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Is the name of my new plot style in CAD. I think it's quite amusing. (Because all it does is tell all the lines to be black - I control the line weights in the layers panel now - not that you care, probably.)

I would like some opinions on this please!
See, we have a review on Thursday (well, this week. Some people had it on Monday... suckers.), and I thought it would be cool if I tried to give some presentation flair to my drawings. Just because. I have been looking at this thread, but figuring out how to do this in Photoshop is taking up too much of my time so I decided to try it out in illustrator instead, and then maybe go over things with texture brushes in PS later on, add shadows and things with transparency and stuff.
But I don't know whether it will look silly, or like srs bsns. It needs to look serious!
So if anyone has any thoughts about it, they would be very much appreciated! I don't want to spend any more time doing it if it looks dumb...

Here it is! )
I don't mind the plan now. I don't think it's completely hideous any more. Hmm,
So yes, thoughts would be very much appreciated.

WotLK Spoiler. I want a link to that video so I can watch it whenever I want. Power to the Forsaken!

Moar links just for meee... you can look too, if you want.
Watercolour In Photoshop
World's Best Graduation Projects

Man, I am tired.
Also lol sculpture is due on Friday lololol.
Though I have an idea. It's just... it's just not a good time.
Shower and then bed time, I think. Going to get up early tomorrow. Yes.

You know what's funny about units that don't have exams? Makes it very, very easy to justify skipping them to give yourself more time to do work. For other units. I mean... there's no exam, the past assignments have been a joke, and the next one is:
Two Hundred Words and A Powerpoint
In a building
In a building you have designed.
In a building that I have designed.

Please don't underestimate my suspicion at the seeming triviality of this unit. I am actually deeply concerned.
Nothing is ever this easy.

Also this is amazing.
Plague Ship Sails into Korvosa by Yanimator

On The Sea

Feb. 18th, 2008 09:25 pm
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It keeps eternal whisperings around
Desolate shores, and with its mighty swell
Gluts twice ten thousand caverns, till the spell
of Hecate leaves them in their old shadowy sound.
Often 'tis in such gentle temper found
That scarcely will the very smallest shell
Be moved for days from where it sometime fell,
When last the winds of heaven were unbound.
Oh, ye who have your eye-balls vexed and tired,
Feast them upon the wideness of the Sea;
Oh, ye whose ears are dinned with uproar rude,
Or fed too much with cloying melody,
Sit ye near some old cavern's mouth, and brood
Until ye start, as if the sea-nymphs quired.
- John Keats

I'm looking at the "Wacom and Vista" website. There is a video that loads automatically. A quote from the vista-man:
"Vista is fundamentally about faster, easier, and more efficient computing."
I find this kind of funny. I do like vista so far, but I wouldn't say it's faster than, er, anything.

Right, on to business!
This semester, I want to do something active in between classes, preferably with friends. I was planning on doing the pump workout class at the gym (it's the one with the weights, goes for an hour.) I did it last year and it was pretty fun, in that it was a good workout, not too hard, pretty easy to do, and had pretty good results tone-wise. It's only $8/class, too.
Or I might like to do a sport? Most of the sports I'm interested in are team sports though, like hockey, or maybe basketball (Gavin taught me how to do an Alley-oop (sp?) yesterday, it was fun, and I'm good at it as long as I'm standing in the right position and the ball is thrown at exactly the right spot :P), so I guess the joining of a team of people I/we don't know would be... a thing. But I would like to do it! Though I'm a bit of a wuss so I'd like at least one friend to come along with me. :P
OR if anyone who lives near Midland is interested in joining a gym (sorry guys, this is one of those stupid "you can't join, you don't have the right chromosomes" things), I'm a member at Contours midland and I'd like a gym-buddy. I have no idea how much the joining fee was, but when I joined it was $50.

ALSO I'm feeling pretty poor at the moment, what with wanting to get my car serviced (I need an oil leak fixed, the expensive kind of oil leak. Something to do with replacing all the seals, or something.), paying off my laptop, paying for a parking permit, amenities and services fee, books, saving up for the ONSLAUGHT of studio equipment costs, and wanting to get this tablet, among other things, like getting some decent clothes for work and uni. (All my good clothes are too good (or too v-necked!), all my old clothes are too old.)

SO I was thinking of ways to get extra dollars.

