty. Eh... angst is kinda pointless and futile, I've decided. But somebody's gotta do it. But my new policy is been there, done that, so I'm not planning on doing anymore angsting - it's not like I have anything in the world to complain about, so, out the window with the angst. That was a slight reference to something that possibly only [livejournal.com profile] lone_one will get, by the way.
But yeah. Angst is stupid. Yesss. Right. Onward and upward, I say.

I will grin upon the first person to correctly identify the song that is stuck in my head and this entry.

I've been thinking about the Creative Writing Exam alot today [as you do], and I've decided that the whole idea of a "Creative Writing Exam" is fundamentally stunted intellectually. Especially with poetry. I mean, for example, This got a Daily Deviation at deviantART - obviously, the person who awarded it that was very impressed. But it didn't move me at all. I don't like it. So how can something like poetry, the quality of which is determined mainly by the reader's individual liking-or-not-liking of the piece, be marked as an exam? I mean, it'd be hard enough to mark assignments. Oh well. At least the people that run it all like fantasy writing.

What else... nothing really at the moment that I care to share. I wish the weather would warm up, sometimes. I don't think last winter was as cold - but then, I wasn't at home as much, either. I was in well-heated classrooms :P.

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