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Some people make me say "lol" in my head, over and over and over, a mental string of "lolollolololololoool" and so on and so forth. What am I updating about? I'm not sure, but

there is a bug (of some description) (somewhere) in my room. I know this because I can hear things moving. Yes. The unfortunate thing about this situation is that flyspray fumes make me feel sick, so I will not spray the room to purge said terrible tiny beasties.

I have turned into somewhat of a recluse these past (number) weeks. I'm not trying to slight anyone, or whatever, this is just a thing that happens to me in the summer (yes, it's seasonal, and yes, this is somewhat of an insurance precaution). As a result, I've been introspective-angry Meghan today, and yes, I no longer care for grammar on this day, because a) I'm slowly losing my ability to revert back to normal (the alternative is of course, pirate) and b) it's 3-freaking-am.

I have the 3am giggles. Gigglies. Things just make me want to laugh out loud and or scream with rage. It'd be fun to be a berserker.
There was something interesting that I had to say here, I'll try to wade my way through the morass of ridiculous to prise it from the gluggy, sticky mire that is my braiiiins.

[ profile] lone_one, now I am addicted to Pirates! and I have failed my WoW self-goal of being at 40 or near to it by the end of the week. That it is not yet the end of the week matters not - I am completely aware that I am more likely to play pirates at the moment than I am WoW. Although I've only been at sea for 24 months and my crew is already unhappy, so I may get a little bored soon. My pirate will be 30 soon! Ha, he has wrinkles. I'd like to point out that my Flagship, Thor's Hammer, is a Ship Of The Line, which is the best ship in the game. I would also like to point out that I nabbed it with a sloop, and have been using it since the beginning of the game. *victory stance* And I/my Pirate Duke Bilgie have married the Smokin' Hot Sexy Minx Daughter of some French place, which I thought was quite impressive for some guy named after the bilges of a ship (not the most attractive part of a tall ship, shall we say). On account of my glorious adventure to Bunbury (more on that later), Gavin is similarly transfixed by "living the life." Our/his pirate's name is Scurvy. I think it is a fantastic name for a pirate. Except he's Spanish, which is making it difficult for him to gain rank. :(

In other news - oh god Warcraft III is so much fun. I am impatient to get back to the Horde/more run-ins with Lady Sylvanas Windrunner too. Arthas is interesting, but kind of boring at the moment. Thrall is too cool for school (or something). Seeing Lordaeron was fun.

Yes, I drove myself to Bunbury, after much heated debate. I was the absolute victor of that, and so off I drove in my mettalic blue chariot of... combustion?
Anyway, I actually liked the drive, which wasn't so much a surprise as it was just a thing which occurred to me. That 30 minute section of not-being-duel-carriageway was a little concerning, but I was ready for it. And the reward at the end was of course glorious. We went out to dinner! In this really nice old hotel, the... Rose? maybe. Anyway it had cool, simple-elegant chandeliers, a suit of armour and a mounted stag's head, and some paintings of guys looking like nobility and their silly dogs, and the food we had was so nice! The biggest t-bone I ever had, and tasty. The hot plate they were served on was a little worrying at times, although it kept the chips delicious and fresh seeming for the whole steak marathon experience. Lemon lime and bitters from bar type places is so delicious. And of course the company was pretty much unparalleled.

Family guy is pretty funny.
Managed to not sleep for the whole time Gav was at work on saturday (this happens often - he only works from 9-12 (or 1 or 2) ish on Saturdays normally, and this is easily within my natural awakening period :P. Instead played Warcraft III O_o Thraaallll. I already don't remember what we did on Saturday afternoon. Did we go shopping? I don't know. Ohh, I think we.. no that was Sunday. Hmm. Saturday...I don't think we played Pirates! Till the evening. Hoom. Did we go shopping? Something happened, of this I am certain.
Sunday we played Puzzle Kombat (hahahaha I lose), Worms Forts and.... no, it's not called Deer Hunter, it's some other Hunting game. I don't even feel bad about liking this game anymore. We should have gotten Dangerous Hunts though, then we could fight some bears rawr. We had a bit of a run-in with a lynx, and then some incidents with rolling the 4wd motorbike (head injuries), but other than that we had a merry old time searching for that beastie, deers and goats. And raccoons. I would never ever hunt in real life though. Well. If I needed food, or if I was going to use the animal pretty exhaustively, or if it was a pest (although not foxes), then maybe. I'm sure I could do it if I needed it (the whole hatchett scenario, you know), but if it was just because it was a camping group challenge thing, or if it was a pest that needed culling (rabbits?) I'm not sure whether I would be able to make myself do it. Although I do so dislike Rabbits. I'm sorry Bugs.