Does anyone know what tutoring high school students is like, or know of any amicable high school students in need of tuition in Geography, History or English/Lit? Or SOSE or whatever it is that schools teach in years 8-10 that is basically History/Geography. English in 8-10 I could do as well. Is it even worth it though? How much do you charge? -\(O_o)/-

Speaking of this Wacom tablet, which I am oh-so slowly saving for, but may or may not end up buying depending on what happens next, does anyone have any words of wisdom on tablets in general, or wacom tablets in particular? I wouldn't really be planning on using it for architecture much, more for drawing. Possibly for this neat 3d program one of my architecture buddehz has found. So... yes.

The weekend was fun. We had a lovely dinner in an Italian restaurant in Bunbury, then walked around on the beach and saw an old man using a metal detector to search for people's lost jewelery. We then found a boob-sandcastle, and a very nice (big) rock. It was black. It might be in Gavin's house now.

Saturday I made pizzas! (Gluten free pizza base packet from Woolworth's choice range, I think) and my timing was just right for Gavin to get home from work and have pizza. Joy!
Then, we went shopping for things. Gavin is thinking about getting a motorcycle license. I think it would be pretty cool. Plus, the things are CHEAP (compared to cars.) You can get a pretty sweet looking Honda (the first class that you're allowed to ride), brand new for $4000. That is pretty cheap, compared to cars. It is pretty hard to find a decent car for under $5000. Ok, so my car was $3000, but my car is Twenty-Four years old. He wants to get all the gear too, which I think would look cooool. :D
He was also considering taking up stone-carving as a hobby, but apparently you basically have to be a stone mason by trade to even begin to have all the stuff you need. I was trying to convince him to do it el'traditionalle, but even that way would need a vice, which requires a workbench. It would have been awesome though. He also got offered a job in a hardware store when the guy asked why Gavin was interested and he replied that he was bored.

We went to the Sprint Cars that night, which was really fun. There were like 5 crashes, one with FIRE. One of them was a 4-car pile up. (In the last race, which was 20 cars, with 30 laps. The crash happened at lap 16.) So the sport totally delivered to my expectations. The only complaint we had with it was that the way the race is, if you're at the back of the pack at the start of the race, you basically can't win. A really awesome driver only managed to get from rear to third, and no-one else came close. So it makes it a little boring, because it's easy to pick who's most likely to win. And the street sedans were terribly boring.

Then we watched Bro Town!

Gavin's started playing Vampires: The Masquerade. It looks pretty fun, thugh it's also looking pretty old! (Particularly next to NWN2.)
Sunday eeevening we went to a basketball court and played things. I every game, naturally. Gavin plays basketball a lot. Or, he used to. For a long time. But it was still fun. The afore-mentioned alley-oop thing is when you catch the ball mid-air and, still mid-air, put it in the basket. It's cool.

Then we watched Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls. The humour was a lot more childish than I remembered! But I still enjoyed it.

I'm going to go play with symmetry now!



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Stop being so good at assisting procrastination!!!

since we all know I'm procrastinating, we may as well do it right, right?

So, what, you may ask, has the Ghan been up to? ZOMG SO MUCH.

Right. So I have a few awesome assignments: (No sarcasam here, folks)
1. Master Plan assignment - Studio
Basically, 1xA1 drawing of the town of Kendenup and surrounds, plan
6xA4 "emotive images" of places in the town of Kendenup

2. Digital Design Media - make awesome stuff using 3D software
- Pretty much done, I just have to whack it into InDesign and make it all pretty like.

LESS AWESOME assignment
1. Essay Abstract - Architecture Modern History

That's right!
For the first time in recorded history, history is Ghan's least favourite subject. I'm as stunned as you are. More stunned, I should imagine.
So what we've learnt here is that it's absolutely true that a bad lecturer and worse tutor can suck the life from an otherwise excellent subject.
Sucks the life out of it like a slug being vaccumed from it's shell.

Silverchair's new album is totally awesome. It's very different, but I don't mind. It's funky and it doesn't take itself too seriously. I think it's a lot more resolved than their previous stuff, and that Daniel's voice is a lot stronger and more interesting. However, I don't like (shock) how he seems to have commandeered the band: you never hear a whit from Ben and/or Chris anymore, and this makes me think Dan the Man Johns is getting a wee bit... creatively arrogant, perhaps? I mean okay, so it might be warranted arrogance but still. The band is very much the Daniel Johns show now. However! I don't think Ben and Chris would still be in the band if they didn't like it, and I guess it's not like it's a new thing. Eh!
The whole thing is on the interwebs, if anyone is interested: I'm aware Myspace is the Devil (new window). I'm a get me a copy on Saturday.

