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I don't know. It's (possibly) a Gorillaz lyric.
So! Due to the shamozzle that has been the Livejournal comments thingy, I haven't felt like posting. There, at least. And then I remembered this place. A place with my proper username, no less. Bloodied_aura is all very well when you're 15 and full of Darke Mystique, of course, but when you're 24 and full of... sullen whimsy, well. Then you are in a right pickle, aren't you?
But I am reluctant to leave there. It has been such a very long time. So in all honesty, Dreamwidth, I like you, but I've had my livejournal for nearly ten years. Ten! I can write that number in an essay as actual digits and not look like a fool.


So, uni is done and dusted. All units passed, all work experience logged, thank you and goodnight. I've continued working with Ashley, my boss of the past year, an architect who works in South Perth (right near the Zoo!). I like it! Well. I like it as much as I expect one can ever really like working. Having to get up in the morning is ass. Yep. As you might have guessed, I am a night time person, and this excludes me from being much of a morning one.

But, in March I get to wear a square hat and doff it at the Vice Chancellor in exchange for a deliciously weighty piece of paper, and then throw it in the air while wearing wizard robes and partaking of the free champagne that the University will so generously provide for the evenings' festivities. And I have already begun the logbook path of True Architectdom. At the moment I'm a Graduate Architect and that title doesn't sit too well with me, so I'm going to try to get registered as soon as is possible (40,000 working hours is the minimum logbook time. D:).

What else? Gavin and I will have been going out for seven years (count 'em) on Monday. That's a thing. He's also flying off to Bali for a Buck's week on Monday morning, he is the Best Man and has all manner of surprisingly tasteful shenannigans planned. I hope they all have fun!

Er. I actually just want to go and play Skyrim so I guess I'm going to bail now, Dreamwidth/Livejournal. NO DOUBT I will get bored at work tomorrow and come back here, now that I feel like journalling again.

And I have that yearly meme to do, but it just wouldn't be right to not post that on my original Livejournal.

And to all of my Livejournal friends - I still read my friends list! Almost every night. :)
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