The deeper meaning has been lost. I did have a topic, but instead this has been a fairly standard [ profile] bloodied_aura production. Oh vell. Goodnight/morning interwebs.
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Aaaanywaaay, I'm now working at the Co-Op Bookshop at UWA, officially, as [ profile] patternsofchaos's James (sorry, I've forgotten your username... >_< and yes, am too lazy to find it on my friends list) found out today! Yay! I'm not unemployed anymore!

I had the interview on Wednesday, and apparantly it went well. I went in for training today, and it was easy and good. Basically exactly the same as working at a video store, 'sept with barcodes and a distinct lack of fleas.
Oh, aye.
And books! Glorious books! You know I walked in and saw no less than 7 highly desirable books? Something along the lines of
Oliver Twist
The Iliad
Something about Thylacines
100 Egyptian Heiroglyphics (very cool looking)
The Complete Works of Edgar Allen Poe
The Complete Works of (the guy who wrote Alice in Wonderland)
A History of Warfare
Awesome History book
Awesome History Book
Awesome History book, ye olde.

Okay, so more than 7. Most of which are worth more than $40 each. Le sigh. But I have an income again! JOYOUS!
And I'm getting paid at something called "Award Rate", which has to be better than "Minimum Wage".

Yeah, I'm pretty happy.

Plus, me driving-man said that the only thing that would make me fail my test on monday would be a silly mistake brought on by panic, plus my test is in the early morn' so I won't have to worry about idiots, plus it's in Midland which is where I have done zomg all the driving in the world, so I'm feeling good about it. Although the car will cost me $120!! (This includes a lesson, but here, do some maths with me....
One lesson = $40 for 45 minutes.
Yes? Yes.

Test = 30 mins plus up to 5 minutes talking, 5 minutes sorting things. = 40 mins. Yes?
So, logically, Test = $40.


Test = $80

Test with Lesson = $120.


Oh well. It's only money...


However! I get to see Gavin this weekend also so things are good.

And I watched Pirates of the Caribbean again tonight.
OH, how I have missed that movie of Piratical one-ness.

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Unfortunately, I have no idea how to actually spell that line, but I don't see how it actually matters. I mean, ultimately, it's just a string of nonsense words from an awesome song I wish I had an MP3 of. Yes. Botany Bay, just like The Wild Colonial Boy and The Horse With No Name (if that's even what it's called), is a fantastically awesome song that I own no copies of. At least I don't think I do.

I got my first bill ever! It's from Optus. I'm not sure that half-celebrating it by mentioning it here is exactly the right thing to do, but I do so love mail. I got a letter from the Leeuwin too, and I'm seriously considering going on this voyage for Leeuwin volunteers in December. It's only $300. But on the other hand, I really should save my money and horde it, dragon-like, for the rainy day we all know will come around when we least expect it. I will have to debate it with myself and others some more before making a final decision. But I so do miss being fit, and on the sea on a tall ship. Especially the tall ship part. In fact, I'm going to go back and underline it right now. Although you can't tell I went back to do that, for all you know I did that from the start. You're just going to have to trust me.

I've decided never to get sick again. I'm not sure how I'm going to do this, but yeah. If I can construe a way that involves cannon, or even better, trebuchets, that will be the way to go. All the sleeping has made my back hurt. It's tragic.

Despite that and the recent loss of an awesome live journal post, I'm still in a pretty good mood.

I have a new Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy [movie] poster up. It's big and colourful and has a rubber ducky. It's also double-sided, although you'd never know that by looking at it. It even has the words "DON'T PANIC" printed on it in big, reassuring letters down the bottom, although from where I'm sitting (and indeed, anywhere) you can only see the words "DON'T P", which runs an amusing parallel with Dinotopia's codex, the last line of which read only "Don't P.." and was jokingly assumed to have once said "Don't pee in the bath." Well, I thought Dinotopia was a fairly awesome book when I was 8, and I still do now, so there.

