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Everyone said that London was a bad place to go if you want to see snow (rhymes!), but today it snowed! So happy. It snowed pretty well, too. The snowflakes started out really tiny, like just frozen raindrops, and as it got going a bit they became clumps of frozen raindrops. It was fantastic fun! :)

Turns out that our flight leaves at 9:15 pm instead of 5:15pm so we have the afternoon to watch the snow through the window (it's changed to rain now I think) and tv.

The weekend - I am going to see how my parents feel about me having a bbq at my place. More details to come, probably? Party party.

Non-holiday related stuff - I'm reasonably sure that I want to get a Macbook Pro at some point in the not-too distant future (before I go back to uni next year definately), but I have some questions and I think people in the Livejournal universe may be able to answer them. :)

In which I ask boring questions about the 15 inch MBP )

Can anyone suggest a good mac community website where I could learn things/ask questions? All I've managed to find so far are dumb fannish websites with really biased reviews.

Pew-pew lasers.

I hope they feed us on the plane. I am going to be sooo hungry by 9pm tonight.
BA has quite good plane food actually.


Aug. 27th, 2009 08:11 pm
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Pomme is apple, or maybe puree in French. Actually I think Puree is probably Puree in French. But I'm referring, in this case, to the English. In fact. Yes.

London is cool. Just today we visited Hampton Court Palace. Henry VIII might have been a bit of a dick but he had taste. Or at least, his architect did. And his tapestry... techt.

Tomorrow we start our super hippie road trip of the UK in a combie van. Yess. I'm excited. I have to be brief because I only have 5 minutes left.
The internet is a bit hard to come by here. The mac store on Regent street is far from where we're staying on Westminster bridge road.

I think I will get a mac when I get back. The architecture community has had nothing but praise for their ability to run cad things and be good at stuff, so the only concern left is gaming - and to be REALLY , brutally honest the only PC game I've played in ages is WoW. Or the odd RTS, or Fable. And I can just steal Gavin's computer for those. Really. And I need more games for my Wiii anyway.

I mentioned this months ago and it hasn't gotten any better.

I also brought Some Pratchett books for 1.50 pounds each (where is the pound button ffs), one of them is Soul Music and I'd forgotten just how good this book is. Yep.
That's all I have time to say!
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I just have to say here and now, for the future when I will look back and read this only to say "how amusement!," that a 2TB harddrive is a hilariously gargantuan thing. It's like a shoe that's so big, that an old lady lived in it because she had so many children she didn't know what to do. TWO TERRABYTES. You could practically fit a whole person in that. If you chopped them up reeeal small.

Yeah I don't know what I'm on either. But I doubt it's any good. In fact it's probably nothing. And we all know that's not worth the effort.
I had a dream last night that I wrote a book, and it was turned into a movie. And Silent Bob style, I was in it as a small anecdotal character. Then I was on the red carpet in this amazing hooped skirt corset dress that Into Camelot used to sell, and I told some hip hop guy that I wouldn't go out with him because contrary to popular opinion, not everybody wants to jump his bones. Then I met Johnny Depp, and told him that I liked his work. Then he said that he would like a part in my next movie. Then I told a reporter that I wasn't interested in helping sick children or housing the homeless, that what I really wanted to do with my countless millions was to build a Flotilla of tall ships and sail the sea, fighting mock sea battles. I said that homeless kids could help build them if they wanted, but that they wouldn't be paid if they screwed up. Or if they didn't. Then I laughed and went to a coffee shop with Johnny Depp and Cate Blanchett and talked about how I didn't want to buy Prada sunglasses and that whaling is stupid and Britney Spears isn't fat. Then I woke up.

