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I mean, I know that the book was pretty much about the Alethiometer (no, I didn't remember the name, I cheated, but I thought the title was appropriate and good. Is this another case of things being dumbed down?
Because to me, the title "The Golden Compass" sounds less sophisticated a title than "Northern Lights." Oh well. I suppose at least this way it'll be easy to distinguish between the book and movie.

Which reminds me! This is really a series I should buy, because I was filled with "omg! Love!" for it when I first read it. And I can see it being easy to read over and over again if I only had it. *adds to list of things to buy*

Mah deamewaemeon )

Anyway, I have lots of dramadramalol to talk about from uni, but I should probably do uni work instead. I don't have that much to do though, maybe I'll let y'all know what's goin' down after I'm finished.

P.S New Line Cinema? = Yes.
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I've lost my knack. Ah well.

Firstly, sorry people, I haven't been able to get to UniSFA in a while. Basically, these feelings of "re-spon-ci-bill-itie" or some word like that that I keep hearing around the place are finally asserting themselves. I'm sure further into semester I'll figure out how to balance work (good work) and UniSFA-time. But at the moment, it's a bit tricky. Especially since my book order (which I am still getting at staff discount, yay) hasn't come in yet, making it difficult to know what I'm doing/do readings, but eeehhhh. And now I think I should buy the other book I don't have (It's History of Art or Story of Art or something), because until the end of (I think it's this week O_O) there's that 15% off thinger. Which I can't entirely afford to miss out on. But then... is it worth buying the book?
See, I fall into this trap every year.
Let me explain it to you.

I like love books.
Booklist time is a wonderous time, filled with a list of things I supposedly need, a great many of which are glorious, glorious books.
Now. Even though I may not need all of the books on said booklist, I will generally buy all books listed, because new books = boundless joy.1
However, as you all know, books, especially textbooks, are very expensive (oh God.), so really, I shouldn't actually buy all of them, when I know I can probably get by with just one. Or two. Or FIVE. You see, if I can justify the buying of an expensive, but wonderful book, I will buy it. And booklists make this very, very easy to do.
In conclusion = oh, what a world, what a world, my ramblings here have been completely pointless and may make no sense.


Was thinking today, about a time when I was overheard to have sworn by parents, but lied and said I'd said "duck" or something equally innocent. (Got away with it. Amazing.) But then, isn't it just as bad? I mean, if you're saying "duck" instead of "fuck", you're really thinking and meaning the "bad" one, so isn't it the same thing? Isn't it just as 'vulgar' when you think about it? A curse by any other name would be as shocking?

Also, there's something very effective about movie scenes in which live people are trapped in a coffin, and scenes in which little children are reunited with things which they loved that they had thought dead (parents, pets, blah blah.). At least, to me. Like for example, My Dog Skip was remarkable in it's ability to make me cry like the mushy girl I apparantly am. hehe. Mush. It's intriguing!

I finished Tandia today. So glad the ending was properly closed, unlike The Power of One, which was abrupt and unexpected. But I suppose The Power of One was always written with the intention of a sequel, so it's excusable.
Anyway, very good books, reccommend both of them highly to anyone and everyone.

Oh my, would you look at the time!

1 With the obvious exception of things like Maths books, which I never felt compelled to buy in great quantities. *wide eyed innocence* I wonder why?

P.S I just thought it was worth mentioning that whenever I don't put down what music I'm listening to, it's because I'm not listening to anything. Seriously, Semagic was one of the greatest things I ever downloaded. At the click of a button I have my current track written neatly down. Not that you ever wondered about that, but I thought I'd put any potential querying minds at ease.
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I just realised that in my nation state, Religions other than the Holy Church of Greater Doom Llama are outlawed, but cults involving human sacrifice are encouraged. Go me!

Didn't do alot today, although I think I may have been incredibly foolish when I chose my essay topic for History 112. Oh well. I have bookses, and more primary sources than you could [easily] poke a stick at.

Went driving, apparantly am doing very well. Only about 5 lessons to go till I should be ready to go for the phase 2 test, joyousness! Gah. Monies.

Gavin goes to the Dubbo Zoo tomorrow. Gack! Jealousy! Ah well. I've been there before. Too bad I was 9. Siiigh. There was a little fawn I had a talk to. It tried to eat my jacket. Aww. And there were hunting dogs! Actually hunting stuff, and eating food from a real carcass like proper hunting dogs, not silly pet ones. Joy!

*weeps* I want to go.

Ah well.

Oh, I finished Fool's Errand. (Spoilers) )

I go now.
Ahahaha, this song is hillarious. I may not agree with it though. Well, I don't. But it's sill funny.
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I make an entry from Gavin's computer, ooh, eventfulness. I don't really have anything to say though, I'm just in it for the novelty of it all. Kind of.
Did I tell you all I was sucked in by Dymocks with their "buy all books in this series and get $10 off!" scam, along with my $8 booklover's voucher... yeah, well. I'm now the proud owner of the Tawny Man Trilogy. I'm not yet halfway through Fool's Errand, but that's because I'm going it slow, because I rather like Fitzy-fitz and all that mob, and I'm almost certain once this trilogy is gone there won't be any more, awww. So yeah. I'm highly intrigued by Prince Dutiful.
Uh, but no comments about the trilogy, please. They'll probably be spoilers.
Grand Final soon! Eagles for teh win.
That is all...
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Eek. As it turns out, there are crazy things (terribly crazy things) going on with the timetable.
Well not really, but you should all know by now that I have a slight penchant for the dramatic. I think what's happened is that "the people" (AKA The Powers What Be) have decided not to make available any tutorial times ('sept for the 130.125 people), because when I looked at it again today, not only did I realise that I had submitted myself to two tutorials for said 130.125, but also the Medieval Europe tut time had been removed. So I guess they just want us to waiiiit until Semester 2 starts. Which really... I have no problem with.
Maybe I should find out what texts I need though, and take my old stuff to that secondhand bookstore. To those who know (although many, many of you are at Terracon) is that place kind for getting back moneys at a decent ammount? (Because I would like to get as much cash back as I can)...

In other news, I finished Ship of Destiny and thus, The Liveship Traders. It's strange, finishing a series of books. You feel saddened, but also content (when the series ends well, that is).Spoilers )

I will go now, I think...

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