Driving is pretty awesome. Shouldn't be long now till I have my licence.. I can say this because I'm now confident (and actually skilled) enough to be irritated that I can't drive anywhere by myself. Am toying with the idea of instead of telling Gavin when I get my license, driving to his place instead. I'm not sure which would be funner, it will take more self-debate.

I just downloaded Semagic to make myself feel better about losing that entry before. It seems pretty awesome so far. And pretty, in an ugly, non-blue sort of way. If you know what I mean, which I would find surprising.

I am a member of far too many communities. Sigh.

Sculpture-girl hasn't replied to my latest note on DA, which I suppose is just as well since I've just decided I can't really/don't really want to afford it right now. But for her part, it's rather unprofessional. Not that she is a professional, but she should want to appear that way since she's selling stuff. Oh well.

What else can I talk about, I wonder? I'm sure I have no shortage of things to talk about, I mean, I've been isolated from livejournaling types for nearly 5 days now. Yes, some/most/all of it was a self-imposed exile, but what're you gonna do?

I think I'm becoming more *gasp* responsible with my money, lately. Because I still haven't brought Kingmaker. And trust me, it's not for any lack of wanting. Oh god no. But before I do that, I'm going to buy more RAM. I require some kind of guidance with that, I think. And then the installation, oh the installation. While I put the wireless network card in by me onesies, I was sort of expecting things to look a certain way, but I was kind of winging it, and it was fairly terrifying. So I think I'll get it installed by someone, or, *bats eyelids* ask one of my wonderful friendses what knows things to help mee. Which would probably be better, because then in the future I'd know how to do it meself.
I need some new icons. I think. Maybe.
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I just realised that in my nation state, Religions other than the Holy Church of Greater Doom Llama are outlawed, but cults involving human sacrifice are encouraged. Go me!

Didn't do alot today, although I think I may have been incredibly foolish when I chose my essay topic for History 112. Oh well. I have bookses, and more primary sources than you could [easily] poke a stick at.

Went driving, apparantly am doing very well. Only about 5 lessons to go till I should be ready to go for the phase 2 test, joyousness! Gah. Monies.

Gavin goes to the Dubbo Zoo tomorrow. Gack! Jealousy! Ah well. I've been there before. Too bad I was 9. Siiigh. There was a little fawn I had a talk to. It tried to eat my jacket. Aww. And there were hunting dogs! Actually hunting stuff, and eating food from a real carcass like proper hunting dogs, not silly pet ones. Joy!

*weeps* I want to go.

Ah well.

Oh, I finished Fool's Errand. (Spoilers) )

I go now.
Ahahaha, this song is hillarious. I may not agree with it though. Well, I don't. But it's sill funny.
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Yes, so awesome as to transcend spelling! I haven't actually met the Red Dragon yet... but I will.
I should really finish my Lab Report, but Google Talk is too much fun. Actually, I can probably start it anyway. Well, I could have. I had time, but NWN calls to me too much. Gah!
Today was a fairly good day, I think. It was fun and stuff. Um, what else... oh, I went driving again, yay! It is good to get so much practise, suddenly.

Well, I go now. I did have something else to say, but I've forgotten it now. Ah well. Night!
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Bwahahah. Splitting those gems not as demonic as I thought. Woo! Balor, however, always demonic.
My new scarf and beanie make me sneeze, as they are one with the dust.
[ profile] marxipan_xlii, Do you think we could go get ID today? Because I reeeally reeally need to soon... at soon o'clock. I will probably message you, but, yeah.

I go drive to trainstation now ^____^
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Meh, I felt like putting something a bit more abstract in the subject line, and that twenty-eight days, six hours, fourty-two minutes, twelve seconds from Donnie Darko was about as abstract as I could think up on such short notice.

I drove from home to La Salle, back home, to the Midland trainstation this morning, and didn't screw up once. *is proud* Now all I have to practise is parking [reverse, parallell and reverse-paralell O_o] and have a go at driving at night, do some more practising, and I think I could even get my Phase Two Learners by the end of the month, or maybe, say, mid-September, which is fine, because my goal for getting my lisence was October, and I figure it shouldn't take me long to fill up my log book, what with Gavin living 29 minutes away [we timed it] and uni being also an impressive distance. Then whoo, freedom and stuff. Well, kind of.