It's a funny thing. I feel really morose and  quite  self pitying most of the time at the moment. But it is making me sleep better. Isn't that odd? The worst thing is that I've had no interest in playing games, and I can practically feel my WoW subscription trickling away into nothingness. Is it a good thing? Not really, I wanted to acutally reach a decent level at some point in time, I have been playing this game for two years so I'd like something to come of it. Sure. I'm never going to have a Swift Netherdrake, or a Merciless Netherdrake or whatever they're called. But I'd like to have some kind of flying dragon thing. Bonnie understands me. She looks at me with those wisened Fox Terrier eyes and she says nothing. Which is exactly why I want to spend time with her. She asks no questions, offers no empty comforts. She doesn't say "so you failed, no big deal, you're still young." she doesn't say "maybe you can appeal" "maybe you can do a summer studio" "maybe you can do a supplementary assignment." She doesn't say anything, and that's what I want. She doesn't think about it either. She is an endless well of hugs and quiet contemplation. Her face is amazingly contemplative, for a dog's. Especially in contrast to Gypsie, who wouldn't know "quiet contemplation" if it came right up to her and stole the pig's ear right from between her jaws, with their shiny white fangs. Bonnie doesn't do anything undignified any more - her tail doesn't wag madly in the breeze unless she's not seen me in a while, or I'm carrying something she deems truly delicious. It's a casual "wag. wag." "thud. thud." She is casual in her happiness to see me. And she follows me wherever I go. Somehow she knows when I want lots of hugs and cuddles, and when I would rather just be by myself. And it's not just a matter of I tell her to go away, or I call her over. She just knows. Plus she really likes sleeping on my bed, and I only let her do that if she doesn't move off've her blanket, which I put on top of the doona. She sneaks one paw off've her "mat" and onto the covers. I pretend not to notice. But she's learnt she can't get much more than that over the imaginary line. In fact, I might go get her now. She has a little cave like bed she likes to sleep in too. She watches me type from it, and seems to think it all some kind of ridiculous fancy. I will miss her. But she is not allowed to die. She mothers Gypsie, who watches out from under her careful licking with a baleful eye. She is no lady, the puppy. A cheeky little devil (black face, black heart), perhaps, but certainly not the classy dignified dame that Bonnie has always been.

Stream of conciousness? Maybe. I can't remember what that really is. But I just wrote what I was thinking.
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It's a song!
Believe me.

Anyway I've pretty much decided to get myself a Dell Inspiron 1520 ), but I needs some halps!
I can't decide what colour I want it!
So do people who have dealt with Dell before ([ profile] drayke_?), how long was their delivery time if you brought your pc/laptop online? Because the website says that Green takes 1-2 weeks, and I like green, but I don't want to wait another 1-2 weeks because it's very likely I will explode before then.
But I am going to try asking them to prioritise the order for free (because some notebook forum said you could generally do that, and that they actually listen). I'm also going to badger them for student discounts (and other stuff).


And I also have a beaut idea for studio. Well kind of. It actually came to me in a dream - lol. I don't think I can describe it as "A building that looks like a bookshelf" to my studio co-ordinator (will probably have to come up with something more interesting, like "plays with light and shadow" or some crap using the word 'play'), but at least I have a concept this time. Whooo.

And soon I will have a computer with

Chances are very high that I will say this in any conversation pertaining to this laptop. I am pretty proud of this ridiculous joke, you see.

By the way, in case anyone was confused, Gypsie is named as in "Gypsy," and I'm aware that that's how you spell it - but we changed Bonnie's name from "Bonny" to "Bonnie" because the ie is more feminine and makes the word more name-like, so I thought I would keep a trend and do the same with Gypsie. I like the ie looks on the end of words toie. :P
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Totally fangirling Toyo Ito right now. So damn awesome.
All of those links are new windows/tabs if you're firefox.

So I'm going to an interview tomorrow.
An interview for an internship.
It's pretty exciting.
I'm also very nervous.

In other news!

Hokay. So I have to upgrade my computer. Would any of my friendly Friends-listers be able to reccomend unto me a good place to buy computer parts and then pay mans to put them together for me? At the moment I am just sourcing prices from different people, but I would like to do this properly this time, so I think it's fairly important.
What I basically need/want is:

- New Graphics card. I want an Nvidia GeForce something something. 7 or 8 series, I can't remember which one is apparently the good one. According to the Nvidia website these are much more affordable than I had thought. Budget for that is about $200 maxxxxxx.

- New processor. I want Pentium, and Dual Core or better. [ profile] dailfire tells me that there's some special on the new crazy Quad Core so it's comparative in pricing to Dual Core. I want. What would I use it for, I hear you ask? Come watch how long it takes to render a 3ds MAX file sometime. :P

- According to a computermaans I spoke to earlier, this means I will need new RAM. I will not survive on less than 2GB. More Is probably unaffordable??

