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I hate this essay! Grr! I'm going to do something else, I'm going to return all the bookses and... oh! Go down on Sunday! Brilliant, muahaahah. Then I'll write the easy one on Tuesday or something. Damn, but I suck. Dissapointment! I guess this is what happens when I try to get an essay done more than a week before it's due. Still, though, it's annoying.

Ooh, I joined the Wolfmother forum. Hehe. I like them. I will pur-chase their album, methinks.

Time to switch computers and make use of the scanner, perhaps.

I will likely update again later with something better to say than this.

Still, any insight into what to say about Mysticism would be most appreciated. On the other hand, I'm sure I could do it if I could be bothered actually trying. Stupid motivation [or lack thereof, rather.]
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Well, it's kind of almost true. I'm not sure why I came here, it's not like I have anything to say. I just had to stop reading Fool's Errand for a bit, because I do. I'm up to chapter twenty-four, by the way, if you were wondering and it means anything to you. Unfortunately I've read the blurb of the next book and so suspect the worse. Oh well.

I feel like drawing, which reminds me to find that damnable layby docket. Hah! I found out the other day that I actually reserved a copy of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince at Colin's way back in January, and actually payed a $10 deposit on it like some fool, and it was probably non-refundable. Damn. OH well. The docket amuses me, and since they have my money, the fact that they'd damn well better have a first-print copy of HBP in reserve for me amuses me to no end.
I might go pick it up in two years, or something. I'm surprised they haven't called me about picking it up though. Degenerate hippies.

But what was I talking about? Oh yes. Dick Smiths Lay-by : HP Printer/scanner ($99). I can't find my lay-by docket for it, which is terribly annoying. Granted, I haven't looked for it yet.

I have moneys now, I'm going to put them in the bank and then they will grow, like a carefully tended plant, into plural moneys. I know, it's brilliant.

I don't know what more to say, but I think I'll go draw pictures now... and that I found the lay-by docket, and have cunningly organised for it to be a Christmas present for me, ahahahahh! Brilliant. Then maybe I'll go back to DevArt. And update some more, because now I never do... because I hate the old computer and it's senile, slow ways far too much.

I want to go swimming now. I also feel like xercise would be good. Isn' that odd? Well, it strikes me as being so.
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And Giant Plastic Chess

Had a jolly day of Fremantle galivanting, with [ profile] marmot_pie, [ profile] louisthefly and Corey. Giant Chess playing ensued, and it was good. I played Corey and lost, though not quite as spectacuarly as I have in the past, then Louis and Corey played for something like two and a half hours and Louis won. It was good, we had a crowd and everything. Very suspenseful.
Then we had lunch, I had Jesters, sweet, sweet Jesters, and everyone else ate other things. We discussed literature and writing! It was so arty and grand. Then we checked out this mighty classy bookstore, the one that is...just how a new bookstore should be. Then Danika had to go avay :(
Afterwards, Louis, Corey and I went and had ice-creams, I got meself a lemon sorbet, and it were wonderful, and then we went home.
It was a good day, made not too cold at all by my loveleh coat *grins*.

When I got home, decided to take Bonnie for a walk [and she was so, so happy. Hehe. On the way back, talked to a car salesman dude, who started off by commenting on what a lovely looking dog Bonnie is. Anyway, as the dude was a car salesman, I asked what kind of cars they have what are good fer first time car buyers, and apparantly the kind of car I would like is around the $10000 mark, which is my upper boundary, certainly, but I'd rather pay more than I would like for a car to start off with than pay $3-4000 for a bomb and then spend a SQUILLION dollars on fixing it up, if you know what I mean. Turns out that particular place has a fixed interest rate of 12% for 18-21 year olds and suchlike, which means [if I remember what fixed interest means, which I think I do] that I'd only be paying $1200 of interest, making the car $11200 to all intents and purposes, which really isn't that bad. For 60 months, so five years. Of course, I'll look around, and of course, I'd like to, I dunno, either be working more hours, and earning, I reckon at least $200 a week at work, or have a better paying job, and have at least... I reckon a grand saved up before I'd even think of getting a loan on a car, because I don't like the prospect of a loan. And if I were willing to work full time for say a month of the summer break, I think I could pay off about three to four thousand dollars in one go, which would be well sweet. But yes. I'll be shopping around for better deals first. If I could somehow manage a car-and-loan-interest thingy where it ended up costing $10000 all up that'd be sweet. But yeah. Whatever. Does anyone what knows things have suggestions?

Oh! Inspired by an MSN conversation with [ profile] tattered_pinion yesterday, I have drawn a Greater Doom Llama!

I go now.

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