Art Nouveau is freaking awesome.

I have ideas for no less than 4 (four) shirts! I will be posting piccurs which I have made up here soon, because I want to. However.. not today! Um.

I haven't moved my computer clock back to REAL TIME, to see if it would help me go to sleep at a more reasonable time.
It doesn't.

I'm doing the BodyPump class at the UWA Gym. It's lots of fitness fun. At the moment I'm planning on going at 4 on Mondays, 12 on Tuesdays, 5 (body combat) on Wednesdays or 6, and at 4 on Thursdays.
Probably not every day, all the time, but I'm planning on joining the gym (because now I'm back at uni, and who am I kidding, at all other times as well, the majority of my day is nothing but lazing around, and I would so like to be more fit), and after that I'm planning to go every day.


So if anyone's interested (classes are $7 for guild members, and er, I think $10 for non-guildies), drop me a commento! :)

I have to go now, however.
I don't actually know whether this year is actually harder, or if I'm just stressing out more or what. But I've been doing more work, hmm.

Also, I've been completely exhausted all the time lately. I don't know what's up with that. But it's annoying. >:(

Finally: I want to organise Harry Potter 7 Things. Prz comment if you're interested and we can totally book!geek it up. :)
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Anyway, right now, right, right now, I feel like I'm going to explode or implode from all of these random unformed feelings. I wonder if anyone else gets this. I don't feel unhappy, I actually am quite content. I just have all these unformed ideas and feelings that I can't express that feel like they're swelling up in my chest. It's kind of like excitement-butterflies, but different. It's very, very odd.

Today, in the Environmental Tech tute, I invented some kind of character. It's like some kind of three tailed fox spirit. Yes. I remember my grandad telling me a story about something called a "Was-Fox" when I was little (yes, it's possible that my Grandad is responsible for my fascination with history and mythology), which was a malevolant spirit - something which "was" (a) "fox", basically a dead fox spirit, intelligent, cunning, witty, and really quite tricky and sometimes dangerous. I always liked the idea of the Was-Fox. I think I'm going to draw him all over everything now. But I can't really draw it how I want it, not that I expect to be able to. Whee. That'd be a good aliasthing. Wozfox. Because that's what it sounds like when you say "Was Fox" quickly.

I go now.
People should listen to Regicide, they're very good.

Doooo iiiiit.
I know I've put their link up here before, so... yeah.



Ohhhh, and I have no idea when I'll be on LJ next. Might be tomorrow (today), might be SOMETIME NEXT WEEK WHEN MY PAID TIME IS ALL GONE OH WOE IS ME. But, WHEE, lots of time to spend with Gavin this week. Potentially from tomorrow until Sunday. Possibly. Ooh, how fun that would be.
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Wow! When I was looking for dresses for this picture I'm drawing, I found the most hideous and tasteless, classless wedding dresses I have ever seen!

Other than that, nothing to report for today 'sept for working (which is a boring thing to talk about, now) and shopping for my present from my dad was kind of frustrating because my brother came along too. By the way, I'm getting RAM :D:D and WOW 14 day trial. Hehe!

I made this. I don't know why. I love puppies! But not on the plate. I don't eat dog either, just to ease any suspicions.
I EAT PUPPIES! )I'm posting this because the evil eyes aren't really prominent in the icon.
As you can see -->

Much like my'"GOAT WITH FISH FOR HEAD SHOCKS NATION,' ) I'm not sure where this came from, and I don't know when I'll get sick of it. Hee!

Penny Arcade's 'The Merch' - ICONS!!! ) Please tell me what you think. You can use them if you want. (Not the puppies one) Personally, I love the Merch... and these ones even have a Christmassey ring to them!
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And now, a poll!

[Poll #610636]
And now, the icons you're supposedly voting on!!

<--- border
<--- no border

I cannae decide! Make it so!

The whole image is here (new window. But then, I always do that, so it shouldn't be a surprise. :P)

Oh my GOD I've missed System of A Down *fangirls hopelessly*

Ohhh I have so many drawing ideas. It's so bad. Not even one of them is to do with Greek Mythology today. Ahhh, well.