[ profile] patternsofchaos, [ profile] lone_one, [ profile] the_icon_of_sin or [ profile] im_the_end, do any of you know what exactly it is that the Lab Report is, er, on? Because I seem to be missing that one vital piece of information [through no-one's fault but my own stupidity], although I have the Olympic-Medal stuff so I guess it's something to do with that. Ehehe. Any help would be much appreciated. Gah. I was going to start/finish it today and be all cool and stuff, but I realised I had no idea what I was meant to be doing. It was a sad moment.

There is Avocado in the house! It is a glorious day.

Caught public transport things home with [ profile] auntpol. Was nice. I like Aunt Pol ^_^. Of course. Talked about how cool [how very very cool] Mr Miller was, how great Lit was, and on the stupidity of various things [many relating to some kind of education, and in one case, the lack thereof :)]. Then on the train home started talking about Stargate, and then stopped when saw that Steven was on the train also, then talked about Jesus Christ Superstar, a play which both Amber and Steven were connected to through their various schools... And it was good.

I'm toying with the idea of making my journal friends-only, for no real reason other than it would please me to do so. But on the other hand, Friendslocked journals are so boring to the casual observer. On the third hand, the casual observer may well be a balding overweight 60 year old degenerate prostitute porn king and child molester of some kind of description, so maybe it'd be an alright idea. Of course, I'm not saying that all casual readers and randoms are like that, but it's fun to make up such terrifying pictures.
I'm also not saying that being a balding overweight 60 year old degenerate prostitute automatically makes you a bad person. Or you could cross off the degenerate prostitute, for more ease of stuff. Or I could shut up.
I doubt I'll do it though, because I am too lazy.

I'm annoyed at the world for making me do work.
I want to go driving, but my parentals are too tired. :( Oh well. Maybe in the morning again.

I had this awesome plan, in which I would buy and install a CD player in the car I'll be sharing with my mum for a period of time until I can afford my own car, but I've just realised that it is fundamentally flawed - I don't think my mum would like the idea of me listening to music and driving at the same time, so she wouldn't let me do it straight away, thus defying the whole purpose of the cunning plan.

Oh well.

I still need more icons. I still need to spend my giftvoucher money. I think I will save and save my wage monies until I have plural dollars. That is what I want to do.
[ profile] armygeek, and [ profile] tattered_pinion, know that I haven't forgotten that I owe you money. I plan to pay it back next week, sometime after Monday. I think it was $12 (or $13?) for Netto and $7 for Trent. Eh. If you know otherwise tell me.

Um, I have nothing/very little else to say. The hip flask I now have on my desk-bookshelf-shelf makes me happy as I gaze up at it's shiney shinenesss. :)

My other favourite inanimate object to look at is my green oozy bubble water thingy. I'm sure it has another name, aside from paperweight, and I'm also sure that some chemistry types could tell me just why the green oozy bubble thingy doesn't mix with the water thingy [which I'm assuming isn't actually water], but I like watching the bubbles, so it matters not/little to me.

The history tutorial today was surprisingly good, oh, and [ profile] tattered_pinion, you missed an awesome lecture today by Phillipa Maddern [yes, that's the good one] about the Black Death. I died, as did three quaters of the class. It was great.
The tutorial was on the Franciscans, and why they were so popular at their outset, if you're interested. And while I still find the majority of the tutorial group seriously lacking, expecially Jade, who makes me very angry, with his pompous arrogance and holier-than-thou attitude [hehe. I love that term/phrase/whatever it is], the discussion was more than two or three people. For once, ever. I miss semester one tut group [as I was talking about with Victoria before].

I'm going to go play Neverwinter Nights now. Maybe.
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[I've realised it's not totally ridiculous to want a new car for my first car. So here are the main contenders... da da da...]
Ta-dum )

Other than that, nothing interesting really happened today. I went with my mum to take my grandma to Murdoch to have something done to her eye, to do with Catarachts [sp?] hm. That took ages. But she's fairly happy, so it's all good. Then it was too late to go driving. Waaaah!

Wednesday, I went driving with [ profile] demonmole's Dad [the Driving instructor *nods*], and was good. Drove at 80, and also in the rain [though not at the same time. Hehe.] And that was good.
Afterwards, safely trained-and-bussed it [but not before briefly seeing [ profile] free_nuide at the trainstation] to Gavin's, where we decided to make Nando's-delicious-chicken ourselves rather than buying it. We also made wedges. And corn. Mmm, corn. Wedges were goood. Chicken was good, though marrinating would make it better.
Wedges were potaahto, onion salt, garlic salt, salt, paprika, onion and grilled. Yummy. I reccomend trying it out if you feel like it. Yesss.

