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So annoyed, so very, very annoyed, at the management of the Co-Op Bookshop at UWA.
The very least they could have done, the very least, was taken the time to tell me,
, that I would have to look for another job. What they SHOULD have done, however, was let me know about a week ago, because they would have known then - if my timetable is the problem, which it is, they knew it last week.
I shouldn't have had to fucking ask them if I was coming back, they should have told me. So pissed.


Today was a fairly good day. I like that Charlie lecturer dude, he's pretty funny, and, I suspect very strongly, some kind of Old English Rocker.

ALSO, I got FREE SHERBET, and I saw [ profile] uruserce when I was a-driving (wee wee wee) all the way home, so it cannot be said that it was a bad day. *waves at Uru*

However, Architecture is fairly ludicrously disorganised. I mean, the instructions for the tutorial which is tomorrow aren't avaliable. They were meant to be up on Wednesday. Wednesday!!I'm beginning to suspect that this is because in the Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Visual Arts, it is not only the students who are smoke-breathing hippies.

If I can't get the books I ordered with the staff discount, I'm totally going all the way to Fremantle Co-Op to order them in (from UWA co-op) and buy them from there. Because I am feeling that spiteful and petty.

What else?

In spite of all the bad-ance, I am in quite a good mood now.
Damnit, bad-ance is a proper term, used by proper grown-ups, because I am a proper grown-up. *Glares challengingly*
*like a petulant child*
Hehe, Petulant is a grand word.
I must type notes now.

Oh. I have a headache. The behind-the-eyes headache that makes me wonder if I've been at the computer for two long.
I wonder if Architecture will give me eye strain. It may just give me lung cancer, but... I wonder about the eye strain.
Also, I have to read Alice in Wonderland for homework, how awesome.

Just realised that now I will never own 100 Heiroglyphs. Mechalony and woe sets in here.

P plates so close I can smell their sickeningly sweet plasticy musk. And the MUSK of car.
I like the word musk. It's rather... pungent!



Mar. 9th, 2006 09:41 pm
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I have a car

Hokay. More calm now.

I don't have it have it yet, but my parents (bless them) are picking it up (with me) next week. Like next thursday. OMG. Excitement.
It's a very nice car too *dances*
This isn't my car, but it's as close a picture as I could find on the internets....

Mine is Silvery blue, and has those plastic shade-making things on the back, which is hatch. Actually, I found a silvery-blue one which is juust like my car.. )

It's a 1985 model, but it's only done 100,000 km. Which is less than my mum's little 1996 car. Yay!
It's Auto, with power steering, mirrors, windows and antenna, has working A/C (yess), central locking, radio (only cassette and analog kinda searching, but that's a minor thing, I can fix that later), and yeeees. It's in reeeally good condition. Soo excited. Aaand it still has the manual, and service history. Eexcellent. And it has some thing which lets you make fuel be used more economically after you're driving over 80kph. I hadn't heard of that before, dunno if I'll use it. Aaand, it can use any kind of fuel it likes. As in petrol, not like... diesel... or gas... haha.

AAND today is 14 months for me and Gavin, so it was already a happy day.

GIGANTO SORRIES to [ profile] marxipan_xlii. I hope you don't hate me too much *tear*
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"...,pat is, with his doctryn of brennynge charite."

BEHOLD! [Or rather, BIHOLDE!] Old English, in all it's glory. I have not one but two books filled with nothing but this kind of writing. One of those books is no less than four hundred and twenty-one pages long. That's right.

I'm actually liking this essay now, now that I know what the hell a Mystic is. Well, not liking it so much as finding it interesting and intriguing.

By the way, [ profile] tattered_pinion, the essay isn't due till monday. No, I didn't lie, it was only announced on Tuesday. Or something, apparantly.

Oooh, there's some kind of Honda Civic with power steering [and windows ^_^] and auto for 4-5000 $. Which is interesting. However, I really don't think I will/should actually get it, which is a little dissapointing.

Randomly saw Gavin last night, was good. Am happy.

Farewell all.
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[I've realised it's not totally ridiculous to want a new car for my first car. So here are the main contenders... da da da...]
Ta-dum )

Other than that, nothing interesting really happened today. I went with my mum to take my grandma to Murdoch to have something done to her eye, to do with Catarachts [sp?] hm. That took ages. But she's fairly happy, so it's all good. Then it was too late to go driving. Waaaah!

Wednesday, I went driving with [ profile] demonmole's Dad [the Driving instructor *nods*], and was good. Drove at 80, and also in the rain [though not at the same time. Hehe.] And that was good.
Afterwards, safely trained-and-bussed it [but not before briefly seeing [ profile] free_nuide at the trainstation] to Gavin's, where we decided to make Nando's-delicious-chicken ourselves rather than buying it. We also made wedges. And corn. Mmm, corn. Wedges were goood. Chicken was good, though marrinating would make it better.
Wedges were potaahto, onion salt, garlic salt, salt, paprika, onion and grilled. Yummy. I reccomend trying it out if you feel like it. Yesss.

And that is all I have to report, I think.

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