I have all these little hurties (well, two) in strange and unusual places (my right temple, the hollow at the base of my neck) it's Odd. O_o that's right. Capital O.
I should really go. Yesss.

Hahahaha. I knew Internet Explorer had to be good for something: Viewing pdf files. For some reason, Firefox makes hate when exposed to Adobe-Pdf-Reading-Thingie. Also, Firefox no like-ey transparency in tables. I discovered that the other night when trying to make a new userinfo. It didn't work, because of some liejournal hax. Interestingly, the same livejournal hax seems to make Firefox not care about hating table transparencies... odd aye.
Bleargh, bleargh bleargh. Don't like relying on other people's notes to get me through exam. Will see if I will need to listen to lectures. There will be a-ragin' and a killin' if I do have to.
That is all!

More editing!

Well, the Explorers notes were good enough, I think, to answer my chosen question for that section:
"The Study of Medieval History is fundamentally concerned with the achievements of great men"

For that question I have to mention both special topics (which are The Wars of the Roses and Early European Explorers.)
For Explorers, I'll mention Henry The Navigator, who never actually sailed anywhere, but funded and encouraged exploration, and was ultimately responsible for exploration past the Cape of Good Hope (Which is really quite the achievemnt). The reason I'll mention him is because it is he that history remembers, not the individual Captains/crewmen, so, yesh. And I'll go on about that and stuff.
I'm not sure who I'll mention for the Wars of the Roses, either it's going to be Henry VI and his father, and how poorly history portrays Henry VI next to his awesome father, or all of them (Henry VI, Edward IV, Richard III), and mention how of all of them, history remembers Edward IV fondest, because he wasn't crazy/a child-murdering, blood-betraying revolutionary. Hoom.

If you're... later
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I don't really have anything to say, I just thought it was about time I made a decent entry. It's been a few days. Somehow, though, I don't see anything mind-fizzlingly spectacular magically appearing in this little text-box. Which is unfortunate, I guess.
Anyway, I finished my essay after much toil, and in the end I'm quite pleased with it. I'm tempted to post it here for all to read, but my arrogance has not yet reached that lofty zenith.

I've been driving a lot today.
- To the shops, to the train station.
- Home from Uni, with some random detours
- to the shops, to la salle, home
- To the Caltex station up the hill in the ute, home

I like drivng the ute. It's so chunky and loud and nice. Plus it has power steering, plus the gears change easily, plus, for some reason, the clutch is more sensitive. I have no idea why. It's altogether a more sensitive car, which I suppose is ironic since it's a steel-trayed mazda (?) bravo. *shrugs* It is red, though. That metallicy, sparkly, bruised-plum red. I'm not sure it approves of that colour, though. I think it's like a fine-built chap who's really just a (rather spindly yet deceptively strong) ball of aggression.

Speaking of balls of aggression, my brother, who is one, has been most agreeable of late, which is surprising, pleasing, and unusual.
My mum spends an awful ammount of time at the shopping centre. Or maybe she's come home and I haven't noticed.
I may never know!

I've been ranting alot about stupidity lately. It's not because I'm particuarly angry/angsty at the moment, but simply because there seems to be an abundance of retardation in the Perthie populus this week. Like this morning, there was this retarded truck driver, who I was tempted to swear at and drive slower because of. I didn't swear, because, being a learner as I am, my mum was in the car *hangs head*
Then this afternoon, there was this looser in a 4WD who wouldn't let me change lanes, because he was some kind of tremendous ass-face. Or something. Other stupidities I've encountered no longer bear mentioning, as I feel my righteousness has been stressed quite enough.
And it's not even just me who's had to deal with retarded stuff lately! It's incredible! (Some nurse-chick was trying to tell Gavin that nurses should be paid as much as doctors, despite the fact that doctors have more responsibility, knowledge, training, stress, etc, etc, etc. Apparantly she never did the course for dental nursing, so I guess that explains her view a little - clearly, education means nothing! 1!one!!1!)


But on to nicer things!
Kind of.
I deleted some things from my Friends-list. Because they needed to be deleted for various reasons.
It was a nice day today, wasn't it? Very very nice. Since I forgot to turn the hot water on an hour ago, I guess I'm having a cold shower in 20 minutes.


Hopefully it was hot enough today for the solar-hot-water to have done something, but, degenerate, shoeless hippy that it is, I somehow doubt it.

