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I wish that was what my name meant. :(
It is, by the way, one of the meanings of the name of my favourite Goddess, Sekhmet. It's sometimes One Before Whom Evil Trembles, sometimes One Who Is Powerful, or Avenger of Wrongs, Scarlet Lady (Scarlet referring to blood in this case - Red was also very strongly associated with power in Egypt) or Lady of Slaughter.


GOD. This essay is being harder to write than I thought - not because I don't know what to say, but because I only have 2500 words to say it in and I want to go into more detail :(
Well, not hard, just frustrating, kinda.
PEOPLE NEED TO STOP SAYING THAT EGYPTIAN GODS ARE ANTHRO because they're not. Not not notty not not. ALSO! BAST and SEKHMET are not one and the same, they are completely separate goddesses, and the Egyptians did NOT worship animals, not at all.

Whew, I've wanted to say that for a while.

Sorbek never gets no lovin' :(
Well, he does, but he doesn't get as much lovin' as some other gods.

I HAVE TO STOP TANGENTING. The essay is DUE tomorrow.
*hits self*
*has to go watch Family Guy*

I am by the way having the BEST TIME since writing that Cistercians and Templars essay although this is more fun because I actually know what I am talking about fully, before I started reading anything. However it's making it hard to reference, for example, when I say "The Old Kingdom officially began in 2686BC (yea, I remembered that) and c. 3100 king Narmer united Upper and Lower Egypt, becoming the first Pharaoh and beginning the Dynastic Period" I have no idea how the hell I'm going to reference that, and you have to reference dates because "there is lyk no wai j0 could knoe dat." So in that respect, I'm a little screwed. Seriously contemplating saying down the bottom "I've been obsessed with Egypt for nearly 9 years, some of this stuff I just know, mkay?"
But I don't think it would work. I think they would be like "lol plagarism" and then I would be like ":'( If only you knew"

Right - Essay time
(said like "Hammer time!" in "Can't Touch This")

!!! I've found some date references, unfortunately they're in a crappy kids' craft book. Hm. Or Wikipedia. I can't really reference either of those. Lol.
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How do you rig it so that your header (in my case my name and student number) actually only appears "from this point forward" in a Word Doccument? I don't want it on the first page because I already have my name on that one and it looks dumb. :)
It's driving me batty.
Essay fun.
Carried away a bit though. Oh well. I suppose that can't be a bad thing, right? It's like the Cistercians & Templars essay all over again, 'sept for I already know this stuff. For serious, I know it like you wouldn't believe, or something. I had however forgotten that sometimes Djoser is spelt Zoser. And the thing I didn't know, not actually relevant to essay, but the Ba was originally depicted as a stork, not a bird with a man's head. Interesting huh? Plus "shoot" is more commonly spelt "shut" or something, which doesn't surprise me because "shoot" struck me as a very un-Egyptian spelling, but I wasn't going to argue with Charlie. Oh no.

Back to writing!
(yes. I'm not actually making that much progress because
1. I keep reading stuff that, while about Egypt, bears very little or no relevance to my topic
2. I keep going off on wild tangents/too much detail for a meagre 2500 word essay.)

My topic, by the way, is "DISCUSS THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE ANCIENT EGYPTIAN ROYAL TOMB FROM ITS ORIGINS (CIRCA 3000 BC) TO THE ROCK-CUT TOMB OF THE NEW KINGDOM." That is in all caps because my essay header is in Word Smallcaps and I am far too lazy to re-type it all just for you, livejournal. So, sorry, kinda.
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Hokay. So y'all know the esasy [of awesome] I was talking about before? Well, I'm intending tomorrow to go down to the Reid library and primary-source it up [or HSS-reserve it up, whichever you find most amusing], so, does anyone think it would be incredibly foolhardy to leave the essay I write today 200-500 words short of the word count so that I can fit in quotes and stuff about quotes?
Or do you all think it'd be wiser to write the whoole thing, then go back and footnote ideas and cut/paste stuff in? Personally I'm more fond of the first option, but as I am fresher I will humbly ask for guidance.

Perseus is teh bomb.

That is all.

/ \
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Why, huh, why? It would make my life so much easier, Ovid, it really would. But hey, who am I to criticise a classical scholar of antiquity. Clearly, I just need to learn about Roman gods, which were, er, the same as the Greek gods, so what I'm really trying to say here is that I just need to know the Roman names for Greek gods. Just like the Greeks re-named the Egyptian gods, I guess.
Did you know Anubis' real, Egyptian name was actually Anpu? I'm guessing most of you didn't. And Horus wasn't called Horus, either, I think it was more like Hor or Hor-ur or something... well, the sound. I actually have no idea, but I do recall that Horus was a Greek name. Osiris, also, is a Greek name for the original Egyptian "Asar" or "Usar"... But I kinda prefer Osiris, mainly because I'm used to it. However... Bleh! Stupid scholars, changing names and prancing around like they're everybody's favourite birdy. Or something.
But those matters of confusion and frustration asside, this has to be the funnest essay ever. I have to - have to - read about Perseus, who was awesome [Heracles too much of a cop-out], and then write about why - or how, sorry, Heroes contribute to cultural memory! It's brilliant, like year ten all over again, except with primary sources and awesome things, like tertiary education. Which is an awesome thing.

For the sake of interest, Horus' Egyptian name, to any who care, was in fact Hor.
Sekhmet is still teh awesome goddess, but Athena is also someone I would not fight.
Anpu, yay.
Oooh, sekhem is a word for power. Hehe. Cool.

Many thanks to [ profile] armygeek and [ profile] tattered_pinion for their hospitality and Xena-watching. And food. And goodness of company.

Break time over! Back to essay!

Edit : 12.27PM

"Look upon my works, ye mighty, and despair!"

Whomsoever quesses that quote first in a comment on this post with something additional and interesting to say about Greek or Egyptian myths will win an impressive but completely immaterial prize. [Praise, maybe]

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