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I just found the most amazing Steampunk Clothing store just now.
Oh man, I can't wait until I have A Real World Job and Have Money so that I can actually buy things like these when I find them on the internet.

I've cut it because I've included pictures.
SRSLY THOUGH, you should check it out if only to make fun of my tourment. :P

Do Want These Things! (Warning: Lots of things)

I have been looking for something like this for ages. Sigh.

I almost brought an... item with this style today. Oh man, I like these things.

I don't think I need to explain why I want this.

I think I've seen belts like this around. I should keep an eye out for them.

Ok I'm mainly linking this because it's named after my favourite IRL pirate. :) I already have something a lot like this (and I like it better). But still! ANNE BONNY!

A similar top to the one above, maybe a bit better!

I was just about to stop linking images, but then I looked at the shoe section:

I know those last two are the same, but I honestly don't know which colour is better.
A few of the clothes on this site (the cheaper ones) look like they were just happy finds in chain stores. I might go Steampunk Hunting in the Intersem Break. Anyone interested?

In other news, hopefully I haven't lost your attention yet: bold to catch your attention, people who have opinions on bookshops, and what a nice, cosy and small bookshop should have in it, Please comment!

I have to include a 40m2 (Mine is a colossal 42m2 instead) bookstore in my studio building and I want to make it nice.

I want to capture a vibe sort of like what Unisfa clubroom's Quiet Corner (you know the one - next to the GM cupboard)has. The bare materials of the walls will be polished concrete (you probably don't like polished concrete... I think you have to have it beaten into you by architecture school. TADAO ANDO1, that's all I have to say.).
I think the shelves and the floor will be a relatively unfinished natural material like jarrah, if I'm allowed. If I'm not allowed (poetics and all that crap) I'll be using an unfinished wood formwork for some feature panels. (A lot of UWA buildings use wooden formwork. Formwork is what the concrete is set in.) And built-in seats in between some of the shelves.

Any suggestions? I'll post some drawings. Any comments at all are helpful, like what you like in a bookshop, whether you would want to be able to read while in the shop, if that's weird, light quality... Anything!

(Oh my god LJ autosave I L U. I'm using IE because I'm using bootcamp and oh god I hit backspace and nearly died.)
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