Bonnie has been seeming awfully young and content lately, despite her ever-fading hearing. Which saddens me, but she still acts like a pup of 10 months or so, and she clearly isn't developing more serious problems like arthritis, which makes me very relieved indeed.
I'm commissioning a statue of Bonnie from this artist --> who is here and does awesome statues of dogs. And one more link for fun.

Ah! My mum is home, I'm not crazy! It is interestingly challenging to jump energetically when carrying 12 or so extra kilos of baggage.

My finger hurts. I go now.
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So today was an... shall we say, an interesting day. I can't remem.. oh that's right, I was woken up at 10.30 to go a-walking to the shops. Which is interesting, because I'm sure I'd set my alarm for 10am (but apparantly not). It was interestingly infuriating. For no good reason, no good reason at all. Irritating. I like to know why it is that bad moods strike when they do.
They have taken away my Dymocks! It has been moved, at the moment it's a homeless hobo-store and tomorrow it will be moved into a tempoary small home.. then later a mega permanent store. Interesting.

Then I went driving, on real roads. It was awesome - I am the Queen of the Road.
Well, maybe apprentice-Queen. Anyway, So I went driving in a new housing estate just out of Jane Brook. There were lots of builder types and fun obstacles, and less fun obstacles like those two rat-children that I so desperately wanted to take out with mah ute but couldn't. Damnit. And then I drove [on the open road] at a crazy 45km per hour! Oh it was awesome. And I did hill starts [by accident, which were terror anyway] and drove round the windy wind of the road, and past the lovely houses, and the tasty morsels children, and then home again.

On NWN I sold alot of my Dragon-loot. I'm not telling you how/where I got it from, but due to the abysmal salespeople in the town I'm not selling it all there, god damnit.

Ah, fanart. I drew some llama fanart today [of Kuzko, no less] as my own llamas seem to have been of a lesser quality lately. And I do so like drawing llamas, ridiculously proud and noble animals they are. So then, amidst my Kuzko-drawing, I decided to play with the Disney style, you know, mutate it a bit, come up with an all new model for cartoony, human-like llamas. So far I've gotten as far as something that I would only very hestitantly whisper to not be fanart [in other words, I have not yet progressed at all.] But ultimately, I'd love to be able to make another picture of Rupert, the Talking Evil Llama Pimp Wit Bling Bling, one where his hind legs actually, well, work. I do like his face and 'arms' though, but hell, it's not like I'd stop that style altogether. I mean to say, it'd just be an experiment of sorts. Yes, an experiment.... eexcellent. But anyway. Yeah. I have a feeling the Disney-esque-but-being-careful-not-to-plagarise-because-we-all-know-that's-just-low
style would work on just hind legs, and hell, Rupert may even be able to go pimpin' on all... no, I'm not finishing that sentence, but you know what I was going to say... anyway.
*crickets chirp*

On that artistic note, Ursulav is my new favourite artist.
"somehow came up with "Fluffy Wombat Visits Xilbalba" (Xilbalba is the Mayan hell) and some silliness about Fluffy Wombat meeting the Demon Scab-Stripper, Defiler of Virgins and Devourer of the Innocent. You know, normal stuff."

[That's from one of her descriptions]
Although I doubt I could ever hope to achieve that level of talent, it is inspiring me to at least try.

So, I think I've rambled enough. I might be off to try my hand at some more llama-drawing... yes. I feel in a llama-drawing sort of mood.
Although - I have lost my drawing-pens. Am v. upset.

I think I might draw... yes. I think I will. You know, it's a pity that I've become accustomed to working with lovely huge A3 pages, because I'm not going back to A4, but it is also unlikely that the scanner will grow to A3 magically ever.

Oh! Oh! A P.S to you, my dear Livejournal!
Well, two things.
Firstly, on my otherwise fruitless morning trudgings, I aquired myself a $3 Two Towers Address book - a thing brought for fandom not entirely uselessly, as I can't find my lil'old address book [with teddies! (bleargh!)] so I now have a new one. Yay! Now, I will watch you all scrabble for a place in it [or not. Sigh.]

Secondly, I'm also going to try out all sorts of funky things with colour with my development of the llama form, as the way I see it, Fanart is a sort of chep art anyway, so nothing's really lost if I destroy it with my feverish colouring. Yes. Maybe I will get me some mad skillz in the process, but I doubt it. I wish it were possible to do an arty-art unit in my Arts degree *hangs head* because there is something I would adore.

Ghan, out.

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