- And also according to computermaaans this means I need a new motherboard. I don't know what these do, really, except you stick everything in them.

-And finally according to computermaaans this means I need a new case. And I don't want some ugly brickbox either, I am a girl after all. Some kind of black and silver affair with some kind of awesome is preferrable. Floppy disk drive... is it even possible to get them anymore? I kind of half... oh okay, I don't use them any more, and Idril will be going to my parents, (sans HDD's) so I'll still have access to it... Front USB ports... Maybe a reset buttan would be nice. I hear fans are pretty important in built machines too. So that.

I have a keyboard mouse monitor and harddrives, is there anything else I need?

Nobody actually has to answer these questions if they don't want to, btw, because now at least I've written down the things I have been thinking, and then I can go and adventure for knowledge or something.

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Did you know that in the first episode of Scooby Doo, the gang breaks into a museum? I'm serious. I'm not reading into it or anything, they literally break in to a museum. Shaggy climbs a ladder and goes in through a high window. It's surprising!

I hope everyone had a good Easter. I'm back now, by the way, however probably not for too long. :O

I'm annoyed. There's some DDM (Digital Design Media, for those in the know) assignment due on friday that I only just found out about. Not today, (thank God), but I would have liked to have spent today working on that rather than rolling around on the floor doing nothing all day, you know?

Idril is 250gb fatter, in the brain. Yes. I brought a new HDD. Whooo! So now I have more than 120MB - yes megabytes - of space to play with. Joy! And next month - a graphics card. Then in another few months... I think it will be time for something else. Probably a motherboard. Idril's is slowly creeping towards obsolecence (word?) and senility. However, it made the harddrive cheaper. :O does that mean I won't be able to use the old harddrives on a new thinger. Woe. Woe woe. Maybe it would be better to wait longer and then.. do stuff. Or something. But it's all cool.

iTunes is annoying. I want to have music on iLlama that's not on my computer, is it such a difficult thing to understand?

*rolls around on the floor some more*

I did lots of drawing last night. Some on CAD, to develop skillz, and some on paper. Mainly of Manticores, but also of Link and Volvagia. Link versus Volvagia, even. It's going pretty well, but Link is pretty poorly proportioned. Parts of him are cool, but that's annyoing, because I'll have to try to make them fit each other. Oh well. At least I don't have to worry about poses any more. It would be useful to have someone to model poses for me at all times. I can do some myself, however I'm not exactly a well-muscled man-thing as I sometimes require, and my Anatomy For Fantasy Artists ref book, while good, doesn't actually contain that many good poses. And the stock art on DA, when it involved well-muscled man-things, is very rarely artistic or well lit. So I have to use my imagination, and low-res pictures of Link that other people have scanned from the player manual things. No dodgy interpretations of imagination, prz.

Also I have something to go to on the First of June. In Bunbury, at night. It's a Comedy festival! It should be fun. However this means I will have to be uber ultra organised so that I actually get a minimum of 7 hours sleep on the night before Folio day.


Although all it would really take is self-restraint and organisation...


I'm off to do interesting things now. No, you don't get to find out what said interesting things are. Moose.

Also someone please tag me with one of those shuffle your ipod and describe yourself memes, because I've felt so left out all this time.


OMG THERE ARE CAPEY THINGS IN MAGAZINES. I WILL HAVE TO BUY THEM. Little grey things with buttans that just cover your shoulders and have no sleves!
Except I still has no dollars. Damn.
*spins around*
I also like hats.
And pie.

ALSO I HAS NEW MUSICS! They're good musics. OOooo. They have the names of extinct animals in them. SURELY THIS BAND MUST BE GLORIOUS BEYOND ALL MORTAL COMPARE.

YES. All caps are always necessary.

Um. Yeah. I have some music. I'm not actually listening to Mastodon anymore. I felt like something else. Now I'm listening to Opeth. I think. Yes. I don't like Nine Inch Nails. This saddens and dissapoints me. Hurt is just about the emoest song I've ever heard, I think. Now I'm listening to Ozzy. The version of Hurt sung by... that old guy. Yeah. That was much cooler. My appologies NIN fans. I TRIED DAMNIT. There is a band listed here called Porcupine Tree. This pleases me.
Um. I'm going.

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