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Well, it's kind of almost true. I'm not sure why I came here, it's not like I have anything to say. I just had to stop reading Fool's Errand for a bit, because I do. I'm up to chapter twenty-four, by the way, if you were wondering and it means anything to you. Unfortunately I've read the blurb of the next book and so suspect the worse. Oh well.

I feel like drawing, which reminds me to find that damnable layby docket. Hah! I found out the other day that I actually reserved a copy of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince at Colin's way back in January, and actually payed a $10 deposit on it like some fool, and it was probably non-refundable. Damn. OH well. The docket amuses me, and since they have my money, the fact that they'd damn well better have a first-print copy of HBP in reserve for me amuses me to no end.
I might go pick it up in two years, or something. I'm surprised they haven't called me about picking it up though. Degenerate hippies.

But what was I talking about? Oh yes. Dick Smiths Lay-by : HP Printer/scanner ($99). I can't find my lay-by docket for it, which is terribly annoying. Granted, I haven't looked for it yet.

I have moneys now, I'm going to put them in the bank and then they will grow, like a carefully tended plant, into plural moneys. I know, it's brilliant.

I don't know what more to say, but I think I'll go draw pictures now... and that I found the lay-by docket, and have cunningly organised for it to be a Christmas present for me, ahahahahh! Brilliant. Then maybe I'll go back to DevArt. And update some more, because now I never do... because I hate the old computer and it's senile, slow ways far too much.

I want to go swimming now. I also feel like xercise would be good. Isn' that odd? Well, it strikes me as being so.
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I think I will drop out of Roman History. It sucks, and I can't find my tutorial room. That said, I spent fifteen minutes looking for it, so no, I didn't give up easily. I'm just too far behind. Oh well. This is a very depressing and dissapointing prospect, though.

In other news, my driving has improved vastly - VASTLY! I only made one major screw up, and okay, it was going from second to first at 40km/hr, but hell, I wasn't on a major road. Yes, I drove all the way to Rossmoyne from Midland, and it took me an hour because I went the indirect way. Rossmoyne is such a nicer suburb than Midland, but I suppose I could say that of any suburb. I mean, I fucking hate Midland. There, I said it. And I do, I really, really do. Well, not so much the suburb as it's inhabitants [not me/my family, but pretty much everyone else, with maybe one exception.]. Oh, I do. But enough about that.

I brought things. I brought passport photos of me - $9.95 from a Post Office, [ profile] marxipan_xlii, so-as you know. They look funny, very funny. But I don't care. I also brought suction plate reversible L/P plates, but they only came with two suction caps [stingy bastards]. So maybe tomorrow some time we could find ourselves:
a. A Post Office
b. A licensing centre
And order us some ID. ^_^

I am angry with all the Coles/Myer places I have visited today. They did not have the product that I wanted. [ profile] the_icon_of_sin, do you know where I would find something like this, within one of Coles/Myer's fine establishments...

[Yes, I want the fancy Logitech one, not the el cheapo DSE one I saw for <$20. Because my webcam is el cheapo DSE, and I want a funky looking Logitech thingy for a change... Shh, yes, I am materialistic.

I did, however, buy Donnie Darko the Director's Cut with the gift voucher that [ profile] grey_assassin gave me. Yay!

Going to [ profile] lone_one's and watching Futurama/[ profile] almightybean, [ profile] marxipan_xlii, [ profile] im_the_end and Fripp play Halo [in left-right order from where I was sitting], with James-fighting on the part of Marie and [ profile] patterns_of_chaos was quite amusing.

I will go read Psych book now. Then sleep.
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[Nyawwww, ♥]

...Yay! Now I really have caught up with Psych. Thankyou [ profile] patternsofchaos for your kindness in my hour of foolery.
Did Linux used to be called Unix? Hmm? I wonder things sometimes.
However! Despite my otherwise sunny disposition, I am angered greatly, once again, by the breathtaking incompetence of the lump of arbitrary and defective cells that is my "boss" [or store owner, if you will]. Somehow, he's neglected to put my wages in an envelope for me. David [the manager] is going to look into it for me, but god damnit, I want my god damned money now. It angers me. Seriously! The incompetence of this "man" is unparralelled!

But! On to happy news! I am the Queen of Driving - I drove home from Uni today, in busy traffic on busy roads, and I was not terrified or stressed. I managed to relax and only screwed up twice [or so], and that wasn't even on any busy roads, that was in Guildford and Midland. And I can park, go me.

Aaaand I was looking at things in Dick Smiths today, and I think I will buy Idril a scanner-printer. There's a really neat HP one for only $125, and I [will] have Birthday money. OR I will save towards a car. But saving money depresses me greatly. Because I do far too much of it... All too often I feel like I have no money, even though I'm working.. so what I need to do, clearly, is work more, because whenever I manage to save money, suddenly something retarded crops up, like having to pay for my text books, and I have to delve into my savings :(. But I don't know how I can fit more stuff in.. Maybe Wednesday. Yes.

Oh! [ profile] velithya, I thought I should let you know that next thursday [the 18th] I won't be able to stay at uni, because I have a Dentisty Appointment thing. In regards to that Charity... Vigil... Thingie, which you asked about the other day - because I wouldn't want to have lied. O_o.

So, yes. Angry with boss, so very, very angry, but am planning to buy things, have a birthday soon AND will probably see Gavin tomorrow, so am more happy than angry, yay!

Once again, however, I haven't put anything intelectually stimulating in my livejournal. Aww.. sorry. If you're after that though [ profile] lone_one is very good at making her updates intelectually interesting. And intresting in general. :D

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