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No, that's right! I don't speak German. But I'm fairly sure that 'das' might mean something akin to 'the.'

Anyway, the weekend was lots of fun. Saturday was the longest night out either of us have yet experienced! We were out until five thirty am. Yes. So we met up with Tab and Kyle (my oldest friend and her boyfriend) and some other people (including Shane Andrich, a boy who I knew in Pre-Primary-yr 7, but has been friends with Tab for the whole time). It was really good fun, although I learnt never ever to drink Pulse, because it makes you hurt. I also discovered Midori, which is not only green but also tasty. We met up with Gavin's friend Villas at about 2, and eventually ended up at... errr, Rise, because Base is crap and there were no others nearby that were open. So that was cool.. Tab and her buddez left at about 3, but we stayed on until about 4.30, when we migrated to China Town, a wonderful land of nearly 24 hour food. We ordered like 4 giant dishes of food, devoured it, and for the first time ever, were kicked out for being there too late. China Town closes? What?
Then we shared a Taxi home. By the time we went to sleep, it was about 6am.

The next morning, I was woken up by the sound of rain. It was crazy awesome.

Sunday was really a non-event. We were asleep all day.
Although I did watch the Rugrats/Thornberries movie.

Today, I got a job! I'm going to be working at Dick Smiths in Midland. The amazing thing is, I rocked up to the interview fully expecting to be rejected because I'd decided (as mentioned earlier) that it's not worth working saturdays, and I repeatedly made this point very clear. And I still got the job!! This makes me 100% happy. Keep in mind that this position was specifically for saturday casuals and you may see my wonderment. So yay, I'll have more money now. :)

That's about it.
I downloaded a version of Pokemans, however I neglected to notice that that version was in Japanese (which I do not speak.) So now I'm downloading the US version.
Now I feel compelled to buy it, because I will have a job in a store that sells it + staff discounts (maybe?), but I still think that it would be pretty irresponsible. Maybe I'll think about it more first. Agonise over, I mean.
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So now I can't finish my drawings, the ones I've been working on solidly both today and yesterday, because I like a nice, finished hand-drawn drawing as a presentation image rather than some crappy CAD thing - even though CAD takes me forever liek whoa.

So anyway, I read [ profile] uno_marsch's gargantuan entry and felt all inspired like to make one of my own. (Gargantuan entries, that is, not Bruce-Cats.) However I've been seized by paranoia and Have decided not to do that till I have achieved a few things:

1. A decent section of my building in CAD since ZOMG I can't actually draw it by hand... lame

2. Clean up my CAD plan with line weights 'n shit so it looks like I didn't screw up and lose my clutch pencil (I miss-typed pencil as penis. What. I mean, I know they're fairly phallic as these things go, but so is everything if you really want to read into it that much.) pencil peni.. .yeah those letters aren't even close to each other. Clearly there is something wrong with me.

I love Google Earth. So, so much. It's just so much fun. It's like flying, except totally not.

I watched about 10 minutes of the new Big Brother. Did I see anything new and interesting? No. I did see a bit of "let's pick people who have a high likelihood of not getting on," however, and a smattering of "picking people with religious beliefs stereotyped as radical," (The installation of a Morman!) Seriously guys, it's ridiculous. Your religion shouldn't actually be a deciding factor in your show-pickage, and it definitely shouldn't be something you're introduced as. You know, I bet there is at least one Catholic or Anglican or something in that house as well as that Morman girl, and I bet nobody mentioned their religion once. Hurr.

Anyway, I doubt I'll be watching it again, so I don't really care. I Do care that I'll have to hear about it for the next 6 months, though.

A far more interesting show was on SBS! The world in 2057, or something. It was cool, although horribly, horribly acted. Horribly. It was interesting though. I'll be so old in 2057. :(
Surely that is an impossible distance away.


Development of intelligent surveillance in cities is a good thing IMO. As long as it doesn't go inside houses and isn't on people's backyards I'm totally cool with it. Seriously.

That is all!

EDIT : Wtf, livejournal has changed the very sensible and sophisticated-sounding "backdate" feature to the clunky and infantile "post out of order" feature. LAME.


Apr. 22nd, 2007 05:30 pm
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