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(This entry is from a few days ago. I wrote it in Mac Journal and it didn't work - I still haven't mastered the program.)

So on Easter Sunday (Happy Easter everyone! I didn’t send SMSes this year because my phone is literally the shittest piece of technology that I have ever had the displeasure of owning. Turns out though, Apple is announcing iPhone v.4 tomorrow, so hopefully I won’t have to languish on the outskirts of the cool kids crowd for too much longer), I took some of my fish that were no longer working for me to Midland Pet and Aquarium centre. (best fish shop evar, though their website isn’t really that great) The only fish that I had in my 2ft tank which I kept were my beloved Yoyos (Botia almorhae).

For two Black Pearl Calvus ( Altolamprologus calvus), one female Kribensis (Pelvicachromis pulcher), two Pictus catfish (Pimelodus pictus) and 4 or five of my grown up bristlenose babies (Ancistrus sp.), I got $90.00 of fish credit. Woo!

(If you want some money for the pictus, [ profile] tattered_pinion , just let me know!)

So with that we (‘we’ being Gavin and I) picked up 6 Glowlight Chilli Barbs for his 6’ tank (I don’t know their scientific name so here’s a picture... pretty)... expensive little things at $10 each... Well. Expensive for shoaling fish.
Later on I’m going to use the rest of my fish monies to buy a school of Neon Tetras (Paracheirodon innesi)(6-10 I guess, my tank isn’t that big), and this fancy food that Midland was using to bring out the colours in their fish. Exciting!
I don’t know when I will next be bothered to drive all the way to Midland though. Eesh!

Then we went to Aquotix, my second most favourite fish shop in Perth, where Gavin found himself one of the elusive Dragon’s Blood Cichlids (Aulonocara Dragon Blood - it’s a line-bred colour morph, not a distinct species) that he’d been looking for for ages.

Aaand I brought a fantastic Half Moon Siamese Fighting fish. Just today I’ve decided to name him Anasterian Sunstrider. My last fighter was Kael’thas Sunstrider, you see. Kael’thas is a better name, but Anasterian will do for now. I was toying with calling him Kael’thas Sunstrider II, but that just seemed a bit lazy to me. So!


Kael’thas (RIP :()

Kael’ was a crowntail, I don’t think he was half moon but I’m not sure now... I don’t have any better photos of him so I guess I’ll never know. :( Anasterian has the rose tail trait, which apparently is undesierable in breeding, but I think it’s pretty! He doesn’t really have any of the negative traits associated with rosetails - the scales on his body are symmetrical and orderly, his fins are long and fully developed and his body colour isn’t really very pale. So I like him. I’m going to try breeding him in the future. I have to read more and then find a nice half moon female, and then figure out how I’m going to house her, though.Troublesome fish!

I’ve decided to go for the fully planted tank, although my aquascaping skills could use some work. Here’s a little progression of my tank from Sunday to today. I’ve used this fancy substrate called Eco Complete, which is meant to be great for plants. You don’t have to siphon the gravel like you do with normal substrate - it’s designed to help the plants break the waste down into fertiliser or whatever, so that it’s not toxic. And I have LOTS of plants. So joy! I picked up a whole bunch of awesome plants from my fish-friend Terry yesterday. The man has the most amazing fish setup I have ever seen. It’s like a fish and fish plant farm. Inspirational!

Laying down the substrate...
Eco Complete

First layout (boring!)
The water is so cloudy because I’ve only just set up the tank and the substrate & general mush hasn’t had a chance to settle yet.

Add a nice piece of wood and...
A much nicer result.. Now I just need some more plants!

Now I just need to wait for the plants to grow!
Heavily Planted

I've forgotten most of the names of the plants. I need to find out and write them down somewhere!
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