And that is all I have to report, I think.
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Went driving this morning with my Dad. It were awesome.
Drove on the road, and in Fourth Gear, it was mad. And I did the speed limit and everything, and round abouts, and gave way, and turned and all that cool stuff.
Starting to be confident now, which is good.

Will go draw now. That is all.
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So today was an... shall we say, an interesting day. I can't remem.. oh that's right, I was woken up at 10.30 to go a-walking to the shops. Which is interesting, because I'm sure I'd set my alarm for 10am (but apparantly not). It was interestingly infuriating. For no good reason, no good reason at all. Irritating. I like to know why it is that bad moods strike when they do.
They have taken away my Dymocks! It has been moved, at the moment it's a homeless hobo-store and tomorrow it will be moved into a tempoary small home.. then later a mega permanent store. Interesting.

Then I went driving, on real roads. It was awesome - I am the Queen of the Road.
Well, maybe apprentice-Queen. Anyway, So I went driving in a new housing estate just out of Jane Brook. There were lots of builder types and fun obstacles, and less fun obstacles like those two rat-children that I so desperately wanted to take out with mah ute but couldn't. Damnit. And then I drove [on the open road] at a crazy 45km per hour! Oh it was awesome. And I did hill starts [by accident, which were terror anyway] and drove round the windy wind of the road, and past the lovely houses, and the tasty morsels children, and then home again.

On NWN I sold alot of my Dragon-loot. I'm not telling you how/where I got it from, but due to the abysmal salespeople in the town I'm not selling it all there, god damnit.

Ah, fanart. I drew some llama fanart today [of Kuzko, no less] as my own llamas seem to have been of a lesser quality lately. And I do so like drawing llamas, ridiculously proud and noble animals they are. So then, amidst my Kuzko-drawing, I decided to play with the Disney style, you know, mutate it a bit, come up with an all new model for cartoony, human-like llamas. So far I've gotten as far as something that I would only very hestitantly whisper to not be fanart [in other words, I have not yet progressed at all.] But ultimately, I'd love to be able to make another picture of Rupert, the Talking Evil Llama Pimp Wit Bling Bling, one where his hind legs actually, well, work. I do like his face and 'arms' though, but hell, it's not like I'd stop that style altogether. I mean to say, it'd just be an experiment of sorts. Yes, an experiment.... eexcellent. But anyway. Yeah. I have a feeling the Disney-esque-but-being-careful-not-to-plagarise-because-we-all-know-that's-just-low
style would work on just hind legs, and hell, Rupert may even be able to go pimpin' on all... no, I'm not finishing that sentence, but you know what I was going to say... anyway.
*crickets chirp*

On that artistic note, Ursulav is my new favourite artist.
"somehow came up with "Fluffy Wombat Visits Xilbalba" (Xilbalba is the Mayan hell) and some silliness about Fluffy Wombat meeting the Demon Scab-Stripper, Defiler of Virgins and Devourer of the Innocent. You know, normal stuff."

[That's from one of her descriptions]
Although I doubt I could ever hope to achieve that level of talent, it is inspiring me to at least try.

So, I think I've rambled enough. I might be off to try my hand at some more llama-drawing... yes. I feel in a llama-drawing sort of mood.
Although - I have lost my drawing-pens. Am v. upset.

I think I might draw... yes. I think I will. You know, it's a pity that I've become accustomed to working with lovely huge A3 pages, because I'm not going back to A4, but it is also unlikely that the scanner will grow to A3 magically ever.

Oh! Oh! A P.S to you, my dear Livejournal!
Well, two things.
Firstly, on my otherwise fruitless morning trudgings, I aquired myself a $3 Two Towers Address book - a thing brought for fandom not entirely uselessly, as I can't find my lil'old address book [with teddies! (bleargh!)] so I now have a new one. Yay! Now, I will watch you all scrabble for a place in it [or not. Sigh.]

Secondly, I'm also going to try out all sorts of funky things with colour with my development of the llama form, as the way I see it, Fanart is a sort of chep art anyway, so nothing's really lost if I destroy it with my feverish colouring. Yes. Maybe I will get me some mad skillz in the process, but I doubt it. I wish it were possible to do an arty-art unit in my Arts degree *hangs head* because there is something I would adore.

Ghan, out.

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