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So I saw Wolverine.

Oh man it was awesome! I expected a lot, and  I got a lot. So I'm happy. Hugh Jackman is Wolverine. (I've only said this twice before, incidentally - Viggo Mortensen is Aragorn and Ian McKellan is Gandalf.)

Wolverine is such a great character. Ah. I've read some reviews though, and surprisingly they've been less than great. What is it with Americans hating on Hugh Jackman, anyway? So it wasn't perfect, and maybe there were some plot holes (I didn't notice that many, and hey, it's an action movie.) and I guess there were some loose ends but they've already confirmed that they're going to do more, if not about Wolverine (I'd be surprised if they didn't do more about him) then definately about the other charactersss.

I'm confused though, so I require comics! And maybe the old cartoon tv show? Because I used to love that. Wolverine has always been my favourite, yay.

So the guy who was Wolverine's brother, Victor, also called... Creed? Now, was he a random guy just called Victor Creed, or was he Sabretooth? If he was Sabretooth.... did I miss something? I didn't think that Wolverine and Sabretooth were brothers. I'm so confused. :S
(Also Sabretooth was in the first movie and wasn't that actor/didn't look like that. Which is a pity. This guy was hell cool.)

So um yeah, it was great, Wolverine is great, Hugh Jackman is a dude and yay for Australian movies!
Represent.... or whatever.

Also I found some awesome fanart that makes me lament my lack of free time at the moment. Because I want to draw an Awesome Wolverine Picture but I don't have the skills to just do these things in a short period of time. People are hard, so I need to do lots of... things.
Wolverine by Patrick Brown
I think it's pretty awesome how that picture looks like Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, but is a pretty basic, cartoony style. Very awesome actually. Because there are a lot of good Wolverine drawings that just draw him as a dude in a kind of similar style, but this is just an awesome caricature. LOOKS AT IT I SAY.

Other news!

Studio is going really well.

I had an awesome Lucid dream the other morning. I've been re-reading The Belgariad, for some background information.
So I dreamt that I was Belgarion (except I was myself, still female and all), and I had to go to kill Torak. I went to this big white marble building type thing which was set into a cliff face in the middle of a vast, red, desert. Torak was still asleep atop a kind of really large dais on a balcony overlooking the desert. It was kind of Grecian. Hundreds and hundreds of people had come to watch, and were hanging out in a trench that ran around the white building. Nobody knew what was going on, I don't think that they realised that Torak was real. I saw some people I knew, and I was very frightened, but they just smiled and waved.
There was a cavelike place beneath the balcony that Torak was lying on, and I ran under there and hid, because I was afraid. Then Aldur came and, to show everyone that the Gods were real, he lit up the area where Torak was resting so that they could see his sleeping form and know what he was, and stuff. I hid in the shadows under all this, feeling that special kind of terror that only dreams can bring on.
Then Torak awoke, and he cried out in an awesome voice that was everywhere at once and that I'm sure no movie could replicate, to Aldur that his chosen champion was a coward, and who would save the world if no-one could bear to face him? And I still hid in the cave.
And then Torak kind of climbed down so that his face was hanging over the arch of the entry to the cave, upside-down. He had flaming red-blonde hair in a kind of curly halo around his head, and his face was beautiful, though I can't entirely remember it now. Straight-nosed and high cheekboned, you know, that sort of thing. One of his eyes was on fire, and I think his hair was too. Anyway, he just looked in and said something jeering and laughed at me and returned to the dais. This is where I made a concious decision - I thought that I wasn't going to wake up now and just take that, I had to face him because nobody else would.
I don't remember the fight part, but anyway I kill Torak, and then he dies, but he comes back as a Sorcerer-human because the Universe didn't want him to die. He is pretty bummed about being human now and drinks a lot. I feel really bad about killing him and he becomes my kind of sidekick as I return to my city in glory and have rosepetals thrown on me from the rooftops.
I had a really awesome black stallion with a white mane and tail, too. I thought I should put that in. He had long fetlocks, like I used to draw on unicorns. You know, impractical long.

I thought it was an awesome dream, so there, nah nah boogers.

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I just have to say here and now, for the future when I will look back and read this only to say "how amusement!," that a 2TB harddrive is a hilariously gargantuan thing. It's like a shoe that's so big, that an old lady lived in it because she had so many children she didn't know what to do. TWO TERRABYTES. You could practically fit a whole person in that. If you chopped them up reeeal small.

Yeah I don't know what I'm on either. But I doubt it's any good. In fact it's probably nothing. And we all know that's not worth the effort.
I had a dream last night that I wrote a book, and it was turned into a movie. And Silent Bob style, I was in it as a small anecdotal character. Then I was on the red carpet in this amazing hooped skirt corset dress that Into Camelot used to sell, and I told some hip hop guy that I wouldn't go out with him because contrary to popular opinion, not everybody wants to jump his bones. Then I met Johnny Depp, and told him that I liked his work. Then he said that he would like a part in my next movie. Then I told a reporter that I wasn't interested in helping sick children or housing the homeless, that what I really wanted to do with my countless millions was to build a Flotilla of tall ships and sail the sea, fighting mock sea battles. I said that homeless kids could help build them if they wanted, but that they wouldn't be paid if they screwed up. Or if they didn't. Then I laughed and went to a coffee shop with Johnny Depp and Cate Blanchett and talked about how I didn't want to buy Prada sunglasses and that whaling is stupid and Britney Spears isn't fat. Then I woke up.

It's a funny thing. I feel really morose and  quite  self pitying most of the time at the moment. But it is making me sleep better. Isn't that odd? The worst thing is that I've had no interest in playing games, and I can practically feel my WoW subscription trickling away into nothingness. Is it a good thing? Not really, I wanted to acutally reach a decent level at some point in time, I have been playing this game for two years so I'd like something to come of it. Sure. I'm never going to have a Swift Netherdrake, or a Merciless Netherdrake or whatever they're called. But I'd like to have some kind of flying dragon thing. Bonnie understands me. She looks at me with those wisened Fox Terrier eyes and she says nothing. Which is exactly why I want to spend time with her. She asks no questions, offers no empty comforts. She doesn't say "so you failed, no big deal, you're still young." she doesn't say "maybe you can appeal" "maybe you can do a summer studio" "maybe you can do a supplementary assignment." She doesn't say anything, and that's what I want. She doesn't think about it either. She is an endless well of hugs and quiet contemplation. Her face is amazingly contemplative, for a dog's. Especially in contrast to Gypsie, who wouldn't know "quiet contemplation" if it came right up to her and stole the pig's ear right from between her jaws, with their shiny white fangs. Bonnie doesn't do anything undignified any more - her tail doesn't wag madly in the breeze unless she's not seen me in a while, or I'm carrying something she deems truly delicious. It's a casual "wag. wag." "thud. thud." She is casual in her happiness to see me. And she follows me wherever I go. Somehow she knows when I want lots of hugs and cuddles, and when I would rather just be by myself. And it's not just a matter of I tell her to go away, or I call her over. She just knows. Plus she really likes sleeping on my bed, and I only let her do that if she doesn't move off've her blanket, which I put on top of the doona. She sneaks one paw off've her "mat" and onto the covers. I pretend not to notice. But she's learnt she can't get much more than that over the imaginary line. In fact, I might go get her now. She has a little cave like bed she likes to sleep in too. She watches me type from it, and seems to think it all some kind of ridiculous fancy. I will miss her. But she is not allowed to die. She mothers Gypsie, who watches out from under her careful licking with a baleful eye. She is no lady, the puppy. A cheeky little devil (black face, black heart), perhaps, but certainly not the classy dignified dame that Bonnie has always been.

Stream of conciousness? Maybe. I can't remember what that really is. But I just wrote what I was thinking.
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Last night, I had a dream about flying tall ships. It was awesome.

So I was a pirate on one of these flying tall ships, of a considerable rank but not the captain. First or Second mate, maybe bosun or something. So these flying tall ships were having some kind of regatta thing, but we were a pirate ship and there was some other stuff happening. We were also kind of undead, not Piraes of the Caribbean undead, but Forsaken undead. Of course the captain of my ship was Jack Sparrow, by the way, although he looked all weird. I can't explain why anymore, but I know it was him in a not him kind of way. Anyway, myself and a group that I was leading, were jumping through these dark, dangerous portal things to capture other ships. I know that on these other ships there were Unisfa people, although the only person that I remember for sure was [ profile] drayke_*, who had a Wii. Something happened, and then the ship I was on was far away, and then I had to hide from a Dreadlord. (Too much Warcraft III?) Some guys were cut in half, and Cpt Sparrow was demoted for some reason. I guess we were working for the deeeemons. The other ships were really really big by the way. And there were monsters in the water. Then it all kind of changed perspective, (from first to third person omniscient) and the person who was me before helped us all get back our favoured pirate status. It was a really fun, semi-lucid (lucid is what you call a dream you have influence over, isn't it?) dream - PIRATES! Flying tall ships! What more could I ask for?
Oh - the flying tall ships were hovering about 100m above a vast lake. I know that it wasn't the ocean, even though you couldn't see land. Although there might have been mountains at some point. The monsters in the water were like terrifying plesiosaurs.

I have been doing more interesting stuff but I thought I hsould update about the dream before I completely forgot it. :)

* - Ta da, edited

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